Sent: 27 September 2010 23:59
Subject: V S Update - Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday training next week, race results, and more


OK, just a little bit about Harewood first


Thanks to everyone who has volunteered to marshal.  We now have exactly the right number of marshals which means that, from now, everyone who volunteers to marshal releases another Strider to run which is £8 for our charities.


As mentioned in last Thursday’s email

-          If you’re on the list but are no longer available, let me know straight away!

-          If you’re on the route and would like to try your hand at a job on the finish instead, let me know

-          If you’re on the list but ideally like to run, let me know

-          If you’re not on the list but are available to marshal (or would like a job at the finish), let me know

-          If you’re not on the list but would like to run, let me know


There will be a “final” list of marshals on Thursday night / Friday morning so if you fall in one of the 5 categories above, let me know before then.


Final request is for two more bottle-labellers to help Paul Hunter and family and Tim Towler stick Red Kite labels on the beer bottles.  Meet Harewood Village Hall on Friday at 5pm.  If you can help, call Paul on 07980 737313.


Tuesday Training, 5 October


First winter speed session, meet Leos at 6:45pm for steady 2 mile jog to High Ashes. 


NB Runners slower than 9-and-a-bit minute mile pace have the choice of (a) setting off earlier (b) driving half way and jogging the rest (c) driving to High Ashes and doing their own warm-ups.


Then 3 by 10 minute session, all runners run for 5 minutes then turn round and run back to the start.


Reflective bibs or hi-vis tops compulsory


Afterwards lasagne (carnivore or vegetarian) and (optional) apple pie and ice-cream back at Leos – book to before Sunday 10pm.


Thursday Training, 7 October


Slightly slower and slightly shorter than the normal Thursday session, this will be at 9 to 10 minute miling with plenty of stops.


Faster runners may run ahead but must turn and come back for slower runners. 


Meet Scott Hall at 6:45pm.  Reflective bibs or hi-vis tops compulsory


If you have friends who aren’t club runners but can run 10 minute miles, recommend this session to them (you can also recommend the Tuesday sessions)


West Yorkshire Cross Country, Sunday 10 October


We have 41 runners registered; there is a link from the home page of the website for a list of names.  If you’ve not registered but want to run in the second race on Saturday 30 October, you’ll need to let me know by Wednesday 14 October.


Please also use the same email to express an interest in the Calderdale Way Relay


Not running the WYXC and looking for a 10 mile run on Sunday 10 October?  I am hoping that the Striders Sunday Run will be 10 miles from Harewood House on 10/10/10, maybe starting at 10:10 am.  The other reason for this start time is that we may catch some other runners who were unaware of the change of date for the Harewood Trail Race.  Watch the website for further details!




Great North Run


Striders and friends included


   85  Gwil Thomas         01:17:56

  525  Liz Wood            01:29:26

  529  Steve Tighe         01:29:27

 1877  Sue Sunderland      01:38:08

 3565  Ged Coll            01:44:01

 4118  Richard Adcock      01:45:24

 5165  Attila Dezso        01:48:01

 6407  Dave Watson         01:50:50

 6545  John Blundell       01:51:06

 9935  Ruth Cranidge       01:57:19

12098  Keith West          02:00:40

12906  Caroline Tolan      02:02:02

17245  Louise Robinson     02:09:25

18337  Jane Haworth        02:11:16

18966  Jane Sanders        02:12:21

19439  Sarah Coll          02:13:09

24603  Ellen Dolamore      02:22:12


Special mention for Liz who dipped under 1:30 and knocked 3 minutes off her PB.  I guess there were one or two more PBs too.


If you ran but are not listed, let me know!  Perhaps you weren’t a Valley Strider when you mortgaged your house to register a couple of years ago.


I notice from this list that there are a good number of Striders on 9 to 10 minute mile pace.  Why don’t more of you come to the Tuesday or Thursday sessions?  Tuesday you’d be alone at the back?  No, not if there were a few of you!  Thursday too fast?  No, there are enough to form a slower group!  Come along to the Tuesday 5th and/or Thursday 7th (details above) and/or the track session on Tuesday 12th.  The more the friendlier!


Horsforth 10k


Impressive comeback after knee surgery for Simon Midwood


   12  Simon Midwood       37:09

   13  Ian Rosser          37:29

  132  Sue Sunderland      46:21

  133  Nick Wallhead       46:24

  195  John Bucktrout      49:29

  285  Katie Goodwin       54:01


Leeds Country Way archive


Carole Schofield emailed “I noticed that it says on the website that you haven't got the results from 1992 - 1999.  I have had a look in some of my old scrapbooks and I do have some of them that I have run in.  Do you still want them as I could photocopy them and send them to you?” 


The answer is of course, “yes”, but would anyone volunteer to key these into a Word document.  On the website we tend to have a list of the leading clubs, their total time and where they finished, then for Valley Striders, the individuals who ran and the times for their legs.


Please email me if you can help – seems like a job for a grey Autumn evening!


Inov-8 Roclite 285 Size 9 for sale – from Paul Hunter


I have for sale a pair of Inov-8 trail / Fell shoes that I have only worn at most a dozen times. They cost approx £65.00 new but would like £20.00 for them. Folk could look on the Inov-8 website for more details – the link is My pair are a slightly older model than the ones shown, however same spec. They will be going on Ebay in October so if anybody at the club is interested then they can contact me on 07980 737313. Ideal for those thinking of taking part in the Cross Countries.


My pair are Size UK 9, EU 43, USA 10


Specification off the web site as follows - Elite Trail and Adventure racing shoe providing high levels of race comfort and grip performance. Has a low profile midsole with slick rubber outsole. Radical design upper provides excellent support while the fascia-band aids propulsion efficiency of the running cycle. Ideal for short fast races. Colour Red/Slate Weight 285gms (UK8)