Sent: 01 October 2010 15:56
Subject: V S Update - Harewood update, Training next week (bibs & lasagne), Brass Monkey, Additional Results, London marathon


Harewood Marshalling


There are no major changes to the marshalling teams or schedule.  Just three of four substitutions.   If you’ve recently volunteered, THANK YOU!


I’ve just been to Harewood and we have a change to the Car Parking arrangements.  The bottom corner of the Showfield is waterlogged (or will be by Sunday).  Cars will still come in via the main arch but then immediately turn right up a narrow tarmac path and enter the Showfield by the gate nearest the Village Hall.  NB we still want cars to come in this way rather than via Church Lane and past the Village Hall. 


But because of this I need two people to come early and direct traffic.  These would either be runners or marshals on the final section of the route.  Please let me know if you are available from 08:30.


The full list of marshals is and will be updated if necessary - please print a copy if you’ve not already done so or at least take a note of your team leader’s number, the time you are due to meet, and Dan’s number.


The map of the marshalling positions is  The location of mile markers is


If you have trouble accessing these, let me know and I will email you.


Final request, does anyone have a full size keyboard with a USB connection?  Having one of these will make keying of entries and results much quicker.  Please let me know!


After the race, Tom Button is planning to run the route as a training run.  If you are interested, see Tom (he will be found in the attic of the Village Hall doing the computer results)


Bibs, lasagne and training next week


Bibs are needed for evening sessions and lasagne is next Tuesday (5th)


Tuesday Training, 5 October

  • First winter speed session, meet Leos at 6:45pm for steady 2 mile jog to High Ashes. 
  • NB Runners slower than 9-and-a-bit minute mile pace have the choice of (a) setting off earlier (b) driving half way and jogging the rest (c) driving to High Ashes and doing their own warm-ups.
  • Then 3 by 10 minute session, all runners run for 5 minutes then turn round and run back to the start.
  • Reflective bibs or hi-vis tops compulsory
  • Afterwards lasagne (carnivore or vegetarian) and (optional) apple pie and ice-cream back at Leos – book to before Sunday 10pm.


Thursday Training, 7 October

  • Slightly slower and slightly shorter than the normal Thursday session, this will be at 9 to 10 minute miling with plenty of stops.
  • Faster runners may run ahead but must turn and come back for slower runners. 
  • Meet Scott Hall at 6:45pm.  Reflective bibs or hi-vis tops compulsory
  • If you have friends who aren’t club runners but can run 10 minute miles, recommend this session to them (you can also recommend the Tuesday sessions)


West Yorkshire Cross Country, Sunday 10 October

  • We have 41 runners registered; there is a link from the home page of the website for a list of names.  If you’ve not registered but want to run in the second race on Saturday 30 October, you’ll need to let me know by Wednesday 14 October.

Training, Sunday 10 October

  • Not running the WYXC and looking for a 10 mile run on Sunday 10 October?  I am hoping that the Striders Sunday Run will be 10 miles from Harewood House on 10/10/10, maybe starting at 10:10 am.  The other reason for this start time is that we may catch some other runners who were unaware of the change of date for the Harewood Trail Race.  Watch the website for further details!


Calderdale Way Relay - Sunday 12 December


Brass Monkey


The website says “online entries only, so keep watching!”


I am, but if you see anything before me, let me know


Additional Results


Great North Run – from Joe Hanney


Thanks for the update. Ran the Great North Run as an unattached runner as I entered before joining the club (but I still ran in my VS vest!).


I finished in 59 minutes and 32 seconds! Oh no, that was that other feller. I was 1:45:22. Not a pb. Ged convinced me I was a faster runner than him – presumably so that I would carry the baton in the Leeds Country Way Relay, but then goes and beats me


Macclesfield Half – from Dave Gillian


Dan Fisher, 4th home at Macc Half yesterday in 1:15:33...fantastic on a hilly course!  Same can't be said about me sadly!!


Bob says “Dave ran 1:28:40 and Eric Green was 4th M50 in 1:31:51”


Great Langdale half – from Ken Kaiser


Paul Kaiser 13th overall (out of 300+) in 1.28.07(first half)  Mega hilly .Just wait til he does a flat one!


London Marathon


Did anyone else (other than me) get a magazine through the post yesterday with a red cover saying “Commiserations”.  And then describe other ways to get a place.  If so, look for the next V S Update which will explain yet another way to get a place.