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Subject: V S Update - Yorks Vets Road Relays Urgent, Lakeland Trails, George 5k result, WYXC result, Blind runner seeks guides, More Harewood feedback


Before I (or you) forget, this Tuesday is track training at Carnegie.  If you’re running Amsterdam, come for the track session at 90% effort and then, instead of the relays, run 2km (5 laps) at your intended marathon pace to get the feel of it.


Also, John Wallace says that Thursday will be an “easier” session, 9-10 minute mile pace


Yorkshire Vets Road Relays – Saturday 23 October at Ilkley - URGENT


Information from the Yorkshire Vets website


Road Relay Championship 2010, Saturday October 23rd at 11.00am, Race promoted by Ilkley Harriers AC


Venue: The race is centred on the famous Ilkley Lido; changeovers will take place within the grounds. The route is 2.92 miles in length – 1 mile flat, 1 mile climb then a short fast descent to the change over. The route runs anticlockwise so all left hand turns.

Registration: Team members’ names will be registered on the day in the Lido grounds by each team leader.  Please allow plenty of time to do this.  You will need to bring sufficient safety pins for your race number (new - not your grand prix number) and for your age category number. Age category numbers must be worn on the backs of runners. Not to do so would risk being dropped down the finish order or even disqualification by the race referee.

Teams and race distance: Men over 35 (4 runners x 2.9 miles), over 40 (4 x 2.9 miles), over 50 (3 x 2.9 m), over 60 (3 x 2.9 m), over 70 (3 x 2.9 m).

Ladies over 35 (3 x 2.9 miles), ladies over 45 (3 x 2.9 m), ladies over 55 (3x 2.9 m).

Awards: First three teams in each category, except for:

Men over 35 and over 60 (first two teams) Men over 70 one team only.

Ladies over 45 (first two teams), ladies over 55 – one team only.

Prizes: Fastest individual lap in each of the above team categories.  And, this year, first team in each category and second team in M40, M50 and F35.


Bob says


Thanks to Tosh for reminding me about this.


Closing date is Friday 15 October so I will need to post the entries off this Wednesday at the latest.


I’ve made some initial enquiries with the ladies and so far we have 1 W35 runner, no W45 runners, and a full team of W55.


Please let me know if you are interested – I’m hoping that we’ll have a team in every age-group, except perhaps the older men’s categories.


Last year we had a M40 and M50 team, read Jerry Watson’s report at


Lakeland Trails (from Graham Jones)

Here's a brief race report from my travels last weekend, plus a bit of advertising for Lakeland Trails  -  which don't yet seem to have caught on with Valley Striders (with the honourable exception of Mr Brewster, who seems to enter all of them).

  • Lakeland Trails form a series of off-road events at various locations in the Lake District.  They range from 12km to 17km, are consistently rated among the most scenic events in the country, and are extremely well organised by Graham Patten and team.
  • Typically, a trail route will take you up a lakeland valley, and then climb on good paths to around 1200ft, for a couple of miles of decent running, before hurtling back down.  You may get a little muddy.  If you want a preview, the website has a slide show for each course; just follow the young blonde lady.
  • At each event, there is a Trail Race and a Challenge event; the 'race' being aimed at faster runners.  Each has a capacity of around 500 and, whilst the 'races' are typically booked up well before race day, it is usually possible to get a late entry to the 'challenge' events.  Personally, I always run the challenges, because I like a bit of room to trip over my own feet, rather than other people's.  It's horses for courses, I guess (though it's doubtful your horse would get around any of these, unless it is of a particularly agile variety).
  • The runs start around 1 or 2pm, making it possible to do the return journey on the day, though I much prefer to think of these events as good excuses for a weekend in the Lakes.  If you bring a support party, they will be entertained by a local drumming band, and well-above-average event catering.
  • I ran the Coniston Trail last weekend (2nd Oct), and would rate it as one of my favourites so far.  The route starts in the dramatic surroundings of the Coppermines valley, contours  to join the Walna Scar track, and descends through Torver, before finishing along the lake shore.  I finished 12th in the challenge event in 1 hr 17min (which would've got me 100+ in the 'proper' race).
  • Hope to see a few more Valley Striders in the Lakes at some point next year.

Graham Jones

Giffordtown 5k (from George Black)


Bob, Ran the Giffordtown 5k road race on Sunday 10th October in 20:46.

Winner:-  Josef Farkas in 16:06

I was first over 70 and finished 53rd overall from 125 starters.

Conditions:-  dry,cloudy,14 dgr,18mph east wind which made the return on this out and back course difficult.

Regards Geo


West Yorkshire Cross Country


Lovely day but where were the 41 Striders who had registered?  Only 10 turned up to race!


In the Mens Under-17 race all of our registered runners ran, and Eddy had an excellent first run in this league finishing 10th out of 24.


 10 Eddy Robinson     18:19

 24 ran, winner’s time 16:20, last place 26:01


In the Ladies’ race there were only two Striders, so sadly we cannot qualify for league final places.  But there was a great top-third position for Michaela McGarry and a good first WYXC run for Sarah Smith


 28 Michaela McGarry  27:28

 74 Sarah Smith       32:21

 90 ran, winner’s time 23:08, last place 42:39


In the men’s race Bob and Geoff were persuaded to run for the sake of the team and we had 7 finishers.  Gwil took it easy for the first lap and then picked up the pace for the final 3 showing good form for next weekend’s Amsterdam Marathon.

 25 Gwil Thomas       35:22

 85 Drew Taylor       38:59

 89 Rob Bumstead      39:24

119 Nick Barnes       41:34

128 Simon Redshaw     42:40

154 Bob Jackson       46:46

165 Geoff Webster     52:04

170 ran, winner’s time 31:54, last time 67:52


In the team rankings we were 13th, behind Leeds City, Bingley, etc, etc  but we edged in 5 points ahead of Otley, 8 ahead of Skyrac and 12 ahead of Wetherby


Next race Saturday 30 October.  If you’ve not already registered you have till Monday18 October.  Email


NB Please also use for Calderdale Way.


Blind Runner seeking Guide Runners


My name is Paul and I am a blind runner who started running with friends about a year ago.  In that time I have progressed from complete beginner to running the Great North Run in 2 hours 24mins.  The experience has been very rewarding. I am really enthusiastic about my running and would love to progress further and get faster. As such I am looking for a running club and am very keen to join Valley Striders. I am hoping therefore that some of you would be interested in guiding me. This generally involves tying a scarf onto mine and the guide runner's wrist - with the guide runner holding the other end of my scarf and letting me know when there's a kerb or other obstacle approaching whilst I am running.  I am very passionate about running, and gain exactly the same benefit and enjoyment from running as a fully sighted person would do, and am looking for some people to assist me in furthering my running. If you are interested please let me know. I can also answer any other questions you may have. Looking forward to possibly running with some of you soon.


Paul Davis.


Bob says – I would imagine that we would need about 4 volunteers from Valley Striders to support Paul’s running – if Paul ran 3 sessions per week, 4 volunteers would need to do one session per week with 1 week off in 4.  If anyone is interested in volunteering, let me know and I’ll get some more information on what it involves and whether any training is available (before committing to anything)


More Harewood Feedback


I mentioned in the last Update that there were 2 DNF’s (did not finish), in fact there were 3.  Of whom 2 were Striders.  Helen Kelly Ali was one of them but she stopped because her running partner fell and needed a lift back to Harewood from Eccup.  The other DNF was Andrew Thompson.  And Ged Coll was nearly a DNF, tweaking a muscle round the Res.


Here are reports from some of the Striders who ran


From Ged Coll


I just wanted to say a big personal thank you to all of the VS marshals on duty at the Harewood 10. It felt like I had 50 personal trainers along the route. You simply can't buy that type of support!

I was also taken aback by the positive attitude of the runners. Despite the shocking conditions, pretty much everyone gathering under the trees at the start had a smile on their face. Great stuff!

By the way ......

I thought Striders should have provided massage facilities around mile 5. Would have helped me anyway :)


From Helen Kelly Ali


I'll marshall on the 31 race at Harewood.  Bit gutted to not finish on Sunday, but I'm going to run again this Sunday.


Bob says – this is the Cancer Research Race.  8 more marshals still needed.  Did I mention the bacon sandwiches?


From Andrew Thompson


I was one of DNFs - only 2nd time ever this has happened to me - my Achilles gave way with no warning at 5 miles

I was extremely well looked after by the ladies at the nearest drinks station on edge of reservoir - could not have wished for more warm and friendly people


And another review on the Runners World website from “Happyrunner”


In short: Rain more rain, mud and puddles took this run to another level this year!!!

In full: Marshals were tops. There to the end and so encouraging even if they were wet and cold. Big thanks to all the committed organisers.


Marshals – did you get your bottle of beer?


There are still enough bottles of beer for every marshal.  Come and collect yours from Leos any Tuesday night … EXCEPT THIS TUESDAY, ‘COS WE’RE TRACK TRAINING AT CARNEGIE!


LCW mementoes


While we’re on the subject of unrecovered property, I have a collection of pepper pots, ladies winners trophies and ladies fastest legs trophies.  Please claim as soon as possible.