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Subject: V S Update - Quick messages, AGM, Race dates, Calderdale, London, Amsterdam results, More results & reports




Chevin Chase entries now open or . As usual, this is on Boxing Day, and as usual this is the first race in next year’s Striders Grand Prix.  Oh, and as usual, this will sell out fast.


Still no sign of an opening date for entries for the Brass Monkey half.  Keep checking at . I expect this to sell out in 24 hours.


This coming Sunday (24th) is the Withins Skyline, the last-but-one race in this year’s Striders Fell Championship.  Eirik has emailed “Anyone up for doing this one? I am thinking of coming 'out of retirement' for this race so if anyone is driving to Haworth on Sunday and has 1 or 2 (got a mate that might wanna do it)  spare seats, please let us know. I am in Nottingham on Tractor Boy duties all day on Saturday so it’s probably best to contact me on my mobile (07881 525473) after today.  Up the hills and Town!”


I still need 6 more people to help a week Sunday (31st) at the Cancer Research 10k at Harewood.  Can I not tempt you with the free bacon sandwich or burger plus hot drink and free access to Harewood?  Or just to say that it’s a really good cause.  Please email me or text 0777 5898 558.


AGM – Tuesday 2 November


This is to let you know the Annual General Meeting of Valley Striders will take place at Leos on Tuesday 2 November.


It will be preceded by normal training night, usually 3 by 10 mins, but in this case 3 by 8 mins to get back earlier.  Also the runners will leave Leos at 6:45 prompt.  Please don’t be late, or if you are late, go direct to the High Ashes.


It will also be preceded by pie and peas, please order – choose meat pie or veg bake, choose mushy peas or baked beans (NB no apple pie) - to by 10pm Sunday 31 October.


The AGM itself will start PROMPT at 8:30pm.  It is expected to finish before 10:00, but if you have to leave earlier than this, sit towards the back and no comment will be made if you sneak out.


We will have a few reports, a few presentations and hopefully some lively discussion about plans for Striders for 2011.




All the Committee places need to be elected, there is one definite vacancy, but there is the opportunity to oust any of the existing representatives.  Being a Committee member involves attending as many as possible of the 6 meetings per year at 2 monthly intervals, and the opportunity to be involved in any or all aspects of the club.  If you interested in joining the Committee, contact me, and/or if you want to see what goes on, come along next Tuesday (26th) and listen in on our Committee Meeting probably in the back bar of Leos


Note that the definite vacancy is due to Hayley’s resignation.  She has been on the committee for 3 years and involved as a joint captain of the women’s teams and in all the general discussions.  With the arrival of baby George a couple of months ago and Alex away a lot of the time, she does not have so much time available.  Hopefully she will rejoin the committee in a few years’ time but in the meantime, thank you, Hayley!




Grand Prix

·         Sat 20 Nov - West Yorks XC race 3 at Bramley Falls Park (near Rodley) (VSGP)

·         Sun 21 Nov - Abbey Dash 10k (VSGP)

·         Sun 28 Nov - Thirsk 10 (VSGP)

·         Sun 26 Dec - Chevin Chase (2011 VSGP)

·         Sun 2 Jan 2011 - Striders New year handicap (VSGP)

·         Sun 23 Jan - Brass Monkey half (VSGP)


Fell Championship

·         Sun 24 Oct - Withins Skyline (BM) (VSFC)

·         Sat 6 Nov - Shepherds Skyline (BM) (VSFC)


Peco XC

– all are enter on the day £2 or £2.50

·         Sun 7 Nov - Peco League Race 1 at Ackworth organised by Ackworth R R

·         Sun 19 Dec - Peco League Race 2 at Middleton Park (?) organised by Rothwell H

·         Sun 9 Jan - Peco League Race 3 organised by Kirkstall H

·         Sun 30 Jan - Peco League Race 4 at John Smeaton organised by St Theresa's

·         Sun 6 Mar - Peco League Race 5 on Otley Chevin organised by V S and Airecentre

Details at


West Yorks XC

– if you’ve not already entered, then too late to enter the race 30 Oct; you need to let me know by 6 November if you want to enter the race on 20 Nov

·         Sat 30 Oct - West Yorks XC race 2 at Huddersfield

·         Sat 20 Nov - West Yorks XC race 3 at Bramley Falls Park (near Rodley) VSGP?

·         Sun 5 Dec - West Yorks XC race 4 at Wakefield

Details at  


Calderdale Way Relay – Sunday 12 December


We have 3 teams entered and 28 runners so far, so need another 8 plus reserves.  This will be the first time for many years that we’ll have had 3 teams, so for the third team, all volunteers welcome, this is an opportunity to run without pressure but gain experience for future years racing.


Steve Webb has emailed

Volunteers needed to represent Valley Striders in the Calderdale Way Relay.  The general format is like the Leeds Country Way, a circular 50 mile route run as 6 legs with a pair of runners on each leg.  But Calderdale is bigger (usually about 100 teams) and is a bit tougher, with some useful hills and muddy bits and some excellent views.  


The race is on Sunday 12 December and starts/finishes at Stainland near Halifax.  Geoff has entered 3 VS teams so we are looking for 36 runners plus a few reserves.  Please let me know ASAP if you can commit to running the CWR.  At the moment we can be flexible on the team categories open/ladies/mixed/vets but once we know who is interested we will confirm the categories, allocate runners to teams and let you get on with recceing the routes.


London Marathon


Valley Striders will get 3 places for the London Marathon.  If you got a rejection slip and let me know, your name will be put in the ballot at the Xmas Do on 17 December for these 3 places.


If there are less than 3 Striders with rejection slips, everyone interested will be entered into the ballot.  So if you are interested in a place for London, let me know (and let me know whether or not you have a rejection slip). 


Please email with a subject of London




LOST!  Tent


Has anyone got the “new” Valley Striders tent.  If so, please let me know and/or bring it to the XC at Huddersfield.


FOUND!  Trophies, Pepper pots etc


Well these haven’t strictly been lost, but I still have a collection of trophies and mementoes from the Leeds Country Way.  Please collect from Leos.




Mablethorpe Marathon (3rd Oct):  report from Ian Sanderson


A small but well organised marathon (and half). Flat as a pancake, as you'd expect in Lincolnshire, so potentially fast as long as the wind doesn't blow. Seemingly more marshals than runners, with drinks every 2 miles (bottles) and Gatorade at 8 and 16 miles.


It was drier in Mablethorpe than Leeds, thankfully. Went off at my usual 'optimistic' pace and was running steadily for the first 16 miles…well, you can guess the rest. By the time I hit the prom (23 miles) I was being overtaken by OAPs on mobility scooters, then OAPs with Zimmer-frames and, eventually, even an Abbey Runner.


Chip Time       03:10:45       
Chip Pos        23     
Winning time was 2:45 and 213 ran.


Amsterdam Marathon and associated races


Results found so far


  70 Andy May           02:39:14

  91 Dan Fisher         02:42:45   76.75%

 108 Gwil Thomas        02:44:40   75.86%

 350 Dan Murray         02:58:37   69.94%

 429 Matt Allen         03:00:52   69.07%

     Alan Hutchinson    03:05:12   78.10%

     Paul Kaiser        03:06:34   66.96%

     Lewis Balfour      03:10:12   65.68%

     Liz Wood           03:15:34   70.60%

     Roy Huggins        03:16:15   69.81%

     Simon Vallance     03:20:40   66.52%

     Patrick Barrett    03:20:50   70.70%

     Alistair Smyth     03:22:13   70.22%

     Gary Mann          03:25:25   60.81%

     Holly Williams     03:25:59   65.74%

     Tom Button         03:28:03   60.59%

     Greg Skerrett      03:28:42   59.85%

     John Marsham       03:31:13   59.14%

     John Wallace       03:32:11   62.37%

     Xanthe Hannah      03:34:31   63.53%

     John Batchelor     03:35:19   59.94%

     Sharon Tansley     03:37:18   62.42%

     Bernadette Clayton 03:38:34   75.09%

     Aled Greenhalgh    03:43:48   55.82%

     Jonathan Brownbill 03:48:47   59.36%

     Chloe Hudson       03:56:43   57.23%

     Paul Sanderson     03:59:00   54.91%

     Paul Stead         04:10:12   49.93%


Amsterdam half marathon (not VSGP)

     Jeremy Ladyman     01:24:49   69.93%

     Elika Tasker       01:26:55   75.74%  (9th W)

     Tim Towler         01:28:35   76.23%

     Carole Towler      faulty chip

     Lucy Carey         01:56:46   63.24%


Amsterdam 8k (not VSGP)

   7 Tracey Morris      00:28:20   90.75%  (1st W)

     Jake Towler        00:43:44        


Bradford Half Marathon


  83 Myra Jones         01:36:12   (7th W)

     Ged Coll           01:50:28         


Richmond Castle 10k


  186 Ruth Warren       49:00  (1st W55)


Cardiff not quite a half marathon – from Paul Holloway


Had a crack at the Cardiff Half Marathon at the weekend and came home in a chip time of 1:45:37, a massive improvement on my previous best of 1:57:17.  However, all is not as it seems.  It was subsequently revealed that the race organisers had to make a last-minute adjustment to the course, which was found to result in the course being 193 metres (211 yards) short of the full half marathon distance.  I have calculated an adjusted time of 1:46:32, which is based upon my average pace over the last 4K of the race.  From a performance award perspective, if my performance is to be recorded at all then I would suggest my adjusted time is used in preference to my chip time.


New Strider – message from Dave Middlemas


Rosie Alexandra Middlemas was born on 11 October, and all are well here.




Special Runners Offer! 6 Week Pilates Course For £35!


Physiofit Pilates is pleased to offer Valley Striders a 15% discount on its “Pilates for Sports” class, held on Friday morning at 7.30am. This is equivalent to one free class. The 45 minute class is aimed at the athlete and will enhance your running by developing flexibility and core strength. This can reduce the risk of injury and improve your running times.


So if you have an event to train for, want to improve your time for a specific distance , or just want to be able to run regularly without niggles, this class could be for you. The course starts Friday 5th November at our purpose built studio at The Orchard on Town Street in Horsforth.


For more information visit the website at, email or ring The Orchard on 0113 281 9493.


From Up & Running Headingley


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