Sent: 24 February 2011 00:30
Subject: V S Update - Noonstone, Peco, Wakefield, Calderdale and National Success


This week’s V S Update will be in two halves – I’ll just give you the urgent items now and another edition will appear at the weekend


Noonstone this Saturday


First VS fell champs race of the year.


Simon Vallance has put a message on the forum “A few of us who are running three peaks later in the year are planning to run this  and then doing a few more miles afterwards in the vicinity.  If you are interested, let me (i.e. Simon) know - we can try and rationalise transport as well”.  Go to the Forum page to reply.


Bob says “Of course, if you don’t need the extra miles, but do want the Fell Championship points, you can still share transport with Simon, but sit in the pub and have some food while they’re doing their extra miles”


Peco XC next Sunday (6 March)


We are still in need of one or two to help set up the course from 08:00 to 09:30 and one or two to help take race entries from 09:15 to 10:45 – if you volunteer for either of these you will still be able to run the race.


We are desperately in need of about 6 marshals from 09:30 (first race at 10:00) to 12:15 to direct the runners and liaise with those enjoying their Sunday morning in the Danefield.  Please!


Please email me if you can help.


Abbey-Valley Challenge at Wakefield


Another reminder that the annual challenge match between Valley Striders and Abbey Runners will be part of the Wakefield 10k on Sunday 3 April.


There is a scoring system that I’ll explain in the next email but suffice it to say that everyone scores and we have the best chance of beating Abbey (and retaining the Cup) if we have (a) more runners (b) faster runners than them.


More in the next V S Update, but please enter as soon as possible, or at least mark the date in your diary.


Calderdale Way Teams


Because the change of date (8 May) clashes with Leeds Half, we have had 50% drop out so we’re currently left with one-and-a-half teams.  If you would like to run then please contact within the next 7 days, otherwise we will amend our entry to be just one team and have at least 6 disappointed Striders.


Check whether you are on our lists at


Result - English National Cross Country at Alton Towers


V.S.Men's team were 29th/95 at National XC – we think this is the highest position ever for a Valley Striders team at the “National”, so congratulations to


303 Simon Midwood    44:06

317 Rob De'Giovanni  44:26

322 Gwil Thomas      44:31

461 Dave Penman      46:58

517 Paul Kaiser      47:50

587 Kevin McMullan   48:52


(Steve Vernon 1st in 35:11, 1302 finished)


Striders were 2nd best placed team from Leeds (Leeds City were first) and 3rd best placed team from Yorkshire (Hallamshire were 7th).


Marathon – who’s where this spring?


Meg Galsworthy emailed that she’s running Edinburgh and wondered whether any other Striders are running there.


I’m running Windermere and I know Simon Redshaw and Greg Skerrett will also be there.


If you’re running a Spring marathon, please email and I’ll publish a list in the next-but-one V S Update.