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Subject: V S Update - 15 future events including parkrun, peco and palma, 7 race results/reports, 2 research studies


Biggest ever edition (thanks to the contributors), so make yourself a drink of tea / coffee / beer / complan, sit yourself down and have a steady read.




Visually Impaired Parkrun this Saturday - 5 March


I mentioned this in the V S Update on 4 February.


Runs from 9am to 2pm and is organized by University of Leeds, Leeds Parkrun and The Vision Charity

  • 9am to 10am – normal Leeds Parkrun
  • 10am to 11am – the Vision mile, races for blind and visually impaired runners and also for fully sighted runners to be blindfolded and guided
  • 11am to 12noon – 5km race for visually impaired runners
  • 12:30 to 2pm – motivational talk by Noel Thatcher, winner of 42 gold medals at major Paralympic championships


Here are some links with more information:


Peco XC this Sunday - 6 March


I may have mentioned this once or twice or more in previous emails!


We still need a few more marshals.  We do have the minimum but we have a good weather forecast so are expecting lots of other “users” in the Danefield so it would be good to have 2 marshals on the key junctions.  Please email me if you can help

  • Marshals required to arrive at 9:15, briefing at 9:20, will be taken to points in time for first race at 10:00, last runners through last marshalling point by 12:15 (latest)
  • Entries desk, ticking off runners names and collecting £1 juniors or £2 adults, 09:15 (prompt) to 10:55.  We want to work a shift rota with 3 on, 3 off so that anyone running the race has time to get changed, warmed up etc.
  • Sweeper required for 2 junior races and senior race – must be prepared to run 8 miles in total – q-u-i-t-e s-l-o-w-l-y!


For those running, the men’s team needs to finish 3rd or higher to guarantee runners-up spot, and the women’s team must finish 1st to be div 1 champions.  So best possible teams required.


As an added incentive, Grand Prix points are available for this race!


Northern 12 stage and 6 stage relays at Catterick - Sunday 20 March


Following our success at the National, this is the next major team event on the Race Calendar.


We have a few interested but are a long way short of a full team.  Email me before Sunday night (6th) to register your interest.  If we can get half a team then our captains can chase for a full team next week.  Entries close 11 March so we need to react fast! 


Heptonstall Fell Race – Sunday 20 March


This is the next fell race in the V S Fell Championship


Yorkshire Vets XC at Huddersfield – Saturday 26 March


Drew Taylor is taking entries for this – which need to be in by 16 March – email


Thirsk 10 miles – Sunday 27 March


This is the 2010 Yorkshire and Y Vets 10 mile championships.  You must have entered in November to qualify for these, but the race is still open for “normal” entries


Beginners / Improvers Group – Tuesdays 29 March to 21 June


First session Tuesday 29 March, 6pm at Leos, details in next V S Update or see


Abbey Valley Challenge at Wakefield 10k – Sunday 3 April


This is how the scoring works.  We simply rank the Abbeys and Valleys according to their finishing position.  The first runner scores 150 points, the last runner scores 50 points and everyone else is spread evenly in between.  Say there are 38 Valleys and 43 Abbeys.  There are 81 runners, which means the points difference per runner is 1.25, so the first scores 150 (I’ve already said that), the next 148.75, the next 147.5 etc etc down to 52.5, 51.25, 50.  Then we add all the scores.


Everyone scores points!  So please get your entry in – entry details at – you can enter by post or online (£1.25 extra).


Let’s try to get the series score to Valley 5 Abbey 1 rather than Valley 4 Abbey 2.  (Unless you feel sorry for the Abbeys).


England Athletics Marathon Conference – 2 & 3 April at Coventry


For coaches and athletes.  I hesitate to advertise this because it may take away some of our runners at Wakefield.  But take a look at .  And note that on Saturday 3:30pm to 5pm you can see Tracey Morris – “from Club Runner to Olympian” – interviewed by Bud Baldaro.


Yorkshire Vets Series Race 1 – Sunday 3 April


We advertise this series and the Y Vets website but obviously we’d prefer you to run at the Wakefield 10k!


Leeds Half Marathon – Sunday 8 May


Entries close at beginning of April, see for details


Calderdale Way Relay – Sunday 8 May


We’ve currently got 18 people wanting to run, so we either need 6 extra runners or will have 6 disappointed runner.  Email if you want to run.


Meanwood Valley Trail – Saturday 28 May


We’re launching this on Sunday, handing out entry forms to all the Peco competitors.


Thank you to the 12 who have already volunteered to marshal, so we just need another 50 of you. Please email me if you can help!


Not available to help on the 28th?  You can help in another way.  I have 400 entry forms from last year most of which have email addresses on.  I’d like to email everyone to tell them about this year’s race, but I need the email addresses keying in.   If  this was split into 4, it wouldn’t take long to key in 100 email addresses, would it?  Please email me if you can help!


Bradford Millennium Way Relay – Sunday 12 June


After winning the mixed team for 3 years and the vets team once, we’ve had less interest recently.  But this is a great event, teams of 10 run in pairs for 5 legs, each leg approximately 10 miles, very scenic, and nowhere near Bradford (although entirely within the Bradford boundary) – the route is on footpaths around Shipley, Haworth, Silsden, Ilkley etc.  Hopefully we can get 2 or 3 teams this year.  Email to register your interest.


Palma Marathon – 16 October (from Patrick)


To All Valley Striders.


This year’s overseas tour is to the delightful town Palma on the sun drenched Spanish Island of Majorca. It was overwhelmingly voted for by the Amsterdam marathon Posse.


30 Striders went to Dublin in 2009, 40 enjoyed the delights of Amsterdam in 2010, lets make it 50 for Palma in 2011. This invitation is open to all Striders, and to all levels. The race’s are on Sunday 16th Oct 2011 and you have a choice of either full or half marathon and a 10k run or even a 10k Nordic walk, which is exactly what we do after a few San Meguel’s! or you can just come along to support and for a weekend break.


The plan is to fly out Saturday 15 Oct 2011 at 7:00am from Leeds/Bradford with Jet2 and return on either Mon 17th Oct at 11:25am, or Tues 18th Oct at 11:25am, both return flights arrive back in Leeds at 13:10pm. Cost of flights is approx £100 and I’m trying to source a central hotel to take us all in a selection of double, twin or triple room. Approx cost for hotel is £100 per room per night, B&B.


The race entry, before 16 May 2011 is: Marathon Euro 51, half Euro 31 and 10k Euro 17. Check all the race details out at:


It’s bound to be a fantastic time, if you have any doubts, just ask anybody who went to Dublin or Amsterdam, except Hutch who can’t remember anything!


If you want to join us, please confirm to me by email by Fri 11th March 2011, stating your preference for either 2 or 3 nights stay and your bedding requirements (steady now!), ie double, twin, triple or beach (cheapest option). Once confirmed, I will require a £100 per person non refundable deposit to be paid by the end of March 2011 with the balance paid approx  Sept 2011. If you decide to come after the 11th March 2011, you are still welcome, but will need to do your own bookings.


So, what better incentive to train hard over the summer, let’s get 50 Striders on the start line and 60 in the after run party bar


If anybody needs anymore information or clarification, just let me know.




Patrick Barrett

0788 760 6644


Marathon – who’s where this spring?


Just to repeat the last V S Update to ask you to email if you’re running a Spring marathon


So far we have 1 at Brighton, 1 at Rotterdam, 8 at London, 5 at Edinburgh and 3 at Windermere who have declared their intentions – see


New parkruns in Leeds


The two new parkruns are picking up momentum but neither is yet advertising the date of the first race,  To keep informed of what is happening, visit their Facebook pages


Roundhay :


Danefield :


NB Valley Striders positively encourage you to run these races and/or volunteer to help at these races, but we can’t do without your help in the 6 races we organise or support (Peco, Meanwood, Leeds Half, Harewood Trail and Harewood Cancer Research )




Welsh National Cross Country


Congratulations to Katie Parry, 10th in the Welsh National XC


English National Cross Country


V.S.Men's team 29th/95 at National XC (best men’s position for many years)


Sylvia emailed that the highest position ever by a Valley Striders team at the National: was the women's team of 1998 who finished 11th out of 56 teams (Kathy Kaiser, Carole Schofield, Liz Ball & Sylvia W, in that order): the winner was Mara Myers (now Yamauchi).


Report from Kevin McMullan


I participated in my first ever ‘National’ last Saturday. I had always wanted to run at least one  - just to be able to say I had run it. I had opportunities over the years to do so, but something always prevented it – usually an injury.


Anyway, upon opening the curtains on Saturday, I was mildly bemused to note that there had been a considerable falling of snow so I immediately thought I was going to be scuppered once again. Not a bit of it. Gwil and Rob were waiting for me at the allotted time and place and we made our way to Alton Towers via a picturesque detour through the peak district.


10 minutes from arriving, Simon rang to comment that “there is not a blade of grass here”. I imagined this was slight exaggeration. In fact, it was actually understating the true nature of the course. I had previously thought I knew what a ‘muddy course’ would be like. Alton Towers realigned that perception 360 degrees. Whilst it was true that there was no grass, the mud that coated the entire length of the 6.2 miles was a thick, capricious, gooey morass. It was if the organisers had dug a 6 mile trench then deposited the most vile substance imaginable up a depth of a couple of feet. The only part that did contain even the vaguest suggestion of vegetation was a sharp and unpleasant hill. So no respite there.


I had no illusions of running fast, or for that matter, running. I waded. gamefully and to the point of complete exhaustion for 48 odd painful minutes. Even the end of the race held a sting. We were directed via a ‘this way to the finish’ sign that I hoped would be a last couple of hundred metres. In fact, it seemed to endure for another half a mile or so, through peat bogs and marshes.


I had read a book by Cliff Temple (older runners will remember him) from 1980 where Dave Moorcroft had been quoted as saying “you need to be prepared to run the first mile of the national in 4 minutes 20”.  He was presumably not referring to, or imagining a course of the ilk of Alton towers 2011.


I was pleased that the team had a great result and I can only wonder at how quick the other Striders managed to run this. Well done guys. I did enjoy at – having finished!


Wombwell 5 (report from Bob)


I joined the Towler family for a Sunday morning in Wombwell – down the M1, just past Barnsley, get on the Dearne Valley Parkway (a fascinating dual carriageway with roundabouts every third of a mile, most of which don’t go anywhere), turn off at the 6th roundabout and you’re just about there.


The HQ was Wombwell Sporting A C – a football pitch, a go-kart track and a puddly car park.  The football changing rooms were closed due to a burst pipe so the race HQ was the kart control building overlooking the start & finish.


We started on the kart track and did a lap and a half (nearly half a mile) on probably the smoothest tarmac in Yorkshire and then headed off onto the streets of Wombwell.  A mile flat, then the dreaded Darley Hill – uphill for a mile – but no problem if you’ve trained on Church Lane Meanwood.  The next two miles were downhill and/or flat so I was expecting an uphill finish, but no, the last mile was flat with a full lap of the kart track to the finish.  No chequered flag, just orange juice and a T-shirt after we crossed the line.


On my 60th birthday I had been given race number 60 and I managed to finish 60th overall.  I ran my fastest 5 miles since Dec 2007 but was just over a minute behind the 1st M60.


 51 Tim Towler     33:11   4th M50

 60 Bob Jackson    33:46   2nd M60

152 Carole Towler  41:52

172 Jake Towler    44:04

218 finished


Noonstone (with very brief report from Richard Adcock)


It was very muddy, steep and wet.


Position               Age    Cat   Gen     Time

                              Pos   Pos  

 39 Simon Vallance     MV40 (14/83)  38   1.26.56

 44 Eirik Stangnes     M    (25/69)  43   1.28.10

 49 Matthew Allen      M    (29/69)  48   1.29.00

 61 Holly Williams     L     (3/23)   3   1.31.21

 88 Oliver Cheyne      M    (41/69)  84   1.36.38

104 Gareth Payne       M    (45/69)  99   1.38.00

135 Richard Adcock     MV40 (54/83) 128   1.43.21

168 Aled Greenhalgh    M    (57/69) 154   1.47.26

197 Malcolm Coles      MV70  (1/1)  175   1.52.06

200 Amanda Seims       L    (14/23)  25   1.52.26

209 Alistair Smyth     MV50 (33/36) 181   1.56.31


First finished in 1:12:05

Last finished in 2:32:28

241 ran


Full results at


VS Fell Championship points will be on the website at the weekend, but I can let you know now that Holly scored 103%.  You’ll have to go to the Grand Prix / Fell Championship section of the website to find out how she could score more than 100%.  As Steve said at the 2009 AGM, more computer power is used to calculate the Fell Championship scores than was used to launch the first man onto the moon.


Snake Lane (report from John Wallace)


Perfect racing conditions at Pocklington yesterday for the Snake lane 10, cool weather, light breeze and an excellent course. The usual bedlam ensued at the start as the organizers tried to get us behind the unmarked start line, but the unsophisticated feel lent to the occasion. I found myself wondering what was the last road race I’d run without chip timing!


Marshalling on the course was excellent and the crowds in the villages we passed through enthusiastic - I use the term crowds with a pinch of salt since 10 people probably represented entire populations in most places. Lots of people, including Joyce the Voice and her apprentice, at the finish to cheer us around the final bend and down the finish straight.


Everyone agreed it was a real fun race and a raft of PB’s from Striders Paul (sub 1 hr), Nobby (7th woman – well done), Liz and Lou (by 3 minutes after a year injured).


 13 Andy May       56:21

 23 Dan Fisher     58:09

 28 Paul Kaiser    59:24

116 Xanthe Hannah  67:15  7th W or maybe it was Gary Womann

127 Eric Green     67:52

135 Liz Wood       68:24  9th W / 2nd W35

136 John Wallace   68:32

145 Nick Barnes    69:19

257 Lou Allinson   75:05


Winner finished in 48.03, 662 finishers 


Huddersfield 10k (from Mike Higgins)


I ran the Huddersfield 10k this weekend (think I may have been the only Strider) - it was a good race, very picturesque.


Somewhat confusing start, the general information point/shop/food/toilets were in front of the start line, which meant pushing past the entire pack to get into position once the time was called. It didn't help that the exit for Fitness First was just there too, which meant cars pushing through the crowd with minutes to go. As you might expect from Huddersfield, there were a few big hills (from the long, slow drag to the short sharp ones), and a pretty vicious downhill too. Not necessarily one for setting a PB! Unfortunately similar problems at the end, as the runners were heading into the Fitness First traffic, not quite sure why they didn't just reverse the directions of the start and finish!


But an enjoyable one overall (and not just because of the bacon rolls at the end!)...


103 Mike Higgins    46:10


Parkrun vest


Sue Sunderland and Ged Coll have emailed to claim their performances at parkruns.


Remember if you want your parkrun races to count towards V S Performance Certificates, you must run in your V S vest and claim to


Another big birthday


It was Carole Schofield’s 50th birthday on 22 February and it seems that she got a better offer than pie and peas at Leos  She emailed “Hope you had a good night at the pie and peas and a few surprises!  Sorry I couldn't be there but will bring some buns to the next p & p.  I was taken on a trip to London yesterday to have afternoon tea at Claridges. (The Queen wasn't in!)  It was brilliant, Ian also booked me a holiday in Gran Canaria for a week in April!   I had a fantastic 50th birthday.  Being 50 so far has been excellent, I think I'm going to like it! just need to get back running now that's the most frustrating part. Hope to see you soon “




Performance enhancement study


Amanda Seims has emailed whether anyone will help Lisa Whitaker, a PhD student in her department, with her research project


I’m in the process of starting data collection and have a target sample size of 1000. I'm looking for people over the age of 18 who currently participate in competitive sport or have participated in competitive sport in the last 12 months. This study provides people with a great opportunity to voice their opinions and attitudes towards performance enhancement. It will also help to inform education programmes and help them to become more athlete centred, particularly in relation to anti-doping. The link to the questionnaire is below.


If you know anyone who does participate in any sport at any competitive level (club to international) or anyone that knows people who do, please pass it on to them and ask them to forward it on. If you want to complete the questionnaire as well, feel free to do so!


Study - Endurance Performance at Altitude


Rob De’Giovanni has emailed “A colleague of mine is currently looking for male 18-40 year olds to take part in a study looking at the effects of training at altitude on carbohydrate utilisation. I've attached a participant info sheet with regards to the protocol  etc.  If anyone is interested please contact Charlotte Woolf  (  Also if you know anyone that might be interested that has experience with running training please do let them know about this”





What carbohydrate supplementation is best for enhancing endurance performance at altitude?



You are being invited to take part in a research study, but before you decide whether you will take part, it is important for you to understand why the research is being carried out and what it will involve. Please take time to read the following information carefully and discuss it with friends and relatives if you wish. Ask us if there is anything that is not clear, or if you would like more information (a contact number and address are at the end of this information sheet). Take time to decide whether or not you wish to take part.



Activities performed at altitude (hiking, climbing, cross country skiing, mining, military activities and rescues) often require prolonged moderate intensity exercise.  Ingestion of carbohydrate during exercise of 45 minutes or longer enhances endurance performance at sea level.  High altitude exposure has been shown to result in changes in carbohydrate and fat utilisation at rest and during exercise with the possible result of increasing demands for carbohydrate utilisation.  This research aims to understand fuel use at altitude in order to investigate the optimum feeding strategy that should be taken.


The duration of the study is approximately 5 weeks, with a total of 5 visits to the laboratory at Leeds Metropolitan University. The aim of this study is to provide data towards a PhD study, Undergraduate major independent study and possible publication.



We are seeking approximately 8 well-trained male runners or triathletes, aged between 18 and 40 years to participate in this study. To participate you must confirm that you are fit and healthy, a non-diabetic and that you are not currently taking, or have recently taken any medication, which may interfere with this study. To be suitable as a well-trained athlete you must have trained regularly for at least 5 years and be training for approximately 10 hours per week. 



It is your decision whether or not to take part. If you decide to take part, you will be given this information sheet to keep and be asked to sign a consent form at your appointment, before any assessments. You will be able to ask any questions at that time. If you decide to take part you are still free to withdraw at any time and without giving reason. If you decide to withdraw from the study prior to participating in all parts of data collection, your data will be removed from the study.



You will be asked to make five visits to the laboratory at Leeds Metropolitan University over a 5 week period.  You will complete a one off initial visit where you will take part in a Maximal Oxygen Uptake test and familiarisation session and then will attend four experimental testing sessions over the 4 subsequent weeks.


q       A Maximal Oxygen Uptake Test (aerobic capacity test)

q       Four Running Tests (consisting of 90 minutes plus a time trial test)


The initial visit will involve a pre screening assessment, as well as assessing your susceptibility to acute mountain sickness. This will be achieved by placing you in the Environmental Chamber situated within the Carnegie Research Institute at Leeds Metropolitan University for 20 to 30 minutes.  You will also take part in a Maximal Oxygen Uptake test from which we will calculate the intensity you will work at for the experimental trials. This test involves a continuous graded exercise test to volitional exhaustion in order to determine your aerobic endurance level (maximal oxygen uptake; VO2 max). This test will be performed at the physiology research laboratory within the Carnegie Research Institute of Sport and Exercise Science with the use of a treadmill. Throughout the test you will wear a facemask so that expired air can be collected and measured using a Metalyser online gas analysis system to establish your VO2 max.


For the 4 experimental trials you will be required to run at 60- 70% VO2max for 90 minutes followed by a time trial.  On these days you will be exposed to either sea level, 2000m, 3000m or 4000m simulated altitude.  The exposure to sea level or the simulated altitude will be randomised and kept blind from you.  Procedures are in place to ensure your safety at all time, however there some possible risks of taking part in the trials.  These mainly are associated with the effects of altitude which can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea and fatigue. You will be screened prior to the trials and monitored at all times to ensure your safety. 


On arrival at the laboratory you will be fitted with a cannula which is used for taking blood samples.  You will have resting blood samples taken.  You will then enter the Environmental Chamber to begin the run.  You will run with a face mask fitted for gas analysis, you will be familiarised with this prior to the trials.  You will then run continuously for the duration of the trial, stopping only 3 times for approximately 30 seconds each, once at 30 minutes, once at 60 minutes and once at 90 minutes to have blood samples taken.  On completion of the run you will have final blood samples taken and the cannula removed.


What do I have to do?

This study will require you to refrain from alcohol for 24 hours and exercise and food for 12 hours prior to each of the experimental trials. Outside of these constraints there are no restrictions placed upon you to refrain from your normal lifestyle and/or training.



The study is being undertaken for research purposes rather than to attempt to find the causes of disease, or a cure for a disease. You may benefit from participating in the study if you are interested to learn more about how your body responds to high altitude and the effects of this on your fuel utilisation.



All of the experimental procedures that will be used in this study have been rigorously tested to ensure that they meet health and safety standards. These tests are all routine and are performed regularly on patients and healthy volunteers. The technicians who perform the tests are all trained and skilled to do so.


In the unlikely event of you experiencing any problems that may be caused by this study, you must tell us immediately and we will do our utmost to address these.


Should you be harmed in any way whilst participating in this study, the University maintains Professional Indemnity insurance, which will respond in the event that the University is deemed to be legally liable for incidents that occur, as a direct result of the study.



As previously mentioned, the risks for this study are few and have been assessed. The primary risks revolve around developing acute altitude illnesses such as AMS, however specific protocols are in place to ensure maximum safety for the participant and researchers.



All information collected will be kept strictly confidential, other than to those of us who are directly involved with the study. Any information that leaves the Leeds Metropolitan University will have names and addresses removed so that you cannot be recognised from it.



Your personal data will be coded at the start of the study by the Principle Investigator who will be the only person able to trace data back to any participant. The Principle Investigator’s computer will be in a locked room and password protected. The real names of the individuals will not be used in reports. The data from the study will be kept for 10 years following the completion of the study, thereafter it will be destroyed.



Once the study has been completed we will write the study up as a research paper to submit to a journal for possible publication. The study findings will be made available to interested participants. The data from this study will also be used by undergraduate and post graduate students as part of their major Independent Studies and other learning modules, as well as being used in a PhD being undertaken by Nicola Reeve.



If you require further advice about this study, at anytime during participation, you may contact Miss Nicola Reeve, Miss Charlotte Woolf, Professor Rod King or Dr John O’Hara at Leeds Metropolitan University who are organising the study.


Nicola Reeve


Charlotte Woolf


Professor Rod King


            Telephone: 0113 8121707

Address: Carnegie Research Institute – Sport & Exercise Science, Leeds Metropolitan University, Headingley Campus, Beckett Park, Headingley, Leeds, LS6 3QS

Dr John O’Hara


            Telephone: 0113 8125239

Address: Carnegie Faculty, Room 107, Carnegie Research Institute – Sport & Exercise Science, Leeds Metropolitan University, Headingley Campus, Beckett Park, Headingley, Leeds, LS6 3QS


If you would like independent advice on the project or participation, or to make a complaint please contact Dr Lee Ingle.


Telephone: 0113 8123246