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Subject: V S Update - things you have to do quickly, Bob's thanks, Peco thanks and results, race reports (2 from Amanda), results


Things you have to do fairly quickly


  • Turn up for the run and curry tonight
  • Run the Heptonstall Fell Race this Sunday
  • Book your pie and peas for Tuesday 22 March
  • Enter the Wakefield 10k on 3 April
  • Enter the Leeds Half Marathon on 8 May
  • or think about the Calderdale Way on 8 May

Details of these and more below


Heptonstall Fell Race – Sunday 20 March


Steve Webb has emailed me to remind us that the next fell champs counter is this Sunday at Heptonstall.  All details on  He says “first time it's been staged and it looks like it should be a really good event.”


Pie and Peas – Tuesday 22 March


Please book to before 10pm Sunday 20 March selecting meat pie or vegetarian bake, mushy peas or baked beans, and whether you want apple pie.


Three Peaks Recce – message from Simon Vallance


A few of us are planning to run a recce of the Three Peaks on Sunday 27 March ahead of the race at the end of April.  The plan is to leave Leeds early aiming to leave the cafe at Horton in Ribblesdale around 9am returning after 21 hilly miles, a cup of tea and a slap up feed. 


If you are running the race and want to know what to expect, are thinking about it for next year or just fancy a long off-road run in the Dales please get in touch with me


Wakefield 10k – Sunday 3 April


Blimey this has crept up on us.  This is everyone’s chance to score for the Valley Striders team in the annual match against Abbey Runners.  The scoring system is a bit complicated but the simple rules are (a) the more runners we have the more points we get, and (b) the faster runners we have, the more points we get. 


Can we get 50 Striders out for this race?  For those of you whose winter training has gone well, there’s an opportunity to get a PB.  For those of you just dusting off your shoes, then here’s your first 10k of the spring and you can aim to make little improvements during the summer.


For entry details (including online entry), see   Note no extra cost to enter online, and if you enter before 21 March your number will be posted to you, otherwise collect on day.


The race start and finish is in Thornes Park and also there is a pub in the grounds of Thornes Park, I’m just trying to find whether it will be open for post-race breakfast.


Baildon Boundary Way – Sunday 10 April


This race is a V S Grand Prix race and is FULL, but Carole Schofield has a number and can’t run because she is on holiday, and number swaps ARE permitted by the race organisers


Email me if you’d like a number, and if anyone else has a number available I’m able to act as broker for it.


Leeds Half Marathon – Sunday 8 May


For the last 3 years we’ve had over 50 runners in the Leeds Half Marathon.  Might be more of a challenge as the Calderdale has been arranaged for the same date, but let’s give it a go.


Entry information at Entries close Friday 8 April.


We also need 10 marshals for this race – we normally “man” miles 1 to 3 on Meanwood Road to the start of Stonegate Road and have the Striders banner out.  It is important for the continuity of the Leeds Half Marathon that the local clubs provide marshals for this event, so please email me if you can help.


Calderdale Way Relay – Sunday 8 May


It seems as though we have about 18 Striders keen to run, and coincidentally Abbey Runners also have about 18, so the plan is to enter a Valley Striders team, an Abbey Runners team, and an Abbey Valley team.  Please check to check your status.  If you’ve not run Calderdale before and you’d like to try this event with no pressure and at a great time of year to enjoy the scenery, then please email me!


Bridlington Festival of Running – 4 and 5 June


Mark Hetherington of Abbey Runners asked me to mention the Bridlington Festival of Running.  He says they are hoping for a big turn out from the West Yorkshire clubs! The event web site is


Bob’s Thanks!


Thank you to everyone who so very generously contributed to the Bob Jackson birthday fund.  Those of you who came to the do will have seen the two smart new waterproof jackets that I’ve bought, one lightweight for summer, the other goretex medium weight for getting on the trails in the winter.  These have now been emblazoned back and front with the Valley Striders logo (Andi Barrett at Peco does a professional job at a reasonable price).


With your generous gifts I could have bought another 5 or 6 jackets but have decided to invest in a new laptop.  The current one gives me plenty of time to make a cup of tea from when I switch it on to when it is actually ready to use, plenty of time to read a book while it runs anti-virus, and then gently warms my hands and the desk as I use it, so for the sake of speed and reliability it is time to change.  I have to buy a Toshiba as my nephew works for the company, but does anyone have advice on the cheapest way to buy Word, Excel and Outlook, and what’s your recommendation for anti-virus these days (I’ve been using free AVG but read a horror story a few weeks ago about an AVG update that broke all Windows 7 PCs).


Peco XC Series


Peco Race 5 at Danefield – thanks from Mick Tinker


Mick emailed me “Please pass on my thanks to those who helped at the Peco XC on 6th March.”


“As far as I know we had no major hitches and even the weather turned out good for both runners and helpers (although I'm told that it stayed cold in the dip by the foot-bridge - sorry Mike, Eileen and Helen).”


“Without my blue file I don't have a full list of who actually helped on the day but from memory it was: Laura Clark, Nick Barnes and Sarah Smith on course set-up, Dans Murray and Fisher on tent set-up, Nick, Sarah, Peter Lambert, Ian Sanderson, Eirik Stangnes, Helen Kelly Ali, Mike & Eileen Crosfill, John Bottomley, Andy Smith, Amanda Seims and Chris Leggatt all marshalling, the Dans, Rob De’Giovanni and Kathy Kaiser as sweepers, and Kathy & Ken Kaiser, Joe Hanney and Matt Allen amongst several who helped on the registration desk.  Oh and you of course.  Sorry if I’ve missed anyone.”


And a big thank you to Mick for doing at least 3 recces, co-ordinating with Airecentre Pacers (they provided more marshals), organising Red Cross support, bringing the tables and chairs, organising all the signage, etc etc


Peco Race 5 Results


Grand Prix points awarded on finishing position.  Unfortunately, even though I was exactly on the finishing line, I forgot to take a note of the Striders finishing sequence, so I’m not sure which men finished in front of which women and vice versa, so please email me corrections!


    2 Rob De'giovanni      100  

    5 Andy May              99  

   10 Simon Midwood         98  

   13 Dan Fisher            97  

   16 Eddy Robinson         96  

   19 Jeremy Ladyman        95  

   28 Matt Allen            94  

   30 Tony Mills            93  

   32 Dave Penman           92  

   37 Dan Murray            91  

   45 Roy Huggins           90  

   52 Joel Giddings         89  

 W  4 Holly Williams        88  

   58 Gary Mann             87  

   64 Tom Button            86  

   89 John Batchelor        85  

   90 Joe Hanney            84  

   92 John Wallace          83  

  102 Patrick Barrett       82  

 W 26 Myra Jones            81  

 W 27 Laura Clark           80  

  118 Leroy Sutton          79  

 W 33 Sue Sunderland        78  

 W 34 Chloe Hudson          77  

  141 Malcolm Coles         76  

  166 Bob Wilkes            75  

  170 Dave Jones            74  


Race 5 Team results

  • Men 1st in Premier Division
  • Women 1st in First Division
  • Mens Vets 7th
  • Womens Vets 12th


Peco Series Results

  • Men 2nd in Premier Division
  • Women 1st in First Division
  • Mens Vets 6th
  • Womens Vets 8th
  • Malcolm Coles 1st M70
  • Sue Sunderland 1st W50
  • Bob Wilkes 2nd M70
  • Bob Jackson 3rd M55
  • Tony Haygarth 3rd M60


Race Reports


Liversedge Half (from Sarah Smith)


I found it very hard going, but was so glad I did it, I am determined to do better next year...  My philosophy of going in blind certainly had the last laugh as I quickly realised that it was downhill straight away and that's rarely good in the medium to long term.  Next year I will know what is coming and I am sure I can do a better time. 
Photos of me on the hill at mile 6-7 are rather embarrassing - I look like a toddler having a temper tantrum, whereas the photos of Chloe on the same hill show a woman summonsing incredible strength, grit and determination in times of extreme duress.  I will definitely try harder next time.  As for the other Striders well they were amazing times, I think a new Strider came third and Jeremy and Joe got fantastic times as did Chloe. 
I am really fed up because I think I might have a hairline fracture in my patella from when I was knocked off my bike last November just before the Abbey Dash.  Whilst I did my PB in that race, and also my best half marathon time in the Brass Monkey, so my leg was ok for those, I fell on my knee recently and think I have caused further damage to my patella as it is very painful and swollen now.  I am awaiting x-ray results.  I might pull out of London and Edinburgh I will see what the X-ray says and what my GP says but to be honest I have very little faith in my GP - he recommended physiotherapy and I asked for an x-ray - he had not even looked at my knee at this point!

Noonstone Fell Race (from Amanda Seims)


It was a chilly and start but the steep climb in the first km soon warmed everyone up.  As reported by Richard, it was indeed very steep, wet and boggy with a long ascent to Stoodley Pike and a stream crossing thrown in for good measure before you hit the exceptionally wet and boggy section on the top of the moor with added head on wind and rain thrown in just to make the race a little tougher!
The aim of the race for me was to stay close to the person in front....not for the purpose of beating them but to scream for help if I fell into a deep bog!  Most of the time the only sound you could hear from the pack was 'ooops, sorry, sorry, probably best you don't follow my footsteps really'.  After the long section of slow jogging/wading through bogs it was a hop skip and a jump down and over the concrete ditch and a nice descent for a while which soon turned into a scary steep descent followed by a steady uphill and final steep descent where the race turned into fight to stay upright and many people falling over not so gracefully!  The fast finish on a solid track was a good end to the race and I felt very honoured (although slightly guilty) to see the Valley Striders team waiting for me at the finish line (looking rather cold and tired!). 
Yes I finished quite a way down the field and yes I wasn't able to run particularly fast over much of it (and I lost so many places on the final steep descent) but overall I found it very enjoyable and look forward to running it next year (even though there wasn't any cake at the end......)
I heard through those with GPS that it wasn't anywhere near 9 miles which makes me slightly more upset about my time but I feel pleased with myself that I can now say I have completed a 'proper' fell race.
Amusing pics of the VS crew can be found on the race website listed in Richard's report but just to pick out a couple of amusing ones.......

To Ell and Back (report from Amanda Seims)


I decided that since I've been missing Rombald's Stride and its array of cakes and biscuits on route, I'd enter the 15 mile LDWA event 'To  'Ell and Back'.  The start-time for runners was scheduled for 9:30 and when we (my housemate Andreas, his friend from London Joss and her dog Jess) arrived at 9am having driven through torrential rain we were all reluctant to leave the car due to the observation that snowflakes were falling and it was bitterly cold outside!  I made the sensible decision to change out of shorts and t-shirt into something warmer and we went to register, where we learnt we were amongst only 12 people running and they'd already set off so we could leave when we liked!   Yes, this was such a low-key event that there were no prizes, no finishing place, no mass start and the route was unmarked the whole way.  
Lucky for us the rain stopped just after we set off and the weather was a mix of cold winds over the tops and warm sunshine in the valley.  We had a written description of the route which we'd managed to partially map and set off from Greetland rugby club out to Copley where we had our first (and only) decent stretch of fast runnable terrain along the canal.  After a few miles I was longing for a change in scenery and incline and after passing the first checkpoint I got my wish....a steep long climb out of the valley onto the tops where I could see Stoodly Pike from Noonstone fell race a few weeks back.  As I wasn't navigating that much I'm not sure of the exact race route but we seemed to touch on some stretches of the Calderdale way which were nice and we ran through forests, along rivers, over boggy moorland and took in some very scenic villages.

We saw quite a lot of walkers along the way and caught up with most of the field of runners before we decided to stop for a break at the food checkpoint for a cuppa and a sandwich [no cake though? :-(] before the final steep climb back out of the valley.  My pace had subsided to a slow shuffle by this point and although we'd easily covered the first 10km in an hour our finish time was around 3:20 although to my surprise there didn't seem to be many people at the finish so I think we did well overall. 

My only gripe was that most of the checkpoints only had water and squash, with only one offering tea and food (I know I've said it already but where was the cake????) although we did get the true Yorkshire fare of pie and peas at the end which always tastes good after a tough cold run.  Lucky I'd planned ahead and bought homemade cake with me as a back-up plan and we recovered by the fire in The Sportsman pub next door


Some Race Results


Lots of people preparing for marathons so lots of results of long races


Trollers Trot


  23 Eirik Stangnes     3:39:59

  24 Alistair Smyth     3:41:15

  26 Steve Webb         3:42:54

  28 Simon Redshaw      3:45:18

  52 Nick Barnes        3:59:11

 108 Adela Reperecki    4:34:56

 118 Geoff Webster      4:41:55

 259 Sara Dyer          7:47:58


(I think this counts in the Grand Prix “Any other marathon” category”


Trimpell 20 at Morecambe


  74 Eric Green         2:18:37

 116 Liz Wood           2:25:55


Spen 20


  76 Gary Sutherland    2:31:04

  96 Myra Jones         2:41:52

 139 Paul Gill          2:45:22