Sent: 21 April 2011 16:23
Subject: V S Update - London Marathon 2012 and Aagrah - both urgent!


London Marathon 2012 (the one in April not the Olympic one)


I’ve just had an email from Virgin London Marathon


“The public ballot entry system for next year's Virgin London Marathon will open to all applicants on Tuesday 26th April. The ballot entry system will close when we have received a total of 125,000 applications. Last year the ballot reached this maximum within 24 hours, so get your application in fast.”


If I remember correctly from last year, the ballot opened at one minute after midnight, so worth staying up late on Monday evening if you want to be sure you’re in the ballot


The 125,000 are whittled down to around 20,000 in October, it’s only then that you’ll know you’ve got a place. (Why they can’t tell you on 28th April, I’ve no idea!!!!). The other 20,000 starters are international entries, charity places, people who have 5 rejections in a row and have a guaranteed place, people who were injured this year and have deferred their place, good-for-age entries etc.


Good-for-age entries go in during August.  If you’ve achieved the following times in the last 2 years, you’ve a guaranteed place


Men Time (in hours)            Women Time (in hours)

Age 18-40    2.45-3.10         Age 18-49     3.15-3.50

Age 41-59    sub 3.15          Age 50-54     sub 4.00

Age 60-64    sub 3.30          Age 55-59     sub 4.15

Age 65-69    sub 4.00          Age 60-64     sub 4.30

Age 70+      sub 5.00          Age 65-69     sub 5.30

                               Age 70+       sub 6.30


Note that men faster than 2:45 (Dan and Gwil) and women faster than 3:15 (Liz) have a guaranteed Championship start place.


If you don’t qualify for good-for-age and get rejected in the ballot you have a third opportunity as Valley Striders will be allocated 4 club places.


We give top priority to people who have a rejection slip, have been with the club since 1/1/2011, and have not had a club place in previous years.


If there are more than 4 who satisfy all 3 criteria, those people go into a club ballot at the Xmas do for the 4 club places.  If there are exactly 4 people, no need for a ballot, they get the places.  If there are 3 or less people in this category, then there are places that can be allocated to people who don’t fit in the top priority group.  I need to refer to the minutes of a committee meeting to get the exact rules.


Aagrah Update


John Wallace has emailed


Numbers up to 21 so far which has forced a slight change as Aagrahs has a couple of other larger groups in – so we’re booked in for 9.15/9.30 – they have a fairly large bar area apparently so can meet there and peruse the menu or there’s ‘Seven’ next door. I’ll probably still be there at 8.45 in case anyone not on the Thursday list goes direct.


If there’s anyone who hasn’t let me know and is likely to be turning up can you let me know and I’ll revise the numbers I’ve booked.   07855-809-672




Note that V S Updates return to normal service next week