Sent: 28 April 2011 16:10
Subject: V S Update - Calendar, Leeds Half, Parkruns, London




Sat 30 April – Three Peaks race, 14 Striders running, go to Horton-in-Ribblesdale to see the race, or “watch” on the internet (race information updated as each runner reaches each checkpoint)

Mon 2 May – Rothwell 10k, 8 Striders entered but also taking entries on the day, see for details.

Tue 3 May - Pie and peas – book to by 10pm Sun 1 May stating meat or veg pie, peas or beans, apple pie?

Sat 7 May – Striders beginners group will be running Hyde Park parkrun – supporters needed!

Sat 7 May – Open day at Lineham Farm, bluebell walks in the woodland, meet the animals, art & craft activities, yummy refreshments.  Valley Striders has raised over £28,000 for Lineham Farm over the last 12 years – please visit and you’ll know it’s worthwhile!

Sun 8 May – Leeds Half Marathon – more information below

Tue 10 May – Track session, also Jack Bloor Fell race (grand prix and fell champ)

Tue 17 May – Club Handicap 10k, meet by Res 7:00 prompt

Sun 22 May – Peco presentations at Leos – see last week’s V S Update

Tue 24 May – Meanwood recce run, we’ll meet at 7pm and run the whole of the Meanwood Trail route in groups

Thu 26 May – Apperley Bridge Canter

Sat 28 May – Meanwood Valley Trail Race - we have 25 marshals so far (check ) - and need 40 more, please email me if you can help

Mon 30 May – Ilkley Trail Race

Sun 12 Jun – Bradford Millennium Way Relay – 5 by 10 miles in pairs, nowhere near Bradford, details on . Email if you are interested in running

Sun 19 Jun – Jane Tomlinson Run For All Leeds 10k

Tue 28 Jun– Yorkshire Vets Race at Leos organised by Valley Striders – marshals will be needed!

Sun 2 Oct – Harewood Trail Races organised by Valley Striders – marshals will be needed!

Sun 2 Oct – Bradford Half marathon (please come and help at Harewood Trail Races instead)

Leeds Half Marathon (Sunday 8 May)


We’ve “booked” 9 marshalling spots from Sheepscar, through Meanwood to the traffic lights one-third of the way up Stonegate Road.


Thanks to Andy Settle, Dan Fisher, Dave Middlemas, Gillian Felton, Ian Place, Joe Hanney, Meg Galsworthy, Paul Gill, Peter Lambert, Sharon Tansley, Steve O'Callaghan, Tim Towler and Xanthe Hannah.


There are 13 marshals so 4 points will be manned (or womanned) by a pair of marshals, 5 points by solo marshals.  If anyone else is able to volunteer they can be paired up with one of the solo marshals.


More information for marshals, spectators and post-race arrangements for runners in next week’s V S Update.




Last week, Striders were evenly spread between Hyde Park race 183 and Roundhay Park race 1


Hyde Park

 10 Roy HUGGINS     18:04

 11 Joel GIDDINGS   18:08

 16 Ian ROSSER      19:08

 20 James TARRAN    19:23

 93 Chris SAWYER    23:41

177 Dave JONES      29:35


Roundhay Park

 14 Graham JONES    20:45

 16 Mike HIGGINS    20:57

 28 Paul SANDERSON  21:34

111 Anne MCCAFFREY  31:52

129 Meryll CRIPPS   35:49


The guys at Roundhay said that it was much tougher than Hyde Park, but they would say that, wouldn’t they?!


London Marathon 2011 and 2012


From Richard Balshaw


I did 2:52:19 at VLM.  Also spoke to Jerry at the start who did a race the day before!


From Kevin McMullan


Just to let you know that I ran the London today in a pristine white valley striders vest and received lots of shouts of encouragement and managed to finish quicker than last year in 2.57.26.  Saw Jerry at the end and asked how he felt and he revealed he had run 2.17 when young. Crikey.


From Eric Green


Just to let you know I completed London in 3 13 15.  My chip fell of sometime after 25k. I remember someone catching my foot.   The London website has all my details both from the end of the run and yesterday when I rang them. Once they confirm me crossing the line with the DVD's they will post my time.


From Sarah Smith


The London marathon.  Wow!  What an amazing experience.  Running a marathon is quite a quest, it really does have the long haul feel to it in the weeks, then days and hours leading up to it.  I made so many friends on Sunday.  The man at the bus stop waiting for the bus from Dulwich College to Lewisham, where the market traders setting out their stalls all called out good luck to me, the friendly bobbies at the [free] Docklands Light Railway station where I caught the DLR to Greenwich, the lady who sat with me on the DLR whose training plan had disintegrated the same way mine had due to injury, whose attitude - I am pretty damn sure I have got it in my legs to run a marathon without training - I liked as I realised that was mine when fully articulated... 
When you finally get to start, setting off is quite daunting, you just try to stay calm, focus, relax and then settle into a rhythm.  I liked the slow pace of pen number 5,  I spent the first hour or so listening out for any niggles and tried to make minor adjustments to biomechanics to compensate for any.  You just keep moving, checking your pace every mile, making sure you don't fall over and when that's all working well, actually enjoy it.  Each mile took a fairly predictable ten minutes, the math was easy - if I kept this up for 26 miles and pushed my foot down towards the end, I might beat Peter's PB for the London Marathon and he would treat me to a coffee and cake.  That was never going to happen though.  I could dream.  I did follow the thin blue line most of the way in honour of the athletes who preceded me along the route, and in fairness to save energy and hopefully a few seconds off my time. 
Meanwhile, there were the water, Lucozade and Lucozade gel stations to interrupt any thoughts of victory over Peter.  They seemed to loom into view as soon as the road became clear of empty bottles; this is not a criticism, this seemingly almost constant supply of food and drink was really welcome.  Something else happened which almost caused memory loss especially when it came to the all important need to beat Peter's PB.  Thousands of people applauding, smiling, cheering, shouting and by the end screaming all the way round...   ... literally willing all the runners on, literally picking up those who fell.  People in Hallowe'en costumes (or maybe they were just goths) outside a pub, jazz bands, horns, mobile discos, DJs on balconies, Darth Vader guarding a traffic island, blokes sat on settees on the pavement drinking beer cheering us on, bag pipes, drummers pounding under bridges...  even a Valley Strider cheering a Valley Strider on! 
The handful of images I have retained are a drop in the ocean of what I saw as I ran the 26.2 miles.  The last 5 or 6 miles I cannot describe without my lip wobbling.  I am pretty sure that there was a very loud wall of noise for a long time which was just constant and unwavering and I don't think I have ever been anywhere like it.  I have to confess a lot of it is a bit of a blur.   I was so proud to be taking part in such an amazing event and so proud when I finished.   I beat Peter's time by seconds.  He was gracious in defeat and handed me the crown, by gracious text. 
At the end of such a momentous marathon experience it should have come as no surprise to receive a text from Bob before an hour had passed with his congratulations and observations on my split times.  Well that was more welcome than an automated text generated by a chip time and deserves thanks, surely.  Thank you Bob! 


Two who didn’t make it to the start line were Matt Allen and Anna Costello.


From Anna Costello


I just thought I should let you know why my name is missing from the London results....


Unfortunately at the end of Jan when I was running well, I developed a niggley injury in my knee. I continued to train (as we all do), even raced a half marathon in early Feb when the physio were saying to do no more than 5 miles! By mid Feb, I was finishing training sessions in tears from the pain so I took the physio advice. I still had London in my sights but obviously in a slow time. But I only managed to get back running about 10 days ago so I pulled out of the big day. Running 26 miles when you've only done 1-2 miles in the last 8 weeks just seemed bonkers. 


I did go down though and saw parts of the day although felt pretty rubbish being stood at the edge of the road instead of running down the middle of it. I even shed a tear at one point. Bring on 2012 I say.... I’ve no excuses with a full year to recover and train. 


Well done to everyone that ran though- some superb times, especially Liz! 


Sorry to have not been wearing my Valley vest with pride this year. 


Matt Allen – I spoke to Matt and he’d had injuries over the winter, was up to 5 mile runs but wisely decided that he couldn’t manage 26


Anna & Matt have both deferred their entries to 2012 (but, of course, will have to pay again)


2012 Entries


Opened sometime last Tuesday between 00:30 and 07:30 (I didn’t stay up) and had closed by the end of Tuesday evening


These Striders managed to negotiate the online entry system - Dave Penman, John Batchelor, John Hallas, John Shanks, Rich Smith, and Sarah Smith.