Sent: 21 May 2011 08:37
Subject: V S Update - Meanwood Trail arrangements, Max's run, EA membership, Coaching courses, Results of River Moy, parkrun and handicap


Meanwood Trail Race


Tue 24 May – Meanwood Valley Trail Races recce run


We’ll meet at Leos at 7pm and firstly run the junior 1 mile race route together, then continue to run the first mile and a half of the senior route together too, as far as Seven Arches aqueduct. From there we’ll probably split into 3 groups, two faster groups running the whole of the senior route, the third group running as far as Meanwood Park but omitting the circuit of the park.  If you’re a little bit late and we’ve left Leos then catch us as we go past the kids’ playground near the entrance road to Leos.


Afterwards we need some helpers to label the beer bottles that will be the mementoes of the race.  Full on-the-job training will be given.  If there are 8 or 10 of us doing it, it should take about 20 minutes.  Please stay to help if you can!


Sat 28 May – Meanwood Valley Trail Races


We have over 200 entries so far, so going well!


We have 51 marshals so far (check ) - and need 19 more, please email me if you can help.  I know that many of you are away because it’s bank holiday / school holidays, so those that are free next Saturday, please volunteer!


If you are able to help and you’d like to be in a specific area, you have till Monday evening to make a choice.  Please select from : entries/admin, start/finish, near Leos, between Leos and 7 Arches, between 7 Arches and Ring Road, Meanwood Park (Ring Road end), Meanwood Park (Meanwood end), water station in Meanwood Park.  We also have a vacancy for a sweeper to follow the last runner round and to notify the marshals that they are free to depart.


We also need about 6 people to set up the route.  Meet Leos at 8a.m. or Ring Road at 8:30a.m.  If you can do this, you are excused marshalling duties (but it would be great if you could stay on).


We’ll be allocating duties on Tuesday evening, so please look out for an email Wednesday morning. 


Sat 28 May - Striders night out


Tom Button says “There's a Striders night out planned for Saturday 28th May - to celebrate a hard morning's marshaling at the Meanwood Valley trail! Plan is to meet at Reliance at 8pm ( then make our way into town from there.  All welcome.


Special note re Thursday Training – Max’s run


Note that Thursday’s session on 2 June (the week after next) will meet at Oakwood Clock 6:45pm to celebrate what would have been Max Jones’ 84th birthday.  We’ll run together the two and a quarter miles of Max’s training route - he used to run it 10 times when training for an ultra marathon.  Then we can split into smaller groups to run in Roundhay Park (or run together if preferred).


England Athletics Membership


In last week’s V S Update I said that everyone should have received membership cards.  On the basis that I have only had 3 replies on this subject (all of whom had changed address but had not told us) I assume you all have!


I do need to tell you about the information held on the England Athletics database.


We only input the minimum information required, that is first name (and we usually use your short name e.g. Bob rather than given name e.g. Robert) (and this is the name shown on your card), last name, full address, post code and date of birth.


There is a whole chunk of information that we don’t enter.  This includes “disability”, “ethnicity” (no option to input “Yorkshire”!), phone numbers (home, work and mobile), email addresses (home and work), event details (default is road running, cross country and fell), and “subscriptions” i.e. whether you want to be mailed and or emailed with various information and advertisements.  All of this you may go in and amend yourself.  And you can, if you want, also upload a picture of yourself (required if you are a coach or official)


Just going back to the first name thing, if you enter any races via then it will check your first name and last name against your England Athletics number so please sign on and check whether you are an Andy or an Andrew, a Geoff or a Geoffrey, a Liz or an Elizabeth, a Mike or a Michael!


Education for Coaching


If you think you read this in last week’s email, then you’re right, you did, but since I only got one reply, maybe you didn’t think it was for you.


The answer is that it’s for anyone – the courses listed are for coaches, but most of us coach ourselves, so please take a look at what’s on offer.


All we ask of you is that you pass on any tips you’ve learnt to other Valley Striders – could be in the bar after a Tuesday session!


So here’s the message again:


England Athletics and Leeds Clubs are planning to arrange 4 or 5 evening coaching seminars during the summer months.  At least one of these is likely to be at Leos!


The list of courses on offer can be found at .  Take a look!


Please email me if you are interested in these.  They are likely to cost £5 or £10. 


Please reply within the next 7 days.  I need to send the information on to the Leeds Network co-ordinator so she can decide which courses to set up.




River Moy Half Marathon


  6 Dan Murray          01:24:39

 13 Greg Skerrett       01:28:53

 14 Tom Button          01:29:28  3rd M35

 15 John Wallace        01:29:39

 20 Alistair Smyth      01:31:21  1st M50

 31 Patrick Barrett     01:34:21  2nd M50

 37 Alan Hutchinson     01:35:19  3rd M50

 45 Tim Towler          01:36:46  4th M50

 69 Jonathan Brownbill  01:41:16


Race report awaited.


Leeds Hyde Park parkrun


Hyde Park had a record 373 runners helped by some large club representations for the “Mob Run”.  I’ve not seen any results, but Hyde Park Harriers will have won this easily with 34 runners showing in the results. Valley Striders had 16 and Horsforth and Rodillian both 14.


However the parkrun mob run was scored on club vests, and although Hyde Park will have won that, I don’t know who finished second as there were various scenarios, including

  • Striders members listed as Striders and running in Striders vests
  • Striders members listed as unattached but running in Striders vests
  • Striders members listed as members of another club but running in Striders vests
  • Striders members not listed as Striders and not running in Striders vests
  • Runners not members of Striders listed as Striders and not running in a Striders vest
  • Runners not members of Striders not listed as Striders but running in a Striders vest


Anyway, here are the results of all Striders, Run in Leeds members and Striders family.  Apologies if I’ve missed anyone


  6 Andrew May         17:08

  9 Daniel Fisher      17:28

 10 Gwilym Thomas      17:31

 16 Rich Smith         18:07

 23 Roy Huggins        18:31

 25 Joel Giddings      18:35

 29 James Tarran       18:52

 32 Ian Sanderson      18:59

 38 David Vidal        19:13

 45 Andy Stoneman      19:44

 46 Gary Mann          19:45

 48 Colvin Stokeld     19:55

 77 Bob Jackson        21:20

 82 Martin Oddy        21:28

102 Alistair Fale      22:20

108 Sue Sunderland     22:30

116 Richard Davenport  22:42

130 Chris Sawyer       23:11

254 Meryll Cripps      28:18

257 Esther Smyth       28:31

275 Claire Barker      29:20

367 ran


Roundhay Park parkrun


Ditto for Roundhay parkrun, so again here are the results of all Striders, Run in Leeds members and Striders family


  5 Graham Jones       20:33

  9 Nick Barnes        21:21

 11 David Gillian      21:37

 22 Gerard Coll        23:20

 37 Malcolm Coles      25:50

 39 Dave Jones         25:53

 49 Robert Cutts       27:31

 55 Paul Furness       28:57

 56 Sarah Coll         28:59

 61 Kerry Jackson      29:38

 67 Anne Jones         31:11

 68 Asheila Narang     31:28

 79 Martha McCaffrey   32:48

 80 Ella McCaffrey     33:19

 81 William McCaffrey  33:20

100 ran


Club Handicap 10k


Congratulations to Leroy, a clear winner of Tuesday’s Handicap.


And congratulations too to Rob with fastest time of the night earning him 100 grand prix points


Apologies to one or two who went the wrong way in Eccup village, hopefully this didn’t have too great an effect on the run times and therefore on the G P points.


Thanks to Mike & Eileen on the watches, Joyce with the tickets, Pat with the keys, and Liz, Peter and John on marshalling duty.


Race                      Race   Hand-     Run     Pts

 Pos                      Time    icap     Time

  1 Leroy Sutton         52.57    9.25     43.32     77

  2 John Wallace         54.52   14.15     40.37     89

  3 Ged Coll             54.55    8.45     46.10     72

  4 Chloe Hudson         54.56    8.30     46.31     69

  5 Dave Penman          55.27   17.45     37.42     95

  6 Gary Mann            55.34   14.45     40.49     87

  7 John Hallas          55.42    8.15     47.27     68

  8 Simon Midwood        55.54   20.30     35.24     98

  9 Andy Thorpe          56.03   15.15     40.48     88

 10 Sue Sunderland       56.05   10.15     45.50     73

 11 Richard Davenport    56.06    9.55     46.11     71

 12 Rich Smith           56.07   19.15     36.52     96

 13 Tony Mills           56.08   16.15     39.53     91

 14 Rob De'Giovanni      56.10   22.00     34.10    100

 15 Andy Stoneman        56.16   13.15     43.01     78

 16 Mick Loftus          56.21   18.00     38.21     94

 17 Colvin Stokeld       56.30   15.00     41.30     84

 18 Elika Tasker         56.33   15.30     41.03     85

 19 Eric Green           56.36   14.30     42.06     83

 20 Roy Huggins          56.56   17.30     39.26     92

 21 Andy May             56.59   22.30     34.29     99

 22 Alan Hutchinson      57.12   14.30     42.42     79

 23 Bob Wilkes           57.14    3.45     53.29     67

 24 Sarah Wood           57.34   13.15     44.19     75

 25 Bob Jackson          57.44   12.30     45.14     74

 26 Keith Brewster       57.50   11.30     46.20     70

 27 Dan Fisher           57.55   21.30     36.25     97

 28 David Vidal          58.08   17.45     40.23     90

 29 Alan Webster         58.13    3.45     54.28     66

 30 Graham Needham       58.24   16.15     42.09     82

 31 Nick Barnes          58.36   15.00     43.36     76

 32 John Marsham         58.43   16.15     42.28     81

 33 Alistair Smyth       58.52   16.15     42.37     80

 34 Rob Bumstead         59.10   18.15     40.55     86

 35 Ian Sanderson        59.20   20.15     39.05     93

 36 John Whalley         66.33    0.00     66.33     66


Bill McCafffrey is JOGLEing


Hi - I'm fulfilling an ambition of mine in June, by riding the Deloitte Ride Across Britain - a supported 9-day, 953-mile bike ride from John O'Groats to Lands End.   The whole event is raising money for the British Paralympic Association - so part of my entry fee (which I cover) has gone to that.  At the same time I'm hoping to raise sponsorship money for Plan International, which supports children’s education and rights in developing countries - so I've set up a charity sponsorship page at - any donations would be greatly appreciated!   Thanks, Bill