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Subject: V S Update : Training arrangements, Grand Prix & Fell Champ dates, Leeds Country Way, Race results & reports, Courses, U&R sale


Training Sessions


For various reasons, for the next 5 weeks, we’ve got a lot of swapping and changing of the regular Tuesday and Thursday sessions.  Please keep your eye on the Website homepage for any further changes


Note that we are leafletting our Run Leeds beginners/improvers sessions at the Jane Tomlinson Run for All Leeds 10k on Sunday (19th), so if anyone has friends or relations wanting to improve their running, then Tuesday 5 July would be an ideal date to come and try us.


Tuesday Valley Striders sessions

Tue 14 Jun - Valley Striders meet Leeds Met Carnegie INDOOR sport centre ready to run at 7:00pm, for track session
Tue 21 Jun - Valley Striders meet Leos 7:00pm for speed session 5 by 6 mins at Eccup Res
Tue 28 Jun - no Tuesday session - Valley Striders hosting Yorkshire Vets race (marshals and runners required)
Tue 5 Jul – Leos unavailable due to private event so Valley Striders meet Leeds Met Carnegie INDOOR sport centre ready to run at 7:00pm, for track session
Tue 12 Jul - Valley Striders meet Eccup Reservoir 7:00pm for Club Handicap 5.5 miles trail circuit to Emmerdale (lasagne afterwards)


Tuesday Run Leeds sessions

Tue 14 Jun - Run Leeds group meet Leos 6:00pm for short session followed by Run for All race tips!
Tue 21 Jun - Run Leeds group meet Leos 6:00pm for short session followed by food!
Tue 28 Jun - no Tuesday session - Valley Striders hosting Yorkshire Vets race (marshals and runners required)
Tue 5 Jul - Run Leeds group meet Leos 6:00pm for training session (new starters welcome!)

Tue 12 Jul - Run Leeds group meet Leos 6:00pm for training session (new starters welcome!)


Thursday Valley Striders sessions

Thu 16 Jun - meet Scott Hall 6:45pm for steady 7 miles at 8 to 9 minute mile pace (with stops) NO CURRY THIS WEEK
Thu 23 Jun - meet Scott Hall 6:45pm for steady 7 miles at 8 to 9 minute mile pace (with stops) followed by CURRY at SHEESH MAHAL Chapel A
Thu 30 Jun - meet Scott Hall 6:45pm for steady 7 miles at 8 to 9 minute mile pace (with stops)
Thu 7 Jul - meet Scott Hall 6:45pm for steady 7 miles at 8 to 9 minute mile pace (with stops)

Grand Prix and Fell Championship and other race dates


I’ve extracted some race information from the “Dates” page on the website, so plan your diaries around the following:

  • [VSFC] Sat 18 Jun - Buckden Pike (AS)
  • Sun 19 Jun - Leeds 10K (Jane Tomlinson Run)
  • Tue 28 Jun – Yorks Vets race at Leos – marshals required
  • [VSFC] Sat 2 Jul - Wharfedale TTT day 2 (AM)
  • [M] Sun 10 Jul - Eccup 10
  • [H] Tue 12 Jul - Summer Handicap
  • Fri 15 Jul – Washburn Valley Relay (make your own teams, see Otley AC website for details)
  • [VSFC] Sun 17 Jul - Holme Moss (AL)
  • [S] Wed 20 Jul - John Lunn Hyde Park 5k series
  • Sun 24 Jul - Pudsey 10k
  • Sun 24 Jul - Harrogate 10k
  • Wed 27 Jul - Golden Acre Relay (make your own teams, see Abbey Runners website for details)
  • Sun 31 Jul - York 10K (Jane Tomlinson Run)
  • [TF][VSFC] Sun 7 Aug - Round Hill Fell Race (CM) 9.0m 1100'
  • Sun 4 Sep - Leeds Country Way Relay – 60 Striders required
  • [S] Sun 11 Sep - Wetherby 10k
  • [VSFC] Sun 11 Sep - Yorkshireman marathon (CL) 26.0m
  • Sun 18 Sep - Kirkstall Trail
  • [H] Tue 20?? Sep - Autumn Handicap 5 miles
  • Sun 25 Sep - Horsforth 10k
  • Sun 2 Oct - Harewood Trail Race and Junior Race / Adult Fun Run - 70 Striders to help please
  • Codes in square brackets as follows
    • [S] Grand prix short road race
    • [M] Grand prix medium road race
    • [L] Grand prix long race
    • [TF] Grand prix trail or fell race
    • [XC] Grand prix cross country race
    • [H] Grand prix handicap race
    • [VSFC] Fell championship race

We have a problem that the Abbey Dash and the Thirsk 10 mile, both in the Grand Prix, are both scheduled for 20 November.  It is likely that Thirsk will be excluded from the Grand Prix and its place taken by Holmfirth 15 or Guy Fawkes 10.  Any opinions?


Wharfedale TTT 1st-3rd July


Kerry Gilchrist of Bingley Harriers has emailed me saying “This year's TTT is just a few weeks away now. Not only is it a great weekend of running, it's also an excellent chance to get to know the area for the FRA relays this autumn!” details at


Leeds Country Way – Sunday 4 September


Last year’s results - men 3rd, vets 11th(2nd vets), "B" 15th, women 16th(1st women) "C" 31st out of 37 teams, 5 womens stage wins, 1 mens stage win, 1 mixed stage win, the only club ever to have had 5 teams in the LCW


John Wallace and myself are going to have another go at raising 5 teams!  The mens “A” team, womens team and vets team will be selected, the other two teams will be on a first come first served basis, i.e. the first 24 people that email us are guaranteed a place to run.


Just email and please include “LCW” in the subject of your message.  If you have preferences to run early in the morning or another time of day, then let us know!


Oh, I hear some new members ask “What is the Leeds Country Way?”.  It is a 60 mile set of linked footpaths that encircles Leeds.  The race is organised by Kippax Harriers and we start and finish the race at Garforth.  Other points on the circuit are Stanley (near Wakefield), Scotchman Lane Morley, Thornbury Barracks, Golden Acre Park and Thorner Lane Scarcroft.  We run in teams of 12, 2 people per leg, so legs are between 9 and 11 miles distance.


A final note – there is a set of walk leaflets available from Leeds City Council but this mapping is for the revised route whereas the race route follows the original LCW devised in the late 1980’s.  The main difference is that the race route includes a section through Wakefield


Race Results and Reports


Wharfedale marathon


    7 Eirik Stangnes     3:28:52      100

   18 Holly Williams     3:37:22       97

   26 Ian Sanderson      3:48:01       93

   51 Amanda Seims       4:19:19       90

   52 Andreas Mayer      4:19:21       87

   68 Sarah Smith        4:44:26       83

   74 Geoff Webster      4:53:59       80


Results including splits


Wharfedale half


    5 Steve Webb         1:38:04      100

   35 Clive Bandy        1:51:14       97

   42 Tom Button         1:54:26       93

   56 John Wallace       1:56:43       90

   68 Sarah Wood         2:01:00       87

   83 Richard Adcock     2:03:58       83

   85 Sue Sunderland     2:04:08       80

  133 Adela Reperecki    2:13:52       77


Results including splits


Richard Adcock said “My time might look slightly longer than expected but I did cycle there and back and have had a week without sleep!”


These show Grand Prix points.  Both of these races were also in the Fell Championship.  Steve Webb has updated the Fell Championship calculations and this is now on the website – click on “Club Information” at the top and “Grand Prix & Fell Championship” on the left hand side.  Also use this link to see the Grand Prix points table.  An interesting battle is ensuing between Rob De’Giovanni and Andy May, with Simon Midwood lurking in third place ready to take any opportunities.


Otley 10


    4 Rob De'giovanni    0:58:33      100

    7 Simon Midwood      1:00:09       98

    8 Gwil Thomas        1:00:18       97

   19 Dave Penman        1:06:29       95

   22 Kevin Mcmullan     1:06:56       94

   26 James Tarran       1:08:12       92

   28 Roy Huggins        1:08:25       91

   50 Eric Green         1:11:05       89

   75 Sue Sunderland     1:16:36       88

   77 Paul Smith         1:16:43       86

  106 Malcolm Coles      1:19:21       85

  126 Ged Coll           1:21:17       83

  138 Leroy Sutton       1:22:34       82

  151 Damian Holmes      1:23:49       80


See also


Bradford Millennium Way


Waiting for full results but unofficial positions were Men 12th 6:28:48, Mixed 20th 7:08:39 (3rd mixed team)


Thanks to John Wallace for organising this.


Richard Adcock Reports


My weekend by Richard Adcock


It started at 8:30pm on Friday...


“We have to go to the hospital”

“You can’t have it now, I’ve got a race in the morning!”

“It’s coming, we have to go...NOW!!”


And Lucy was born just after midnight, 6lb 14 and with everything working as it should, I am now a daddy J


I eventually got to bed at 4am, but had to be up again at 5am to get to registration for the Beaver Middle Distance Triathlon held at Belvoir Castle in Grantham by 7am.


(1900m swim, 46.5mile bike, 13.1mile run)


I was extremely tired, but the rush from the previous night kept me going... and we’re off... a mass start, two lap swim in the most unpleasant water I have been in, cold, silty and shallow so it churned up the bottom and was like swimming in mud (a good time to practice keeping your mouth shut) and at times pitch black so very disorientating, all the while surrounded by other swimmers trying to swim over each other to get ahead.


Out of the lake, a 400m run across the field to transition for a quick change out of my wetsuit, grab the bike and out on to a 46.5 mile ride round the country lanes of Lincolnshire, and straight in to a head wind! and then it started to rain!! The weather made the roads very slippy with a few fallers but overall a nice ride averaging 18.6mph (but I did think Lincolnshire was supposed to be flat!)


Back to transition and then out on to the 13.1 mile run for four laps up the hill and back round the castle grounds. Now I’m  not a fan of laps at the best of times and although it was very scenic and the rain eased off for a bit I managed to get about half way before the tiredness caught up with me and made the second half a loooong way. I managed to break it down into sections of distance and time whilst plodding along.


I was glad to see the finish line, now food and sleep.. oh and the drive home to see my baby girl J



I finished 154th out of 343 finishers in 5:04:28.  Winning time was 3:57:59 and the final finisher did 7:55:31


Welsh 1000m Peaks Race 2011 – report from Mick Loftus


The Welsh 1000m Peaks Race was 'new and improved' this year.  Since I last did the race someone had got their high tech tape measure out and decided that Glyder Fawr is not 999 metres high as marked on OS maps but is in fact 1000 metres high.  Now there are are five Welsh 1000 metre peaks.  A new race route was designed to include this mountain.


The result is a bit shorter than previously but it has a bit more ascent.  It's a much more satisfying and direct route.  In profile it would look like three jagged shark's teeth.  They say it is about 19 miles and about 8000 foot of ascent.  However, it took me well over a third longer to complete compared to the Three Peaks.


The event has had a difficult few years.  In 2007 a competitor died in a 500 foot fall and in 2009 it was abandoned mid way through due to atrocious weather conditions.  Mountain rescue were called out but everyone got down safely.


The event starts with a bus from Llanberis to the race start at Aber on the north Wales coast.  This year it was misty at the start but the forecast was for hot sun.  After about 20 minutes of running we broke through the cloud inversion, it was beautiful and roasting hot.  We covered Carnedd Llewelyn and Carnedd Dafydd steadily in the clear conditions.  A new descent route took us straight down to the A5 at Llyn Ogwen.  This section had taken towards 3 hours and my legs were like jelly when I crossed the road.


We then headed up a severe climb, including a hands and feet scramble over the fantastic Gribin ridge.  The views from here were superb but climbing up the hot rock, which was radiating heat back at us was exhausting.  Eventually we topped out onto the Glyder ridge with Tryfan to our left.  We slogged up to the (1000m!) summit of Glyder Fawr.  Then we plunged straight down again with a 640m drop down to Pen y Pass.


Now I was fairly fatigued but felt positive.  I had been going for about 4 hours.  I had kept drinking well throughout but I could see that my arms and legs were burning even through the sun screen.


I set off up the Snowdon PYG track.  I maintained a strong pace at first but by about half way up I was staggering.  Eventually I reached the summit ridge but turned away from the crowds on Snowdon to climb Garnedd Ugain before returning to the finish on the Snowdon summit.


It was like rush hour in a tube station up there, as I weaved through to the finish checkpoint just below the trig point.


A fantastic, spectacular and very challenging event, run this year in exceptional conditions.  I finished in 5:29 and came 35th out of the 130 who completed the run.  It was won in 4:06...


Redcar Half Marathon – report from Paul Kaiser


Hi, just thought I'd send a quick race report seeing as I appeared to be Striders sole (racing) representative in the North East today.


I managed to run 1:19:34 for 18th place. The weather was great at the start and ideal for running, and after a bit of a trek up and down the coast road we managed to locate the start. The course is fast and flat but very far from being inspiring. It starts off with a 2 mile out and back along the coast road in one direction, and is then an 11 mile out and back the other way, taking in Redcar town centre and a long stretch to and from the edge of the coastal towns industrial heartlands.


I started well and felt strong, Sharon was continuing her running comeback by running up and down the course and cheering me on, which was a welcome sight, and as i passed the 7 mile mark i remember thinking i was on course for 1:18. However the turn around at 7.5 miles was a shock to the system as we turned into what felt like running into a wind tunnel (why do you never notice when it's at your back?!) From then on it was a battle of attrition against the elements and i was delighted to head down the final stretch with the clock still sub-80mins, with the cheers of my folks and Sharon and her Dad encouraging me to put in a sprint for the line!


All in all it was an enjoyable race even if (as I've been assured) the course isn't what it was in the good 'ol days!




Leeds Network Education For Coaches


This really is the final chance to book one of these courses.  And they really are available to anyone with a slightly technical interest in running.


Have a look again at and let me know if you are interested in any of the topics.


I just cannot believe that there are only two Striders interested in “injury prevention”, and nobody interested in anything else.


Up and Running Sale


Gilly from Leeds Central emailed “Here's a chance for your members to be first in the queue for the bargains at our Summer Sale, starting this Saturday.


We've reduced loads of Road Shoes by up to £30, selected Trail Shoes by £25 and selected MBT's by 30%. Plus, there are loads of great deals on technical clothing. If you'd kindly forward this info. to your members they'll have first pick of some great deals before we start advertising to the public.”