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Subject: V S Update - Lots of Events, Eccup Results (1 Yorks Vets champ), Club handicap result, North Devon marathon report




Burley Bridge Hike this Saturday


Ian Sanderson emailed


This 21 mile trail race, which didn't happen last November, has re-appeared on the LDWA challenge event list for Saturday 16th July. As in previous years, registration opens at 7am at Ghyll Royd School, Burley in Wharfedale (LS29 7HW), the race starts at 8am and, after a varied trot around Rombald's Moor and a bit of the Leeds - Liverpool canal, you get a certificate and a two-course lunch. Unlike previous years, the rain should be warm and the bogs only ankle deep. What with this and the Calderdale Way Relay becoming summer events, are modern runners becoming too soft? - Discuss.”


Holme Moss Fell Race this Sunday


This is 17 miles and category “A” (steep) so not for newbie off-road runners.  But if you have trail and/or fell running experience and intend to go, check the website forum re sharing transport.


John Lunn Hyde Park 5k next Wednesday


This is a Grand Prix race.  See for details.


Harrogate 10k Sunday 24 July


Jeremy Ladyman has offered to hand out our Harewood entry forms after he’s finished the race.  Please, is there anyone going to spectate who can hand out forms until Jeremy finishes?  I can’t as I have a prior engagement – my wife’s birthday!


Pudsey 10k Sunday 24 July


Please, is there anyone going to spectate that can hand out our Harewood 10 entry forms at this race, and also at their junior race that takes place beforehand.  I can’t as I have a prior engagement – my wife’s birthday!


Golden Acre Relay Wednesday 27 July


Teams of 3, each run 2.7 miles on paths and tracks in Golden Acre Park.  As mentioned in last week’s V S Update, make up your own teams and enter on the night.  If you are looking for one or two to make a team then use the Forum


Round Hill Fell Race Sunday 7 August


This is a Grand Prix race and a Fell Championship race.   See  


Advertised as “A Tour of Blubberhouses Moor…visiting Round Hill and a Couple of ‘Bogs’. Come on Fell Guys & Gals – How Can You Resist”.


It’s a category “C” (undulating) and if the weather stays as it is you won’t get your socks damp, so well worth a try for a newbie fell or trail runner, and double points too!


Hyde Park 1 mile Wednesday 24 August


Organised by Hyde Park Harriers, see for details.  And tell me if you’re able to download an entry form!


Leeds Country Way Relay Sunday 4 September


We’re now over half way to achieving our objective of 5 teams (60 runners).  With so many people away for holidays during August, we need names by the end of July so that we can pick teams, and allocate pairs to “legs” so that the pairs can take whatever opportunity is available to recce the route.


There are still places available on our first-come first-served system, and this really is open to runners of all paces.  One of our pairs last year was the slowest team on their leg – so do not be shy to come forward.  Note that one of our Run Leeds members has volunteered so needs a partner!.  Email


Yorks Road Relays at Carnegie Saturday 10 September


Just advanced notice of this event.  We had a men’s team (of 6) and a ladies’ team (of 4) last year.


YVAA Road Relays at Saltaire Sunday 11 September


Ditto advanced notice.  Last year we had a M40 team, two M50, a F45 and a F55.  Can we cover all the age categories by getting a M60 and a F35?  Unfortunately it clashes with the Wetherby 10 and Yorkshireman marathon.




Baildon Carnival (from Steve Webb)


  1  Tom Adams     Ilkley 17.32

  6  Steve Webb           20.19

 10  Eirik Stangnes       21.45

 11  Mark Woodhead        21.57

About 50 ran.


Eirik won an impressive spot prize consisting of a Petzl mini headtorch.  Mark thought there might have been confusion on the part of the organisers - with the.person despatched to buy some pretzels to hand out as spot prizes mistakenly blowing the event budget on Petzls....


Eccup 10 Results


    3 Andy May           0:56:39      100

    6 Dan Fisher         0:57:49       99

   28 Steve Webb         1:02:22       98

   32 Dave Penman        1:03:10       97

   43 Joel Giddings      1:04:51       96

   60 Roy Huggins        1:06:31       95

   61 Jeremy Ladyman     1:06:35       94

   62 David Vidal        1:06:49       93

   71 Tim Darlison       1:07:47       92

   76 Andy Thorpe        1:08:09       91

   86 Eric Green         1:08:48       90

  104 Myra Jones         1:10:20       89

  119 Gary Mann          1:11:47       88

  121 Alistair Smyth     1:11:53       87

  143 Joe Hanney         1:13:37       86

  144 Adam Parton        1:13:38       85

  160 Sue Sunderland     1:14:55       84

  167 Malcolm Coles      1:15:26       83

  168 John Wallace       1:15:32       82

  170 Holly Williams     1:15:35       81

  186 Andreas Mayer      1:16:38       80

  198 Chloe Hudson       1:17:20       79

  210 Louise Allinson    1:18:09       78

  219 Ged Coll           1:18:38       77

  227 Richard Davenport  1:18:58       76

  230 Nick Wallhead      1:19:06       75

  242 Rob Marsh          1:19:54       74

  247 Leroy Sutton       1:20:09       73

  272 Pam Lomoro         1:22:05       72

  396 Paul Holloway      1:29:33       71


Andy May was 3rd overall and also won the gold (although it was actually a small trophy) in the M35 Yorkshire Vets Championships.


Malcolm Coles won the M70 prize but not the Yorkshire Championship as he’d entered on the day.


Sue Sunderland won the bronze (although it was actually a small marble block) in the W50 Yorkshire Vets Championships.


Dan Fisher also picked up an envelope for his 6th place.


The men’s team was runners-up to Barnsley A C and the women’s team runners-up to Kirkstall Harriers.  There was one team prize.


Handicap Results


A particular thank you to all the marshals – the usual star billing of Mike & Eileen and John & Pat plus also (in order of appearance) Sarah Smith, Paul White, Graham Jones, Sylvia Watson, Geoff Webster, Dan Fisher, Mick Tinker and John Whalley.


Congratulations to John Shanks on winning the race.  His handicap was clearly not representative of his current form, being based on 46:41 at last year’s Abbey Dash and 1:49 at Leeds Half!  If anyone would like to review the handicapping system, I can explain on a Tuesday night how they are currently calculated.


And congratulations to Rob De’Giovanni on the fastest time of the night.  I’ve been through the stats and we have to go back to 1998 to find a faster time, when Steve Webb ran 26:24 and Paul Webster 27:06.  This year was much busier than 1998 when there were only 12 runners!


 Race                       Race   Hand-      Run    Pts

  Pos                       Time    icap      Time


    1 John Shanks          41.45    8.00    0:33:45    85

    2 Chloe Hudson         44.30    7.45    0:36:45    74

    3 Joe Hanney           44.54   10.30    0:34:24    81

    4 Nick Wallhead        45.21    8.45    0:36:36    75

    5 Richard Davenport    45.26    8.00    0:37:26    71

    6 Myra Jones           45.39   11.30    0:34:09    83

    7 Ged Coll             45.46    7.45    0:38:01    69

    8 Paul Smith           46.09   11.00    0:35:09    78

    9 David Vidal          46.10   14.00    0:32:10    92

   10 Paul Kaiser          46.11   16.00    0:30:11    98

   11 Andy Thorpe          46.14   13.30    0:32:44    90

   12 Sue Sunderland       46.15    9.00    0:37:15    72

   13 Gary Mann            46.29   13.00    0:33:29    86

   14 Andy Stoneman        46.33   12.15    0:34:18    82

   15 Dave Penman          46.53   15.45    0:31:08    95

   16 Rob De'giovanni      46.56   19.15    0:27:41   100

   17 Roy Huggins          47.03   15.00    0:32:03    93

   18 John Wallace         47.06   13.15    0:33:51    84

   19 Ronan Loftus         47.10    6.45    0:40:25    64

   20 Jeremy Ladyman       47.12   16.45    0:30:27    96

   21 Joanna Rianga        47.19    6.45    0:40:34    63

   22 Steve Webb           47.22   17.15    0:30:07    99

   23 Nick Barnes          47.32   12.45    0:34:47    79

   24 Keith Brewster       47.37    9.30    0:38:07    68

   25 Joel Giddings        47.39   16.00    0:31:39    94

   26 Pam Lomoro           47.43    9.00    0:38:43    67

   27 Alistair Smyth       47.47   13.15    0:34:32    80

   28 Jon Parker           48.00   17.45    0:30:15    97

   29 Richard Balshaw      48.02   18.45    0:29:17    99   2nd claim

   30 Dusan Svoboda        48.21   16.00    0:32:21    91

   31 Sara Dyer            48.45    2.45    0:46:00    62

   32 Hayley Nancolas      48.48   12.30    0:36:18    77

   33 Mick Loftus          48.56   15.30    0:33:26    87

   34 Laura Clark          49.02   12.30    0:36:32    76

   35 Bob Jackson          49.44   10.45    0:38:59    66

   36 Leroy Sutton         49.45   13.00    0:36:45    74

   37 Sharon Tansley       50.06   10.15    0:39:51    65

   38 Ian Sanderson        50.09   17.15    0:32:54    89

   39 Andy Settle          50.44   12.45    0:37:59    70

   40 Eirik Stangnes       51.00   17.45    0:33:15    88


Grovelands parkrun #48 (Enfield, North London)


2nd - Ian Sanderson - 19:33

73 ran.


Ian says “Headline - Northern bandit steals 2nd place off unsuspecting Southerners. It would have only got me 15th place at Hyde Park, Leeds! If you are going to be away on a Saturday morning, it's worth checking the parkrun website for a local run - they are popping up all over.”




Race Report - North Devon AONB Marathon - Or What I did on my Summer Holidays (from Ian Sanderson)


Off to Woolacombe for our summer hols this year, which happened to coincide with the North Devon AONB marathon on 26th June. A chance to see the local area and burn off a few calories before embarking on the ice-creams and cream teas! We arrived at our holiday cottage on Saturday to enjoy the extensive sea views, or we would have done were it not for the fog - which was worrying. Visibility was good enough to see that the cliff-top path was quite up and down, however - also worrying. I settled down to fret for the rest of the evening.


I needn't have worried about the fog, Sunday dawned bright and sunny as 'Flaming June' had finally arrived. We deposited the rest of our party on the beach at Woolacombe, and made our way to the adjacent race registration. This was the second running of the race, in aid of North Devon Hospice, with about 150 in the full marathon and maybe 250 in the half marathon, which sets off 15 minutes later. The races are centred on Woolacombe village; they both head south down the coast (not on the three mile long beach, thankfully), round Baggy Point to Croyde and Saunton, then up and over farmland to double back on the last few miles to Woolacombe where the half finishes. The more foolhardy then continue north on the South West Coastal footpath, around the worryingly named Morte Point, past the lighthouse at Bull Point and continue on towards Ilfracombe - miles 14 to 20 are quite tough. Fortunately the last six miles are much easier, 4 miles down a tarmaced former railway line, then the last two miles drop down the side of the valley (coombe, in local parlance) to Woolacombe beach and the finish. Whether you do the half or the full marathon, the views are absolutely stunning and well worth the effort involved.


I set off at a relaxed pace, and then slowed down a bit. The heat wasn't as bad as I had feared, with a nice cooling sea breeze on the more exposed paths. The organisers had done a grand job with water stations every 2 miles or so (more frequent on the second half of the course) - water, squash, sponges, jelly babies and bananas (but no cake, Amanda). I was slightly startled when a runner came flying past me around the six mile mark - I'd forgotten about the half marathon - but the front runners in that race all seemed to squeeze by us plodders with good humour and patience. I got back to the half-way point in around 2:05 and stopped to chat with my bikini clad support team and have a bit of lunch (malt loaf - I brought my own cake). One advantage of a figure of eight course is that you have the option of switching to the half and finishing at this point, which a lot of people sensibly did given the conditions (28 degrees). I, however, plodded on.


The second half is tougher, following the up and down coastal path I'd seen the evening before, but everyone in the middle of the pack gave up the pretence of racing and started jogging / shuffling / walking as best they could. I noticed that they don't seem to do the 'hands on knees' fell-runner power walking up hills down south - I overtook a few people while walking up-hill. But they do eventually start chatting, in extreme conditions. I even found a Hyde Park Harrier running incognito (he'd just graduated from Leeds and was openly speculating that this may not have been the most sensible 'first' marathon to try - although he still beat me by a few minutes). Support was sparse but enthusiastic and the marshals were very jolly and we were soon stumbling down the hillside to Woolacombe.


I finished 47th / 120-ish finishers in 04:46:47 and was definitely the first strider home. The race was won by a Mr. Divine-Wright (what chance did the rest of us have?) in 03:26, and all finishers got a medal, a cream tea and a sunburnt nose.


Adiós and ¡Que tengas suerte!


To David Vidal who returns to Spain this weekend after being on a 6 month English language teaching course in Leeds.  He expects to be back in the UK within a few weeks but says he is unlikely to be in Leeds