Sent: 28 July 2011 00:20
Subject: V S Update - Events (incl. pie'n'peas, Round Hill and another LCW reminder), Results (prizes at John Lunn race and parkrun special), Membership special, and more!




Tuesday 2 August - Club training followed by Pie and Peas


Please place your order to before 10pm Sunday evening, stating whether you want meat or vegetarian pie, mushy peas or baked beans, and optionally apple pie.


If you order later than this, we will do our best to accommodate you but cannot guarantee it.


Note that if you do order and then don’t turn up, you are committed to paying unless someone on the night takes your order.  The only way we can keep the price low is to ensure that all food made is sold.


Note also to the V S men, it is now safe to get changed in the Leos changing rooms - all the stakes have now gone.  Also a couple of us have folded all the yellow bibs so you don’t have to worry about being asked to help with this next time you come!


Thursday 4 August - “Magic Mile” at Leeds Met


Message from Mark Hetherington – “In association with the Marathon Talk podcast, we are planning a series of 1 mile time trials on the track on Thurs 4th August (starting at 7.30pm). It is free to enter (apart from the usual track entry fee £3.50) and open to anyone.”


Please let me (Bob) know if you want to run and I will co-ordinate with Mark.  I’m going to give a cut-off of Monday evening as Mark needs to assign runners to groups.  NB the Magic Mile will be part of an organised training session; you’re not just going for 5 or 6 or 7 or however many minutes, you can also join the training session (if you want).


Sunday 7 August - Round Hill Fell Race


A double-pointer counting in both the Grand Prix and the Fell Championship. 


An undulating 8 miles, and if it doesn’t rain much in the next 10 days, you won’t get your shoes wet in spite of the note on the Otley AC website about a “couple of bogs”.  Trail shoes advisable.


Details at .  Enter on the day, 11:00 start but allow 10 minutes to walk to the start (or 4 minutes if you want to set off running!)


Wednesday 24 August - Hyde Park “Summer Mile”


1 mile races see


Sunday 4 September - Leeds Country Way


In recent emails I’ve forgotten to tell you what the Leeds Country Way Relay actually is!  The LCW is a 60 mile footpath round the outskirts of Leeds, taking in Garforth, Stanley (near Wakefield), Morley, Thornbury Barracks (on the Leeds-Bradford road), Golden Acre Park and Scarcroft.  The LCW Relay is organised by Kippax Harriers and starts at Garforth Sports Centre at 08:00.  Entry is for teams of 12, and runners run in (6) pairs, the first pair from Garforth to Stanley who then hand over to a pair running from Stanley to Morley etc.  Each leg is about 10 miles, mostly footpaths but occasional sections of tarmac.  Approximately 20 clubs enter and there are usually about 40 teams in total.  Valley Striders had 5 teams last year, the most by any club, and the men’s team finished 3rd, the vets team 11th (2nd vets), the “B” team 15th, the ladies team 16th (1st ladies) and the “C” team 31st (out of 37 teams).


For 2011, we’re still trying to get 5 teams but in the last week we’ve actually had a net loss of 1 (2 have signed up and 3 have withdrawn).  We now have 35 signed up. With so many people away for holidays during August, we would like names by Tuesday 2 August so that we can pick teams, and allocate pairs to “legs” so that the pairs can take whatever opportunity is available to recce the route.


Here’s the list so far Alan Hutchinson, Alex Nancolas, Alistair Smyth, Andy May, Carole Schofield, Chloe Hudson, Elika Tasker, Gary Mann, Ged Coll, Hayley Nancolas, Ian Sanderson, Jeremy Ladyman, Jerry Watson, Joel Giddings, John Batchelor, John Bucktrout, John Wallace, Jon Parker, Laura Goodson, Liz Wood, Michaela McGarry, Mike Higgins, Myra Jones, Nick Wallhead, Patrick Barrett, Paul Hunter, Paul Kaiser, Paul Sanderson, Rob De'Giovanni, Ruth Warren, Sarah Smith, Sharon Tansley, Simon Midwood, Sue Sunderland, Tim Towler.


There are still places available on our first-come first-served system, and this really is open to runners of all paces including our “Run Leeds” group.  Email


Harewood 2 mile, 5 mile and 10 mile on Sunday 2 October


The entry forms are now out!


Thanks to Gwil Thomas, Sue Sunderland and Paul Smith for handing these out at Eccup 10; Paul Furness at Yorkshire Vets, Eric Green at John Lunn Hyde Park 5k, Sarah Smith at Pudsey 10k, Peter Lambert at Harrogate 10k, and Chloe Hudson, Joel Giddings and Gary Mann at Golden Acre Relay.


Can anyone help in the next few weeks by handing out forms at Weeton Show race (31 July), Idle trail race (7 August), Askern 10 (by the way a fast route!) (14 August), Cinnamon Lodge trail at Meltham (17 August), Hyde Park parkruns, Roundhay parkruns, or anywhere else?  Please!




John Lunn Hyde Park 5k


W50 one-two for Carole and Sue! And second ladies team prize for Myra, Carole and Sue!


Grand prix points shown in right hand column!


    8 Rob De'Giovanni    0:16:12      100

   13 Andy May           0:16:33       99

   15 Dan Fisher         0:16:49       98

   24 Paul Kaiser        0:17:42       96

   28 Steve Webb         0:18:22       95

   29 Joel Giddings      0:18:36       94

   36 Tim Darlison       0:19:15       93

   44 John Wallace       0:19:41       91

   53 Nick Barnes        0:19:58       90

   54 Paul Sanderson     0:20:00       89

   56 Myra Jones         0:20:19       88

   62 Eric Green         0:20:53       86

   73 Carole Schofield   0:21:58       85

   75 Sue Sunderland     0:22:03       84

   81 Sharon Tansley     0:23:03       83

   95 Sarah Smith        0:24:34       81

  102 Sara Dyer          0:26:37       80


Jane Tomlinson Canal Race 5k


  4 Jeremy Ladyman    18:06

 21 Graham Needham    19:50

 51 Louise Allinson   22:11

 55 Chloe Hudson      22:22


Doncaster City Centre 5k


Jerry Watson reported “Pretty fit at the moment (17.11) after 5km in the Vets race at Doncaster Town Centre on Wednesday. Dan F. I think did 16.37 in the open race. Good event actually. Worth travelling to.”


Harrogate 10k


Only 2 Striders, but Simon Midwood in the prize money with 10th overall


 10 Simon Midwood    35:29

489 Meryll Cripps    63:22

541 finished, winner Nick Swinburn (Morpeth) 31:08 – course record


Pudsey 10k


Only 2 Striders, but Myra Jones in the prize money (actually a box of chocolates) with 4th overall.


 51 Gary Mann        45:15

 58 Myra Jones       46:18

390 finished, winner Tim Midgley (Bingley) 36:28.


Some strange results here, as Gary was listed as “Valley Club”, and Myra also finished in 295th place in 63:24


Morecambe Cross-Bay Challenge


 33 Eric Green      1:34:03


 22 Niels Laustsen  1:31:36 (AK73 Denmark and former Valley Strider)




If you’re wondering why there are so few Striders at local races it’s because they’re all tired on Sundays having run parkruns on a Saturday.


Recent successes have included

·         Roundhay 25/6  1st  Gwil Thomas 17:39

·         Roundhay 25/6  1st  W Myra  Jones 21:13

·         Hyde Park 2/7  1st  Gwil Thomas 17:05

·         Grovelands 9/7  2nd  Ian Sanderson 19:33

·         Pontefract 16/7  3rd Joel Giddings 18:48

·         Woodbank 16/7  3rd Jerry Watson 18:48

·         Bradford 23/7  1st  Steve Webb  18:20

·         Roundhay 23/7   2nd Joel Giddings 19:33


Several Striders have been swapping to and fro between Hyde Park and Roundhay.  I’m guessing Roundhay is harder, but any opinion on the time difference?


Ian Sanderson sometimes appears at Middlesbrough and Nick Barnes at Milton Keynes but our most travelled parkrunner is Paul Holloway.  I asked him to tell me where he’d been but he’s done better than that and come up with some recommendations, too:


“There's a list of all the different parkrun events I've run, here:


“I've not been doing a great deal of running of late, but there has been an explosion of new events over the last six months or so and I'm working my way through the events that are within a reasonable distance from me.  Having run 15 different events now, no two events are alike - each is very different, both in terms of the course and the atmosphere.  My favourites are Leamington Spa (featuring a steep hill after just 500m) and Worcester (run mainly on a path within a wood), although I can recommend Huddersfield (for the excellent cafe at the finish line) and South Manchester (for PB potential: it is pancake flat).”




The Tuesday 6pm Group


We now have 8 runners who have converted from session membership with Run Leeds @ Alwoodley (our 6pm group) to fully paid Valley Striders – Asheila Narang, Brian Chiyesu, Emma Johnson, Grace Thomas, Hannah Stoneman, Helen Gill, Kerry Jackson, Laura Goodson.  Only Brian has tried the 7pm Striders session, the others are staying with coach Kathy at 6pm.


Just a reminder to existing Striders who are recovering from injury or have some free time to pick up their training that the 6pm session is available for all club members – not just the Run Leeds group.


If you have friends, colleagues etc who are interested in running with a group (you think you know what I’m going to say but I’m going to surprise you) for whom our session is inconvenient (too far away or wrong day/time) then there are 9 other Run Leeds groups around Leeds at different locations and on a variety of days see .


Striders International Members


About 10 years ago, amongst our members were a French woman, a German man, a Danish couple and a Norwegian man.


Then we added a few of Max’s coachees, 3 Americans and 2 Australians.


Our original Europeans have now all left the club (although we get an annual email from Ingo with his mountain running exploits)


But when I looked at the starting line-up at the Handicap last week, we can now make up an even better “International Select” team:

·         Myra Jones – Wales

·         John Shanks – Scotland

·         Sue SunderlandIsle of Wight

·         David Vidal – Spain

·         Eirik Stangnes – Norway (but sometimes he confuses us by wearing an Ipswich Town or Brazil shirt)

·         Dusan Svoboda – Czech Republic

·         Pam Lomoro and Joanna Rianga – South Sudan

·         Rob De’Giovanni – half Maltese


NB South Sudan became an independent state on 9 July 2011 and the member of the United Nations on 14 July 2011.  See Pam or Wikipedia for more information.


Membership Fees


The new Striders year will start in just over a month’s time for the year 1 Sep 2011 to 31 Aug 2012.


No need to pay money now but when you go on holiday save a little to pay for your subs when you get back.  We are likely to hold the annual fee at £20.


Parents and Grandparents


Congratulations to V S member Natalie Crossland and former V S member Tim Crossland on the birth of their son Barnaby George (Barney) on 27 July (6 lbs 14oz) a little brother for Ted, and all well.  Barney becomes our treasurer Paul White’s fourth grand-child!


Congratulations to Run Leeds group leaders Kathy and Ken Kaiser on the birth of their first grandson Reuben Stanley Kaiser born on 20 July at 9.30 a.m. 7lbs 8oz. “Absolutely gorgeous. A bit traumatic but alls well that ends well”




Meanwood Trail Half Marathon


Message from Dave Tupman (not a V S member)


I organise a (very) small charity 'half marathon' up and down the Meanwood Trail, where participants usually do fancy dress and it is all very informal and relaxed. If anyone is interested in participating at the club please email me back to organise when and where to meet. There are about 10 runners this year and it will be done on 6th August.

Event page!/event.php?eid=226252317388900

As mentioned this is a very informal and relaxed day out really - the pace is whatever you like, although we try to stick together as its not really competitive. If there is no interest never mind. Will be picnic and drinks afterward, weather permitting...

PS I think I will attend one of your sessions soon, I am training for the Amsterdam marathon, in 3 months now!

Little and Large Sale at Up and Running Leeds Central and Headingley


From Monday 25th July to Sunday 31st July

All men's size 6 to 7 and size 12 to 16 are reduced by 30%.

All women's size 3 to 4.5 and 8.5 to 10.5 are reduced by 30%.

Large or Petite - Cash in on your Feet.




If any Striders would like to advertise their services, whether running-related or not, then please feel free to send me details and I’ll include at a convenient point.


This one is not running-related, although we did decide that if you could get someone to do your decorating you’d have more spare time for running!


So if you want more time for running, contact “D.P.R. Decorators”, specialists in Painting & Decorating. Phone Roy Huggins 07860 870 396 for more information.  Several Striders have had houses painted inside and/or out by Roy, and also you can see Roy’s handiwork at Leos.


And Finally


Paul White asks “


“Could those people who have not yet paid their entry fees for Calderdale Way Relay & Bradford Millennium Way Relay send a cheque (CWR £5 or BMW £7) made payable to Valley Striders to: Paul White 17 Whinmoor Court, Redhall, Leeds LS14 1NX as soon as possible as they are now considerably overdue.“