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Subject: V S Update - Dates, Leeds Country Way teams, Results, Parkruns




Tuesday 30 August – 5th Tuesday – training will be 3 by 10 minutes at Eccup, meet at Leos


Sunday 4 September – Leeds Country Way – see below


Tuesday 6 September – Club Handicap 5 miles, meet 6:50pm prompt by Eccup Res (Run Leeds members welcome too)


Sunday 11 September – Wetherby 10k (Grand Prix) and Yorkshireman Marathon (Fell Championship)


Tuesday 20 September – Harewood recce run 5 or 8 miles, meet Harewood Village Hall at 6:45pm (Run Leeds members welcome too)


Sunday 2 October – Harewood 2 mile, 5 mile and 10 mile races – 70 marshals required please – we have 6 so far so please email if you can help.  Also let me know if you can hand out entry forms at local races or take some to local races, sports shops, sports centres etc.  Thanks!


Tuesday 18 October – AGM (provisional date)




Below are the provisional teams. 


Please check this list

·         If you’re on the list but not available please let me know

·         If you’re not on the list but did email me, sorry! And please let me know

·         If you’re on the list but don’t want to run the leg you’ve been allocated for whatever reason (too early, too late, too hilly, too flat, your partner is too fast, too slow etc), please let me know


This weekend I’ll re-jig with whatever replies I receive and then send out a further set of emails with contact details so you con contact your partner and arrange a recce run or two.


We have 58 names so need 2 more to complete our 5th team.  But on previous experience (and sorry to worry the 58 of you that have put their names forward), I would expect 6 to 8 to drop out before race day, so we still need 10 more names please.


“A” team

A1 Andy May & Rob De'Giovanni

A2 Jeremy Ladyman & Jon Parker

A3 Jerry Watson & Rich Smith

A4 Simon Midwood & Steve Webb

A5 Gwil Thomas & Paul Kaiser

A6 Dan Murray & Eddy Robinson


Ladies Team

L1 Chloe Hudson & Elika Tasker

L2 Hayley Nancolas & Laura Clark

L3 Pam Lomoro & Sharon Tansley

L4 Liz Wood & Myra Jones

L5 Carole Schofield & Ruth Warren

L6 Michaela Mcgarry & Sue Sunderland


Vets Team

V1 John Wallace & Patrick Barrett

V2 Alistair Smyth & Ian Rosser

V3 John Batchelor & Tim Towler

V4 Joel Giddings & Roy Huggins

V5 Alan Hutchinson & Paul Hunter

V6 Ian Sanderson & James Tarran


“B” team

B1 Nick Wallhead & Paul Smith

B2 Andy Settle & Gary Mann

B3 Mick Tinker & Paul Sanderson

B4 Eirik Stangnes & Matt Allen

B5 Andy Thorpe & Mike Higgins

B6 Alan Brydon & Alex Nancolas


“C” team

C1 John Bucktrout & Vacant

C2 Ged Coll & Joe Hanney

C3 Graham Ford & Richard Irvine

C4 Xanthe Hannah & Vacant

C5 Joanna Rianga & Sarah Smith

C6 John Hallas * Laura Goodson


Possible reserves

 Brian Chiyesu, Dave Gillian, Rob Bumstead, James Forbes




Note – the website is now up to date with the Grand Prix and the Fell Championship.  Click on the “For Club Members” tab and then look in the “Competition” section.  Also the full Race Performance table has been updated to 31 July (thanks to Paul Hunter) and the Performance Awards Certificates recalculated accordingly – also in the “Competition” section


Round Hill Fell Race


Counting for both the Grand Prix and the Fell Championship


                                     GP Pts

   20 Oliver Cheyne      1:06:43      100 

   22 John Marsham       1:07:22       98 

   34 Gary Mann          1:09:40       96 

   48 Roy Huggins        1:12:04       93 

   61 John Wallace       1:15:21       91 

   71 Alistair Smyth     1:16:52       89 

   91 Holly Williams     1:23:26       87 

   97 Malcolm Coles      1:24:37       84 

  106 Xanthe Hannah      1:27:16       82 

  110 Sarah Smith        1:30:42       80 


NB see the Fell Championship section on the website for the points awarded.


Borrowdale Fell Race


An “A” Long race, counting for the Fell Championship


  Amanda Seims           5:08:46

  Steve Dixon            5:14:43


Amanda wrote on Facebook “Survived Borrowdale fell race and even made the cut-off time with much room for improvement next year. Race report here:


Total Warrior Race (email from race winner Rob De’Giovanni)


Just thought I'd let you know that I took part in a race in the Lake District on 6th August and managed to win.  It was a 10k race and similar to Tough Guy, it is littered with army based obstacles.


This is a link to the results page


Golden Acre Relay


Striders appeared in 7 teams as follows


23 Valley Striders Surprisers  Mixed   53:02

   John Wallace (VS)      17:40

   Myra Jones (VS)        18:24

   Roy Huggins (VS)       16:58

26 3 Blind Mice                M.Open  53:19

   Joel Giddings (VS)     16:40

   Simon Redshaw (VS)     18:42

   Richard Knellmoore     17:57

34 31 Club                     M.Open  55:25

   Gary Mann (VS)         16:49

   Nick Barnes (VS)       18:08

   Andrew Jackson         20:28

48 Two                         M.Open  57:02

   Peter Khoo (AR)        20:13

   Sean MacCarthy (AR)    17:17

   Richard Irvine (VS)    19:32

57 Valley Abbey Runners        Mixed   59:53

   Bob Jackson (VS)       19:52

   Mark Hetherington (AR) 19:20

   Chloe Hudson (VS)      20:41

59 Happy Abbeys                Mixed   61:25

   Ruth Dorrington (AR)   19:37

   Liz Willis (AR)        21:18

   Graham Ford (VS)       20:30

64 Relay Team                  M.Vets  62:01

   Mark Woodhead (VS)     16:52

   Dave Jones (VS)        24:39

   Malcolm Coles(VS)      20:30

92 teams total




Striders and Run Leeds @ Alwoodley members were at 6 different locations last Saturday (6 August)


I’ve noted some statistics as follows

·         AG is age-graded percentage.  Note that the best by far was Lou Gilchrist’s 26:50 which, at the age of 78, was worth 96.8%.  For more details about Age Grading, look on the club website, click on the “For Club Members” tab and then look in the “Competition” section.

·         CB is “course best”.  Parkrun call these PB’s but CB is more precise

·         FR is “first run”

·         RLA is Run Leeds @ Alwoodley our Tuesday 6pm group


Special note to Run Leeds @ Alwoodley members – you can now register on parkrun as “Run Leeds at Alwoodley”.  To do this, open your parkrun weekly email, and towards the top on the right hand side, see the button “Manage My Profile”.  Click this, wait 30 secs or so for the next screen to load and then click on the “Update” button.  In the club list you’ll find “Run Leeds at Alwoodley”


Hyde Park

  2 Andy May         17:08      77.92%  3rd AG

 13 Roy Huggins      19:15      75.41%  4th AG

 19 Paul Hunter      19:49  CB  74.43%  9th AG

 37 Malcolm Coles    22:02      80.03%  1st AG

 44 Mike Higgins     22:24

 96 Kerry Jackson    26:33  CB  new VS

104 Meryll Cripps    27:05

105 Liz Guthrie      27:09  CB  RLA

106 Natalie Ross     27:09  FR  RLA

112 Jane Mansfield   27:41  CB  RLA

113 Claire Barker    27:42      RLA

139 Helen Gill       29:36      new VS

143 Hannah Stoneman  29:50      new VS

144 Jemma Maloney    29:50  CB  RLA

153 Anne Jones       30:28  CB  RLA

164 Kim Knowles      31:55  FT  RLA

192 Abe Giddings     37:05

200 Theo Giddings    41:05

201 Kathryn Giddings 41:12      RLA

202 Joel Giddings    41:13

206 finished (sorry if I’ve missed anyone!)



  5 Drew Taylor      19:50  CB  74.37% 3rd AG

  9 Graham Needham   20:22  CB  74.22% 4th AG

 23 Madeleine Watson 22:25      72.79% 7th AG (Wharfedale)

 29 Chris Sawyer     23:46

 58 Michelle Lennon  27:53      RLA

 66 Paul Furness     29:05

112 finished



  2 Steve Webb       18:20

 46 Sara Dyer        27:01


Heaton (Manchester)

107 Lou Gilchrist    26:50      96.3% Best AG


Princes (Liverpool)

 48 Paul Holloway    24:40


Riddlesdown (South of Croydon)

  1 Paul O’Callaghan 16:45  (Steve’s son, won by 1:13)


Small Ads etc


Advertisement from Amanda Seims


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Items wanted


John Bottomley asks “does anyone has a Garmin Forerunner GPS (or similar) for sale?”  Contact John


In the next V S Update, look out for


Race reports from Eirik Stangnes at the Mont Blanc Marathon and Sarah Smith at the Lyke Wake Race