Sent: 18 September 2011 16:40
Subject: V S Update - Harewood Trail Races, WYXC last chance, VS Yorks silver medallists, and much more


Harewood Trail Races


Recce run Tuesday 20 September


Meet 6:45pm prompt! At Harewood Village Hall.


Directions.  From A61 / Ring Road Roundabout, head towards Harrogate, after a mile, go straight across lights at Alwoodley Lane / Wigton Lane, after another 100yds across roundabout (Leeds GS), after another 2 and a half miles across lights at Harewood, after another 150yds (just after bus stop) turn left into Church Lane, after 100yds turn right into Village Hall car park.


If you’re late, park at Wike Lane End (the big iron gates on the left hand side a mile before Harewood) and we’ll pass by about 7pm.


Routes of 8 miles and 5 miles, all welcome (if you can run under 65 minutes for a flat 10k)


Harewood Marshals


Just over half way there with the number of marshals required –still need 30 (NB we need a few more than last year at Emmerdale and the finish because of the 5 mile race). Please email if you can help on the day.


Also need 2 helpers to hand out entry forms next Sunday at the Horsforth 10k please and one (extra) helper at the Harewood 10k.


Here’s the list of helpers (on the day) so far – thanks to all!


Alan Brydon, Alan Walsh, Andy Settle, Andy Stoneman, Andy Thorpe, Bob Jackson, Carole Schofield + 3, Caroline Chilton, Chris Sawyer, Christine Redshaw, Dan Murray, Gary Mann, Ged Coll, Greg Skerrett, Ian Sanderson, Holly Williams, Joe Hanney, John & Pat Umpleby, John Shanks, Jon Parker, Kathy Kaiser, Ken Kaiser, Kevin McMullan, Laura Goodson, Mary Egan, Michaela McGarry, Mick Loftus, Mick Tinker, Mike & Eileen Crosfill, Myra Jones, Nick Barnes, Paul Furness, Paul Hunter, Paul Kaiser, Paul White, Rob Hamilton, Ronan Loftus, Sharon Tansley, Simon Midwood, Simon Redshaw, Simon Vallance, Steve Goodson, Sue Sunderland


Names will be updated at


WYXC last chance (in time for race 1)


Names needed by Wednesday 21 September 9pm.  We’re well short of the usual 40+ entries.  Only £8 (total) for the 4 races.  Email if you want to run.  Names so far:


U20 Men: Eddy Robinson


Ladies: Carole Schofield, Hayley Nancolas, Laura Clark, Michaela McGarry, Sarah Smith, Sharon Tansley, Sue Sunderland


Gents: Bob Jackson, Dan Murray, Dave Penman, James Tarran, Jerry Watson, John Hallas, Kevin McMullan, Mick Tinker, Nick Barnes, Paul Hunter, Paul Kaiser, Rob Bumstead, Rob Hamilton, Rob Marsh, Simon Midwood, Simon Vallance


Names will be updated at


Events Diary

  • Sun 25 Sep – Horsforth 10k
  • Sun 25 Sep – Harewood 10k
  • Sun 2 Oct – Harewood 2, 5 and 10
  • [XC] Sun 9 Oct - West Yorks XC race 1
  • [L] Sun 16 Oct - Striders Autumn Marathon (Palma)
  • Sun 16 Oct - Bridlington half
  • [TF][VSFC] Sun 23 Oct - Withins Skyline (BM)
  • Sun 23 Oct - Wistow 10 near Selby
  • Sat 29 Oct or Sun 30 Oct - West Yorks XC race 4
  • Sun 30 Oct - Holmfirth 15
  • [VSFC] Sat 5 Nov - Shepherds Skyline (BM)
  • [M] Sun 6 Nov - Guy Fawkes 10 New in Grand Prix
  • [XC] Sat 19 Nov or Sun 20 Nov - West Yorks XC race 3
  • [S] Sun 20 Nov - Abbey Dash 10k
  • [XC] Probably Sun 27 Nov - Peco XC race 1
  • Sun 4 Dec – West Yorks XC race 4

Lots of other events on John Schofield’s website, Runners World etc



Yorkshire Road Relays



 1 Rotherham

 2 Holmfirth

 3 Bingley

 4 Wakefield

 5 Skyrac

 6 Abbey “A”

 7 Valley Striders

 8 Keighley & Craven

 9 Abbey “B”

10 Otley

incomplete Leeds, Holmfirth B, Rotherham B


Valley Striders details (4 by 4300m)

   Myra Jones       16.45

   Laura Goodson    18.38

   Louise Allinson  18.25

   Carole Schofield 18.53


A good result even though we were passed by Abbey Runners on the last leg (this was mentioned in the weekly Abbey email so because Mark Hetherington reads our email, I will mention that we finished ahead of Abbey at LCW)




 1 Keighley & Craven

 2 Valley Striders

 3 Otley “A”

 4 Rotherham

 5 Holmfirth

 6 Spen

 7 Loftus & Whitby

 8 Skyrac

 9 Otley “B”

incomplete Leeds, Wakefield, Halifax, Holmfirth B


Valley Striders details (6 by 6450m)

   Jon Parker      23.03

   Andrew May      21.48

   Paul Kaiser     22.49

   Simon Midwood   22.35

   Jerry Watson    23.13

   Daniel Fisher   22.12


Yes, Yorkshire silver medallists!  Well done to a great V S team effort!  Team picture at , other pics on Jerry Watson’s facebook pages.


Wetherby 10k


    4 Rob De'giovanni    0:34:14      100

   15 Simon Midwood      0:35:25       98

   25 Dave Penman        0:37:41       97

   35 James Tarran       0:38:27       95

   41 Roy Huggins        0:38:54       94

   85 Nick Barnes        0:41:21       92

  104 Andy Stoneman      0:42:13       91

  110 Eric Green         0:42:21       89

  134 Michaela Mcgarry   0:43:30       88

  170 Rob Marsh          0:45:11       86

  191 Sue Sunderland     0:45:47       85

  205 Leroy Sutton       0:46:00       83

  341 Ruth Warren        0:49:21       82

  729 Meryll Cripps      0:59:34       80


Grand Prix points updated on the website


Yorkshireman marathon


  1 Quentin Lewis (Baild) 3:20:01

 12 Ian Sanderson         4:07:54

 18 Mick Loftus           4:10:42

 29 Alistair Smyth        4:21:40

 30 Dan Murray            4:21:43

 48 Stephen Dixon         4:37:13

 51 Amanda Seims          4:39:01

 52 Andreas Mayer         4:39:05

 85 Sarah Smith           5:08:19

101 Geoff Webster         5:23:30 (1st M60)

140 Finished


A rather fine picture at, other pics see Amanda Seims’ facebook page.


Yorkshireman half marathon


  1 Matthew John (Abbey)  1:41:28

 15 John Marsham          1:58:16

 68 Mark Woodhead         2:16:21

138 Paul Kaiser           2:33:17

139 Sharon Tansley        2:33:18

191 Sara Dyer             3:02:47

252 Finished


Tim Ralph presentation (from Amanda Seims)


Mountaineer Tim Ralph will be giving a presentation about his seven summits experience, (climbing the highest mountain on each continent), at Leeds Metropolitan University on the 27th of September at 7pm.


Tickets are £7 and includes a hot drink and cake/biscuits.  All proceeds go towards the Himalayan Research Expedition 2011 team fund.


For more information and to purchase tickets online visit


To buy tickets with cash, please contact Amanda Seims on


Small Ad


Mike Higgins emailed “Do you do small ads? I've got a Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor I am looking to sell as I don't use it anymore. £15 ono.”




There have been comments about the track pyramid reps – 30 secs easy, 60 secs min hard, 30 secs easy, 90 secs min hard, 30 secs easy, 90 secs min hard, 30 secs easy, 60 secs min hard, 30 secs easy – saying it isn’t a proper pyramid since it has a flat top.  Well according to Stephen Fry on QI, the correct word is a frustum, and the Incas in Peru used to build them, not only that, they were larger (in volume) than the pyramids in Egypt.  So going forward we will be having frustum reps.