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Subject: V S Update - Races you need to enter this week, Palma results, Vicky Y Vets Champ, and more results


Races you need to enter this week


All of the following are V S Grand Prix races


Guy Fawkes 10 (Sunday 6 November).  I talked to the race organiser today and he said that there were less than 200 entries left out of an original 1000 and they were currently selling at 150 per week.  For information see Nidd Valley Road Runners site .  Enter at John Schofield’s online entry website


Abbey Dash 10k (Sunday 20 November) – enter at


Chevin Chase (Monday 26 December) – enter at .  I wouldn’t bet on entries still being left the first week in November.


Brass Monkey Half Marathon (22 January 2012).  Entries opens at 10 am on Wednesday 26th October 2011 at the following link: year, entries filled up in less than five hours, so warm up your clicking finger now.  (thanks to Martin Browne of Abbey Runners for this information).


Also this week you need to place your food orders for the Valley Striders Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 1 November, 8:30pm at Leos (not Monday as stated in my last email).  Book at before 10pm Sunday, choosing meat pie or veg bake, mushy peas or baked beans, NB no dessert


And take a look at the Grand Prix table to plan your other races to the end of the year – 23 Striders have already qualified for V S Grand Prix T-shirts by running 8 races.  There are also 8 Striders on 7 races and 5 Striders on 6 races so we may have a record year.


Valley Striders Autumn Tour - Palma



                         Chip     Gun      G P Pts

  47 Dan Murray          3:09:44  3:09:56    100

  88 Roy Huggins         3:19:34  3:19:47     98

  96 Gary Mann           3:21:05  3:22:34     97

 119 Greg Skerrett       3:24:43  3:25:24     95

 129 Alistair Smyth      3:25:38  3:26:19     93

 W12 Myra Jones          3:26:30  3:27:11     92

 232 Joe Hanney          3:34:13  3:36:41     90

 289 Ian Sanderson       3:40:44  3:41:26     88

 294 John Wallace        3:41:18  3:41:56     87

 416 Patrick Barrett     3:52:02  3:52:43     85

 422 Andy May            3:52:41  3:52:44     83

 W51 Sarah Smith         3:54:13  3:54:55     82

 491 Jonathan Brownbill  3:57:20  3:59:28     80


Half Marathon (not GP)

                         Chip     Gun

  12 Paul Kaiser ...     1:18:48  1:18:56

  47 Jeremy Ladyman      1:23:56  1:24:07

 192 Tom Button          1:31:34  1:32:14

 210 Alan Hutchinson     1:32:21  1:32:57

 244 Tim Towler          1:33:27  1:33:39

 W12 Liz Wood            1:33:58  1:33:58  W35 2nd

 348 John Batchelor      1:36:42  1:37:21

 490 Nick Wallhead       1:40:37  1:41:16

 W43 Sharon Tansley      1:41:48  1:42:23

 W46 Louise Allinson     1:42:23  1:43:04

 W67 Chloe Hudson        1:45:21  1:45:56

 994 Paul Stead          1:50:08  1:52:29

W443 Lucy Carey          2:08:27  2:10:26


10k (not GP)

                         Chip     Gun

  W8 Holly Williams      0:44:08  0:44:08

 W51 Carole Towler       0:51:08  0:51:50

 500 Lewis Balfour       0:55:17  0:57:38

 603 Richard Clough      0:57:40  1:01:54

 710 Jake Towler         1:00:25  1:02:59


Report awaited! (please!)


British Fell Relay Championships


Report from Steve Webb.  Results from Sportident website


Valley Striders A

Matt Allen                          44.53  (102)

Eirik Stangnes & John Bottomley   1.33.53  (93)

Steve Webb & Simon Vallance       1.14.19  (28)

John Marsham                        49.51  (66)

Overall                           4.22.56  (64)


Valley Striders Vets

Malcolm Coles                       50.25  (150)

Martin Oddy & Mark Woodhead       1.39.00  (118)

Rob Bumstead & Mick Loftus        1.21.42  (72)

Geoff Webster                     1.08.15  (173)

Overall                           4.59.22  (124)


182 teams completed the relay.  Top 3 were Dark Peak, Borrowdale and Shettlestone Harriers. Winning time was a remarkable 3.23.50


First ladies team was Bingley in 55th place overall with 4.18.22.  Simon and I overtook them on a tussocky part of the descent towards Hag Dyke where a lot of involuntary falling down was taking place.  But they then despatched Scary Mary Wilkinson on leg 4....


Some excellent high definition photos available here


Thanks for running guys, what a great event.  Thanks also for being reliable volunteers: you said you would run when asked and were true to your word, with no lame excuses for last minute withdrawals! 


From Simon Vallance


Think I have found out how Steve and I were 7 and a half minutes quicker than Mick and Rob.  They were too busy laughing!


From Mark Woodhead


And the secret of Dark Peak’s success...


From Bob – leg details

Leg 1 (solo) 4.5 miles, 1100ft ascent, fully marked

Leg 2 (pairs) 9 miles, 2500ft ascent, partially marked

Leg 3 (pairs) 7 miles, 1550ft ascent, navigation (7 checkpoints given to runners as they set off)

Leg 4 (solo) 5.5 miles, 1600ft ascent (Whernside and back!)


Bridlington Half Marathon (Yorks Vets Championship)


Congratulations to Vicky Whitehead, 1st woman in the race, 1st W35 and Yorks Vets Half Marathon Champion.


 31 Vicky Whitehead    1:22:18

 38 Kevin McMullan     1:25:07


More Marathon Results and Reports


Amsterdam Marathon


from John Parker


Just to let you know I had a great run in Amsterdam, finishing in 2:51:02 (a pb of over 44mins!). Just shows how much I have improved since joining the club.


Hope a good time was had by all in Palma and the heat wasn't too unbearable.


Cheers, Jon


from Jeremy Ladyman


I thought that I'd just mention that Jon Parker ran 2.51.02 at the Amsterdam Marathon. He's on hols for a fortnight and also may not be aware of the GP table or the VS updates, but I suspect that his run should be shouted about and so I'm mentioning it on his behalf.


from John Shanks


I ran the Amsterdam Marathon at the weekend, it was my first one and although I enjoyed myself I definitely know now what people mean when they refer to “the wall”, it’s a dark and lonely place. I managed to perk myself up at a refreshment station but suffered a painful knee injury which meant I hobbled the last 10k as you can see from my 5k split times (26:20, 25:12, 26:29, 27:49, 28:51, 34:58, 48:20, 46:04). The start / finish in the stadium was great fun and the crowd were very encouraging from the sidelines, they pretty much carried me over the last couple of miles.


 264 Jon Parker         2:51:02

8690 John Shanks        4:41:53


Abingdon Marathon – from Nick Barnes


I did the Abingdon Marathon on Sunday 16th October - about as close to a home marathon as I get, being born 5 miles up the road in Oxford.  I was the only Strider(!) but I caught up with Iain Manfield from Abbey before and after the race, and he seemed pleased with his 3:13.  The conditions were perfect throughout, fairly cool and still, and I finished in 3:36:55 by chip (3:37:14 gun), which I'm reasonably pleased with, about 5 mins shy of my PB, and I enjoyed the run.  I only moved up from the waiting list 11 weeks ago so I felt like I was playing catch-up throughout my training and had therefore planned to take it steadily to get through it, running halves of 1:47 and 1:50, so I didn't slow up too much and I kept my original pace for 21 miles according to the Garmin.  Still, its got me in better shape than I was in over the summer so I'll try and keep up the regular runs now.


I'd recommend the race to anyone looking for a well organised marathon outside of the city ones.  It’s as flat as they come and not over-crowded, about 1000 places are allocated I think.  The course is mostly rural roads so its generally scenic and light on traffic, which was stopped for us at the excellently marshalled road-crossings, and the start/finish are a lap of an athletics track.  There are two 9 mile laps in the middle, which means you see mile markers 15-23 when you're only on miles 6-14, but I didn't mind that and it meant I knew what was to come in the tougher later stages.  Abingdon itself is quite quaint alongside the River Thames, and the parts that run through the town are well-supported as well as sporadically throughout the course, although parts of the 2nd lap got quite lonely as the field was well spread. It seems orientated towards club runners, as it imposes a 5-hour limit on entrants and it sells out very early - by the end of February, but its a fast field and there's definite PB potential if you're in shape.


Results here and photos and mini-report here - I've got #68 and I dopily forgot to put contact lenses in before I set off so I'm unusually running in my glasses, but I do have both feet off the ground in some of them to prove I was trying!


 369 Nick Barnes        3:36:55


Berlin Marathon


8118 James Tarran       3:42:19


from Bob


Jon now leads the “Any Other Marathon” category, and this brings the number of marathon events run by Striders this year to 73.


Other News


From James Forbes


I did GNR again this year too - 2:12:36 – and the Bradford Half too (hilly and horrific!) in 2:17:35.


From Martin Browne at Abbey Runners


Mark Hetherington  posted the following message last night (Wednesday 19th October) on Facebook (other social networks are available): “Thomas Owen Joe Hetherington, born today at 6.55pm, weighing 6lb 15oz. Baby feeding, mother sleeping, father sipping a cold beer and feeling pretty good about life :-)”


Martin says “Along with the congratulations that I’m sure we all send to the proud parents, I think we should also note that Jasmine beat Carla Bruni to the line by five minutes (that’s gun time not chip time). “


Stop Press


Double Striders win at parkrun today – Gwil Thomas won Hyde Park in 16:57 (just 2 secs off his PB) and Holly Williams was 1st F at Roundhay in 21:32.