Subject:                                     V S Update - Peco, Lasagne, Xmas, Dates, Subs, Abbey Dash, Leeds Half and more


Sent: 23 November 2011 09:42
Subject: V S Update - Peco, Lasagne, Xmas, Dates, Subs, Abbey Dash, Leeds Half and more


Peco League this Sunday (27th)


Sunday 27 November - Peco XC League at Fitzwilliam Park .  Last year our men’s team were runners-up in the premier division and our women’s team promoted to the premier division – we are hoping for even greater things this year.  Any number can run, just £2.50 to enter, pay on the day, the more the merrier.  The race will be about 5 miles, starting 11:00, but suggest you arrive for 10:15 latest as there is usually a long queue to register for the first race.  NB there are also junior races at 10:00 and 10:20.


Even if you aren’t counting in the top 8 men or top 5 women, just by running you can influence the results, as I mentioned in last week’s VS Update.  This is how it works.  If another team doesn’t have sufficient runners to count for each runner missing they add the number of points of the last runner.  So if 5 extra Striders run, that missing runner from the other team will score 5 extra points.  I should also explain that the winning team is the team with least points.


For those with SatNavs the location is WF9 5AA.  For those without cars who need a lift (or those with cars who can offer lifts / want to share petrol expenses), then go on to the Forum where there is already a thread started by Sarah Smith (thank you!).


Pyramids, lasagne and GP meeting next Tuesday (29th)


Yes I know it’s the 5th Tuesday of the month but we’ve brought lasagne forward a week so as not to clash with the Xmas do.  Book to by 10pm Sunday 27th saying whether you want meat or veggie lasagne and whether you want apple pie. Also meeting to agree Grand Prix races for 2012 – your chance to get your favourite race included – everyone welcome!  And the session will be a pyramid session at High Ashes (meet Leos as usual).


Xmas Meal and Presentation Night Friday 9 December


Friday 9 December - Striders Xmas Meal & Presentation Night 7:30pm at Leos.  Email by Sunday 4 December saying whether you want carnivore, veggie or half'n'half (cost is £10).  Please pay Paul White before the night so that he can enjoy his meal rather than having to spend the whole evening collecting money.  Bring along any race T-shirts – unworn or only worn once or twice – charity collection for Africa.  To check your booking go to, click “For Club Members” and “London & Xmas”


Other dates


Sunday 4 December – final WYXC at Thornes Park Wakefield.


Monday 26 December – Chevin Chase – are you in?


Monday 2 January – Club Winter Handicap 5 miles


For the following cross country races email Drew at

Saturday 4 February - Rombalds Stride - entry form

Sunday 5 February – Dewsbury 10k – as fast as the Abbey Dash, chip timed, an opportunity for a PB – this is the next destination for Kathy’s Tuesday group


Sunday 1 April - Baildon Boundary Way - entries open at  and likely to sell out very fast


Saturday 14 April – amended probable date for Meanwood Valley Trail – if anyone knows a reason for not having it on this day, please let me know. 


Saturday 28 April – Three Peaks Race, entries open on Monday 9 January. 


Sunday 13 May – Leeds Half AND Calderdale Way Relay AND River Moy half.  Next year the Leeds Half is being organised by Run For All – see the announcement below.  You won’t need to worry about the quality or the organisation of the race – the two main organisers of the race for the last 5+ years have just left Leeds City Council and joined Run For All!


Membership Fees


Membership fees for 2011/12 to be £20 for first claim members.  It would be great if you could pay by the end of the month.  Please send a cheque for £20, payable to Valley Striders, to Paul White at 17 Whinmoor Court, Redhall, Leeds LS14 1NX.  If you don’t have a cheque account, then please email Paul on for details of how to make payment via internet banking.  If you’re still owing for Leeds Country Way, West Yorks XC, Xmas meal etc, please pay for these at the same time.  You can check your membership status at, click “For Club Members” and “Membership List”


Grand Prix and Fell Championship 2011


With Abbey Dash and Shipley XC results both in (and published on the website) there is just one race to go (this weekend’s Peco) in the Grand Prix.  If you’ve run 8 races you’ll have had an email from Paul White inviting you to purchased a limited edition VS GP 2011 technical T-shirt.  If you’ve not had that email or you’re now on 7 races and will run the Peco then please email Paul


The Fell Championship is now complete but we’re waiting for the Tour of Pendle results to appear on the Clayton-le-Moors website before we can confirm the final positions in the Fell Championship.  I’ll put a link on the VS Home page just as soon as Steve has calculated them.


Abbey Dash - report from Yorkshire Evening Post website

By Katie Baldwin - Published on Monday 21 November 2011 10:47

Record-breaking runners braved a misty morning to pound the pavements of Leeds in the Abbey Dash.

All 8,000 places in the 10km race had been snapped up prior to the event, which took runners from the city centre out to Kirkstall Abbey and back.

The notoriously fast and virtually flat course saw many participants strive to beat their personal best times.

For the first time, speedy youngsters also got in on the act with 125 taking part in a 2km sprint.

It is hoped their efforts will help raise over £200,000 for Age UK – breaking the record set last year.

Tom Galliano, events fundraiser at Age UK, said: “It’s been incredible to see 8,000 people of all ages and running abilities come together to help support older people and we were delighted to see the sports stars of the future setting the pace in our first ever junior race. Every single runner who took part in the event has helped Age UK to continue to fund local services for people in later life across the Leeds area, as well as supporting national projects.”

Leeds-born glamour girl Nell McAndrew got pulses racing before the start as she led a mass warm-up in Victoria Gardens.

The 38-year-old told the YEP she’d lost count of the number of times she’d done the Abbey Dash, which she finished this time in just over 38 minutes.

“It’s great to bring everybody together,” she said. “The event has been going for 27 years and for anything to be around that long is pretty good going.”

Leeds’s own Olympian Tracey Morris put the runners under starter’s orders as she returned to the race which led her to fame after she met running coach Bud Baldaro at the 2003 event.

Mr Baldaro commentated on yesterday’s race, which saw a close battle for the top spot. Jonathan Taylor sneaked ahead of fellow Morpeth Harriers member Nick McCormick on the line and was first with a time of 29:20.

The 24-year-old from Middlesbrough said: “It was really close and I got a personal best. It’s a great event and one of the best 10ks in the country.”

The first woman back, for the second year running, was Leeds City AC member Susan Partridge in 33:48.

Another participant was completing a marathon week as Margaret Ehrenberg set off from her home in Birmingham last Monday and ran to Leeds in time for the race. The 57-year-old former member of Abbey Runners completed the mammoth feat in memory of Colin Morath, founder of the Abbey Dash, who died earlier this year from a brain tumour. She was raising cash for Leeds-based Brain Tumour Research and Support and the city’s St Gemma’s Hospice.

And among the family teams taking part were 41-year-old Nicola Schofield and her 63-year-old father Phil Bailey from Pudsey.

Here’s a video – spot the Striders coming through the start and also look out for a photo finish in the men’s race


Striders Results


Chip                      Chip    G.P     Gun        Gun

  Pos                      Time    Pts     Pos       Time

   84 Andy May           0:33:44      100    84   0:33:48

   91 Dan Fisher         0:33:53       99    91   0:33:57

  102 Gwil Thomas        0:34:17       98   102   0:34:22

  106 Simon Midwood      0:34:23       97   105   0:34:28

  114 Paul Kaiser        0:34:51       96   115   0:34:57

  123 Richard Balshaw    0:35:06       95   128   0:35:17

  183 Joel Giddings      0:36:23       95   178   0:36:34           

  187 Dave Penman        0:36:26       94   184   0:36:38           

  197 Rob Hamilton       0:36:36       93   189   0:36:40           

  244 Kevin Mcmullan     0:37:20       92   243   0:37:31           

  285 Roy Huggins        0:37:46       91   272   0:37:57           

  307 Ian Sanderson      0:38:01       90   294   0:38:13           

  325 James Tarran       0:38:13       89   325   0:38:35           

  404 Andy Thorpe        0:39:05       88   457   0:40:12           

  422 Andy Stoneman      0:39:14       87   406   0:39:44           

  455 Greg Skerrett      0:39:32       86   454   0:40:10

  529 Alan Brydon        0:40:06       85   570   0:41:07           

  530 Dan Murray         0:40:06       84   469   0:40:18           

  565 Simon Redshaw      0:40:19       83   522   0:40:42           

  624 Alistair Smyth     0:40:51       82   562   0:41:02           

  634 Tim Towler         0:40:56       81   576   0:41:09           

  688 Myra Jones         0:41:18       80   701   0:42:24           

  703 Liz Wood           0:41:23       79   636   0:41:54           

  728 Paul Sanderson     0:41:33       78   719   0:42:31           

  784 John Marsham       0:41:57       77   856   0:43:42           

  804 John Shanks        0:42:03       76   931   0:44:22           

  830 Andy Settle        0:42:12       75   806   0:43:16           

  950 Rob Marsh          0:42:56       74   813   0:43:20           

  971 Laura Goodson      0:43:03       73  1510   0:48:40           

  989 Sharon Tansley     0:43:07       72   982   0:44:41           

  997 Sue Sunderland     0:43:09       71   984   0:44:42           

 1033 Leroy Sutton       0:43:24       70  1356   0:47:33           

 1063 Keith Sexton       0:43:34       69   909   0:44:11           

 1076 Richard Irvine     0:43:40       68   979   0:44:41           

 1088 Patrick Barrett    0:43:43       67   879   0:43:56           

 1096 Nick Wallhead      0:43:45       66  1019   0:45:01           

 1211 Paul Gill          0:44:17       65  1088   0:45:33           

 1264 Mick Tinker        0:44:33       64  1184   0:46:20           

 1294 Joe Hanney         0:44:45       63  1158   0:46:06           

 1318 Mike Higgins       0:44:50       62  1343   0:47:28           

 1474 Sarah Oldroyd      0:45:36       61  1223   0:46:34           

 1515 Chloe Hudson       0:45:48       60  1324   0:47:22           

 1537 Ged Coll           0:45:54       59  2051   0:52:16           

 1757 Keith Brewster     0:46:48       58  1368   0:47:39           

 2140 Rachael Nevins     0:48:19       57  1723   0:50:18           

 2230 Ian Place          0:48:43       56  1545   0:48:59           

 2412 Carole Towler      0:49:22       55  1680   0:49:58           

 3068 Caroline Tolan     0:51:54       54  2372   0:54:10           

 3253 Paul Holloway      0:52:35       53  2863   0:56:55           

 3376 Liz Reddington     0:53:04       52  2722   0:56:04           

 3879 Alexa Hannant      0:55:05       51  3205   0:58:50           

 3903 Julie Mcgurk       0:55:10       50  3083   0:58:10           

 3945 Meryll Cripps      0:55:19       49  2862   0:56:55           

 3956 Jake Towler        0:55:22       48  3615   1:01:11           

 4248 Jane Mansfield     0:56:25       47  4307   1:05:19

4392 James Forbes       0:57:02       46  4505   1:06:29           

 4516 Helen Gill         0:57:34       45  4727   1:08:00           

 4747 Natalie Milner     0:58:35       44  4046   1:03:50           

 4857 Jenni Sword-willia 0:59:09       44  4870   1:08:46           

 4887 John Whitehead     0:59:17       43  4974   1:09:25           

 4957 Elaine Craiggs     0:59:38       42  4945   1:09:15           

 5127 Alice Kniveton     1:00:33       41  5150   1:10:38           

 5436 Helen Moore        1:02:38       40  5684   1:15:25           

 5555 Victoria Pace      1:03:31       39  5581   1:14:21           

 5559 Grace Thomas       1:03:34       38  4599   1:07:10           

 5732 Emma Johnson       1:04:58       37  5788   1:16:37           


On the official results there were 59 Striders which was the second biggest club just one behind Hyde Park, but I’ve boosted the numbers to 66 by adding some of our Tuesday group members, a corporate entry and a second claimer.


Please feed back your comments (and your PBs) and I’ll publish in the next VS Update.  I’m wondering whether the fog made the race easier mentally as for a change you wouldn’t have seen the full length of Kirkstall Road stretching ahead on the way back.


West Yorks Cross Country at Shipley



   35 Laura Clark        0:29:49       90         

   50 Hayley Nancolas    0:30:56       88



   47 Steve Webb         0:35:40      100         

   48 Jerry Watson       0:35:44       98   2      

   79 Simon Vallance     0:37:51       98         

   96 Tahir Akhtar       0:39:30       95         

  100 Rob Bumstead       0:39:53       93         

  138 Malcolm Coles      0:45:19       85          

  142 Bob Jackson        0:46:22       83         

  155 Dave Jones         0:52:44       80  

       Team placed 9th


Shepherd’s Skyline


                       Fell Pts

Steve Webb     0:52:42  80.5

John Marsham   0:52:53  80.2

Martin Oddy    1:04:18  65.9

Clive Bandy    1:06:57  63.3

Alun Davies    1:08:48  61.6


Up & Running Leeds

Would you be kind enough to forward the following to your members please.

As some of you may already know, Up and Running Leeds Central is relocating to Boar Lane Leeds.  Our Grand Opening is on the Saturday 3rd December, so do come down and see us.

When our New Store opens Up & Running will have some brilliant presents for runners, and we're offering many of them at 3 for the price of 2, there's a selection in our online
Christmas 3 for 2 Brochure

Plus we have a special offer on Mizuno Wave Rider and Wave Inspire - the RRP is £90, for a limited period they're available in most Up & Running stores at £70.

Happy Running


Bike Ad


Bike for sale:

Gary Fisher Wahoo bike with a 16in frame and an RSR front fork. Three years old but only ridden twice!!


Thanks, John Bottomley


Olympic Torch Route


From Richard Adcock on the VS Forum

For those wanting to see it, below is the route of the Olympic Torch in our area

Tuesday 19 June

Hull, Brough, Goole, Camblesforth, Selby, Monk Fryston, Barkston Ash , Tadcaster, Boston Spa, Wetherby, Harewood, Knaresborough, Harrogate, Ripon, York (Evening celebration)

Wednesday 20 June

York, Thirsk, Northallerton, Aiskew, Bedale, Aysgarth, Leyburn, Richmond

Sunday 24 June

Marsh, Huddersfield, Brighouse, Halifax, Bradford, Keighley, Skipton, Ilkley, Headingley, Potternewton, Harehills, Richmond Hill, Leeds (Evening celebration)

Leeds Half Marathon 2012 – report from Yorkshire Evening Post website

(Photo is captioned “PASSING BATON: Relaunching the new Jane Tomlinson Leeds Half Marathon are Leeds runner Tracey Morris and Councillor Adam Ogilvie.”)

By Paul Robinson - Published on Wednesday 16 November 2011 06:30

A key date in the Leeds sporting calendar is sprinting into a new era with support from one of the city’s best-loved charity campaigns.

The annual Leeds Half Marathon has been organised by the city council since the 1980s.

Today, though, it was announced that management of the race has been transferred to Jane Tomlinson’s For All Events in a 10-year deal.

It will join the not-for-profit organisation’s existing stable of Run For All, Swim For All and Walk For All sporting fundraisers.

News of the deal was welcomed today by Leeds-based Olympic athlete Tracey Morris, a patron of the Jane Tomlinson Appeal. She said: “Knowing that the race will thrive for the next 10 years is fantastic and For All Events has proved itself more than able to put on a great race year after year.”

Leeds City Council’s executive member for leisure, Coun Adam Ogilvie, said: “Working with the For All Events team, who have already put forward some really exciting ideas for the future, will enable the event to flourish and develop in the coming years into one of the leading mass-participation activities in the region.

“We are very confident this will be a great success and we are looking forward to a fantastic event in 2012 and beyond.”

The first Leeds Half Marathon under the new management structure will take place on May 13 next year.

Its backers will include the Yorkshire Evening Post.

For details on how to enter the race, visit the website.

People taking part will be encouraged to raise sponsorship cash for their local hospice.

Profits from Run For All, Swim for All and Walk For All events, meanwhile, will continue to go to the Jane Tomlinson Appeal.

Launched by fundraising heroine and Rothwell mum Jane before her death in 2007, the appeal supports a number of children’s and cancer charities.

Next year’s Run For All Leeds 10K will take place on July 8.