Subject:                                     V S Update - Peco XC, Fell meeting and p/p, Brass Monkey numbers, Leaders wanted, Ladies tour, Fell projects, VS men 5th at Yorks XC, parkrun, Quiz answers


Sent: 13 January 2012 16:22
Subject: V S Update - Peco XC, Fell meeting and p/p, Brass Monkey numbers, Leaders wanted, Ladies tour, Fell projects, VS men 5th at Yorks XC, parkrun, Quiz answers




Peco Race 3 – Sunday 15 January


Final reminder that it is the third race of the Peco League this Sunday at Templenewsam – senior race starts at 11:00, register before 10:30 if possible, first junior race at 10:00


The race HQ is “Home Farm” which is the stable block near to the House, and the start and finish are by the house at the top of the arena used for the Party in the Park and Opera in the Park concerts.  So a nice hill to finish.  The route itself looks to be along some country footpaths round the estate, maps are on the website.


Both men and women are in the premier division; the men lead (from Abbey) and the women are second.  There are also vets leagues and we are not so well placed here so a few more “senior” runners are required.


Equally importantly, this is the third race in the Valley Striders Grand Prix for 2012, so everyone who runs scores Grand Prix points.  The weather forecast is cold but dry so bring your thermal top and gloves and come and run.  It should be fairly dry underfoot but I’m not promising!


We generally only have a few women running and in the first race only just had the 5 to count.  If you’re running 50 minutes for a road 10k you will be in the top third, but if you’re slower, then even if you’re running 60 mins 10k you may be (just) in the last quarter but you will certainly have company all the way round and definitely not running at the back on your own.  Come and try!


Fell Championship meeting and pie & peas – Tuesday 17 January


I’ve already mentioned that the Fell Championship calendar will be defined next Tuesday so if you have an interest in fell-running and/or an interest in pie and peas, come along.  If you can’t make the meeting but do have a particular race you’d like to see in the Fell Championship, then email John Bottomley on


Remember to order your food to by Sunday 10pm latest.  Your new year resolution should be to get your order in on time.  I need to emphasise that if you order and don’t turn up you will need to pay unless you tell us and we are able to reallocate your food.  If you order late or don’t order, then don’t rely on there being spare portions. 


Brass Monkey – Sunday 22 January


There are 49 Striders on the entry list, and although you all know that it is against the rules of the race to run in someone else’s number, I suspect that one or two of you will be doing so.  If you are doing so, take heed of the 17 rules for borrowing race numbers .  In particular, note that Brass Monkey numbers are assigned in sets by sex and age group and indeed seeded according to expected finishing time.


Here are a few of the rules

7. If you are a leading runner (i.e. could win an individual prize), don't borrow from anyone.

9. Don't use the number of someone of the opposite sex (men, you wouldn't want to win a ladies prize you weren't entitled to, and vice versa). Also note that some races have different number ranges or colours for men and women.

10. Don't use the number of someone older than you (you wouldn't want to win a vet's prize you weren't entitled to).

13. If numbers have to be collected on the day, make sure you know the full name, address and date of birth of the person who’s identity you are assuming, just in case you are asked.

14. If the race numbers have been allocated in age-group bands, try not to use one that is for someone 30 years younger than you. If you do, then apply plenty of Grecian 2000 before you start and hope it's not a rainy day and the dye runs. Or instead run really easily and then explain your aging by the fact that you've had a hard run

15. If the race numbers have been marked with sweatshirt size, be ready with a good reason why you're 8 stone and you want an XL (you like plenty of layers in the winter) or you're 16 stone and you want an S (it's for one of the kids).

17. If you use someone else's number, make sure they or their family (who will be on the phone number that they wrote on the entry form) know of your various illnesses, allergies etc should you have an accident or be taken ill during the race.

a. Many years ago there was a tragic occurrence in the Leeds marathon. Two brothers were running and by mistake they had swapped numbers. One had a heart attack and died on the route (NB the only death I know of in 20+ years at Leeds). The organisers announced over the tannoy for relatives to get in contact. You can imagine the rest.

b. You may be fit and healthy but what about accidents? In road races where the roads are open to traffic you may have had or you will probably know someone who has had a "close shave" with traffic. Several years ago, one of our club members was knocked down in a race (he suffered a broken arm).


Just had some information – thanks to Paul Hunter & Paul Kaiser – that transfers are permitted – here’s the information from Knavesmire Harriers


If you are no longer able to run we are happy for you to transfer your place to another runner as long as you complete the Transfer Form  and send it to , or to the address on the form. The completed form must be received by midday on Wednesday 18th January. Number swaps can only take place between people of the same gender and the race pack must be given to the incoming runner as we will not be issuing replacement numbers and chips.


I am happy to be middleman for transfers, so if you have a number spare please let me know and if you are looking for a number please let me know and I will try to match you up.  NB please give me your mobile number for faster contact!


At the moment I have access to 3 spare men’s numbers but no spare women’s numbers.  However I’m aware of a spare women’s number at Wetherby Runners so there may be a chance that it is still available!



Urgent - anyone interested in leading running groups?


Several opportunities are available.

·         Help lead one of our regular club sessions on a Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday – come and support by timing, supporting new members etc and then possibly go on a LiRF (Leadership in Running Fitness course)

·         Help lead our beginners/improvers session 6pm Tuesday - ditto

·         Help lead a new beginners/improvers session 7pm Monday – we think there is a market for people who finish work too late to make our Tuesday 6pm session, so we are considering starting a new group in April on Monday evenings and will need 2 or 3 regular leaders who can commit to coming 2 weeks in 3.

·         Lead a brand new group external to Valley Striders, maybe in your workplace – funding is available from outside Valley Striders as part of the government campaign to get people exercising 30 minutes 3 times a week

·         Lead between 5 and 10 brand new groups – as above but we see this as a part time job – some groups could be mid-morning to mothers who have kids in pre-school, some at lunchtimes at offices or other places with a large workforce (supermarkets?), some in evenings.  Funding and support will be available to set up the groups, and you could charge say £1.50 per runner, therefore with a group of 15 you have an income of £22.50 per session.


The last two are brand new opportunities.  Holly and myself are on a committee covering the whole of West Yorkshire with a target for Leeds to get 800 new people into running in the next 12 months.  We are not releasing this information to other clubs until the middle of next week as we are using Striders as a pilot to gauge the number of responses. 


Please email me, preferably before next Tuesday, if you have an interest, and both Holly and myself will be at the Club on Tuesday evening if you’d like more information.


Curry night and Ladies tour discussion at Leos – Tuesday 7 February


Message from Holly,


Sarah and I were wondering if we could have the next food night as a ladies tour discussion night?


In the meantime, please may this be added to the next V S Update:


Ladies' tour - Sherwood Forest at Clumber Park, 9th June, 10k, trail race


Here is the address


There are 6 waves so we can group together (sub 45 mins, sub 55, sub 65 and over 65mins, for a 10k), the earliest wave sets off at 11am, last wave 12.45. All runners are chip timed. Solo entries are £30 but if we book in groups of 5 each get £5 off, we hope we get three teams out (three full cars).


As for staying over, at Clumber Park camping site there are Wigwams, 3 pods and a Yurt you can hire, as well as 38 spaces for bringing your own tent, details can be found on the National trust website.


We will be in touch about a get together to organise transport and accommodation (there are no bookings as of today for the camp site we've just mentioned), for now we need to know:

  1. If you're interested
  2. Can drive and give lifts to others
  3. Your 10k time or 5k if you've not done a 10k
  4. Interested in camping/staying in a log cabin or driving home that night

We are looking into concerts/theatre shows etc for the Saturday night in Nottingham and should have some suggestions by the organising meet up.


This trip is open to all ladies, you don't have to officially be a Strider.


Below are those who have already shown interest, please let us know if this is incorrect, you've changed your mind or you want adding to the list:


Holly Williams, Jeni Sword-Williams, Louise Allinson, Liz Wood, Myra Jones, Pam Lomoro, Sarah Smith, Sharon Tansley


(there is also a Danielle Murray who has applied but her credentials are still to be checked!)


Fell Projects


From John Bottomley as discussed on 11 January.


Feb 25-26th: Running the Calderdale Way over 2 days as training for longer multiday runs over summer.

                                     Staying overnight at YHA at Todmorden (Sarah S sorting this)


June 2-5th (bank holiday wkend): in Lakes (Mark's parents holiday house or Borrowdale bunk barn, TBC) 

                                      More multiday training: Running either Helvelyn race on Sunday, Borrowdale etc fell race routes, 

                                       BG Billy Bland challenge relay or anything else


Potential summer projects:

·         Wolds Way  

·         Dales way (less popular)

·         Hadrian's Wall 

·         BG over 2 days: less popular but still maybe

It was decided to choose summer projects nearer the time, based on how we fare on the above 2 weekends.




Yorkshire XC Championships – men


Striders finished a brilliant 5th place with only Leeds, Hallamshire, Bingley and Holmfirth (just) ahead.  Take a look at the team results to see the big names that we did beat and also think about clubs who didn’t turn up (there are definitely more than 75 clubs in Yorkshire)


   1 Alistair Brownlee  34:51 Bing

   2 Jonathan Brownlee  34:55 Bing

   3 Jorge Thomas       35:56 K&C

  36 Dan Fisher         39:04

  47 Andy May           39:48

  63 Gwil Thomas        41:18

  83 Paul Kaiser        42:33

  94 Steve Webb         43:06

105 Jeremy Ladyman     44:08

141 Drew Taylor        45:50


   1 Leeds City        67

   2 Hallamshire H    102

   3 Bingley H        117

   4 Holmfirth H      422

   5 Valley Striders  428

   6 City of York     483

   7 Barnsley A C     500

   8 Barnsley H       532

   9 Ilkley H         532

  10 Keighley & Crav  536

  11 Sheffield R C    577

  12 Wakefield A C    635

  13 Richmond & Zet   661

  14 Wetherby R       717

  15 Steel City S     726

  16 Hyde Park H      742

  17 Harrogate H      797

  18 Spenborough A C  912

  19 Pontefract A C   962

  20 York Knavesmire 1032


Yorkshire XC Championships – women


Just one Strider

  78 Sue Sunderland    26:25


Greater Manchester XC – men


  11 James Kovacs  Salford AC (2nd claim Strider)


Although James finished 11th he didn’t count for the Salford AC, who, with 4 to count, won easily with positions 1,6,7,8.  James was 1st counter for Salford B who were 2nd team overall with 11,12,14,16




Last Saturday there was a V S double with Sue Sunderland 1st W at Hyde Park, Chloe Hudson 1st W at Roundhay parkrun


Just before Xmas Roy Huggins became the 3rd Strider to reach 100 parkruns, following Ian Rosser and James Tarran who reached that target in October (I think Ian got there first by 1 week).  Ian Sanderson and Joel Giddings are both in their 90’s so should get there in April.  James’s most recent run is showing as “Bespoke parkrun” which I believe was a trial for a new event on the Stray at Harrogate.  Now that should be a flat one!


For V S parkrun history see


Messages from Up & Running


The festivities are well and truly over, so it's time to get back into training. We're offering a Free £40 Jacket, to make it easier to get out of the door in the cold dark January days - Also for that extra bit of motivation - why not join us on our Sunday Social Run. What's more - we've just taken delivery of some brilliant 5k Zero to Hero Training Plans - call in and we'll give you one Free, plus all the advice you need to make 2012 your best ever running year.


Yours, in running


Gilly - Leeds Central Manager.


·         The Nite Vision Running Jacket is: windproof, breathable and water resistant. Super-soft fabric and all-round reflectivity complete a super piece of all year round running kit. Men's and women's styles - velcro cuffs - drop seat - zip front pockets - reflective print on sleeve.  Best of all, if you're buying shoes from Up & Running, it's FREE! Just mention this email in store. Better Hurry - it's while stocks last. Not in conjunction with other deals or discounts.


·         Join us for our monthly social run - The run where no one gets left behind. We leave from the Boar Lane shop at 9.30am on Sunday 22nd January. We have an interesting 5km route from the shop. email  to register, or just turn up on the day. telephone 0113 391 2642 with any queries. See You there!


Up & Running 38 Boar Lane, Leeds.

Up & Running 261 Otley Road, Headingley


Christmas Quiz  - Answers

    1.   The day after the last Xmas do we had the first how many runners at Leeds parkrun? ... 4 (1 Roy 2 Joel 3 Ian R 4 Ian S)

   2.   Where was the National XC 2011 held? ... Alton Towers (Leeds was 2010, Parliament Hill will be 2012)

   3.   What position did the men’s team finish in the National XC 2011? ... 29

   4.   In the Peco league, the women’s team were promoted in the 2010/11 season  Which division were they promoted from? ... from first (to premier)

   5.   Which race was the Abbey Valley Challenge 2011? ... Wakefield 10k

   6.   Who won the Abbey Valley Challenge 2011? ... Valley

   7.   Which race did the women win 1st team prize? ... Baildon B Way (Holly, Laura and Sarah)

   8.   In which country is the Piatra Craiului run by Andreas Mayer and Paul Smith … Romania

   9.   How long is the Lyke Wake Race run by Sarah … 42 miles (or, as Sarah said at the Xmas do, “9 hours”)

 10.   Who ran the longest race this year? ...  Andreas Mayer (Lakeland 50 mile)

  11.   How many Striders ran in the Leeds Country Way Relay? ... 60 (5 teams again)

 12.   What position were the men’s team? … 2nd

 13.   Where were the Yorkshire 6- and 4-stage relays held in 2011? ... Leeds Met Carnegie

 14.   What position were the men’s team? ... 2nd

 15.   How many Striders ran in the Palma Marathon? ... 13 (but also 13 in the half and 6 in the 10k)

 16.   At what distance is Vicky Whitehead the Yorks vets champ? ...  half marathon (at Brid)

 17.   Which was the only club to have more runners than Striders in the Abbey Dash? ... Hyde Park

 18.   Which race did Striders NOT supply marshals in 2011…  Cancer Research at Harewood (we usually do, but there wasn’t one this yrat!)

 19.   How many Striders ran 8 or more Grand Prix races in 2010? ... 29

20.   Which was the first year of the Grand Prix? ...   1989

 21.   How many races did you need to run to qualify for prizes in the Fell Championship? ...  5

22.   What does a factor of 11 in the Fell Championship mean? ... hilly

23.   How many new members have joined Striders via our Tuesday 6pm group? ...  26  (and also 4 under-11’s)

24.   How many Striders are in next month’s Brass Monkey? ... 49

25.   Tie breaker – how many races in total did Striders run in the Grand Prix? ... (to aid your guess  – there were 31 races and 156 Striders ran at least one race) ... 745