To:                                               Valley Striders (Bob Jackson)

Subject:                                     V S Update - apology, clocks, dates, CWR, LHM, BMW, LWR, Peco successes, More results, YMF


Sent: 26 March 2012 00:00
Subject: V S Update - apology, clocks, dates, CWR, LHM, BMW, LWR, Peco successes, More results, YMF




It is 2 weeks since the last V S Update on 8 March, I’ve not been away, just otherwise engaged.  In fact, due to an oversight with my email distribution, the last one that some of you had was 1 March, you can find the 8 March edition at (includes Dewsbury 10k results)




The clocks went forward this morning, hope you all remembered and weren’t an hour late for the Sunday run or the Thirsk 10.


Normally when the clocks go forward, we shift our Tuesday session from winter routes to summer routes.  However because we’re now starting 15 minutes later, we still won’t have quite enough light at 8pm by Eccup Res, so we’ll have two more weeks of winter routes (so this Tuesday is hills at Church Lane (yes, again!)).


Meanwood Valley Trail (Saturday 14 April)


Junior races (7-10yrs and 11-16yrs) at 10:00, senior race at 10:30. 


Organised by Valley Striders – 70 marshals needed.  Dan Murray is co-ordinating marshals, please email him if you can help on the day.  Please do this as soon as possible so that he has plenty of time to plan who’s where.  So far we have 15 marshals, just another 55 needed.


Striders may run in the Senior race only if they can provide a family member or friend to marshal in their place.  We do hope that all Striders marshal in at least one race a year.


Help needed at Baildon on 1 April – is anyone able to stand at the end of the race and hand out our entry forms, please.  Baildon is the first race in the Airedale Triple Trail series, Meanwood is also in the series, so anyone who runs Baildon is a likely candidate for Meanwood.  Please email me if you can help.


Also, we’d like a race-number-sending-out session on Tuesday 3 April after pie and peas, hope a few of you can stay on for an extra hour that evening.


More Dates


Saturday 30 March – Midgley Moor (VS Fell Championship)


Sunday 1 April – Baildon Boundary Way (entries closed, but see note later in this email about an number available for legal transfer)


Sunday 1 April - You Muddy Fools races from John Smeaton followed by Peco presentations – details at   also more details below including info of Peco League VS Winter league challenge.


Tuesday 3 April – (7pm) still winter sessions - meet Leos


Wednesday 4 April – injury prevention workshop at Leeds Met – further information and booking details at This also has reviews of the Drills Workshop that took place last week, and I’m sure the injury prevention session will be just as good.


Sunday 8 April – Guiseley Gallop (2nd race in Airedale Triple Trail)


Tuesday 10 April – 7pm session is track at Leeds Met


Thursday 12 April – injury prevention workshop at Leeds Met – repeat of 4 April


Tuesday 1 May – V S Club Handicap


Calderdale Way Relay (Sunday 13 May)


Sarah Smith is doing really well, she now has 22 runners (24 needed for 2 teams) but if no-one comes forward from Striders in the next few days, she’ll be contacting other local clubs e.g. Hyde Park Harriers to get a joint team.  As we are only 2 short, it would be a pity not to have a full Striders team, so last minute volunteers required to (newbies welcome!)


Leeds Half Marathon (Sunday 13 May)


Race entries appear to still be open.


But if you’re not running Leeds Half or Calderdale, please consider coming along to marshal the Valley Striders “stretch” from Sheepscar Interchange to Meanwood.  Early start and early away (or plenty of time to get back to the City Centre for the finish).  Please email Steve O’Callaghan  if you can help.


Bradford Millennium Way Relay (Sunday 10 June)


We had 2 teams in this race last year and for the first 4 years won the mixed team prize, but no silverware recently, can we get 2 or 3 teams (of 10) out this year?


By the way, we also need a captain/organiser, it seems that Sarah Smith may be busy on other races, any volunteers?


Lyke Wake Race (Saturday 7 July)


Another Sarah Smith promotion, she has a full team i.e. 6 including one lady, but is keen to add a few more for 42 miles across the beautiful North York Moors!

Two New Running Leaders


There was a UK Athletics Leader in Running Fitness course at John Charles last weekend and I’m pleased to announce that Elaine Craiggs and Myra Jones have qualified.  They’ll be helping at our Tuesday and Thursday sessions but are also hoping to start a new independent group at “the Kremlin” (and with a bit of luck, they’ll drop a few hints and one or two may appear later at Valley Striders).


Peco XC Results – men champions, women runners-up


We won both the men’s and women’s sections of the final race in the Peco league.  The men, led by Jon, Andy and Gwil (in the top 10) won and therefore achieved a clean sweep by winning all 5 races.  The women, having finished 2nd behind Abbey in all the previous races  stopped Abbey’s clean sweep – the counters were Holly, Lisa, Myra, Laura C and Jenni.  CONGRATULATIONS to the winning teams, and well done to all 27 seniors and 2 juniors who ran. 


Junior Race


22   Callum Parton

23   Alex Irvine



2    Jon Parker         100

7    Andy May            99

10   Gwil Thomas         98

23   Paul Fotherby       97

30   Jeremy Ladyman      96

31   Joel Giddings       95

50   Roy Huggins         94

51   John Shanks         93

58   Gary Mann           92

61   Justin Vogler       91

67   Ian Sanderson       90

74   Richard Irvine      89

84   Adam Parton         88

110  Leroy Sutton        84

146  Tony Haygarth       77

153  Graham Ford         76

166  Bob Wilkes          75

185  Malcolm Coles       74



8    Holly Williams      87

9    Lisa Wilyman        86

10   Myra Jones          85

12   Laura Clark         83

17   Jenni Kerr          82

18   Hayley Nancolas     81

22   Amanda Seims        80

27   Sue Sunderland      79

35   Chloe Hudson        78


P.S. Thanks to Dawn Parton, John Marsham, John Shanks, Michaela McGarry, Rob DeGiovanni and Sarah Smith for marshalling, and thanks also to Sarah for some photos now on Valley Striders Facebook page.


Peco Series individual positions 


Men under 40 – 2 Dan Fisher, 3 Andy May, 4 Jon Parker (4th overall)

Men over 70 – 1 Malcolm Coles

Women under 35 – 4 Myra Jones (6th overall)

Women over 50 – 1 Sue Sunderland


More Results


Snake Lane 10


17  Paul Kaiser      57:57

45  Kevin McMullan   61:19

114 Liz Wood         66:40

199 Louise Allinson  71:06

257 Sharon Tansley   74:00


    Women 2nd team prize


Spen 20


39  Eric Green       2:26:18

131 Paul Smith     2:50:03


Trafford 10k


53  Dan Fisher       33:21  33:18

70  Richard Balshaw  34:13  34:13


Trollers Trot

   Results from Richard Adcock


(1  3.01.42   Andrew Dobby)


12  3.35.00   Dan Murray

15  3.36.20   Simon Vallance

20  3.43.50   Joel Giddings

21  3.44.15   Allan Hutchinson

22  3.45.00   Oliver Cheyne

23  3.45.14   Ian Sanderson

24  3.47.10   Alistair Smyth

28  3.51.00   Greg Skerrett

60  4.14.20   Richard Adcock

63  4.15.40   Stephen Dixon

317 ran


South Yorks Half Marathon


177 Chloe Hudson    1:46:17


Heptonstall Fell Race


16  John Bottomley   2:17:17

19  Steve Webb       2:18:01

31  Eirik Stangnes   2:26:14

40  Simon Vallance   2:31:02

51  Justin Vogler    2:35:22

53  Ollie Cheyne     2:35:37

56  Mark Woodhead    2:36:15

58  Andreas Mayer    2:36:24

59  Ian Sanderson    2:36:41

92  Alistair Smyth   2:46:49 (6th lady)

128 Amanda Seims     2:59:14

155 Malcolm Coles    3:20:45 (1st M70)


Men 3rd team prize


Rivock Edge Fell Race


49  Malcolm Coles    69:03  (1st M60)


Thirsk 10


6   Daniel Fisher     55:35

7   Andy May          55:46

33  Clive Bandy       61:06

79  Roy Huggins       64:35

193 Paul Sanderson    72:36

207 Leroy Sutton      73:35

248 Ged Coll          75:49

249 Iain Currie       75:50)


You Muddy Fools (1 April)


More information from Mark Hetherington


You Muddy Fools! cross country race will take place at John Smeaton Leisure Centre at 11.00am on Sunday April 1st . Although we will be taking entries on the day for this race, it would make my life much easier if as many people as possible entered in advance! Race information, and a map of the course, is available at


You Muddy Fools! will include a ‘PECO XC League v West Yorkshire Winter League’ Challenge. The winning League will be determined by adding up the finishing positions of the first 30 Men (including at least 8 Vets) and the first 20 Ladies (including at least 5 Vets) from clubs affiliated to each league. The WYWL includes such clubs as Pudsey Pacers, Dewsbury Road Runners, Idle AC, Leeds & Bradford Tri, Baildon Runners, Stainland Lions and Skipton AC, so the challenge is serious! Come on PECO runners: stand up and be counted…


The ‘Little Fools Relay’ will take place before You Muddy Fools! This will start at 10.00am, and is for Junior runners aged from 8 – 16. There will be 3 categories: Boys, Girls and Mixed (which must include at least 1 girl). Each team must include at least one runner aged under 11, and at least one runner aged under 13 (a U11 can count as a U13, so, for example, a team of two 10 year olds and a 14 year old is allowed). Race Entry costs £5.00 per team, and entries will be ‘on the day’ only. Registration will be open from 9.00am in the function room, upstairs at John Smeaton Leisure Centre. Race information is available at


The PECO Cross Country League Presentations will take place in the function room at John Smeaton on Sunday April 1st, after the You Muddy Fools! race and presentations. We will get started at about 1.30pm, beginning with the Junior prizes, then the Senior Individual prizes and finishing with the Team prizes. Please make every effort to attend the Presentations if you can (you don’t need to have taken part in You Muddy Fools!, just come along to John Smeaton at 1.30pm). I am trying to arrange for some food to be provided (or at least some nibbles) and the bar will be open until 3.00pm


Baildon Boundary Way number (from Tom Button)


Does anyone want a Baildon Boundary Way number?  I'm still not running - 6 weeks now :(


The website says "In particular we need the new runner’s full name, their postal and email addresses, their phone number, their age on race day and the name of their running club (if any).  We will email a swap form for the receiver of the race place to complete."


If you want the number send me the details and I'll email them to them.  First-come first served.  Tom Button