Subject:                                     FW: V S Update - thanks, Tuesdays, relay teams, events, more help wanted, social evets, results, sponsorship, etc


Sent: 19 April 2012 15:04
Subject: V S Update - thanks, Tuesdays, relay teams, events, more help wanted, social evets, results, sponsorship, etc




A huge thank you to everyone who helped for the Meanwood Trail Races last Saturday, whether on the day, before, or both.  More details below. 


Apologies that this is the first “proper” V S Update for 3 weeks, life returns to normal for 5 months till Harewood Trail, although, in between, as you will read below, we are supporting 2 more races (Leeds Half and Yorks Vets) and have two social events planned (Tony Haygarth’s band and VS 30th anniversary), and a new training group.


Read on…


Pies, Peas, Training and Handicaps


It’s all change on Tuesday nights for the next 3 weeks


24 April

·         Kathy’s group meet 6pm at Leos - slightly shorter than normal followed by “pie and peas” served at 7pm (see below for menu and ordering)

·         Fell runners monthly training session (usually first Tuesday of month but brought forward one week) – Jack Bloor recce run – meet White Wells car park at 7pm

·         7pm “club” session – hill session by Eccup Reservoir, meet Leos at 7pm


1 May

·         Club Handicap night followed by “pie and peas” served at 8:30pm (see below for menu and ordering)

·         For the Club Handicap arrive 6:50pm for 7pm prompt start

·         Junior 1 mile race arrive 6:15pm for 6:25pm start (adults may run 1 mile if they want)

·         Both starts are by Reservoir at bottom of hill from Alwoodley Lane Click for map


8 May

·         Kathy’s group meet 6pm at Leos – usual session adults and juniors

·         Holly & Kathy’s new group meet 7pm at Leos – new group for adult improvers (sub 70 minutes for 10k) from Leos, run to Eccup reservoir for short speed session and back.  Open to new members.

·         7pm “club” session – track at Leeds Met




Menu is the same for 24 April & 1 May - choose meat pie (£2.50) or veg bake (£2.50), mushy peas or baked beans, and whether you want apple pie (£1.50), email your order to by 10pm the Sunday before, also indicate which date you are ordering for.


Holly & Kathy’s new group


We’re going to start a new group at 7pm on Tuesdays from 8 May.  The 6pm group will continue but a few may want to move from 6pm to 7pm because it is more convenient.  We also know that many current Striders don’t come to the Tuesday “club” session because it is too fast - we hope that a few of them will try our new session.  And we have had many enquiries about Kathy’s group during the year who haven’t come because 6pm is too early for them – we hope some of them will come.


We will always meet 7pm at Leos but we will probably alternate between a session at Leos and a session by Eccup Reservoir.  Because we’ll be jogging up to Eccup, we’ve set two restrictions – faster than 35 mins 5k and over 16’s only.


Please let your friends know about this group and if they are interested ask them to email




Yes, we’re definitely back on track in May.  Apologies for not realizing about the track closure last week but I understand you were very resourceful and did a similar session on Beckett’s Park fields.


Relays coming up


Calderdale Way Relay - Sunday 13th May


The two teams are entered and recces are being organized.


Sarah has been very busy with this.  She writes


“There are 6 legs, which runners run in pairs. Leg lengths range from 4.8 miles to 10.5 miles, and we have fast and steady runners spread over the two teams. We have a couple of reserves but would really like some more, to ensure any gaps which arise due to illness or injury can be filled.  If we did have to employ a reserve. we would match them with a runner who knew the way, to avoid anyone getting lost.”
If you’re available, please email Sarah


Bradford Millenium Way relay – Sunday 10th June – from John Wallace


Ask anyone who’s run this in the past few years and I reckon they’ll tell you it’s a picturesque run, more interesting but harder than Leeds Country Way and much easier than the hilly Calderdale Way – in other words it’s the most interesting and enjoyable of the 3 big off road relays in the region.


And, as you’ll see on the link it goes nowhere near Bradford which is a bonus.


There are 5 legs, run in pairs, between 8 and 10.5 miles long. Last year both teams got the baton round (ie. we didn’t have the indignity of being part of a mass start – well, except right at the start) in creditable times, and but for injury the mixed team would have been second and but for Bingley, Andy and Rob would have won leg 2  instead of being 6 minutes behind in 2nd. (Bingley won 4 of 5 legs, set course records on 3 and set an overall course record)


So if you’re up for challenging Bingley, last years Valley times, yourself, or just fancy a decent run put your name down for the BMW. See me at the club or email


Let me know if you’ve a preference for a late or early start and as soon as we get an idea of numbers we’ll put some pairings together and organize some reccy runs.


Cheers, John


Other events coming up


Grand Prix

·         Sun 22 April - London marathon (good luck to all the Striders running this Sunday!)

·         Tue 1 May – Club Handicap

·         Mon 7 May - Rothwell 10k has been cancelled – any suggestions for a race to replace this in the GP

·         Sun 13 May – Leeds Half Marathon (entries still seem to be open)

·         Sun 27 May – Sheffield Half Marathon


Fell Championship

·         Sat 28 April – 3 Peaks

·         Tue 8 May - Jack Bloor


Mob parkrun – Saturday 5 May


I’ve been sent an email by the Race Director Emma to circulate round the the clubs in Leeds:


“We have our annual parkrun Mob event on Saturday 5th May, where we invite local clubs to bring as many of their runners as possible down to parkrun (wearing their club vest) to compete for the honour of being the quickest club and the most highly represented club. The clubs will run as part of the normal parkrun, so the event will commence at 9am.”


Bob says - I’m not sure of the scoring system, last time there was a trophy (or maybe a virtual trophy) for most runners and a trophy for lowest average position.  VS finished second in both!  Can we do better this year?


(More) Help Wanted


We need to provide 12 marshals for the Leeds Half Marathon on Sunday 13 May.  We have been allocated an early section of the route between Sheepscar and Meanwood so it’s an early start but early away.


So if you’re not running Leeds or Calderdale or River Moy, then come and support the race (and support the Striders), and still have most of the day free (or go to watch the finish)


To volunteer, or for more information, email Steve O’Callaghan (3 times in the top 3 of the Leeds marathon) on




Also advance notice of Yorks Vets race at Leos on Tuesday 26 June – 25 marshals needed


Social Events


Friday 29 June – date confirmed - Tony Haygarth’s band, two singers who cover most things from Elvis to Adele, dancing compulsory (says Dan), buffet food, cost is £12.50, please book at


Tuesday 24 July – VS 30th anniversary – run on the Meanwood Trail (some to start at Woodhouse Moor), followed by barbecue.  More information to follow.


John Bottomley’s fell


Meanwood Stats


Thanks again to everyone who helped.  Here are some key stats (last year in brackets)


Junior - entries

98 (72)

-          Finishers

89 (61)

-          Fees

£242 (£171)

Senior – entries

309 (251)

-          Finishers

277 (218)

-          Fees

£2260 (£1772)


£254 (£300)

Est. profit

£1200 (£800)




St Annes 10


   2 Andy May          57:21

   3 Dan Fisher        57:42

    Winning time        56:11


East Hull 20


  34 Kevin McMullan   131:50

  74 Elizabeth Wood   142:28   3rd Overall

  80 Eric Green       143:22

  117 Joe Hanney       151:30

  178 Sue Sunderland   160:36


Salford 10k


   29 Daniel Fisher     33:10

   40 Jon Parker        33:52

   42 Simon Midwood     33:58

   96 Kevin McMullan    36:40

  132 John Wallace      38:41


7 April parkruns


Results for Cannon Hill parkrun, event number 85, 07/04/2012.

  17 Gary David MANN 00:18:49

Results for Leeds parkrun, event number 235, 07/04/2012.

   3 Richard BALSHAW 00:17:24

  17 Roy HUGGINS 00:19:27

  18 James TARRAN 00:19:28

  59 Christopher A SAWYER 00:22:34

 111 Liz REDDINGTON 00:25:10

 156 Meryll CRIPPS 00:27:38

 169 Sarah Jane CLARK 00:28:08

 225 Anika HUGGINS 00:32:17

 227 Melanie MURRAY 00:32:34

Results for Pontefract parkrun, event number 47, 07/04/2012.

  38 John Stewart WALLACE 00:24:56

Results for Roundhay parkrun, event number 49, 07/04/2012.

   1 Paul FOTHERBY 00:18:38

   9 Tony MILLS 00:20:19


14 April parkruns


7 Striders at Hyde Park, none elsewhere!


Baildon Boundary Way (VSGP)


   14  Steve Webb      01:27:58  100

   34  Tosh Akhtar     01:34:28  99 

   43  Andy Stoneman   01:36:15  98 

   56  Holly Williams  01:38:55  96 

   60  Myra Jones      01:39:21  95 

   63  Paul Hunter     01:39:39  94 

   64  Alan Hutchinson 01:39:46  93 

   66  Alistair Smyth  01:40:00  91 

   70  Richard Irvine  01:40:24  90 

   99  Joe Hanney      01:44:29  89 

  107  Nick Barnes     01:45:32  88 

  156  Steve Dixon     01:51:57  86 

  163  Sue Sunderland  01:52:58  85 

  179  Ian Spence      01:55:03  84 

  187  Alun Davies     01:56:07  83 

  192  Nick Wallhead   01:56:59  81 

  358  Richard Adcock  02:42:06  80 


   33  Kim Threadgall  01:33:42  99 

   52  Howard Jeffrey  01:38:36  96


Guiseley Gallop


   39  Tosh Akhtar        43:42

   55  Alistair Smyth     44:54


   40  Howard Jeffrey     43:37

   52  Jonathan Smyth     44:46


Meanwood Trail Junior Race


1 mile (7-10 years)

   11  Jacob Hemsworth     7:51

   32  Theo Giddings       9:42

   43 finished


2 miles (11-16 years)

    9  Ronan Loftus       13:02

   20  Callum Parton      13:51

   23  Nat Knowles        14:30

   25  Joseph Hemsworth   14:32

   29  Alex Irvine        14:59

   46 finished


Meanwood Trail

    3  Jon Parker         43:12

   32  Holly Williams     51:36  (4th W)

   34  Tosh Akhtar        51:44

 108  Graham Ford        61:43


   19  Gary Shaw          48:52

   46  Howard Jeffrey     53:24


Airedale Triple Trail (Baildon/Guiseley/Meanwood)


Of the 33 runners who ran all 3 races, Tosh finished 7th overall with a time (for just over a marathon in 3 weeks) of 3:09:54 and Howard was 8th in 3:15:37.  They were 2nd and 3rd M50’s just behind Jack Verity of Saltaire in 3:03:54.


The overall winners were Colin Walker (Pudsey&Bramley) 2:41:21 and Sue Brown (Baildon) 2:57:29 (record)


Paris Marathon

                                            Chip               Gun

Tracey Morris    3:07:45 (1743rd)  3:16:25 (2487th)

John Wallace     3:13:56 (2612th)  3:16:40 (2524th)

John Batchelor   3:17:15 (3149th)  3:20:00 (2995th)


Wakefield 10k

                          Chip     Gun

    8 Andy May           0:34:14   0:34:15

   13 Gwilym Thomas      0:34:50   0:34:52

   32 Clive Bandy        0:36:45   0:36:49

   34 Paul Fotherby      0:36:59   0:37:01

   55 Gary Mann          0:39:08   0:39:12

  112 Myra Jones         0:41:24   0:41:47

  119 Adam Parton        0:41:53   0:41:57

  957 Richard Hemsley    1:03:11   1:03:31

  973 John Whitehead     1:04:03   1:04:58




About 10 Striders went to the drills and injury prevention session at Leeds Met in March/April.  There is another drills session on Wednesday 23 May, for details see and follow the link Coach & Athlete Workshops.  The page also contains some favourable reviews so take a look!   NB the booking form will be updated at the weekend.


Small Ads


For sale: Serola sacroiliac belt (S, up to 34") Further info here).  Wanted: 30-32l fell sac (in any condition!).. Email John Bottomley


London Rail Tickets


Due to a change of plan and not coming home after the marathon, and not being open tickets, we have two train tickets for London to Leeds on Monday 23rd at 15:35 that will be unused. Free to anybody that can make use of them. Contact Richard Adcock

London Marathon sponsorship (Joe Hanney)

I was lucky enough to get a VS club place in the London Marathon and I'm trying to make the most of it by raising some funds for Unicef. If anyone fancies sponsoring me it would be much appreciated (thanks to those Striders who have already). To find out more visit my fundraising page on or text me a pledge on 07981873758 and I'll hunt you down for it after the big day. Thanks, Joe Hanney.


Coast-to-Coast Cycle Ride for St Gemma’s


Tony Firth (bar steward and chef at Leos) is riding from Morecambe to Scarborough with 13 friends the weekend 15-16 June and raising money for St Gemmas, where his mum died last February.  If you are able to sponsor him, there will be a form behind the bar at Leos.  I’ll try to persuade him to create a Just Giving page next week!