Subject:                          V S Update - Dates including GP, FC, lasagne,Max's run, BMW etc; Results & reports; Valley Riders; Arthur James; Charities


Sent: 25 May 2012 09:54
Subject: V S Update - Dates including GP, FC, lasagne,Max's run, BMW etc; Results & reports; Valley Riders; Arthur James; Charities


Sorry (again) that it has been some time since the last V S Update. Make a cup of tea, put your feet up and take your time.  Apologies to those of you reading this on your iPhone or Android, you’ll have a lot of squinting and scrolling to do.  For an easier read, this is already on the website – see “For Club Members” and “Email updates”.




Sun 27 May – Sheffield Half Marathon – Valley Striders Grand Prix.


Tue 29 May – Kathy’s session at 6pm, Holly’s session at 7pm, “club” session at 7pm.  The club session is the 5th of the month, run to Eccup then runners’ choice – hills or intervals or pyramid.


Wed 30 May – 7:30pm Post Hill 5k from at Troydale Club, Troydale Lane, Pudsey see .  This is the second race in the Leeds Race Series see for details.


Thu 31 May – 7:30pm Apperley Bridge Canter approx. 10k from Woodhouse Grove School, Apperley Bridge, see  This is the third race in the Leeds Race Series and is also a V S Grand Prix race


Sat 2 June – Wharfedale Half Marathon from Threshfield – V S Grand Prix.  There is also a full marathon but no V S G P points for this


Tue 5 June – 4 sessions – Kathy’s 6pm, Holly’s 7pm, Simon’s 7pm fell session (various reps round the woods near Leos), and 7pm club session 3 by 10 mins – followed by LASAGNE at 8:30pm – please book to by 10pm Sunday 3rd saying whether you want meat or veggie lasagne (£3) and whether you want apple pie & ice cream (£1.50)


Wed 6 June – 7:30pm Otley Chevin Fell Race – V S Fell Championships


Thu 7 June – note change of training venue - 6:45pm “Max’s Run” - the Scott Hall session will instead run from Oakwood Clock to run a 2 mile lap of Max Jones’s training route (it would have been his 86th birthday) and then probably a lap of Roundhay Park (optional)


Sun 10 June – Bradford Millennium Way Relay .  We have entered two teams of 10 but still need 4 more runners and a few reserves.  See section below and contact John Wallace if you’d like to run or need more information.  We’ve a long weekend coming up, just a week before the race, so some good opportunities for a reccy run.


Wed 13 June – Otley 10 mile road race.  This is the fourth race in the Leeds Race Series and is also a V S Grand Prix race


Sun 16 June – Buckden Pike fell race – V S Fell Championship


Tue 26 June – Yorkshire Vets Race at Leos starting at 7:30pm – approx. 5 miles round the woods near Leos,  There will be a 6pm Kathy’s group but the two 7pm sessions are cancelled as we need people to marshal.  If we have enough marshals then spares will be able to run (you needn’t be a vet).  If you can marshal please email


Fri 29 June – date confirmed - Tony Haygarth’s band, two singers who cover most things from Elvis to Adele, dancing compulsory (says Dan), buffet food, cost is £12.50, please book at .  If you’re probably going to come, please “book” saying “probably” so we get an idea of numbers.


Tue 24 July – VS 30th anniversary – run on the Meanwood Trail (some to start at Woodhouse Moor), followed by barbecue.  More information to follow


Bradford Millennium Way Relay – Sunday 10 June


Ask anyone who’s run this in the past few years and I reckon they’ll tell you it’s a picturesque run, more interesting but harder than Leeds Country Way and much easier than the hilly Calderdale Way – in other words it’s the most interesting and enjoyable of the 3 big off road relays in the region.


And, as you’ll see on the link it goes nowhere near Bradford which is a bonus.


There are 5 legs, run in pairs, between 8 and 10.5 miles long. Last year both teams got the baton round (ie. we didn’t have the indignity of being part of a mass start – well, except right at the start) in creditable times, and but for injury the mixed team would have been second and but for Bingley, Andy and Rob would have won leg 2  instead of being 6 minutes behind in 2nd. (Bingley won 4 of 5 legs, set course records on 3 and set an overall course record)


So if you’re up for challenging Bingley, last year’s Valley times, yourself, or just fancy a decent run put your name down for the BMW. See me at the club or email


Let me know if you’ve a preference for a late or early start and as soon as we get an idea of numbers we’ll put some pairings together and organize some reccy runs.




Hyde Park parkrun mobrun 5 May


We had the second highest number of club finishers with 25, well short of Hyde Park Harriers’ 49, but they did have home advantage.


   10 Roy HUGGINS            18:44  VM45-49  78.11%  M   9  PB stays at 17:49

   16 James TARRAN           19:08  VM45-49  74.13%  M  15  PB stays at 18:28

   22 Tahir AKHTAR           19:36  VM50-54  77.72%  M  20  PB stays at 19:34

   31 Gary David MANN        19:47  SM30-34  65.54%  M  29  PB stays at 19:09

   36 Holly WILLIAMS         19:50  SW25-29  74.62%  F   4  PB stays at 19:25

   52 Adam PARTON            20:27  VM40-44  67.24%  M  46  First Timer!        

   87 Callum PARTON          21:58    JM14   66.01%  M  77  First Timer!        

   93 Richard ADCOCK         22:11  VM40-44  62.43%  M  83  PB stays at 21:37

   95 Sue SUNDERLAND         22:13  VW50-54  76.37%  F  11  PB stays at 21:24

   98 Keith William BREWSTER 22:17  VM55-59  70.76%  M  86  PB stays at 21:05

  116 Christopher A SAWYER   22:52  VM50-54  66.11%  M 100  PB stays at 22:17

  164 Pascale FOTHERBY       24:18  SW30-34  61.32%  F  31  First Timer!        

  203 Sarah HOWELL           25:08  SW30-34  58.95%  F  51  New PB!             

  211 Bob JACKSON            25:28  VM60-64  63.55%  M 159  PB stays at 20:11

  251 Claire BARKER          26:45  VW45-49  59.94%  F  76  PB stays at 26:19

  266 Richard HEMSLEY        27:21  VM40-44  51.43%  M 184  First Timer!        

  280 Helen GILL             27:54  VW40-44  55.14%  F  89  New PB!             

  285 Meryll CRIPPS          28:14  VW60-64  69.72%  F  92  PB stays at 26:35

  293 Sarah Jane CLARK       28:31  VW40-44  54.76%  F  96  PB stays at 28:08

  344 Ellen DOLAMORE         30:22  VW35-39  49.23%  F 127  PB stays at 29:07

  356 Deborah P FRAITES      31:02  VW45-49  52.74%  F 132  New PB!             

  398 Theo GIDDINGS          35:08    JM14   50.66%  M 236  PB stays at 31:48

  399 Emma BEAUMONT          35:27  VW35-39  42.69%  F 163  First Timer!        

  400 Joel GIDDINGS          35:28  VM40-44  38.49%  M 237  PB stays at 17:57

  407 Richard BALSHAW        36:44  VM45-49  38.61%  M 239  PB stays at 17:04


Marathon of the North (Sunderland)


   85  Andy Stoneman       3:21:50

174  Patrick Barrett     3:36:28


Andy emailed “Just finished my first marathon @ marathon of the north. Very pleased with 3.21 but know there's more to come. Might write a report when I have the energy - it was an excellent event!!”


Jack Bloor Fell Race (V S Fell Championship) – from Steve Webb & Richard Adcock


Report from Steve Webb


An excellent turnout of 21 Striders for the midweek Jack Bloor race at Ilkley and there were some really good performances.  The weather was favourable but the going was very heavy in places, although compensated by the lengthy new section of flagstones from Whetstone Gate to the Trig Point.


Holly had a superb run for 2nd lady, within a minute of the winner, and is rewarded with nearly 100 points as this is a B category race.  I was first over 50 by the comfortable margin of 3 seconds.


All results are included in the updated league attached (now on the website).  We now have 7 men who have completed 3 scoring races and are jostling for position.  But the man in best form at present is undoubtedly John Bottomley; leading the chasing pack and ready to strike!


VS Results list compiled by Richard Adcock


   29  Steve Webb          46:26 

   35  Simon Vallance      47:07 

   40  Mick Loftus         00:47:46 

   44  John Marsham        00:48:11 

   53  Holly Williams      00:48:58 

   73  Justin Vogler       00:52:00 

   85  Richard Adock       00:53:07 

   86  Dan Murray          00:53:13 

   89  Robert Bumstead     00:53:19 

   94  John Batchelor      00:53:35 

   97  Gary Mann           00:53:58 

  101  Mark Woodhead       00:54:23 

  109  John Wallace        00:55:15 

  113  Alistair Smyth      00:56:18 

  116  Stephan Dixon       00:56:29 

  124  Mark Hunter         00:57:51 

  132  Keith Brewster      00:59:12 

  135  Ged Coll            01:00:12 

  146  Alun Davies         01:02:05 

  157  Graham Ford         01:03:33 

  189  Sara Dyer           01.16.15 


    1  Tom Adams           00:39:03


  194  Antonio Cardinale   01.39.17


River Moy Half


   13  Gary Mann           01:28:14   1st International

   15  John Batchelor      01:29:21   2nd M40

   18  Alistair Smyth      01:30:10   2nd M50

   20  Alan Hutchinson     01:30:27   1st M55

   24  Dan Murray          01:31:53

   30  John Wallace        01:34:01

   31  Greg Skerrett       01:34:15

   54  Patrick Barrett     01:38:11

   72  Jonathan Brownbill  01:41:17

   97  Tom Button          01:44:49


Patrick emailed “One did not finish, Tim Towler, pulled out at approx half mile due to injury and Guinness overload!”


Parkruns 12/05/2012


Brueton : 72 Paul HOLLOWAY 27:55


Leeds : 4 Roy HUGGINS* 18:52 , 24 Adam PARTON 20:14 , 43 Richard ADCOCK** 22:04 , 48 Callum PARTON 22:23 , 67 Christopher A SAWYER 23:26 , 107 Claire BARKER 25:18 , 139 Mike HIGGINS* 26:38 , 176 Sarah Jane CLARK 28:09 , 187 Meryll CRIPPS 28:34 , 222 Ellen DOLAMORE 29:49 , 243 Melanie MURRAY 31:12 , 244 Deborah P FRAITES 31:14 ,


Pontefract : 1 Simon MIDWOOD 16:54


Roundhay : 9 Ian SANDERSON* 19:55 , 17 Graham NEEDHAM 20:45 , 49 Pascale FOTHERBY 25:20 , 75 Richard IRVINE* 28:43 , 90 Sue CARR 30:11 , 95 Anne JONES 30:30 , 105 Kim KNOWLES 32:39


Runners marked * were taking it easy (or not) before running Leeds Half next day.  ** Richard Adcock does not seem to have been taking it easy before running two legs of Calderdale Way the next day.


Leeds Half


  Gun                      Gun         Chip Chip     GP    Age Cat Pos  Age graded

  Pos                      Time        Pos  Time     Pts          in Cat  %

    39  Kevin Mcmullan     01:23:12    40   01:23:05 100   M40-44    8  76.66%

    62  Ian Sanderson      01:25:04    65   01:24:57  98   M40-44   13  73.19%

    70  Abdoulaye Kodokod  01:25:30    51   01:24:10  99   M35-39   14  72.16%

   113  Roy Huggins        01:28:35    117  01:28:28  97   M45-49    8  75.04%

   157  Eric Green         01:30:53    175  01:30:46  96   M55-59    2  77.05%

   226  Richard Irvine     01:33:47    255  01:33:22  95   M35-39   42  65.56%

   263  Liz Wood           01:35:24    321  01:35:18  94   F35-39    2  70.61%

   409  Ged Coll           01:38:55    521  01:38:43  91   M45-49   32  65.59%

   457  Mike Higgins       01:39:46    451  01:37:42  92   MOpen   222  60.61%

   542  Leroy Sutton       01:41:15    412  01:37:06  93   M50-54   20  71.39%

   566  Iain Currie        01:41:40    714  01:41:29  88   M40-44   75  62.76%

   575  Paul Stead         01:41:50    654  01:40:34  90   M35-39   97  59.61%

   646  Sue Sunderland     01:42:58    711  01:41:25  89   F50-54    1  76.56%

   729  Mick Tinker        01:44:17    834  01:43:06  86   M55-59   11  69.70%

   742  Simon Barker       01:44:30    815  01:42:54  87   M40-44   96  59.95%

   759  Chris Sawyer       01:44:46    837  01:43:08  85   M50-54   31  66.63%

  1348  Lucy Nowlin        01:52:22   1321  01:48:36  83   FOpen   120  60.80%

  1350  Mary Egan          01:52:24   1088  01:46:07  84   F55-59    3  79.28%

  1375  Simon Duckworth    01:52:35   1375  01:49:04  82   MOpen   599  54.38%

  1515  Tomas Mildorf      01:54:03   1866  01:53:55  81   MOpen   650  51.98%

  1999  Gillian Felton     01:59:09   2359  01:58:25  78   F45-49   31  61.61%

  2139  John Bucktrout     02:00:42   1926  01:54:25  80   M55-59   33  61.68%

  2496  Bob Wilkes         02:04:21   2211  01:56:59  79   M70+      3  69.79%

  2778  Shelley Hemsworth  02:07:29   2615  02:01:02  77   F40-44   93  58.26%

  3037  Keith West         02:11:02   3044  02:06:14  76   M50-54  121  54.43%

  3143  Richard Hemsley    02:12:31   3150  02:07:32  74   M40-44  310  49.94%

  3173  Sarah Howell       02:12:53   3077  02:06:34  75   FOpen   550  52.09%

  3201  Arun Manoharan     02:13:12   3206  02:08:13  73   M35-39  357  47.74%

  3456  Jacqueline Hunt    02:16:56   3371  02:10:29  72   F40-44  144  53.04%

  3458  Natalie Ross       02:16:56   3371  02:10:29  72   F40-44  145  53.04%

  3581  Jane Sanders       02:18:49   3606  02:14:01  70   F45-49   96  55.10%

  3741  Helen Gill         02:21:43   3760  02:17:11  69   F40-44  165  50.45%

  3938  Jeni Sword-Williams02:26:02   3803  02:18:01  68   F40-44  178  51.09%


   193   Howard Jeffrey     01:32:40    229  01:32:31  95   M55-59    3         

   238   David Gillian      01:34:10    266  01:33:43  94   MOpen   114       


Is anyone else claiming for this?  (either in their own number or someone else’s?)


Congratulations to 5 Striders and one 2nd claim Strider on the prize sheet – Eric, Liz, Sue, Mary, Bob and Howard


The Vadim Kuznetsov Trophy for best age-graded performance goes to Mary Egan!


Several new members were wearing their club vests for the first time and said there got encouragement all the way round.


Jacob and Joseph Hemsworth ran in the Junior 2.5km race (in their Striders vests)


Calderdale Way Relay – report from Steve Webb


Excellent performances in the Calderdale Way relay in bright but windy conditions on Sunday.  The A team managed to get the baton all the way round for the first time in years which was great.  The first 5 legs kept us sufficiently high up in the pack for Jon and Richard to deliver a devastating blow on the final leg, moving up 10 places with the fastest leg 6 performance on the day.  (Just like the HTC/Sky cycling teams bury themselves for Mark Cavendish!)


The B team also managed a fine 54th place out of 80.  We suffered the traditional spate of late injuries and illness so John, Holly and Richard A all had two experiences of the Calderdale Way on the day.  But it was really good that we managed to get two sets of VS vests round this course despite the competing attractions of Leeds and River Moy Half Marathons.


Many thanks to Sarah for organising the teams together with her posse of strategists.


Results found first by Jon Parker, who said “Thanks for organising, Sarah, much appreciated. Looking forward to next year...”


14   48   Valley Striders A                                                             


Eirik Stangnes Holly Williams Mark Woodhead  Steve Webb    Tahir Akhtar Jon Parker      

John Bottomley Steve Dixon    Justin Vogler  Rob Bumstead  Tony Mills   Richard Balshaw 

1:29:47 (23)   1:17:12 (36)   0:43:18 (11)   1:21:43 (29)  1:04:06 (17) 1:08:54 (1)     

1:29:47 (23)   2:46:59 (31)   3:30:17 (24)   4:52:00 (26)  5:56:06 (24) 7:05:00 (14)    


54   49   Valley Striders B                                                             


Myra Jones     Geoff Webster  Holly Williams Malcolm Coles Pam Lomoro   Paul Sanderson  

Paul Smith     John Bottomley Richard Adcock Alun Davies   Martin Oddy  Richard Adcock  

1:41:25 (45)   1:35:55 (70)   0:47:08 (29)   1:39:26 (60)  1:21:30 (60) 1:32:02 (49)    

1:41:25 (45)   3:17:20 (63)   4:04:28 (52)   5:43:54 (60)  7:05:24 (57) 8:37:26 (54)    


Parkruns 19 May


Bradford : 23 Alan WALSH 21:53


Cannon Hill : 180 Paul HOLLOWAY 28:04


Leeds : 3 Gwilym THOMAS 17:56 , 19 Roy HUGGINS 19:30 , 21 Gary David MANN 19:36 , 88 Christopher A SAWYER 23:05 , 223 Meryll CRIPPS 28:24


Roundhay : 2 Mick LOFTUS 18:56 ,  9 Graham NEEDHAM 20:15 , 10 Andy STONEMAN 20:16 , 15 Adam PARTON 20:54 , 21 Tomas MILDORF 22:17 , 31 Callum PARTON 23:53 , 86 Natalie ROSS 28:01 , 88 Jacqueline HUNT 28:04 , 131 Justin VOGLER 34:24


Wanstead Flats : 67 Pamela LOMORO 25:43


NB if you’ve run a parkrun and are not on the list then it will be because you’re not registered as “Valley Striders” or “Run Leeds @ Alwoodley”.  Don’t be shy!




Etape Du Dales 110 mile cycle sportive

110 miles round the Yorkshire Dales from Grassington

Mick Wrench       MV40    07:04:33    Silver
Simon Redshaw     MV40    07:53:35    Silver
Mick Loftus       MV40    08:56:51    Bronze

Perhaps we should have a new club section “Valley Riders”.   Tracey would obviously be club president, having cycled from Paris to London via Leeds a couple of weeks ago for the Jane Tomlinson fund.  Or maybe she just had a faulty satnav.


NB some time ago we set up a separate club for fell running called “Valley Spiders” (this actually derived from a misprint in the Daily Telegraph).


Our tobogganing or curling team could be called “Valley Sliders”


To be continued …



London Marathon Report – from Joe Hanney 


I was chuffed when Bob texted shortly after Christmas to say someone had dropped out and as first reserve I could have a club place for London. The big day eventually came and I was hoping for a PB of around 3.30. I didn't want repeat previous mistakes of starting too fast - but I went too far the other way as when the start eventually came I couldn't get moving. I was in pen 3 not far from the start but for some reason there were lots of cast members from TOWIE (Andy Settle is a big fan and will explain) and various giant vegetables in front of me and it took nearly 29 minutes to cover the first 5k.


I tried not to panic and to enjoy the atmosphere and found I was able to gradually speed up through the race (my first negative split!). The Runners World guys with the big 3.30 lollipop eventually came into view but had a huge following behind them so it seemed to take an age to overtake them. But I eventually did and was pretty pleased to finish in 3.29.11, especially as the predicted rain and cold never came and it was a pretty hot day.


There were some amazing performances from other Striders, and it was great to see friendly faces at the 'V' meeting point at the end. I'd been off the beer for a couple of months so enjoyed the celebrations afterwards (although perhaps it is now time to ease off a bit!) But I never thought I'd achieve a time like that, so I wanted to say thanks Valley Striders for the race place and all the support and encouragement. Thanks too to all those who sponsored me ( website still open - ).

Cheers, Joe


London Marathon – from Asheila Narang


Just wanted to let you know I ran VLM on Sunday but for some reason it doesn't come up in VS list for the results. My time was 5:00:34 which I was pleased with as I really struggled with the last 7 miles. although not my PB (4:53), I enjoyed the atmosphere and the day.


Secondly, just to let you know, Tues 24th will be my last session at VS group as I am moving away (to Australia!) on Sunday. I am going because of work but I will miss the support and friendliness of VS 6pm Tuesday group. Hopefully I will make it to the last session tomorrow.


Thanks for all your support and help over the last year.


Three Peaks


Striders featured high in the clubs who had the most finishers - Wharfedale 27, Ilkley  24, Clayton Le Moors 21, Dark Peak 19, Calder Valley, Pudsey & Bramley and Striders all 17


Manchester Marathon


Also seen in the results - Duncan Clark (Abbey Runners) 2:57:35, 1st M50, Richard Butterfield (former Valley Strider / former winner of Leeds Half) 3:24:29, Tony Audenshaw (of Emmerdale) 3:29:09




Tom Williams (Hyde Park Harriers and Northern director for parkrun) wrote in the parkrun weekly newsletter “Last Saturday I took part in the 105th Bradford parkrun, an event where they smashed their all-time attendance record as almost 400 people celebrated the life of Arthur James. Arthur ran his first ever parkrun at my home event of Leeds back in March 2009 at the wonderful age of 73, and on Saturday the 5th of May this year picked up his 100 club t-shirt and jacket at his home run in Bradford. That night Arthur passed away peacefully in his sleep.”


I had first heard the news from Stella Cross of Abbey Runners, who emailed “Dave G and Jane and I chatted to him on Wednesday before the John Carr race. He told us that he had had a pace maker fitted. I told him what an inspiration he was to us all”.


Many Striders would know Arthur as the last man to finish in “our” Yorkshire Vets race for the last 3 years, usually running in with one of the ladies in their blue Eccleshill vests.



The University of Leeds’ Lifelong Learning Centre is running a series of learning for pleasure summer workshop for adult learners from Monday 25 – Saturday 30 June inclusive.  We have a series of workshops being run, including an science related workshop ‘Performance enhancement in health and disease: ethical issues and dilemmas’ run by Dr Dave Lewis and Sheryl Meskin which we thought you may be interested in. Please see our website here: or this document specific to the workshop



From Sinead O'Brien, Fundraising Officer at MenCap in Leeds (and new Valley Striders member)


I have a favour to ask, I noticed sometimes on your group email send outs you put personal news stories at the bottom. Would it be possible to tell people about Leeds Mencap’s Royal Garden Party? Description below:


Leeds Mencap Royal Garden Party - On Sunday the 3rd of June from 1-4pm Leeds Mencap are hosting a jubilee celebration in the lovely gardens of our residential home the Rookery on Woodland Lane in Chapel Allerton.  The event will boast a traditional British theme with old style games including an egg and spoon race, a three legged race and a tug o’ war finale. There will also be live music, children’s craft workshops, stalls and afternoon tea. Bakers will be able to don their aprons and pop along to show off their best Jubilee-themed cakes for our cake-baking competition judged by Sunshine Bakery and the Rookery residents, and there will be King and Queen Fancy Dress competition for those wanting to show off their regal side. Special Guest on the Day will be Leeds Rhino’s star Danny McGuire.


I am just trying to spread the word as much as possible so it would be a great help if you could add it to the next email update. Thank you


Tony Firth, cycling Coast-to-Coast on 15-16 June


Tony Firth (bar steward and chef at Leos) is riding from Morecambe to Scarborough with 13 friends the weekend 15-16 June and raising money for St Gemmas, where his mum died last February.  If you are able to sponsor him, there is now a form behind the bar at Leos.  I’ll try to persuade him to create a Just Giving page next week!




I’m sure I’ve missed something – let me know and I’ll put it in the next edition!