Subject:                          V S Weekly Update - dates including Real Relay and P&P, VSFC, Yorks Vets race, Striders down under, Emmerdale


Sent: 29 June 2012 00:06



Sun 1 July – you’ve seen the Olympic Torch Relay with all the celebrities walking a quarter of a mile and the torch travelling by train and car between towns. How about the “Real Relay” where real runners cover the full 8,000 miles of the route in 10 mile sections running 24 hours a day for 2 months.  Now you’ve the opportunity to take part as one of our members, Lisa Wilyman, is running the section from Wakefield to Pontefract with a friend on Sunday evening and has invited Striders to accompany them.  For further details, see below,  Yes, I know there’s a football match on, but you’ve got a “record” button, haven’t you?!


Sun 1 July 10pm – latest time to book food for …


Tue 3 July – Pie and peas night.  The proposal is that Kathy’s group and Holly’s group will both meet at 7pm so that runners can have a meal straight afterwards.  Fell training group to meet at Leos but earlier than usual - 6:45pm.  Club group meet Leos 7pm for 3 by 10 mins session.  Book food at saying whether you want meat pie or veg bake, whether you want mushy peas or baked beans and whether or not you want apple pie.


Tue 3 July – Jane Tomlinson 5k canal run at Methley , part of Leeds Race Series


Wed 4 July – “John Lunn” 5k at Woodhouse Moor – V S Grand Prix, also part of Leeds Race Series


Wed 4 July – Danefield Relay – teams of 3 – make up your own teams


Sun 8 July – Run For All 10k in Leeds – who’s running?  Also as the results are not likely to show club names, please send me your results.


Fri 13 July – Washburn Valley Relay – teams of 3 – make up your own teams


Sun 15 July – Eccup 10 mile – V S Grand Prix – also junior races (3 different distances depending on age)


Sun 15 July – Holme Moss Fell Race – V S Fell Championship


Sat 21 July – Ingleborough Fell Race – V S Fell Championship


Sun 22 July – Pudsey 10k – V S Grand Prix – also junior races  (2 different distances depending on age)


Tue 24 July – VS 30th anniversary – change of plan! - Summer Handicap at 7pm from Eccup Res, 5 mile off-road route via Emmerdale, also junior 1 mile race at 6:30pm, followed by barbecue.  More information to follow


Wed 25 July – Golden Acre Relay - teams of 3 – make up your own teams – details will be on


Sun 2 Sep – advanced notice of date for Leeds Country Way - last year we had 5 teams of 12 runners, keep this date free!  This is a 60 mile route, run in pairs, so each pair runs 10 miles.  It uses country footpaths and it is strongly advised that you do at least one recce run a week or so before the race so you know the route.  When we pick the teams, the first 12 to sign up are guaranteed a place - Anne, Kim, Liz, Mel and Sarah from Kathy’s group have already done so.  Email if you’d like to run.  You can check you are on the list – there is a link on the “home page” of the V S website.


Sun 9 Sep – Yorkshire Vets relays at Saltaire


The Real Relay - message from Lisa Wilyman


Hi Bob and Tim, Please will you forward this to anyone that might be interested, including yourselves!

Endurance Life have organised a "Real Relay" for runners the whole length of the Olympic torch route.  The route has been split into legs of approx 10 miles and began 10 days after the Olympic torch relay started. The legs are being run continuously with the last leg expected to finish at the same time as the Olympic torch in London.  The website is:

The legs were up for grabs a few days ago and me and my friend have got Wakefield to Pontefract, via Castleford, this Sunday night, 1/7/2012.  The exact route has to be followed where the flame was in public view, but we can choose the route when the flame was in transit.  Our route is attached as a picture.  It’s between 11 and 12 miles.

At the moment our starting time is 9.10 PM from Wakefield Cathedral, finishing at The Masonic Hall in Pontefract no later than 11 PM.  And at the moment my dad is going to follow us in the car to make sure we're safe!!

The runners who are doing 2 legs before us will ring my friend, Janine Stones (runs for Mablethorpe Runners in Lincolnshire), when they set off to give us an idea of how close to schedule they are, and also the previous runner is going to ring when he sets off.  If we're behind schedule we need to run a bit faster and vice versa so the overall finish coincides with the Olympic torch! 

At the moment I'm meeting her at the Masonic Hall in Pontefract at 8.15pm and leaving her car there - Janine rang to check this would be ok.  Dad is going to take us both to Wakefield Cathedral where we wait for hand over and he's then going to follow us so that when we finish she can get straight back to Lincoln.  When we get the baton we have to ring the runners 2 legs ahead as well as the guys taking over from us so that they can plan their times.  I also think the baton can be tracked on Endurance Life website but will have to check this.

We've chosen to run the main road way from Wakefield to Castleford as this follows the exact torch route through and out of Wakefield.  The torch was then in transit to Castleford and I've driven the route which is pretty straight forward, with pavements and streetlights.  We will be wearing our club vests with something high vis though as it will be getting dark, and taking lots of photos!!  At Castleford we then pick up the actual public torch route and follow that down to Pontefract.

There might be some hanging around in Wakefield as relays are a bit unpredictable but we will have our phones and the previous runners should have our numbers so fingers crossed! 


Would anyone like to join us on a late night sunday run???  Should be good fun :o)


Please email or ring on 07910315694 if you are considering coming (but if there are no takers we will not be offended!!!)

Hope to hear from you,

Lisa x


Valley Striders Fell Championships – from Steve Webb


Just two runners representing Striders at Buckden Pike in typically awful weather for June 2012.  Steve Webb and Martin Oddy tackled the near vertical ups and downs of the hill and two crossings of the fast flowing beck.  Results have been added to the Fell Champs table and Steve is the first to complete 5 scoring races.  Please let Steve know if you have completed any A Long races so your points from these can be taken into consideration.


Coming up in July is Holme Moss, an A Long on Sunday 15th and Ingleborough on Saturday 21st. 




Yorks Vets Race


Firstly a very special thank you to Ken Kaiser who recced the route twice, created the maps, set out the course on the morning of the race, went round the course on the evening putting up tape to replace that which had been torn down during the day and then did another half lap taking out a group of marshals.


Memo for next year, get more people involved prior to the race.


Also thanks to Kathy (one recce with Ken), to Geoff and Sylvia who helped set up the course on the Tuesday morning, to John and Pat for buttering and filling a mountain of sandwiches and to Carole for 250 individually iced cakes including a centre piece with cakes with letters Y-O-R-K-S-H-I-R-E-V-E-T-S.


OK, I don’t usually name all the marshals, but with the conditions underfoot being so slippery it was important to have a full complement not only to point the way but also to be able to attend to emergencies (we had 4 drop outs). 


So a big thank you to Alexa Hannant, Alun Davies, Andy Stoneman, Chloe Hudson, Edward Carey, Eileen Crosfill, Gary Mann, Gary Shaw, Ged Coll, Graham Needham, Helen Gill, Holly Williams, Iain Currie, Jayne Sexton, Jeremy Ladyman, Joe Hanney, John Hallas, John Whalley, Joyce Lambert, Kathy Kaiser, Kirsty Myers, Lucy Carey, Meg Galsworthy, Mel Murray,  Melissa Dexter, Mick Loftus, Mick Tinker, Mike Crosfill, Niamh Carey, Paul Furness, Paul White, Peter Lambert, Sarah Smith, Simon Vallance, Steve O’Callaghan, Tomas Mildorf, Tony Haygarth and sorry if I’ve missed someone.  Special thanks to club newcomers, I hope you enjoyed the experience!.


And a final thanks to the final man Patrick Barrett who was sweeper and as you can see from the results was out on the course for quite a while. And a final final thanks to John Wallace who was one of the last to leave, having swept and mopped the changing rooms.


Selected results – (see for full results):


   M1  Dave Watson       28:20 (Holmfirth)

  M6  Richard Balshaw   30:40  2nd M45

 M30  Dan Murray        34:05

  W1  Margaret Sykes    34:16 (Holmfirth)

 M51  Rob Bumstead      35:59

 M56  John Wallace      37:13

      Last finisher     70:52


There were 209 finishers – 77 women, 120 men and 12 guests – which represents £104.50 for Valley Striders funds.  Unfortunately we could only “release” 4 Striders from marshalling duties to be able to run.  If we could get more volunteers next year we could have more runners.  Could we compete with Horsforth – they had 52 runners?!


Next year I hope to secure sponsorship from the sponsors of Jungle Formula insect repellent, we could have done with a few cans of the stuff!


Striders Down Under – message from James Forbes


(to John Wallace) Hi John it’s James, I've had so many E-mails and can’t find my last Valley Striders one so I'll E-mail you if you can pass a message onto the club, how’s the UK?  New Zealand’s colder. 


Anyway onto important information, I ran the Christchurch Airport Half Marathon while I've been here and recorded a time of 2 hours 3 mins which was somehow 9 minutes better than my last PB time I got in the Leeds Half Marathon, flat course and very good atmosphere but I’ve trained less, eaten less healthily and drank more alcohol while backpacking so I've no idea how I managed that.


However also the race is a full marathon, half marathon and a 10k and while I was running I saw a lady in a Valley Striders top doing the 10k out here which amazed me considering I am 12,000 miles away so it would be nice to know who it was.


Hope the club’s doing good, I will be rejoining you guys once I return to the UK in mid August.


Take care




Runners wanted for episode of Emmerdale


I wondered if you could help, we are looking for some extras to participate in a fun run for an episode of Emmerdale. I have come across your website while looking for local running clubs and thought I would see if you could help.


Below is the breakdown of what we are looking for, it would be great if you could help and if anyone from your club is interested -


*Approx 5-10 extras to take part in a fun run in the village. 

*Must be runners but not 'professional' as it is a fun run. Various ages required.

*The filming date is Tuesday 10th July 2012 so they must be available to commit to this if interested.


We would offer the club a donation in return but there would be no direct payment to the runners, this is usual practice when we use clubs.


It has been mentioned that may need one or two dressed in fancy dress, more info on this would be to follow.


If anyone of your members are interested could they please email me at and send a picture of themselves (running if poss but not essential).  I must stress that we do need a minimum of 5 people for this and we would prefer to have them from the same club. Obviously we need to move quite quickly on this so if you think this may be something your club would be interested in please get in touch at your earliest convenience.


Many thanks, I hope to hear from you soon.


Kind Regards,


Lynsey Taylor