Subject:                          V S Weekly Update - race win for Holly, 30th anniversary, LCW, dates, results


Sent: 13 July 2012 13:38

Holly first at Roundhay parkrun


We don’t usually have race results as the first item, and especially not parkrun results as I’m sure at least 10 different Striders have come first at parkrun over the last 4 years.


So what’s special about this result?  Well what is special is that Holly was first – she beat all the blokes too!


So big congratulations to Holly and to see all the rest of last weekend’s parkrun results, see lower down this email.


The next two items are a repeat from last week, please get your bbq meal and relay place booked as soon as possible!


Striders 30th Anniversary Barbecue – Tuesday 24 July


Just as the Queen has two birthdays, so does Valley Striders.  23 July 1982 was the date of the founding of Valley Striders at Mick Dewhirst’s house on Woodhouse Ridge (click .  And 10 December 1982 was the date of our affiliation with England Athletics (or whatever it was called at the time).


We’ll celebrate the first of our 30th birthdays with our Summer Handicap (7pm from Eccup Res, a just-over-5 mile circular route as far as Emmerdale village), also a Junior 1 mile race at 6:30pm, followed by a barbecue back at Leo’s clubhouse.


As usual, you need to book in advance for the barbecue.  Email our usual address by Sunday 22 July 10pm, just saying whether you want veggie or carnivore.  Cost is £6.  Don’t worry if it rains on the night, the food will be cooked outside but we can eat inside.


If you are likely to come but aren’t 100% sure, then please book anyway, you have until Sunday 22 July to cancel (at no cost).


Tosh Akhtar has just given me some videos from 1992 of the Cardinal Heenan 10k (2½ laps up Stonegate Road) and the Valley Striders 10k in Roundhay Park.  Hopefully these will look OK on the big screen at Leos.


We also have a large number of photos on the website from 1997 to 2009 and a folder of newspaper cuttings from 1982 to 1992.  Is there anyone who would to create a “slide show” from these?  Can I tempt you to step forward with the offer of 2 free barbecue meals?  Please!


Leeds Country Way – Sunday 2 September


This is a 60 mile route, run in pairs, so each pair runs 10 miles.  Last year we had 5 teams of 12 runners!   Can we get 6 teams this year?  Maybe one from Kathy’s 6pm group and one from Holly’s 7pm group?!


Email if you’d like to run.  You can check you are on the list – there is a link on the “home page” of the V S website.  Please email as soon as you can saying whether you are

·         Definite (barring injury)

·         Probable

·         Possible

·         Unavailable

Proposed teams are “A”, Ladies, Vets (over 40), D”, “H” (Holly’s group), “K” (Kathy’s group).


Caution: The route uses country footpaths.  It is irregularly signposted and not marshaled.  It is strongly advised that you do (at least) one recce run a week or so before the race so you know the route.  It is not sufficient to rely on your partner to know the route (they might get  injured the week before the race and you’d have to navigate with your new partner) 


Please email as soon as possible.  Organising 5 teams / 60 runners last year involved a huge amount of work (thanks John), so 6 teams will be even harder.  We need to get some provisional teams created as soon as possible.


Link to Kippax Harriers website  has more details including maps of all the legs.   NB the route follows the old Leeds Country Way which, on legs 1 and 2, crosses the border into Wakefield.  This is different from the route maps that are currently on sale.




Sun 15 July – Eccup 10 mile – V S Grand Prix – also junior races (3 different distances depending on age) .  Can anyone help at the finish by handing out Harewood Trail entry forms?


Sun 15 July – Holme Moss Fell Race – V S Fell Championship


Tue 17 July – Kathy’s group at 6pm, Holly’s group at 7pm, Club session 7pm, all at Leos


Sat 21 July – Ingleborough Fell Race – V S Fell Championship


Sun 22 July – Pudsey 10k – V S Grand Prix – also junior races  (2 different distances depending on age) .  Can anyone help at the finish by handing out Harewood Trail entry forms?


Sun 22 July – Harrogate 10k - Can anyone help at the finish by handing out Harewood Trail entry forms?


Tue 24 July – VS 30th anniversary – see above


Wed 25 July – Golden Acre Relay - teams of 3 – make up your own teams – details will be on . Can anyone help at the finish by handing out Harewood Trail entry forms?  Mark Hetherington of Abbey Runners has emailed “Following a record entry of 91 teams last year, we have increased the race limit to 120 teams for 2012. Entry is ‘on the night’ only: the race starts at 7.00pm, so it would be worth turning up before 6.30pm to be on the safe side! It is important that everyone parks legally and considerately, as we don’t want any complaints from the police or other motorists.” 


Sat 4 August – Round Hill Fell Race (more a trail race) approx. 7 miles – VSGP AND VSFC. and yes it is a Saturday (it always used to be a Sunday)


Wed 15 August – Hyde Park 1 mile – V S Grand Prix – note entry limit of 150.  Entry information on


Sat 8 Sep – Leeds Golden Mile – Mark Hetherington has emailed “I am organising a track mile event at Leeds Met Carnegie (in conjunction with the guys from the Marathon Talk podcast) on the afternoon of Sat 8th September. There will be a series of up to 25 heats (heats will be based on predicted times) between 3.00pm and 7.00pm, with a total maximum entry of 300 runners (and race walkers). The entry fee will be £6 for club runners, and we are hoping to finish with heats for ‘elite’ men and ladies. We will be using electronic timing and a stadium PA, and hope to generate a great atmosphere over the course of the afternoon. Event details, and online entry, will be available here very shortly:


Sun 9 Sep – Yorkshire Vets relays at Saltaire


“Jane Tomlinson” 5k Canal Run at Methley


This is an annual race organised by Jane’s club Rothwell Harriers.  On the website it mentions the cakes afterwards – wonder whether it should be in our Grand Prix next year?!


    7     Jeremy Ladyman     00:17:52

   49     Louise Allinson    00:21:26

   95     Chloe Hudson       00:25:11


Hyde Park 5k


I suspect many people stayed at home saying “why pay for a race when you can run the route for free any Saturday?”, but this race was in memory of a very colourful character at Leeds City and I’m pleased to report that Striders made up over 20% of the field,


    9     Dan Fisher         00:16:45      100

   11     Gwil Thomas        00:16:54       99

   20     Richard Balshaw    00:17:50       98

   23     Dave Penman        00:18:13       96

   25     Joel Giddings      00:18:29       95

   28     James Tarran       00:18:50       94

   31     Andy Stoneman      00:19:00       93

   34     Gary Mann          00:19:16       91

   35     Roy Huggins        00:19:20       90

   40     Alan Walsh         00:20:17       89

   42     Paul Sanderson     00:20:34       88

   44     Nick Barnes        00:20:46       86

   48     Leroy Sutton       00:21:18       85

   52     Martin Oddy        00:21:37       84

   57     Alun Davies        00:23:00       83

   67     Sarah Howell       00:24:28       81

   70     Chloe Hudson       00:24:47       80


   22     Jerry Watson       00:18:00       96


Parkrun Results


Apart from Holly’s success (did I mention that earlier), good to see several of our junior members running, and doing the tough one (Roundhay) too!


Results for Bradford parkrun, event number 113, 07/07/2012.

166 participants completed the run today.

The following club members participated:

   20 Alan WALSH              21:35


Results for Leeds parkrun, event number 248, 07/07/2012.

217 participants completed the run today.

The following club members participated:

    3 Joel GIDDINGS           18:35

    8 Roy HUGGINS             19:09

    9 James TARRAN            19:10

   32 Nick BARNES             21:27

   49 Sue SUNDERLAND          22:39

   56 Christopher A SAWYER    22:57

  142 Meryll CRIPPS           29:47


Results for Roundhay parkrun, event number 61, 07/07/2012.

118 participants completed the run today.

The following club members participated:

    1 Holly WILLIAMS          19:23

    9 Adam PARTON             20:45

   13 Dan MURRAY              20:56

   21 Julia Leventon          22:25

   25 Gerard COLL             23:48

   27 Alex IRVINE             24:02 j

   28 Richard IRVINE          24:06

   37 Pascale FOTHERBY        24:56

   50 Alistair SMYTH          25:53

   64 Ben Dyal                26:57 j

   74 Sue CARR                28:51

   81 Jacqueline HUNT         29:34

   82 Natalie ROSS            29:34

  102 Abigail STONEMAN        35:20 j

  105 Laura VOGLER            35:53 j

  106 Justin VOGLER           35:53

  116 Emily STONEMAN          42:38 j

  117 Andy STONEMAN           45:35


NB Holly’s winning margin was 11 seconds


Lyke Wake Results


Great runs by Madeleine Watson who finished 3rd W in 9hr 37min and Ian Sanderson who finished 10th in 8hr 45min.


Sadly our team, reduced by injury and other activities before the race was further reduced during the race as John Wallace and Richard Adcock recorded DNFs.  John stopped just short of halfway at the Lion Inn and Richard went another 6 or 7 miles to the next checkpoint in the middle of nowhere.

Full race results


Race report


For the first time the race was won by a pair of ladies, Shelli Gordon and Kay Neesam.  They won the overall trophy and so the first men to finish won the “opposite sex” trophy.


There’s a picture of the team and captain Sarah on facebook and a few good comments.


Run For All Results


Here are the names I found (or those that emailed their results to me).  In chip time sequence


    7  Gwil Thomas         35:51

   22  Abdoulaye Kodokod   37:31

   35  Jeremy Ladyman      38:39

   46  Richard Smith       39:38

   80  John Shanks         41:12

  379  Iain Currie         46:22

1029  Sarah Howell        51:39

1040  Chloe Hudson        51:43

1193  Liz Reddington      52:43

1418  Sarah Harper        53:59

2452  Alexa Hannant       59:18

2497  Sarah Clark         59:31

2999  Jenna Rymer       1:02:30

3034  Georgina Abbott   1:02:42

4062  Mel Murray        1:09:35

4104  Melissa Dexter    1:09:57



Any more Striders?