Subject:                                     V S Weekly Update - Training and food 7 August, Extensive events list, Fell champs, Golden Acre, Emergency contacts


Sent:                                           03 August 2012 09:05


Training & Lasagne – Tue 7 August


Four separate training sessions ALL meet at Leos AT 7pm

·         Kathy’s beginners/improvers/juniors (7pm not 6pm)

·         Holly’s improvers

·         Fell session down Meanwood Trail for some intervals and back

·         Club 3 by10 mins at Eccup Res


Followed by lasagne, book to by 10pm Sunday 5th saying whether you want meat or veggie lasagne and whether or not you want apple pie.


Events for August and September


Sat 4 August – Round Hill Fell Race approx. 7 miles.   More of a trail race than a fell race.  There are TRIPLE points available, it is V S Grand Prix, V S Fell Championship and Leeds Race Series .


Wed 15 August – Hyde Park 1 mile – note entry limit of 150.  Entry information on (V S Grand Prix  & Leeds Race Series)


Also Wed 15 August – Sports first aid course at Leos, probably 7pm to 10pm.  This course normally costs £30 but Leeds Athletics Network are funding half of this and Valley Striders will fund the rest (providing you are or will be a frequent volunteer for at least two of our three races each year) – email me  to “book”.  So it’s free but if you book and then don’t turn up, you will have to pay as someone else could have had the place.  Book early, filling fast.


Sat 25 August - Burnsall Fell Race (AS) (V S Fell Championship)


Mon 27 August – Spofforth 10k – easy trail route & little village gala (near Wetherby)


Sun 2 September - Leeds Country Way see previous emails for details, if you want to run.


Sun 9 September – Wetherby 10k also (VSGP & Leeds Race Series). 

Also junior 1.8 miles . 

The junior race is the first race of the Leeds Junior Race Series which runs from September 2012 to August 2013


Sun 9 September - Yorkshireman full marathon (CL)  (V S Fell Championship)


Sun 9 September - Yorks Vets Road Relay, if you want to run, we will construct teams


Sat 15 September - Rombolds Romp on Ilkley Moor (another TRIPLE points – VSGP, VSFC & Leeds Race Series) 


Sat 15 September – Yorkshire Road Relays at Rotherham (6-stage for men, 4-stage for women)


Tue 18 September – V S Autumn Handicap 


Sat 22 September – Northern Road Relays at Leigh (6-stage for men, 4-stage for women)


Sun 23 September – Kirkstall 7mile trail (Leeds Race Series) and Junior 2 mile Race (Leeds Junior Race Series)


Tue 25 September - Harewood 10 Recce run 


Sun 30 September - Horsforth 10k (VSGP & Leeds Race Series)


Lots of other races on,!


More Anniversary Messages


From Dick Dale in Spain


Hi Bob just a quick line from me in Spain enjoying retirement, congrats on the 30th wish I was able to run with you all, but I did enjoy my 10 years with the Striders and met some good friends. I still get your news on the computer and love to read how you are all doing, and it looks like you have a good group of runners, good to see my Mum and Dad are still around helping with marshall work (that’s P and J Lambert) remember me to them please, and a big big thank you to you Bob for all the work you do for the club, will keep in touch all the best from Dick in Spain.


From Lou Gilchrist in Lancashire


Am only just catching up on emails - I have been in Canada visiting family.


I just wanted to add my congratulations to everyone else's on an eventful 30 years!!


I am just about beginning to get a little fitness back and hope to be racing again quite soon.


(Lou is our Over 75 world record holder at distances from 5k to half marathon)


Yorkshire Runner Photos


Andy Stoneman has set up a facebook group “Yorkshire Runner Photos” – only started a couple of weeks ago and already has ten contributors and hundreds of photos – excellent!


Fell Championships Reports/Results (from Steve Webb)


Sending Updated Fell Champs table (now on website).  I don't have a report of Holme Moss but there were 115 finishers out of 119 starters and the plucky VS reps at this A Long were:


51 Justin Vogler  3.40.30

73 Mark Woodhead  3.56.10

84 Martin Oddy 4.00.36

95 Alun Davies  4.22.31


The race was won in 2.41.38 


Only two of us at Ingleborough, which was a shame as it was a great day for a race being bright and sunny with enough breeze to avoid overheating on the slog up to the summit plateau.  There was also plenty going on at Ingleton gala.  Former British champion Simon Bailey was  a comfortable winner in 48.08.  Tomas Mildorf was 84th in 68.29 and I was 12th in 54.48 and 1st V50.


Hope to see rather more participants at Round Hill which is a fell/trail crossover event.




Golden Acre Results


(Striders and Friends)


4  Fully Laden         49:53

     Gary Mann           17:16

    Gwil Thomas         15:54

     Jeremy Ladyman      16:43


14  Striders from Mars  51:41

     Ian Livesey         15:36  VS friend

     Graham Needham      18:04 

     Mike Cheseldine     18:01  VS friend


25  Three Blind Mice    54:44

     Mike Ellis          18:32  VS friend

     Simon Redshaw       18:54

     Richard Knell-Moore 17:18  VS friend


43  Age Order           58:34

     Sarah Smith         22:25

    Greg Skerrett       18:33

     Dan Murray          17:36


45  Wally Striders      59:16

     Alan Brydon         18:25

     Graham Ford         22:04

     Richard Irvine      18:47


58  On The Night        62;43

     Hannah Stoneman     26:14

     Karen Garvican      18:53  VS Abbey

     Andy Stoneman       17:36


78  Last Minute Mixture 68:41

     Chloe Hudson        26:18

     Mark Hetherington   19:46  Abbey

     John Woodhead       22:37


Second claim members

     Tom Sykes           19:17 for Chapel A

     Paul hunter         18:05 for Wetherby Flyers (not)


Emergency Contacts


I came across this and thought I would copy/paste it in full.  It’s partly an advert for Cram Alert – almost as good is to wear an identification disc or carry a small plastic bag with your emergency contact details.  It also refers to “ICE”, this is to put a contact on your mobile phone under the name “ICE” (in case of emergency).  My method is also to have a contact AA HOME, this always appears first on my contacts list.


Finally, before or after you read this, please refer to - there is a column showing whether we have an emergency contact for you if you were to be ill or injured at one of our training sessions.  Please let me know your contact details if this column is blank.  Note this link also shows your England Athletics registration number.


Now for the”story


Sunderland runner Aly Dixon suffers a nasty injury whilst training – and advises all runners to take the necessary precautions.


“This isn’t so much a blog but more a safety warning.


Whilst out training on Monday evening I had a bit of an accident and ran into a metal barrier.  Don’t ask me how this happened as I haven’t figured it out yet.  I must have ran under this barrier at least 100 times before on previous training runs, but for some reason I just didn’t duck low enough this time and ended up head butting the metal at 10mph!


Anyway, the result of this was a lovely deep gash in my forehead along with many other bumps and bruises.  I was very fortunate not to be knocked out by the impact as I also bashed the back of my head as I fell backwards.


On hitting the ground my first reaction was to jump straight back up and carry on running.  However, as I stood up I immediately felt the warm liquid running down my face and drip off the end of my nose – blood everywhere. I quickly figured that I wasn’t going to finish the last mile of my run so like the true athlete that I am stopped my Garmin!


As I’d ran along the riverside I had noticed a girl in front of me walking a dog so I walked a few metres back down towards the river and shouted to  the girl for help.  The poor girl must have got the shock of her life as she turned and saw me walking towards her covered in blood looking like something of a horror movie.


Luckily she had a phone on her and I called my dad to come pick me up.  She sat with me until my dad got there just to make sure that I was ok, as by this point I had lost a lot of blood and was still bleeding heavily.  I’m lucky that this young girl was around when I had my accident or I don’t know what I would have done.


I am always getting nagged by my partner and parents to carry ID on me when I run in case of incidents like this and especially with my background of blacking out during training and racing.


I do have ICE (In Case of Emergency) details on my iPod which would be good for contacting my nearest and dearest if I am ever found unconscious, but if this accident had happened to me out in the middle of nowhere I didn’t have a phone on me to ring for help.  From now on I am going to carry a small phone with me just in case as you never know when you may need it.


Most running shorts/leggings/tops etc now have phone/iPod pockets on them so it is easy enough to carry a small phone with you.


The other thing I have invested in is a Cram Alert.  This is a silicon wrist band which is printed with a unique ID number along with an emergency contact number.  All of your next of kin details are stored on a central database and if you are ever found unconscious, whoever finds you can ring this number and the contact centre gets in touch with your next of kin to warn them of your accident.  They can also pass on any vital medical information i.e. allergies to the emergency services on the scene if it is that serious.


As the name suggests the band is patroned by Steve Cram.  Steve’s brother Kevin died whilst out on a run a few years ago and as he had no ID on him the emergency service had no way of either identifying him or contacting his family.  Steve has become a great advocate for runners/cyclists etc to always carry ID with them whilst out training.


The wristbands cost just a couple of pounds and will help to provide vital information to those may have to try and save your life.  Wristbands can be bought online or from Sweatshop along with many other retailers.


Please people, if you never take notice of another word which I say, do me and yourself a favour and follow my lead in these steps.


Your safety should ALWAYS come first – you can’t guarantee you’ll never have an accident, but you can at least be prepared for it.


(Aly’s profile - I am an endurance runner born and bred in Sunderland. I run for Chester Le Street AC and have been running competitively for 22 years. During this time I have won many North East, Northern and National titles both as an individual and as part of my club team. I am currently coach by former world champion and Olympic silver medallist Liz McColgan and aim to make the GB team for next year’s Olympic Games in London. I have represented Great Britain twice at World Championship events, World Half Marathon Championships held in Birmingham in 2009 and the Marathon at the IAAF World Track and Field Championships held in Daegu, South Korea in 2011. I have also represented England at road races and won my age group in the 2010 ING New York City Marathon as well as winning the 2011 Brighton Marathon.)