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Training next week


Tue 4 September

- Kathy's Run Leeds beginners/improvers/juniors group meet Leos 7:00pm for training session (new starters welcome!). NOTE CHANGE OF USUAL TIME

- Holly's Run Leeds intermediates group meet Leos 7:00pm.  NOTE CHANGE OF LOCATION FROM RECENT WEEKS.

- Valley Striders meet Leos 7:00pm for 3 by 10 minutes at Eccup Res   THE USUAL!.

- Monthly fell training group meet Leos 6:50pm for session on Meanwood Trail and in Meanwood Park

- Pie and peas – book to stating whether meat pie or beg bake, whether mushy peas or baked beans, whether you want apple pie and ice cream.  Book by Sunday 2nd at 10pm.


Thu 6 September

- club group meet Scott Hall 6:45pm for steady 7 miles at 8 to 9 minute mile pace (with stops).

- Kathy's Thursday group. meet 6:40pm at Golden Acre Park main car park Otley Road


Events for September - see last week’s VSWU


West Yorkshire Cross Country League - see last week’s VSWU – only 3 so far - please email


Leeds Country Way – all ready to go, crossing fingers that no-one drops out.


Harewood Trail Races – Sunday 28 October - see last week’s VSWU – we have 10 volunteers so far, 70 more needed please - please email


Striders Monthly Track Session


Gwil has emailed


Hi All,
We've been giving some thought to how we can get the most from the track sessions we organise on the second Tuesday of each month.
There's been a noticeable drop in numbers for the track session so we wanted to get your thoughts on how we could do it better.
Please have a read through the questions below. All responses are welcome.  The aim is to come up with something that allows you to best utilise the time and be of value to as many participants as possible.
Do you find a regular track session valuable?
What do you think about the frequency of the track sessions?
What do you find most useful at the track?
How valuable do you find the current reps:
1/. Timed 400s
2/. Indian File Running
3/. Time-based intervals (eg 5 x 30secs fast, 30 secs steady)
4/. Sprints/relays

If you would like to do different reps what would you find most beneficial?
Is there anything that puts you off the track sessions?
All responses will be greatly appreciated.


Please reply to




From Australia, Scotland, Lancashire, North Yorkshire(2) and South Yorkshire (but none from West Yorkshire!)


James Herriot Trail Run, Castle Bolton (29 July)


1 Andy May  54:36

238 finished (including 29 Abbeys)


Askern 10


26  Kim Threadgall 63:11  1st W

177 Ian Spence 82:01


Fleetwood half


53 Eric Green   1:33:20  1st M55


Beveridge Park 5k, Kirkcaldy:


George Black 22:51  1st M70


Race Report – Perth City to Surf Half Marathon – from Asheila Narang


Just to let you know that I am well and back into my running (only just though!). I did my first Aussie half marathon (as usual didn't really train) so didn't get my best time but did Perth City to Surf in 2.24.


The weather was lovely and 45,000 were running of various different lengths. Having said that, the UK races are better organised and hardly any crowds other than at the end which was surprising considering he lovely weather.

At least I did it and ran it and got my first Aussie half marathon medal and t shirt!!

Hope all is well at VS and may come to a training session in Dec when I come to the UK for a holiday.

Race & Travel Report - Spofforth Gala 10k trail race – from Sarah Smith


The Spofforth Village website boasts a famous past inhabitant: “Blind Jack Metcalf, the eighteenth century road builder, lived in Spofforth in his later years and is buried in Spofforth Churchyard.”  Had he returned to this serene spot, had his vision restored and then set eyes on the liquid state of the trails we ploughed through on this day, doubtless he would have raised those orbs heavenward and vowed to build more roads. 


Ronald Arthur Dewhirst introduced me to the Spofforth loop about 6 years ago, when we went on a bike ride to Knaresborough; since then I have enjoyed this c.35 mile circuit, (missing out Knaresborough)  sometimes solo, sometimes with friends.  I have taken Tony, Viv, Deb, Kim and most recently, Chloe and they all enjoyed the route in varying degrees.  You can learn a lot from someone by seeing how they respond to the joys of the Spofforth Loop, in fact with some, friendship has been pushed to its limits.


Finding out there was a 10k trail race in Spofforth simply added to the allure for me and I had visions of leading a peloton of 15-20 Striders who would share my enthusiasm for the day, following mainly bridlepaths there and quiet roads back (apart from a couple of horrendous stretches of fast road)…


Ron himself expressed interest in joining us and committed to do so, but then fractured a rib.  Paul Sanderson was compelled to pull out as he also was injured a couple of days before race day, so at 10.30 am on a fairly grey but warm Bank Holiday Monday myself, Paul Smith, Gary Mann and Steve Dixon set off from Meanwood – a quartet of enthusiasm, a generation inspired.


We followed King Lane up to Eccup and from there followed the bridlepath through Harewood, and there we had our first sight of mud.  We were on a fairly tight schedule, and didn’t have time to stop, we needed to be at Spofforth by 12.30 pm to register.   I had managed to negotiate a later registration cut off time with the race announcer who understood I was cycling there.  He had kindly assured me by email, “no power on earth will stop you getting a run” – which words were shortly to be recalled by Steve recognising my grim determination to get to Spofforth in time for the start, in the face of mounting obstacles en route. 


Leaving the Harewood estate, we crossed the A61 and continued to follow the bridlepath of the Leeds Country Way to East Keswick.  All was going to plan. 


The first fall was fairly straightforward, I just fell straight into shrubs and then jumped straight back on again, no tears only laughter. 


I went down the hill shortly after, just before leaving the bridlepath to head to East Keswick  and I then realised I had lost the others.  Worried that there had been another fall, I went back to find them, fortunately all was well and as I had scooted off and lost them at a junction, I now realised that I needed to make sure no one got left behind – or lost.   


We crossed a busy road and continued to follow the bridlepath, wended our way along the gladed, smooth trail and quietly glided over the Wood Hall bridge.  The second fall was a little more complicated requiring fairly complex operations to secure my removal from barbed wire – I was hoist by my own petard, literally.  My release was managed only by ripping a hole in my cycling shorts.  No tears, just laughter, a quick dusting down and we were off again.  Up the short, steep, sharp pull to the Wood Hall hotel, sweeping down the driveway like four highwaymen pounding away like there was no tomorrow; and flying through Linton, from there onto the disused railway from Wetherby to Spofforth… 


Now we were behind on schedule, no time having been factored in for falls; we put the pedal to the metal and pushed on at a good pace towards Spofforth slowing only for women and children.  We were greeted at Spofforth by friendly registration marshalls, a selection of homemade cakes the length of the village hall and promises there would be plenty left by the end of the 10k race. 


We were also greeted by Paul Sanderson who had cycled from Northallerton to hook up with us, by Ian Sanderson and Kathy who came to support us and by Ged Coll who beat our 2h 15m scenic bike ride with his 35m road cycle.  Pascale Fotherby, a new recruit, joined us and we posed for pre-race pictures, giddy with the excitement the day had so far offered and had yet to bestow.


The Spofforth 10k Gala trail race is a scenic circular across fields and tracks, you will get your running shoes dirty on this one so don’t wear your new ones (the map of the route rightly referenced ‘bogs’.).  The runners gather on the historic Spofforth Castle field and then walk to the start along the road.  Before you know it you are off and, on your way. 


Powered by lemon drizzle cake and inspired by Chloe Hudson, I determined to keep up with those in front and try not to be overtaken, and I felt I held my pace fairly respectably round.  Fortunately for me there were no major hills as I tend to grind to a halt at times like that; I enjoyed the light rain which cooled and cleaned and decided to grit my teeth and get to the end without further mishap. This was done.  And before you know it you are at the end of the race, finishing with a sprint up Heroes’ Hill, back in the Castle field, in the middle of the Gala.


1st male: MV40  Mark Bryant   00:37:33 Leeds City AC

27th   Gary Mann    00:44:44

42nd   Paul Smith   00:47:12

63rd   Steve Dixon   00:50:16

74th   Ged Coll  00:51:43

86th   Sarah Smith  00:53:32

113th  Pascale Fotherby   00:57:00

190 finished.


We posed for post race photos proudly be-medalled, courtesy of Kathy (see V S Facebook) then headed back to the village hall for more lemon drizzle cake and pork butties.


Cycling back, four became five as we had picked up Paul Sanderson - but not Ged who seemed to disappear rather than risk become embroiled in our madcap escapade.   Now, acting more responsibly, I was able to advise the group about the route ahead, warn of busy roads and advise on safe positioning.   


No mishaps, just good cycling down to Kirkby Overblow, then up by Weardley, stopping only for a quick photo stop at the top of the last hill and just before the rain started we peeled off in our separate ways to go home and get clean.


A very good day out.  We agreed that we should cycle to more races, Gary confirming that he did not think that the cycling impacted much on his time.   


Link to pics from Pete Poznan


Advert – message from Tony Firth


Free loft insulation


A mate of Tony’s has a firm fitting loft insulation, you may be aware that anyone can have it fitted for free and the government pay for it doing.  If anyone is interested, contact Jim on 07980 496 639, saying you were recommended by Tony at Leos.


Advert - NB this is just an email I have received, no recommendation or otherwise


Welcome to Pilates/Kinetic Control for Runners!
The sessions are kicking off on Monday 10th September at the Yorkshire Dance Centre, at 7.30-8.30pm.  The postcode for the Yorkshire Dance Centre is LS9 8AH, and following is a link to their website: Here you will find a map with directions to the Centre.  There is a car park on site (next to the Northern Ballet Theatre) and roadside parking.  It is all free parking after 6pm.
Please bring with you your running shoes, a Yoga/Pilates Mat, a notebook and pen, and a bottle of water.  You will need to wear shorts or jogging bottoms.
The sessions are run over 6 weeks and you will be asked to pay the full amount of £40 prior to the start of the classes, by cash or cheque.  Please arrange to pay John or Miranda, but you cannot pay the centre directly.
We very much look forward to seeing you there and taking you on a journey to help you to understand what it means to run with good technique, and to improve your own technique to keep you on your feet!
If you have any further questions or need any information please get in touch.
Warm regards,
John & Miranda
John Rutherford - 0113 2457800 The Leeds Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd 
Miranda Wells - 07738 353665