Subject:                          V S Weekly Update - Training, Events incl Handicap, Harewood Trail help, Membership fees, LCW results (women's team 1st), Scottish news * 2


Sent: 07 September 2012 15:02

Training this coming week


NB double check on the website in case of any change!


Tue 11 Sep - Kathy's Run Leeds beginners/improvers/juniors group meet Leos 6:00pm for training session (new starters welcome!).


Tue 11 Sep - Holly's Run Leeds improvers group meet Bodington Hall sports pavilion 7:00pm – directions as follows, from Ring Road, go on Otley Road towards Otley, just before end of dual carriageway turn right into Bodington Hall grounds, go downhill till you get to one way system.  The one way system is anticlockwise. The sports pavilion is on your right so you just need to go 50 yards on the one way system and turn right again to the pavilion.


Tue 11 Sep - Valley Striders meet Leeds Met Indoor Sports Centre 7:00pm for Track session.


Thu 13 Sep - meet Scott Hall 6:45pm for steady 7 miles at 8 to 9 minute mile pace (with stops).


Thu 13 Sep - Kathy's Thursday group. Meet on Alwoodley Lane top of Goodrick Lane (footpath down to Res) 6:30pm NOTE EARLIER START TIME!


NB Tue 18 Sep is club handicap night, this will be the only “session”, see “Events” section for more details.


Events for September


Sat 8 Sep – Mile races at Leeds Met Track from 3:30pm, ages 13 and above.  See  Several races, 12 runners per race, the slowest wave (9-10 minute pace) starts at 4pm and the fastest wave (4:15 to 4:45) will start around 6pm.  There is a team prize for combined men/women for this and Hyde Park summer mile.  Mark Hetherington (race organiser) tells me that Striders have a good chance of winning this but need 2 ladies to run.  Entries on the day up till 4pm.  At Leeds Met sports pavilion adjacent to the track.


Sun 9 Sep – Wetherby 10k also (VSGP & Leeds Race Series). 

Also junior 1.8 miles

The junior race is the first race of the Leeds Junior Race Series which runs from September 2012 to August 2013 .


Sat 15 Sep - Rombolds Romp on Ilkley Moor (TRIPLE points – VSGP, VSFC & Leeds Race Series).  See . There are two routes, choose the slightly longer trail route or the slightly more challenging fell route.


Tue 18 Sep – V S Junior 1 mile Race (also open to adults) meet 6:10pm, race starts at 6:20pm

V S Autumn Handicap 5 miles meet at 6:40pm, race starts at 6:50pm.  On reservoir path and tarmac to Eccup and back (no off-road)

Both from Eccup Reservoir (Alwoodley Lane footpath).  Note earlier start times than usual. 

Book food saying whether you want carnivore or veggie lasagne and whether or not you want apple pie to by Sunday 16 Sep 10pm


Sun 23 Sep – Kirkstall 7mile trail (Leeds Race Series) and Junior 2 mile Race (Leeds Junior Race Series).  See .


Tue 25 Sep - Harewood 10 Recce run.  Meet 6:30pm Harewood Village Hall for 2 mile, 5 mile or 8 mile route.  Note early start time.  Not sure whether Kathy’s 6pm session will take place.


Sun 30 Sep - Horsforth 10k (VSGP & Leeds Race Series).  See .


Tue 2 Oct – Training session followed by Valley Striders Annual General Meeting.  Food of course!


West Yorkshire Cross Country League


Dates - Saturday 20 October at Wetherby, Saturday 20 November at Yeadon, 24 or 25 November at Huddersfield, Saturday 8 December at Wakefield.


Distances - 9 to 10km for men, 5 to 6 km for women, various distances for juniors, minimum age 9 on 19 October 2012. 


Start times - junior races in 2 year age groups start from 11:45a.m., women’s race at 1:30pm, men’s at 2:15pm if I remember correctly.


Race entries needed by Tuesday 2 October to cost is £10 and that is the total cost for all 4 races.  NB it is £10 however many races you enter/run – you keep your race number for the series.  Entry fee for juniors (under 17) is £5.


List of teams at


Harewood Trail Races – Sunday 28 October


Help required for these races please – 2 mile at 10:00, 5 & 10 mile at 10:35.  We need about 80 volunteers for all aspects of race support.


Please note that Striders are only allowed to run if they can provide someone to marshal in their place.


Please email if you can help.  Let us know your preferred location.  So far 10 people have emailed me (thanks) but we need 70 more.


If you have juniors running then we can find an place for you to marshal on the juniors route.


Also help needed handing out entry forms at various races in September and October, especially the junior races at Wetherby and Kirkstall.  Please email .  If you can’t help on the day, maybe you can help with entry forms!


Membership and Other Payments


Paul White has emailed

Just a reminder that Subs for 2012/13 are due from 1st September 2012.  Subject to confirmation at the AGM we are proposing to keep them the same as last year:   
    1st Claim - £20
    2nd Claim - £10
    Social - £10
    Volunteer - £3
    Junior (11-18) - £8
    Junior (under 11) - £3
If you ran in the Leeds Country Way – please pay £9:50 also.


If you are entering the West Yorkshire Cross Country -  please pay £10 also.


If paying by cash, please pay at the Club any Tuesday.


If paying by cheque, please make cheques payable to Valley Striders and pay at the Club or send to Paul White, 17 Whinmoor Court, Redhall, Leeds LS14 1NX. 
Alternatively payment can be made by bank transfer via the internet to our account as follows:
     Sort Code: xx-xx-xx
     Account Number:  aaaaaaaa
If doing so please include your name as reference on the transfer details.  If you are paying any amount other than a combination of £20, £9.50, £10 (e.g. if you are paying £40 to include a friend), please also send an email to  with an explanation
Leeds Country Way Results


Some great results by the Striders teams.  The Ladies won their category, 16 minutes ahead of Abbey and a further 15 minutes ahead of Horsforth, thus regaining the trophy that they had won in 2007/08/09/10.  The Men finished 20 minutes behind Leeds City but held onto second place until half way through leg 6 when they were overtaken by Airedale Athletics (a Bradford composite team of Saltaire, Baildon, Skyrac, Eccleshill and a couple more clubs).  The vets would have finished a clear first in their category and 8th overall but sadly Patrick dropped out halfway through leg 1 with an Achilles injury and because Paul Sanderson finished alone, they were awarded a default time of 3 hours for the leg.  NB the results below show with the penalty added at the end so shows how they were positioned through the race.  The “B” team finished a stunning 10th overall, and the “C” team finished 30th, thus 4 of our teams finished (or would have finished) in the top half of the 39 teams.


Fastest leg trophies were won by Myra & Kim, by Louise & Sharon and by Gwil & Paul.


John Wallace says “Bob – can you mention that I have the LCW memento jugs and will bring them along to Thursday and Tuesday sessions for people to collect.  I also still have BMW t-shirts for various members of the team which are also in the back of my car so will be with me at the Thursday and Tuesday sessions as well.”


Bob says “John, supported by with Myra and Gwil, has done a splendid job organizing the 5 teams and getting everyone prepared and round the route (and especially the 5 reserves drafted in in the last few days), so please make it easy on him, pick up your memento as soon as possible and don’t let him have to worry about this!  He needs a good 40 weeks rest before starting to organize the 6 teams for next year”.


Bob also says “I have a collection of mementoes from previous years in my loft space, if anyone didn’t get one or has lost or broken one, please email me with the year(s) you require”



“A” team                                      Leg time Pos  Time     Pos

1 Dan      Fisher        Andy   May           01:12:42  2   01:12:42  2

2 Rob      De'Giovanni   Simon  Midwood       01:16:30  2   02:29:12  2

3 Jerry    Watson        Steve  Webb          01:12:54  4   03:42:06  2

4 Richard  Balshaw       Jeremy Ladyman       01:27:14  8   05:09:20  4

5 Paul     Kaiser        Gwil   Thomas        01:02:58  1   06:12:18  2 

6 Joel     Giddings      Alex   Nancolas      01:08:25  7   07:20:43  3


“Women’s team”

1 Myra     Jones         Kim    Threadgall    01:25:16 12   01:25:16 12

2 Laura    Clark         Hayley Nancolas      01:37:50 23   03:03:06 19

3 Louise   Allinson      Sharon Tansley       01:27:38 18   04:30:44 16

4 Amanda   Seims         Liz    Wood          01:38:31 17   06:09:15 17

5 Michaela McGarry       Lucy   Nowlin        01:30:17 24   07:39:32 17

6 Pam      Lomoro        Sue    Sunderland    01:26:44 23   09:06:16 17


“Vets Team”

1 Patrick  Barrett *     Paul   Sanderson     01:35:00      01:35:00 25

2 Alan     Hutchinson    Ian    Sanderson     01:31:47 16   03:06:47 21

3 Tom      Button        Tony   Mills         01:18:36  8   04:25:23 15

4 Tahir    Akhtar        Roy    Huggins       01:32:27 12   05:57:50 14

5 Alistair Smyth         Mark   Woodhead      01:15:00  7   07:12:50  9

6 James    Tarran        Simon  Vallance      01:06:58  6   08:19:48  8

                   *     LEG 1 PENALTY        01:25:00      09:44:48 26


“B” team

1 Paul     Smith         Alan   Walsh         01:29:57 19   01:29:57 19

2 Naomi    Wrigglesworth John   Wallace       01:38:20 24   03:08:17 21

3 Richard  Irvine        Tim    Towler        01:23:41 13   04:31:58 17

4 Andy     Stoneman      Dusan  Svoboda       01:34:44 13   06:06:42 16

5 Alun     Davies        Paul   White         01:32:18 26   07:39:00 16

6 Gary     Mann          Dan    Murray        01:06:44  5   08:45:44 10


“C” team

1 Mike     Higgins       Tomas  Mildorf       01:37:21 26   01:37:21 26

2 Bob      Jackson       Louise Purdy         02:10:24 38   03:47:45 32

3 Graham   Ford          Ian    Sanderson     01:34:08 24   05:21:53 29

4 Sarah    Smith         Mick   Tinker        01:48:51 27   07:10:44 28

5 Rich     Clough        Graham Jones         01:51:57 35   09:02:41 29

6 Sarah    Howell        Liz    Reddington    01:37:16 29   10:39:57 30


PS your puzzle for the day is to spot who ran two legs!


Scottish News from John Shanks


Sarah and I ran the Glasgow Half Marathon yesterday, did anyone else take part? It was a really well run race as always and both of us recorded PB’s with Sarah coming in at 1:57:43 and me finishing in 1:38:47 which would have been a wee bit less if I hadn’t spent the last 200m high fiving people in the crowd and celebrating like I’d scored the winner in a cup final. I was delighted not to get any injuries thanks to Liz Wood for un-knotting my right calf problem.


Would recommend that race to anyone, George Square is an ideal warm up area for the start, they do a well organised pulse start with 4 different muster groups so sharp elbows weren’t needed too much, the route is really well marshalled, the finish in Glasgow Green is great fun and you get to see Ibrox Stadium!


More Scottish News from George Black


Hi Bob, I see from the recent Newsletter than you have noticed that I have started running again. I had not run or cycled since the Abbey Dash in November 2010 except for a Christmas Day event in 2011 when I struggled to break 13 minute miling.


After the change to my domestic circumstances I decided to start doing some local events.


It may encourage some of the younger club runners (note from Bob – George is 72) to see that you can still improve with a bit of effort. I have only shown certified courses. The 5Ks are mainly park runs at St. Andrews over an 'interesting' course.


1 mile - 7:43 on 24/4, 7:32 on 26/6, 7:03 on 10/7, 6:45 on 21/8


2 miles - 6:27 on 27/3


5Km - 25:51 on 20/4, 26:17 on 21/4, 26:38 on 16/6, 25:10 on 22/6, 26:08 on 23/6, 25:31 on 30/6, 23:56 on 14/7, 22:51 on 20/7, 23:15 on 18/8


5 Miles - 38:59  on 4/7, 36:49 on 25/7


10Km - 52:54  on 26/4, 44:17 on 26/8


As my dear friend Max would have pointed out my weight loss from 12st 5lbs to 10st 12lbs  has a lot to do with the improvement.


The bad news is another "slippy stane" incident on 16th July. I fell and now find I have a Scaphoid fracture of the left wrist after falling when running off road. You just don't bounce the same  as you get older.


Hope to see some of the Striders at the Abbey Dash during my annual Christmas present trip to Leeds. Warmest Regards to all. Geo.