Subject:                                     V S Weekly Update - Handicap & junior race, Harewood recce & race, Bibs, Events, WYXC, Ladies Tour 2013, Track sessions, Results, Marathon status


Sent: 14 September 2012 14:02

Arrangements for Tuesday Handicap Tuesday 18 September


Looking out of the window yesterday evening, it is definitely getting dark early so I’ve moved the times forward a further 5 minutes.


·         V S Junior 1 mile Race (also open to adults) meet 6:05pm, race starts at 6:15pm.


·         V S Autumn Handicap 5 miles meet at 6:35pm, race starts at 6:45pm.  Race route - on reservoir path and tarmac almost to Eccup village and back (no off-road).


Both from Eccup Reservoir - bottom of footpath from Alwoodley Lane – down to lodge then turn right. 


Lasagne afterwards at Leos.  Please book food saying whether you want carnivore or veggie lasagne and whether or not you want apple pie to by Sunday 16 Sep 10pm.


Harewood Trail Race Recce Run - Tuesday 25 September


Kathy’s Group to meet 6:00pm at Harewood Village Hall for recce run of 2 mile route.


Holly’s intermediates group – arrangements to be confirmed.


Valley Striders Group to meet 6:30pm Harewood Village Hall for reece run of 5 mile route or 8 mile route.  If you are running the 8 mile and are not one of our fastest then bring a head torch!


and the Race Itself – Sunday 28 October


Help required for these races please – 2 mile at 10:00, 5 & 10 mile at 10:35.  We need about 80 volunteers for all aspects of race support.


Please note that Striders are only allowed to run if they can provide someone to marshal in their place.


Please email if you can help.  Let us know your preferred location.  So far 17 people have emailed me (thanks) but we need 63 more.  Check


If you have juniors running then we can find an place for you to marshal on the juniors route.


Also please email if you can’t marshal, at least we’ll know not to pester you.


Also help needed handing out entry forms at various races in September and October, especially the junior races at Kirkstall, Bramham and WYXC (Wetherby).  Please email .  If you can’t help on the day, maybe you can help with entry forms!


Other Training Sessions / Bibs


See the website for details, but note that from 1 October it is compulsory to wear a reflective bib for all V S evening training sessions.


This doesn’t apply to Kathy’s 6pm session at Leos.  BUT because our contingency for the rugby pitches being waterlogged is to run on the footpaths on the Buckstones, we recommend that you too purchase reflective bibs. 


Bibs are available for £10 at Up And Running - if you are a V S Member you can get 10% discount.  You may find cheaper prices elsewhere (let me know if you do).  But make sure you get a runner’s bib, some of them are workmen’s bibs - OK if you are mending a hole in the road, but not aerodynamic!


Events for September


Sat 15 Sep - Rombolds Romp on Ilkley Moor (TRIPLE points – VSGP, VSFC & Leeds Race Series).  See  There are two routes, choose the slightly longer trail route or the slightly more challenging fell route.


Sat 22 Sep - Folkin’ Reservoir Ramble (coincides with Otley Folk festival) - 14 & 20 mile run or walk from Prince Henry’s G S Otley LS21 2BB  start 9:30am.  An event for both runners and walkers.   Expect a hilly but picturesque taking in part of the Six Dales Trail and the Washburn Valley via Clifton, Dob Park and the three reservoirs of Fewston, Swinsty and Lindley Wood before returning back to Otley via Farnley and Clifton.The course must be completed within 8 hours. Competitors must reach Norwood Edge (Checkpoint 4) by 14.30 otherwise they will be asked to retire.

Approximate co-ordinates for the checkpoints are:

Start Prince Henry’s School: SE201464

1. Mill House Farm (Norwood Bottom Rd) (D): SE197511

2. Blubberhouses car park (R): SE169553

3. Jack Hill Lane: SE196515

4. Norwood Edge Mast (R): SE208515

(R) = Refreshments     (D) = Drink


Sun 23 Sep – Kirkstall 7mile trail (Leeds Race Series) and Junior 2 mile Race (Leeds Junior Race Series).  See .


Sun 30 Sep - Horsforth 10k (VSGP & Leeds Race Series).  See .


Tue 2 Oct – Training session followed by Valley Striders Annual General Meeting.  Food of course!


West Yorkshire Cross Country League


Dates (note corrections!) - Saturday 20 October at Wetherby, Saturday 10 November at Nunroyd Park Guiseley, weekend 24 or 25 November at Huddersfield, Saturday 8 December at Wakefield.


Distances - 9 to 10km for men, 5 to 6 km for women, various distances for juniors, minimum age 9 on 19 October 2012. 


Start times - junior races in 2 year age groups start from 11:45a.m., women’s race at 1:30pm, men’s at 2:15pm if I remember correctly.


Race entries needed by Tuesday 2 October to cost is £10 and that is the total cost for all 4 races.  NB it is £10 however many races you enter/run – you keep your race number for the series.  Entry fee for juniors (under 17) is £5.


List of entries so far at


More Events


Check the list of remaining Grand Prix and Fell Championship races on


Ladies Tour 2013 - from Holly


Next year's Ladies' tour is the Edinburgh Rock n Roll Half Marathon, 14th April, £32 if you enter before December 2012.


Please could all ladies email me to say if you're :

Here’s the race website

Striders Monthly Track Session


Following feedback from several of you, we tweaked the session on Tuesday, the format was

·         steady warm-up 3½  laps of the cinder track (instead of 2½)

·         warm-up exercises led by Liz (thanks)

·         5 minutes of running – 30 secs steady, 30 secs fast (no change)

·         3 by 400 metres, timed, in lanes, with approx. 45 secs recovery (no change)

·         5 minutes steady running (new)

·         4 by 5 minutes (new) choice,

o    Either 400 metres timed in lanes with approx. 3½ mins rest between

o    Or 800 metres timed (first lap in lanes then using lane 1) with approx. 2 mins rest in between

o    NB some did 4 by 400, some did 4 by 800, some a mixture

·         1 lap steady

·         stretching exercises led by Liz (thanks)


If you did the session (and even if you didn’t), we’d be interested in your comments.


Here’s the original email that Gwil sent


Hi All,
We've been giving some thought to how we can get the most from the track sessions we organise on the second Tuesday of each month.
There's been a noticeable drop in numbers for the track session so we wanted to get your thoughts on how we could do it better.
Please have a read through the questions below. All responses are welcome.  The aim is to come up with something that allows you to best utilise the time and be of value to as many participants as possible.
Do you find a regular track session valuable?
What do you think about the frequency of the track sessions?
What do you find most useful at the track?
How valuable do you find the current reps:
1/. Timed 400s
2/. Indian File Running
3/. Time-based intervals (eg 5 x 30secs fast, 30 secs steady)
4/. Sprints/relays

If you would like to do different reps what would you find most beneficial?
Is there anything that puts you off the track sessions?
All responses will be greatly appreciated.


Please reply to




Golden Mile at Leeds Met Track


   8 Simon Midwood   4:44.9

  10 Gwil Thomas     4:45.6

  29 Roy Huggins     5:12.3

  30 James Tarran    5:13.6

  33 Andy Stoneman   5:15.2

  35 Tom Button      5:29.1


Wetherby 10k

                                        VSGP Pts

    7  Simon Midwood       0:35:34      100

  33  Dave Penman         0:39:43       96

  34  Gary Mann           0:39:39       98

  45  Andy Stoneman       0:40:30       95

 104  Andreas Mayer       0:43:53       93

 175  Paul White          0:47:07       91

  184  Sue Sunderland      0:47:14       89

  314  Sarah Howell        0:52:03       87

  500  Sue Carr            0:57:56       85

  608  Hannah Stoneman     1:01:51       84

  625  Jayne Sexton        1:03:08       82

  758  Meryll Cripps       1:14:44       80


  111  Paul Hunter         0:44:51       91


A couple of weeks ago the famous Strider name was Steve O’Callaghan’s son Paul winning a parkrun.  At Wetherby I met the son of another Valley Striders founder member, this was Martyn Hopson’s son Peter.  Peter ran 4:44.9 at the Golden Mile and then followed this with 17th place at Wetherby on 37:38.


Grand Prix points have now been updated on the V S Website (click on “Club Members” tab)


The Fell Race Championship is now up to date to 1 September, Yorkshireman results will be included soon (I’ve googled for them but couldn’t find them).


Marathon Season


As summer rolls into Autumn, the marathon season restarts, so I thought I’d refresh you with the top 20 performances to date this year, 10 of which were in London, the other 10 in other marathons worldwide (well France, Scotland, Lancashire and Wearside).



     226  Simon Midwood      2:41:55

     274  Gwil Thomas        2:43:03

     461  Paul Kaiser        2:48:31

     779  Clive Bandy        2:55:14

    1132  Dusan Svoboda      2:59:16

    1365  Kevin McMullan     3:01:59

    2152  Gary Mann          3:11:02

    2257  Alan Hutchinson    3:12:08

    2563  Dan Murray         3:14:28

    3489  Greg Skerrett      3:22:49


Other marathons

    Jon Parker          2:39:21         9  Manchester

    Jeremy Ladyman      2:55:30        40  Manchester          

    Dave Penman         2:56:16        83  Edinburgh

    Tracey Morris       3:07:45      1743  Paris

    Myra Jones          3:13:25       220  Manchester

   John Wallace        3:13:56      2612  Paris

    Ian Sanderson       3:16:07       285  Manchester         

    John Batchelor      3:17:15      3149  Paris

    Joel Giddings       3:19:45       306  Manchester

    Andy Stoneman       3:21:50        85  Sunderland


Hope to see many/most of you next Tuesday.  At the summer handicap we had 76 runners (14 in the 1 mile and 62 in the trail route) can we better that?