Subject:                                     V S Weekly Update - Training, Paul & Sharon, Help, Fees, Results


Sent: 08 October 2012 00:47

Apologies, this V S Weekly Update is a little later and quite a lot shorter than usual.  Normal service should be resumed next weekend.




Is just about back to normal this week.  Just a reminder that the Tuesday “club” session is at Leeds Met track.  Check the website for details of this session and a summary of all the other sessions.  Remember that reflective bibs are mandatory for all Striders evening road training sessions.


Announcement – from Paul & Sharon


We have fixed the date for our wedding for the 1st June next year at Grinkle Park Hotel in North Yorkshire. We were thinking, if there's enough interest, of maybe running a Valley Striders party bus - leaving and returning from/to Leos - for the evening do, so just wanted to give advance warning for people making plans for next year!


Still needing Help for Harewood Trail Races


Sunday 28 October, still needing about 25 more people to help.  If you read the story of the Otley Folkin Reservoir Ramble you’ll understand why having even one marshalling point unmanned can cause chaos.  Please email if you can help.  Please check for a list of those who have volunteered (thanks).  If there’s anyone nifty at keying names and numbers into Excel, let me know (you don’t need to know Excel formulae, just be able to “type”).


AGM / Membership Fees


The minutes of the AGM should be on the website well before the end of the month, but in the meantime, you can see the accounts and a summary of the results and statistics of the last 12 months if you follow the “For Club Members” tab and “Committee Meetings and AGMs” link.


One change I need to let you know about now is that, due to England Athletics putting up their membership fees from £5 to £10 in April 2013, we have agreed to set the membership fees for new members at £25 (previously £20).  Also we will also be asking those who have joined since 1 June 2012 and paid between £20 and £25 to top this up to £25.  I will explain in more detail in the next weekly email why we are doing this and we will write to everyone affected.


Also in the announcement from England Athletics was that they are putting up their membership fees for juniors from £5 to £15 in April 2013.  This is particularly aimed at track and field competition but none of our juniors do this.  Other local clubs e.g. Abbey Runners are in a similar situation so I’ll discuss with local clubs their views on whether juniors who only compete in “fun runs” (I use this term loosely) need to be registered at all.  For the time being, we are only going to charge new juniors £3 (as before).  I know that some juniors have recently paid £8.  If we decide that we can stick at £3 we will refund the difference.  Again this will be explained in more detail in the next weekly email.




Redcar Half Marathon


GunPos   GunTime                  Chip Pos  Chip Time

    10   1:18:18  Paul Kaiser         10   1:18:16   

    35   1:23:26  Ian Sanderson       35   1:23:19   

  1120   2:19:02  Alice Kniveton    1118   2:18:25

  1184   2:27:48  Katy Pollard      1186   2:27:12   


Kirkstall 7


Kim, Myra and Sarah won the female team prize (beat the Abbey team and were all actually there to receive it!). Kim was 3rd Female. Nobby Mann fastest local prize by 5 seconds (after a stewards enquiry!).


    20   Alan Walsh          00:43:24    

    26   Gary Mann           00:43:49    

    28   Kim Threadgall      00:44:01     3rd F

    46   Myra Jones          00:47:00     6th F

    47   Robert Marsh        00:47:13    

    60   Mike Higgins        00:49:09    

    93   Chris Sawyer        00:53:24    

   111   Sarah Howell        00:55:36   

   127   Liz Reddington      00:57:59   


Horsforth 10k


    8  Gwil Thomas         0:35:48      100

   28  Dave Penman         0:38:25       98

   66  John Shanks         0:41:25       96

   78  Myra Jones          0:42:08       95

   85  Graham Jones        0:42:28       93

  111  Rob Marsh           0:43:34       91

  151  Sue Sunderland      0:45:32       89

  176  Paul White          0:46:32       87

  313  Bob Jackson         0:51:06       85

  319  Sarah Harper        0:51:21       84

  321  John Bucktrout      0:51:32       82

  516  Richard Hemsley     1:01:23       80


     2  Panos Aristotelous  0:34:23     

    16  Peter Hopson        0:36:35     


Grand Prix results now updated on the website,  Fell Championship too!




Good luck to all Striders at the Eindhoven marathon and half marathon this Sunday.