Subject:                          V S Weekly Update - help!, Elika's do, entry dates, membership fees, results including Eindhoven, Andy May's 2:34 and George's British M70 win, spring marathon discussion


Sent: 14 October 2012 23:26

Apologies again, I promised  you that the V S W U would be earlier this week and have more content.  I’ve failed on the former but hopefully succeeded on the latter.


Help Needed for Harewood Trail Race


Next Tuesday (16th), after training, 3 or 4 people to help Paul Kaiser put race numbers and information sheets into envelopes, from 8:30pm at Leos


Saturday 20th, someone to hand out forms at Roundhay parkrun.  NB I’ll hand out at West Yorks XC at Wetherby


Saturday 27th, at around 11am for just one hour, 4 or 5 people to put labels on beer bottles.


Sunday 28th (race day)

·         a few people to come early to put direction signs on A61, A659 and around the Village Hall

·         sweepers for the 2 mile, 5 mile and 10 mile races

·         about 20 more marshals please


Email if you are free to help


Please look out for an email next weekend with a list of marshals and duties allocated.  Information will also be on


Elika’s leaving do, also Sunday 28 October


I will be having some boozy Chapel A drinks on Sunday 28th October. I think it's important to set the tone now as 'boozy' but it would be good to see the regulars and the not so regulars for my last week in the UK before moving to Hong Kong.


It's the same day as the Harewood trail and the plan is to meet in Hummingbird around 1:30pm for food &/or drinks. It's family friendly if people want to bring the kids and it would be good if everyone can make it for a few. I'm also keen to try the new local Chinese on Harrogate road so if anyone can stay out we can make a day of it. 


Hope to see you then. x




Entries opening for Chevin Chase & Auld Lang Syne & Brass Monkey


Thanks to Sue Sunderland, Sarah Smith and Paul White for the following information


·         entries to the Chevin Chase (26 December) opened today

·         entries to the Auld Lang Syne race (31 December) open on 1 November

·         entries to the Brass Monkey half marathon (20 January) will be online at 7am Saturday 20th October 2012  (suggest you log in before 7:30am to be sure of getting in!!!)


Membership fees for 1 September 2012 to 31 August 2013


As mentioned in the last V S Weekly Update, because of the rise in England Athletics fees in April 2013, at the AGM we voted to make one change to Valley Striders fees, that being to set the rate for new members to £25. 


Also, for the time being we are registering all our junior members as junior social not junior competitive.  If any new senior members have paid less than £25 or new junior members paid more than £3 we’ll contact you to make the adjustment. 


Any juniors wanting to run in West Yorks XC will need to pay £5 extra, but I have confirmed that entry (for juniors) to the Peco league does not require the registration fee.


So just to confirm the rates

  R  - Adult Competitor  £25 (new member)               } these all

  R  - Adult Competitor  £20 (renewal)                  } include £5 for

  LR - Life member        £5 (competing)                } England Athletics

  J  - Junior (11-18)     £8 (competing)                } competition licence

  JS - Junior Social      £3 (under 18, not competing in major races)

  C  - Child (under 11)   £3

  V  - Volunteer          £3 (non-runner)

  LV - Life member      free (non-runner)

  2  - Second Claim      £10


I forgot to say in last week’s email where to send the money.  Here’s the information from Paul White


If paying by cheque, please make cheques payable to Valley Striders and pay at the Club or send to Paul White, 17 Whinmoor Court, Redhall, Leeds LS14 1NX. 
Payment can be made by bank transfer via the internet to our account as follows:
     Sort Code: xx-xx-xx
     Account Number:  aaaaaaaa
If doing so please include your name as reference on the transfer details.




Some great marathon results (also showing points in Any Other Marathon category)



          92   Andy May            2:34:47      100     

         473   Richard Balshaw     2:50:17       98

I’m going to stick my neck out here and say that Andy’s time is the best by a UK-based male Strider this century (Tracey ran 2:33 at London and Melbourne).  I await responses!



         562   Sue Sunderland      3:36:50       79



          84   Simon Redshaw       3:30:02       86

          95   James Tarran        3:35:06       82

James emailed “It was a brilliant event that I can thoroughly recommend, though it is tough with some big hills.  I went through halfway in 1.38 so you can see that I struggled somewhat towards the end.”


Bramham fun runs



    4  Clive Bandy      0:39:26

    5  Dan Murray       0:39:30

    7  Andy Stoneman    0:40:02  

    8  Gary Mann        0:40:25


    1  Franco Pardini   0:19:04


See for aeroplane impressions by Valley Striders – Keith Cluderay will be impressed!


Blackpool to Fleetwood 10


   28  Eric Green       1:10:01


Striders Autumn Tour


Eindhoven Marathon


Results have just come online

                                         GP Pts

     243  Dan Murray          3:03:44      100

     272  Andy Stoneman       3:07:24       98

     278  Gary Mann           3:07:54       97

     331  John Batchelor      3:13:31       95

     354  Alan Hutchinson     3:14:20       93

     356  Roy Huggins         3:14:31       92

     384  Myra Jones          3:16:39       90

     396  Greg Skerrett       3:18:19       88

     405  Joe Hanney          3:18:42       87

     616  Jonathan Brownbill  3:34:36       85

     716  Alistair Smyth      3:43:13       83

     768  Paul Sanderson      3:46:04       82

     832  John Wallace        3:50:08       80

also non-counting

     265  David Thompson      3:06:53      2nd claim Strider


I hope I haven’t missed anyone, the website search engine didn’t seem to be working so I just scanned the results looking for union jack symbols – most of the UK runners were Striders!  Even if the search engine had been working it wouldn’t have found everyone – Gary was listed as from Kirkstall and John B from Leds.


The race website advertised this as a fast course, 9 men (all Kenyans or Ethiopians) broke 2:10.  210 of the 1285 finishers broke 3 hours.  I suspect a few PB’s in the Striders results, I’m awaiting a report from the tour manager.


Eindhoven Half Marathon


Leading Striders – hope to have full list next week but I didn’t fancy searching through 70 pages (7000 runners) for union jacks.

      7  Andy May            1:14:04

     76  Jeremy Ladyman      1:22:23


George Black reports from Scotland


29 September - Camperdown 5k Mixed Terrain - 23:45 - over 70 Course Record


7 October - British Masters Half Marathon Champs. Kirkinlloch - 1st Over 70, 1:43:27  (race winning time was 1:11:24)


As I had not run, never mind raced, this distance in over 2 years I did not know how I would handle the trip. It was the British Masters Champs and I was not sure who would travel up from down south. I tried obtain a list of runners in my age group before the start without success. However all the Vets(Masters) had an age group identification on their backs. This is useful but it can be difficult to identify your competition when there is a fairly large entry. In championship races times are less important and it is really only finishing positions that matter. As the course was difficult the choice of going for a time and just running for the win was an easy one. I started in the second row and ran the first half mile quite briskly and then settled down to see if any other 70 year old appeared. I had arranged for one of my cycling friends to be at the 4 mile point and to advise me of the time gaps between anyone in my age group who was ahead or behind me. I was pleased to learn that I was leading with a 40 second advantage. Over the years I have learned that when leading all you have to do is go at the same speed as the person behind and you win. No point beating yourself. I continued the rest of the race running at the same heart rate, as much as the terrain allowed, and found that my lead gradually increased to 2m 33s at the finish. My average H/R for the event was 132 BPM. After the race I found that none the runners ranked above me over 10k had entered which had allowed me to win in a slower time than I had thought would be necessary. My current 10K time should have allowed me to run under 96 minutes but I was glad it did not prove necessary to put it to the test. The conditions were the best I have raced in for many years so no excuses because of the weather. The last occasion I entered this event was exactly 20 years ago when I won the over 50 category at Bridlington. How the years pass. It is also worth noting that I only beat Louise Gilchrist's O/70 record by 14secs and John Keston managed 3:00:58 for the full marathon as a 70 year old. Both of these are current British Records. Wonderful that you have got to beat the British Record to be the fastest Valley Strider. Keeps you grounded.


London Marathon places


I had an email from Sarah Clark two weeks ago saying that the Bone Cancer Trust had bond places for the London Marathon but unfortunately I missed it from last week’s email and their application date has now expired.


I’m sure there are other charities still with places if you look around.


Alternatively if you’d prefer not to have the hassle of a 200 mile train journey, queuing for hours at the Expo (when you should have your feet up), standing on a train to the start (when you should have your feet up), walking a mile from the station to the start (when you should have your feet up), having to put your kit on the bus half an hour before the start, weaving through crowds of runners and celebrities who have got places at the front (need I go on?)…


… why not try a marathon closer to home e.g. Manchester or Blackpool or Windermere or maybe Edinburgh?  Anyone with experience of these please email me and I’ll compile a list of spring marathons and their pros & cons.