Subject:                                     V S Weekly Update - Training, Abbey junior race, Reports - marathons, Langdale Horseshoe, WYXC, Withins


Sent: 26 October 2012 19:10

Hi everyone


Just got time to send out a proper Valley Striders Weekly Update.


There are only minor changes to the marshals list (thanks to Grace Thomas for taking over at the information tent), this is now on the website at  or


I am looking for a table that we can use to put two water barrels on for the water station at Alwoodley Lane.  It doesn’t need to be big as we have another table for the cups.  It does need to be strong(-ish) as it has a bit of weight to support.  Text or phone 0777 5898 558 if you can help




Almost back to normal.  Because it is the 5th Tuesday in the month, the “club” session will be pyramid at High Ashes.  So to summarise

·         Tuesday 30 October – Kathy’s beginners/improvers/juniors at Leos 6pm

·         Tuesday 30 October – Holly’s intermediates (run by Grace) at Leos 7pm

·         Tuesday 30 October – Club experienced runners at Leos 7pm for pyramids at High Ashes

·         Thursday 1 November – Club runners at Scott Hall 6:45pm

·         Thursday 1 November – Kathy’s improvers/intermediates at Scott Hall 6:45pm


Note Pie and Peas on Tuesday 6 November at 8:30pm, email to by Sunday 4th at 10pm, saying whether you want meat pie or veggie bake, whether you want mushy peas or baked beans, whether you want apple pie.


Events – Abbey Dash junior race


Message from the organiser


At this year’s Abbey Dash, there will again here be a 2k Junior Race taking place before the Senior Race. Details from the Age UK web site:  


The Junior 2km challenge starts at 9am on race day for 8-15 year olds. Call 0800 169 8787 to sign up with details of the entrant and a credit/debit card for the £6.00 entry fee. All finishers receive a medal and a chocolate bar.


Please can you bring this to the attention of your club’s Junior members, or Senior members with children who may be interested?

We’d love to have youngsters from your group at the Leeds Abbey Dash on 18th November 2012 making friends, keeping fit, and raising money for their grandparents via Age UK. The Junior 2km challenge starts at 9am for 8-15 year olds, and to sign kids up ask their parents to call 0800 169 8787 with details of the entrant and a credit/debit card for the £6.00 entry fee.

Marathon Reports 

From Richard Adcock


With all these marathon results coming in here's mine to add to the list


Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon  3:40:39.1   (to 1/10th second!)


It was billed as flat and fast, what they failed to mention was it will be chucking it down, cold and windy!


Everybody got soaked on the way to the event but just after the race started it stopped raining, the wind dropped off and the sun tried to come out; perfect conditions.


It was a well organised, enthusiastically supported race round the city, out and back along the highway with a few twists and turns back in to the city centre.


At 19km the half marathoners peel off and suddenly you are aware of how few there are doing the full distance (20,000 compared to 3,500).


Right, I feel good, I'm happy with my pace, time to push on.


I was on target for a sub 3:30 up to about 35km when the last six weeks staying in hotels, eating too much, took it's toll and it was a hard slog to the end.


Oh well there's always next time... but at least I won the Canadian Abbey/Valley challenge after bumping into an Abbey runner at the start :)


From Ian Sanderson


My autumn marathon, at Mablethorpe on 7th October:


Ian Sanderson



(03:11:12 chip) - 248 ran.


Nothing to write home about but it should get me level with Dan in the GP table.


From Nicky Green


I met up with Liz on Friday for a steady one and first time I’ve met up with anyone for the Club since I last saw you at the track.


That was my last run before Great North on the following Sunday and long story short got a bad reaction from GNR and couldn’t run for a week and only ran twice in the remaining two weeks of my taper.


Did Berlin in 3:02 but should have been 5mins off at least I’d say if my taper hadn’t been a mess up but not too worry. Next time!


So hardly ran after since too. Built up steady last week and ready to go again tonight.


Brilliant to hear about great XC results and hope everyone had good ones in Eindhoven too


Review of Spring Marathons


I’ve got 4 contributions, please send some more recommendations and I’ll include in the next edition


Langdale Horseshoe on 13 October (14 miles and 1400 metres of ascent).


Race report from Steve Dixon


A large contingent of Valley Striders (and friends) entered this race.  Surprising in that it was not in the Fell Championship.  Probably was out of naivety as no one apart from me had done this before.   For Kelvin Horner (VS friend) this was his first ever fell race.


The race takes in much of the central lakes and is technically challenging with many rocky ascents/descents and boulder fields to negotiate.  The route takes in the Langdale Pikes, followed by a long traverse of Martcrag Moor where the unwary can find themselves up to their waist in bog. The route then takes you down into Langdale Comb followed by a long ascent up to Esk Hause.  By this point on the day we were climbing up through the cloud into brilliant sunshine and occasional snow/sleet flurries.   After the tortuous contouring below Esk Pike we had the ascent of Bowfell followed by the Crinkle Crags.  At this point you’d be mistaken for thinking you are on the home straight.   But the infamous ‘bad step’ awaits those who meet it head on.  A real bottleneck for the front runners (so I’m told!  I’ve never had to queue!).   Then follows a gentle grassy descent and path down to Red Tarn and this is about the only stretch where you can truly relax into some faster running.  Pike of Blisco then demands your attention!  If you haven’t paced yourself this hill can appear to be of Everest proportions.  I must have got my pace correct as, for the first time, I actually enjoyed this last climb and passed quite a few ‘runners’ struggling on this section.   The whole course had been incredibly wet and slippery this year (and the winning time was well down on previous years) but the wettest and slipperiest(?) section of the whole course was the final descent.  I can’t imagine anyone managed that last section without falling at least  once.  Justin, unfortunately was the only runner to have been photographed on his back.  There has been some discussion as to whether it was due to a fall or he was just getting in some late summer sunbathing.  We all finished though!


Ben Abdelnoor of Ambleside led the field home in 2.13.14


     49  John Marsham       2.47.12

    152  Kelvin Horner      3.23.21

    162  Steve Dixon        3.24.29

    176  Justin Vogler      3.28.42

    178  Ann-Kristin Köhler 3.29.16

    208  Amanda Seims       3.35.12

    214  Mark Woodhead      3.38.53

    215  Alun Davis         3.38.59

    283  Sarah Smith        4.18.19 (of Otley AC standing in for our Sarah Smith)


291 finished and 14 retired or timed out


Part of V S Fell Championship – results now on the website – just 2 races to go now  - see


West Yorks Cross Country at Wetherby 


Also VS Grand Prix


  women                                   Dist     Pace   GP Pts

      16  Kim Threadgall     0:22:18       5.5  04:03.3       91

      26  Julia Leventon     0:23:19       5.5  04:14.4       90

      35  Myra Jones         0:23:52       5.5  04:20.4       89

      68  Sue Sunderland     0:25:39       5.5  04:39.8       84

      87  Sharon Tansley     0:27:04       5.5  04:55.3       83

     110  Sarah Howell        0:29:34      5.5  05:22.5       81


      30  Simon Midwood      0:32:10       9.0  03:34.4      100

      38  Gwil Thomas        0:32:30       9.0  03:36.7       99

      43  Paul Kaiser        0:32:50       9.0  03:38.9       98

      47  Jerry Watson       0:32:58       9.0  03:39.8       96

      64  Dan Fisher         0:33:40       9.0  03:44.4       95

      66  Richard Balshaw    0:33:49       9.0  03:45.4       94

     103  Paul Fotherby      0:35:26       9.0  03:56.2       93

     159  Gary Mann          0:39:04       9.0  04:20.4       88

     167  Rob Marsh          0:39:30       9.0  04:23.3       86

     177  Nick Barnes        0:40:25       9.0  04:29.4       85

     206  Bob Jackson        0:48:58       9.0  05:26.4       80


Part of V S Grand Prix – results now on the website – just 3 races to go now - see


Withins Skyline (VS Fell Champs)


    70 Clive Bandy         0:56:10      

    72 Ollie Cheyne        0:56:19      

    81 Dan Murray          0:57:04      

    91 Alan Walsh          0:57:55      

   151 Martin Oddy         1:02:24      

   153 Steve Dixon         1:02:26      

   172 Alan Hutchinson     1:03:59      

   195 Alistair Smyth      1:05:38      

   220 Gary Mann           1:07:56      

   260 Sarah Smith         1:11:02      


Part of V S Fell Championship – results now on the website – just 2 races to go now  - see


Mini-report from Scotland


From George Black -


Hi Bob, I am pleased to let you know the Striders will be represented at the British and Irish Cross Country Champs being held in Belfast on Saturday 10 November.I have been selected for the Scottish over 70 team. I have no hope of individual honours this year but hope to support my compatriots in the team race. Regards George