Subject:                          Valley Striders New Year Update - National XC enter today, Training, Meanwood Trail, Events incl Peco, Chevin & Handicap Results, Performance certificates, Junior pages


Sent: 02 January 2013 09:36

Hello and a Happy New Year to you all!


National Cross Country and Northern Cross Country


Online entry to the “National” closes tonight at 10pm.  Closing date for the Northerns is Friday 11th.


For both events, please email and we will submit club entries.


Northern XC at Knowsley Safari Park on Saturday 26 January, details on Northern Athletics website


National XC at Sunderland on Saturday 23 February, details on


Training Summary


Now that Christmas and New Year are over, we can now get back to some proper training and also be relieved to know that it will be another 6 years before Christmas Day and New Year’s Day both fall on a Tuesday! 


Thursday 3 January – Experienced runners 6:45pm from Scott Hall, Kathy’s group 6:45pm from Scott Hall


Tuesday 8 January – Kathy and Andy’s beginners/improvers/juniors 6pm from Leos, Holly & Grace’s intermediates 7pm from Leos, Experienced runners 7pm from Leeds Met track (recommend bring reflective bib for road session if track icy)


Thursday 10 January – Experienced runners 6:45pm from Scott Hall, Kathy’s group 6:45pm from Roundhay Park


Tuesday 15 January – Kathy and Andy’s beginners/improvers/juniors 6pm from Leos, Holly & Grace’s intermediates 7pm from Leos, Experienced runners 7pm from Leos for 6 by 5 mins. Followed by pie and peas, book to before 10pm Sunday saying whether you want meat pie or veggie bake, whether you want mushy peas or baked beans, whether you want apple pie


Thursday 17 January – Experienced runners 6:45pm from Scott Hall, Kathy’s group 6:45pm from Scott Hall


Check the website for any changes and further information




Saturday 5 January – good luck to Striders running in the Yorks XC Championships at Lightwater Valley.


Sunday 6 January – Peco Handicap Race at Golden Acre – open to anyone who ran in either of the first two races (Fitzwilliam and Middleton Park).  See for details.


Sunday 13 January – Peco Race 3 at Bramley Falls Woods – 1 mile race for school years 4-6 at 10:00, 2 mile race for school years 7-12 at 10:20, adult race at 11:00.  See for details.  Third race in 2013 Valley Striders Grand Prix.


Sunday 20 January – good luck to the 45 or so Striders running in Brass Monkey Half Marathon.  Note that name swaps are possible and currently I have one female entry available.  Laura Goodson emailed  “Unfortunately, due to a second bout of injury in recent months I have a spare Brass Monkey place available.  As far as I'm aware, it is only possible to swap within the same gender so it would have to be a girl who replaces me. Please email me at if you are interested.  I would have love to run it myself as I am slowly building the miles back up at the minute, but I'd be at risk of doing too much too quickly I think. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and wishing all the striders a very Happy New Year!”


Meanwood Valley Trail Race and Junior Race


Saturday 20 April – Meanwood Valley Trail Race – Striders requested to marshal.  We were unable to have our first choice date (13 April) because of a wedding at Leos and struggled to find a weekend without a local race so chose the Saturday of the London Marathon because there are usually no other races that weekend.  We realise that 15 or so Striders will be running so need everyone available to help.  Now I’ve found out that there are two other races on the same day (yes on the Saturday) - obviously race organisers had the same idea – one at Spofforth the other at Baildon, so I also need help getting publicity out as soon as possible – handing out entry forms at races including parkruns and taking entry forms to local schools.  I have 3,500 entry forms printed (only 2,900 left after Chevin Chase).  Email if you can help!


Leeds Race Series


The 2012 race series has finished and the provisional results show Joel Giddings 1st M40-45 and 3rd overall and Gary Mann 1st M30-35.  Peter Hopson, son of Striders life member Martyn, was the overall series winner.  For details of the 2013 series, see






Chevin Chase (1st VS GP race of 2013)


      16  Gwil Thomas        00:44:39      100

      35  Paul Kaiser        00:47:20       99

      44  Ian Sanderson      00:48:30       98

      47  Simon Vallance     00:48:40       97

      92  Dan Murray         00:50:32       96

      97  Gary Mann          00:50:40       95

     103  John Batchelor     00:50:53       94

     112  James Tarran       00:51:27       93

     133  Simon Redshaw      00:52:23       92

     163  Ollie Cheyne       00:53:53       91

     173  Andy Stoneman      00:54:14       90

     199  Alistair Smyth     00:55:12       89

     207  Steve Dixon        00:55:37       88

     209  Tim Towler         00:55:45       87

     235  Greg Skerrett      00:56:46       86

     239  Richard Adcock     00:56:55       85

     242  Mick Tinker        00:57:02       84

     292  Sue Sunderland     00:58:59       83

     304  Sharon Tansley     00:59:43       82

     306  Liz Wood           01:00:01       81

     333  Iain Currie        01:01:13       80

     357  Ged Coll           01:02:13       79

     421  Patrick Barrett    01:05:38       78

     461  Tony Haygarth      01:07:55       77

     488  Sarah Howell       01:09:03       76

     647  Kay Duggleby       01:18:38       75


Some pictures on VS Facebook page including Sarah Howell in elf costume with Jonny Brownlee.


John Hallas emailed “I have uploaded 260 Chevin Chase photos at Flickr  There are quite a few Striders in there. If anybody wants a full sized jpeg edited and cropped appropriately let me know and I will send them one”.  John’s email is  or

There are also pictures from Andrew Thrippleton


If you’re looking for pictures from local races then look for the Facebook page “Yorkshire Runner Photos”


Club Junior Race


8 juniors and 2 adult pacers ran


       1   Joe Sherman            0:06:27

       2   Callum Chambers        0:06:40

       3   Alex Irvine            0:06:56

       4   Eleanor Ford           0:07:38

       5   Joe Irvine             0:08:41

       6   Theo Giddings          0:09:23

       7   Sam Chambers           0:09:52

       8   Joanna Chambers        0:09:53 (adult)

       9   Isla Chambers          0:12:06

      10   Louise Chambers        0:12:07 (adult)


Club Handicap (2nd VS GP race of 2013)


    Race                       Race     Hand-    Run        GP 

     Pos                       Time     icap     Time       Pts

       1  Joe Hanney          0:53:45  0:20:45  0:33:00       96

       2  Natalie Crossland   0:54:05  0:12:15  0:41:50       74

       3  Deborah Fraites     0:55:27  0:03:45  0:51:42       68

       4  Rob Marsh           0:55:39  0:21:15  0:34:24       92

       5  John Hallas         0:55:44  0:14:45  0:40:59       75

       6  Graham Ford         0:55:59  0:16:15  0:39:44       77

       7  John Shanks         0:56:01  0:24:00  0:32:01       97

       8  Sue Carr            0:56:11  0:09:15  0:46:56       70

       9  Steve Webb          0:56:12  0:25:45  0:30:27       99

      10  Gwil Thomas         0:56:14  0:27:30  0:28:44      100

      11  Sean Fitzgerald     0:56:21  0:18:00  0:38:21       81

      12  Justin Vogler       0:56:25  0:23:00  0:33:25       95

      13  Ian Sanderson       0:56:27  0:25:40  0:30:47       98

      14  Gareth Chambers     0:56:28  0:12:15  0:44:13       72

      15  Mick Tinker         0:56:29  0:19:35  0:36:54       86

      16  Sue Sunderland      0:56:30  0:19:25  0:37:05       85

      17  Simon Barker        0:56:43  0:18:00  0:38:43       80

      18  Liz Reddington      0:56:45  0:14:45  0:42:00       73

      19  Sarah Clark         0:56:56  0:12:00  0:44:56       71

      20  Paul White          0:57:00  0:18:40  0:38:20       82

      21  Myra Jones          0:57:41  0:22:30  0:35:11       90

      22  Alistair Smyth      0:57:52  0:22:15  0:35:37       89

      23  Mike Higgins        0:58:01  0:21:15  0:36:46       87

      24  Melanie Murray      0:58:04  0:04:00  0:54:04       67

      25  Ged Coll            0:58:23  0:19:20  0:39:03       79

      26  Richard Irvine      0:58:32  0:24:45  0:33:47       94

      27  Iain Currie         0:58:54  0:19:20  0:39:34       78

      28  Dave Penman         0:59:00  0:25:00  0:34:00       93

      29  John Wallace        0:59:12  0:21:45  0:37:27       84

      30  Sarah Harper        0:59:15  0:18:40  0:40:35       76

      31  Dan Murray          0:59:21  0:24:30  0:34:51       91

      32  Paul Sanderson      0:59:28  0:22:45  0:36:43       88

      33  Ian Rosser          1:00:36  0:23:00  0:37:36       83

      34  Sara Dyer           1:02:18  0:12:00  0:50:18       69


A great run by Joe Hanney who beat his previous best age-graded time by over 1% - a worthy winner.  (More of age grading later in this email)


Thanks to our timekeepers Mike, Eileen and Kathy, to ticket hand-outer Eleanor, and to marshals Peter, Tom and Ken


Also thanks to everyone who brought food back to the club - Sarah Harper’s pasta in chilli sauce and Simon Barker’s African shortbread (courtesy of Joanna) were particularly appreciated!




It’s been a busy two weeks at parkrun with two races each week at each venue.


At Roundhay, Holly was 1st W on 22 December and Sue was 1st W on 29 December.  On Xmas Day, the whole Watson family travelled the half mile from their house on Old Park Road to the race and achieved a remarkable result – Jerry was 1st, son Ollie 2nd, wife Madeleine 2nd W and daughters Helen and Anna, according to Jerry, made a rare appearance!


Performance Certificates and Age Grading


Yes at last all the 2012 performances (up to 1 December) are on the website (click on the “For Club Members” tab and select “Performance Awards”).  Alan Hutchinson presented about 15 certificates at the Xmas Do, but we still have at least 50 on file to be presented, the next presentations will be at the pie and peas night on 15 January.


Certificates are awarded for running 5 races at a particular “grade”.  One of the rules in the small print is that you need to run 3 different distances.  If you’re wondering why you haven’t got a certificate, you may be one of the people who only run 10k’s and half marathons, or only run 5k’s and 10k’s.  In 2013, look out for a race at a different distance and you may complete your certificate.


I’ve now added the official age grading standards for the 1 mile and 2 mile distance, and I’ve also added gradings for ages 5 to 17 (previously I only had 18 and above) so we’ve now been able to age-grade all the junior performances at our 1 mile races, the Harewood 2 mile and the Eccup 1 and 2 miles.  Two juniors have qualified for certificates – Alex Irvine was presented with his at the Xmas Handicap and Callum Parton’s is awaiting collection.  Regarding performance certificates for Juniors, the requirement is to run 5 races in total and 3 different events. 


Oh, and if you are asking “What is Age Grading?”, there’s an explanation of that too!  Not bothered about age grading?  But you want to know whether your time in a 10k race this year was “better” than your time in a half marathon?  It does that for you too!


Finally on this subject, if you want to record your own races and calculate your own age-graded percentages, I’ve added a new pro-forma.  Input your name, sex and date-of-birth, then input your race results (date, race, distance, time) and the system will calculate your percentage for each race.  It is an Excel spreadsheet that can be downloaded from the “Performance Awards” page.


Junior Information on the Website


There is now a separate section on the website for juniors – click on the “For Club Members” tab and select “Juniors”.  So far this just has race results, but Richard Irvine has been putting together a Grand Prix Handbook for the Junior GP and I’ll upload that soon.   Note that parkrun results aren’t in this section, but they are in the Performance Awards section.