Subject:                                     V S Fortnightly Update - 2 sittings for lasagne, Grand Prix & Fell Champs 2013, duathlon, peco pics, race reports from Sarah Smith, Simon & Kim race wins, and more


Sent: 31 January 2013 12:34

Apologies, I was away last week so there was no V S Update




Tuesday 5 February – 4 sessions and 2 lasagne sittings – all at Leos

·         Kathy, Richard and Andy’s beginners/improvers/juniors at 6pm, followed by lasagne at 7:15pm

·         Holly & Grace’s intermediates at 7pm, followed by lasagne at 8:30pm

·         Experienced runners session at 7pm (3 by 10mins at High Ashes) , followed by lasagne at 8:30pm

·         Fell-runners session at 7pm – “7 hills” down to Smithy Mills and then various hill reps working back to Leos via Church Lane, Stonegate Road etc., followed by lasagne at 8:30pm


Book your lasagne at saying whether you want carnivore or veggie lasagne and also whether you want apple pie.  Remember to say whether you want the 7:15 or 8:30 sitting (or both!)


Myra has confirmed that the Friday 6pm ladies-only session restarts this week, short reps suitable for everyone, contact for details.


There is a new Sunday intermediates session.  They have a training plan aiming for the Edinburgh Half Marathon in April so the sessions are currently around 7 miles but will be building up.  Contact Holly or Grace for details.




This Saturday (2nd) is the first rescheduled first parkrun at Templenewsam – see the Facebook page “Temple Newsam parkrun” note the space between (“temple” and “newsam”).


Next V S Grand Prix races – Dewsbury 10k (3 Feb - closed), Peco Race 4 (17 Feb at John Smeaton) .  Note that Peco race 5 is on Sunday 3 March at Adel, so 2 local races to finish the series.


I think the meeting between the Grand Prix organisers and Fell Championship organisers is next Tuesday so once we’re sure there are no clashes we can finalise both.


First race in Yorkshire Vets series is Sunday 3 February at Horsforth see for details.  “Good changing facilities and showers. Food will  be available after the race”.


Stokesley Duathlon – about a dozen Striders are competing on Sunday 24 March.  This is a 5k run, 35k bike, 5k run.   There is also a “novice” race 3k/17k/3k and also a team race – one cyclist plus one or two runners.  See . Contact Dan Murray for more details about the Striders team .


Sheffield Adventure Festival – running talks


Amanda Seims, Richard Adcock, Simon Redshaw, Sarah Smith and a few more are going to , and before you worry, this is not a talk about night-running, it is 5 experts talking one night about running.  If you’re thinking of going, contact Amanda or Sarah re car-sharing.


Leeds to Liverpool Ultra – event details


30 Athletes - 128 Miles - 4 Days - One Goal!


Run on Water is a new 4 day event organised in association with Brathay Trust. It will take place between Leeds and Liverpool starting at Granary Wharf, in Leeds, at 10:30am on Thursday 21st March. It will finish at Albert Dock, in Liverpool, on 24th March.


·         Runners will follow the Leeds, Liverpool canal over 4 days - supported by the experienced Brathay team

·         The course follows the canal tow path and is divided into day stages of: 29, 32, 33 and 34 miles

·         There will be aid stations and electronic timing points at intervals on the course + welcome refreshments at the finish each day


Entry Fee - £475  Entry fee includes: Transport during the event, accommodation, breakfast, electronic timing system, finishers medal, trophies and prizes for the winners in various categories and safety and logistical support from the Brathay team. All finishers will receive a unique ultra-medal   


Meet amazing people and achieve something quite incredible.  Join us!...and be proud to say  "I was one of the first Run on Water athletes."


Limited to 30 applicants




We were wondering whether the pools panel should sit to declare the finishing order for GP points, but instead we’ll choose another half marathon or 10 miler later in the year.


Pontefract parkrun – all Leeds parkruns last Saturday were cancelled but Simon & Gemma Midwood went to Pontefract – Simon won and Gemma was 4th W.


Northern XC – not many of the Yorkshire clubs went across to Knowsley Safari Park last Saturday.  Leeds City were the exception, winning the men’s title and having 3 teams in the top 10 – their women took bronze medals.  Paul Fotherby was the only Strider to go, finishing 217th out of 583.


Over 500 pics of Peco Race 3 at Bramley Falls are on Andrew Hardaker’s page on Facebook .  This includes pics of all the 6 VS Juniors – 5 are in Striders vests – Adam Mills (red thermal), Sarah Brady, Callum Parton (in vest), Alex Irvine (with hat) and Eleanor Ford.  Joe Sherman is in a bright yellow weatherproof top and blue/white hat next to a girl in dark blue / light blue checked shirt.


Race Report - The Hardmoors 30, 1 January 2013 – from Sarah Smith


“I was going to go to Ravenscar for my summer holidays but the walk to the beach was down a steep cliff…”.  The steep cliff which ruined the dreams of the developers defines Ravenscar as you enjoy the spectacular views from the top, and it is the impressive bulk which you head towards as you approach from Whitby along the coastal path. 


Ravenscar was fortunate in that it escaped the developers’ grasp.  Twenty years ago, I camped at Bent Rigg Farm walking from Scarborough to Whitby along the Cleveland Way and went back many times as I was drawn to the place.


Ravenscar, the bare outline of a village, coupled with the remote Raven Hall Hotel perched on the top of the cliff directly above Wine Haven and with sweeping views of Robin Hood’s Bay.


The Raven Hall Hotel was looking a little tired until recently it was given an injection of life and is now a popular wedding venue.  The photographs on the walls of glamorous gatherings there in the glory years gone by, put me in mind of The Shining.


Inspired by beautiful pictures of the coastline by Ultramoors Man on the Hard Moors Facebook page in September 2012, I signed up for the Hard Moors 30, having previously felt the route looked a little tame.  A disused railway features a lot in the figure of eight route, which might be ideal for cycling with children but for running, for me it is too enclosed.


Steve and Andreas joined me on a recce of the route in December and we were treated to a lovely day, the rugged majesty of the North Yorkshire coastline splashed in bright colours courtesy of brilliant sunshine.  Setting off from Leeds in the dark, we had driven through the dawn to arrive at Ravenscar at 9 am in daylight.  We had coffee and cake in Robin Hoods Bay, and later enjoyed coffee and chocolate in the church yard of St Mary’s church at the top of the 199 steps (or 398 for Steve).


The Specials’ eponymous first album was the first CD of the year, on the early morning drive to Ravenscar, followed by the Smashing Pumpkins.  I arrived in Ravenscar in a good mood having driven through a dawn again, the light was bright on arrival, the road frosty, a nip in the air.


In the village hall I was greeted by very efficient and very young marshals who registered me and gave me my race card.


The race organiser cheerfully advised us that if we had brought fell shoes or road shoes choose the fell, as the muddy sections after Whitby were ‘bad’.  Oh well, that was about 4 or 5 hours away for me, not an immediate problem.


Having been told to “bu**er off” by the race organiser, we were off.  I set off at a fairly good pace, my race plan was to “put some effort in”.  I don’t know why but I cannot go fast.  My body just resists being pushed on the speed side.  It is probably worried it ‘might hurt’ but I just chug along gaily at a steady pace most of the time, for hours.  The plan for today was, “try a bit harder than normal”.  In fact, I had told myself: try so hard that you feel ill at the end.  I have read blogs where fell runners run so hard they vomit in the race, and I feel ashamed that I just jog around and breeze up at the end beaming, saying “that was great, I really enjoyed that”.  


It’s just such a great feeling setting off on a long run, knowing you have 5 or 6 hours of this ahead of you, savouring every step, every turn, every new view, warming up and getting into the rhythm.  It really is like being on a train with a bit of a thrill of running thrown in. 


We run round Blea Wyke Point, and head down to Hayburn Wyke where we leave the Cleveland Way, and head inland.  Just after the first check point, a self-clip, I was running across a boggy field, when I heard a man cussing loudly. I laughed thinking he had just got wetter than he expected – I felt a little sheepish when another runner told me he thought the first one had lost his shoe. As I looked back he seemed to be searching for his shoe in the bog, assisted by another so I felt bad, I hope he fished it out…


From here, you turn onto the disused railway, and keep going along that until Whitby.  The long stretches along the disused railway could in theory get a bit tedious at times, but I don’t expect entertainment on a 30 mile run. I imagine what it would have been like to travel along that track, on a train and forget I am propelling myself.


Check point 2, having completed the Hayburn Wyke loop, is at the village hall, then trotting off back on the disused railway, this time heading up to Whitby. This stretch of the disused railway is the scene of a previous disaster around 20 years ago when I found myself walking along this stretch, with Tony, in the dark without a torch…  it’s a long story!


Check point 3 in Robin Hood’s Bay, food and drink and friendly marshals.  No time for coffee and cake this time. I plough on along the disused railway, still, heading for Whitby.  You are treated to glimpses of the sea to your right if you are heading in the right direction. Whitby Abbey comes into view sooner than you think it will and running into Whitby and through the throng of day-trippers and up the 199 steps and through the church yard and onto the coastal path. I don’t think breaking the lucky duck all those years ago mattered after all.  This is going so well.


Leaving St Mary’s, the coastal path was fine, hard pack terrain. A little mud a bit further along, then the small patches of mud became larger until I was running through swathes of mud, which turned into channels and then tracts of land which were fields of mud.  The mud was frothy and bubbly, churned and whipped and a really lovely light brown colour.  It was difficult to get a grip and easy to fall.  Ahem.  Past Far Jetticks.  Clock Case Nab.  Craze Naze.  Calf.  Castle Chamber. 


Back in Robin Hood’s Bay, the marshals check you in and keep you going.  Then, I find myself running down the hill to Robin Hood’s Bay laughing and beaming from ear to ear. 


I call out to a pair of runners, “isn’t this great, are you enjoying this?”  And they look at me like I am the most annoying person they have encountered ever.  What on earth is she on about?  I run down the hill wondering if this unbreakable descent will end in tears.  Surely it must, I can’t stop or slow and this is too fast for me!  I’m going faster and faster, momentum is gathering yet I manage to stay upright and then swerve to the right and up a ginnel, past the chippy, and up to the coastal path again. 


More mud, more slipping and falling.  Down the steps to Boggle Hole, up again, past Tinkler’s Stone, then it’s that lovely finger post saying “Ravenscar 2 miles” and I think ok, that’s 20 minutes left, damn.  Up the hill to the Raven Hall Hotel, it’s nearly dark, I power walk and try to fall forward to see if I can fool my body into running.  Remember your race plan.  I am tired, but not ill and certainly nowhere near vomiting.  Turn right at the top, hook up with a runner in pain, but he joins me in our combined attempt to finish this running.  We count down the seconds and lurch into the village hall beaming from ear to ear.  


All the prizes await – hot coffee, a lovely baked potato, crisps.  Then a presentation of trophies, and heading home in the dark, a perfect start to the New Year. 


1st male: Robin Carter 4h 21m

1st female: Sophie Crag 5h 32m

41st Sarah Smith 6h 15m

107 started



Hardmoors 15
I bumped into Kim as I was about to set off on the Hardmoors 30 on New Year’s Day, she ran in the 15 mile race, finished 1st W and 4th overall
Off the results page:
HARDMOORS 15 Category Winners
1st Richard Usher 2hrs 2mins
2nd Nick Mason 2hrs 13mins
3rd Tom Stewart 2hrs 16mins
1st Lady Kim Threadgall 2hrs 18mins
Race Report - Hebden 22, 19 January 2013 – from Sarah Smith


Start: 8 am, Mytholmroyd. 22 miles in an anti-clockwise direction, heading up to Lower Crimsworth near Pecket Well, turning at Gibson's Mill, then up to Old Town and Slack.  From there down to Blackshaw Head, along the Calderdale Way.  Down past Delph, through Jumble Hole Clough, past the waterfall and the remains of Staups Mill, across the railway and the road and then it's a climb up from there to Broadhead Clough. Past some ruins, you find yourself on the Pennine Way, then instead of heading for Stoodley Pike which monument stands there like a piece on a chess board, you follow Dicks Lane, cross a moor, and climb down into Broadhead Clough. From here, you head for Cragg Vale, turn round past Turkey Lodge and head back down to Mytholmroyd.


Today in sub-zero temperatures, snow which was knee-deep in places, it was hard going, with a cold wind in your face some of the time.


What a great day running in snow on my favourite OL21 map.


Last year's time 5:09

This year's time 4:53


An improvement of 16 minutes explained by: not being so bleeding ignorant when it comes to the route, reducing the amount of time spent at cake stall/checkpoints and taking the food with me, meals on wheels if you like. Last year we were hampered by an elemental wind, with the emphasis on mental, especially for the last say 6 miles.


Being driven home, I find out that the Brass Monkey is cancelled, so I have a day off tomorrow...


Steve texts me to say he has actually lost 1kg on this race. Disqualified. The array of food you are treated to at the checkpoints is for the runner's benefit and welfare. To lose weight on this race shows you have insufficient regard for your wellbeing. He suggests a 10 minute penalty. OK. 



1st male: Ben Mounsey 3h 06m

1st female: Isaline Kneale 4h 00m

36th Paul Smith 4h 03m

44th Steve Dixon 4h 13m

68th Amanda Seims 4h 35m

86th Sarah Smith 4h 53m

128 ran

43 did not start

3 retired


Race Report – Stanbury Splash – from Steve Dixon


A large contingent of striders made it out to Haworth to run the Stanbury Splash.  It’s likely to be the second best attended fell race, after the 3 Peaks, in 2013! 


Numbers were no doubt swollen by Brass Monkey refugees. 


Battle for first was between the two Toms and only a second separated them at the finish!  You won’t be surprised to hear that snow was on the ground but icy stretches in the upper reaches of the race forced an alteration to the course, shortening it somewhat.


       1 Tom Addison            Helm Hill    39.01

       2 Tom Adams              Ilkley       39.02

      72 Tony Mills       V40   V.Striders   48.44

      73 John Marsham           V.Striders   48.48

      92 Kim Threadgall    F    V.Striders   49.56

     111 Holly Williams    F    V.Striders   51.07

     117 Andrew Settle    V40   V.Striders   51.22

     120 Julia Leventon    F    V.Striders   51.39

    130 Justin Vogler    V40   V.Striders   52.05

     138 Ross Bibby             V.Striders   52.22

     155 Mark Woodhead    V40   V.Striders   54.08

     178 Stephen Dixon    V50   V.Striders   56.03

     225 Malcolm Coles    V70   V.Striders   59.10 1st Over 70 Vet

     266 Alun Davies      V40   V.Striders   62.01

     336 Ran

Kim, Holly and Julia were I believe the 2nd ladies team after Wharfedale


Can we have races added retrospectively to the Fell Championship?    


And the answer to Steve’s question is that you can decide next Tuesday!


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