Subject:                                     V S Weekly Update - Myra's bronze, junior victory, training, marshalling, membership, Grand Prix etc, parkruns


Sent: 18 March 2013 09:49


Firstly two race results and congratulations to

·         Myra Jones who was Yorkshire 20 mile bronze medallist at Spen 20

·         Joe Sherman, Callum Parton and Alex Irvine who won the Peco Junior Relays




Tuesday 19 March – beginners/improvers and juniors at 6pm; intermediates group and experienced runners group at 7pm, all from Leos


Thursday 21 March – improvers/intermediates group and experienced runners group, both 6:45pm from Scott Hall


Tuesday 26 March

·         Beginners/improvers at 6pm, lasagne at 7:15pm

·         Separate juniors at 6pm, lasagne at 7:15pm

·         Intermediates at 7pm, lasagne at 8:30pm

·         Experienced runners at 7pm, lasagne at 8:30pm

Please book lasagne at by 10pm Sunday saying which sitting (7:15 or 8:30), whether you want carnivore or veggie lasagne and whether you want apple pie




Still need lots of Marshals for Meanwood Valley Trail on Saturday 20 April, please email if you can help.


It would also help me and stop me chasing you if you could email with the message subject “Unavailable” if you are otherwise engaged.




If your “otherwise engagement” is the London Marathon, please let me know.  I am compiling a  list of “Who’s running where”, so if you’re running ANY marathon this spring or later in the year, please email and let me know where you’re running.


For another marshalling opportunity, see the last item of this email, they are offering £20 per marshal, sorry, the best we can offer at Meanwood is a bottle of beer.


Mr Kit


Sorry the email address last week was incorrect.  If you want a V S hoody or for other enquiries about kit, email




We will be renewing everyone’s membership with England Athletics early in April.  Note that you will only get a membership card is you haven’t had one before, your most recent card has no expiry date!


We are now chasing less than 25 people for their subs for the year started 1 September last.  Note that if you are on this list, we won’t be renewing your membership with England Athletics and so from 1 April you won’t be entitle to claim your £2 discount on races.


A couple of weeks ago our paid-up membership went over 300.  Our current 304 is made up as follows

·         232 1st claim

·         8 2nd claim

·         45 junior

·         19 social and/or volunteers


Regarding our junior members, all but one are registered as social members, this means that they can compete in fun runs but not in England Athletics events such as West Yorks cross country and West Yorks track and field.  Note that Peco and Meanwood Valley Trail are classed as fun runs!  This time last year we had just 8 registered juniors.


To check your membership status, there is a link in the “For Club Members” section of the website or go straight to


Baildon Boundary Way entry


Joe Hanney  has emailed


I have a place in the Baildon Boundary Way on 7th April that I can’t use - wondered if you’d mind mentioning it in one of your circulars in case a strider wants to make use of it. The BBW website has the following info on swaps:


We will accept swaps but this is something you must organise; we do not act as an introduction agency!  We do not have the time to attempt to match people up. If you have arranged a swap, please email us at heading your email ‘BBWAY SWAP’ with full details.  In particular we need the new runner’s:  full name, postal and email addresses, phone number, date of birth, running club (if any).


We will email a swap form for the receiver of the race place to complete.  We MUST be notified of the change of details and the receiver of the race place MUST complete and sign a swap form BEFORE the race.  FAILURE TO DO SO MAY RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION.


Grand Prix


The Grand Prix results are up to date on the website, and anyone who ran 3 or more races last year now has now been allocate to a “group” based on 10k race speed


Group  pace per mile   10k race time

   A     under 6min      under 37:16

   B     6:00-6:30       37:16-40:22

   C     6:30-7:00       40:22-43:28

   D     7:00-7:30       43:28-46:35

   E     7:30-8:00       46:35-49:41

   F     over 8:00        over 49:41


Junior Grand Prix


All results are on the website including Peco Race 5.  The Grand Prix table has been updated to include up to Peco Race 4 (thanks to Richard Irvine).


Next races – Meanwood Valley Trail junior race and Junior races at Leeds Half Marathon.


Fell Championship


Points table updated on the website (thanks to Steve Webb).


Haworth Hobble result (32 miles)


       Winning time     4:22:14

  110  Andreas Mayer    5:57:40 

  111  Simon Redshaw    5:57:55

  131  Ian Sanderson    6:10:38

  192  Sarah Smith and Steve Dixon (team)  6:44:03

  277  Geoff Webster    8:05:25

  282  Meg Galsworthy   8:17:21

  315  finishing times of which 64 were pairs, 379 finishers in total


Peco Relays


Joe Sherman, Callum Parton and Alex Irvine won the junior relay.  Abbey were 2nd.


In the senior relay our men’s vets team of Bob Jackson, Richard Irvine and Adam Parton finished comfortably mid-table (17th/36) which was good positioning as 6 of the teams above them were the M, M40 and M50 representative teams for the Peco League and the West Yorkshire Winter League.


Roy Huggins ran for the M50 Peco team and Sue Sunderland and Carole Schofield ran for the W50 Peco team.


For a video of Peco Race 5 see


Spen 20 Results


    4  Andy May          2:02:11

   51  Andy Stoneman     2:20:53

   52  Gary Mann         2:21:15

   68  Myra Jones        2:28:31

  106  Joe Hanney        2:37:31

  107  John Shanks       2:37:31

  184  Malcolm Coles     2:58:52  1st M70

  237  Sarah Howell      3:17:05

  257  finished




Leeds (Hyde Park) parkrun was featured in The Guardian last week .  Check out the runner in the centre, could it be Gwil?  Come on all you VS parkrunners, wear your club vests and advertise the Valley Striders.  Juniors too, and maybe we’ll get more to join the junior group.


Also see - were there two articles the same day?


Congratulations to John Shanks who won Roundhay parkrun on 23 February.  Also to Sarah Graham, a Morpeth Harrier who trains with us on Tuesdays, who has won the last 2 parkruns at Roundhay.


I’ve been looking at the results from Templenewsam, must be worth our faster runners having a go there, the course records look up for grabs.


Note that there is a 4th parkrun in Leeds starting next Saturday at Cross Flatts


I see that the winner at Hyde Park at the weekend was Josie Cram.  We were up at Leeds Met for a track session last Tuesday where I was timing our 8 by 5 minute session (NB the runners do 800 metres and get the remainder of the 5 minutes as rest, everyone seems to appreciate the session).  Amongst the other groups on the track was a young lady with her coach doing the timing.  After the session, someone asked to me “Do you know who the girl was that Steve Cram was timing?”, and I said “Where was Steve Cram?” and he said “Standing about 10 yards from you for most of the session”.  Clearly I was engrossed in our timing but maybe I need to go to Specsavers!


More Marshalling


I’ve had an email from the organisers of Wrap up and Run next Sunday.


We are holding a major 10K race at Harewood House (over 2,000 runners) and are looking for a few more marshals. It would be great if any of your members fancy it. Here’s what we’re looking for:


·         When: 08.00 – 12.00, Sunday, 24th March

·         Where: Harewood House, LS17 9LG

·         What: Marshalling the course or manning medal/ chocolate/ water stations

·         Offering: £20/ head expenses

·         How many: we need 8 more marshals, first come, first served


Full details here:


The race is in aid of older people in Leeds and around the UK.


We are asking local area running clubs first, both to involve and support local runners and because they know race marshalling best. It would be great if you can help and, of course, the £20/ head could be donated to your club.


Please circulate this to your members and do let me know if you have any queries. Look forward to hearing from you!


Thanks and best wishes,


Russell Vaught


T: 020 3033 1649