Subject:                          V S Update - Tuesdays in April, MVT tasks, BMW teams, Cycling, Marathons, Results, parkruns, silver for Steve, and much more


Sent: 07 April 2013 23:59




Please note some changes from the normal training schedules for April.  Please keep a close look on the website for any changes.


Tuesday 9 April – juniors & beginners separate sessions at Leos at 6pm, Holly’s intermediates at Leos (not track) at 7pm, experienced runners at Leeds Met track at 7pm


Tuesday 16 April

·         juniors & beginners 6pm will include recce of Meanwood Valley Trail junior race 1 mile route,

·         other groups also doing recce runs on the Meanwood Valley Trail senior route, start 6:50pm prompt.  One group will go as far as 7 arches (3 miles), another group as far as the ring road (5 miles), the third group the full route (7 miles)

·         followed by food – pie and peas, book to before 10pm Sunday 14th, choosing meat or veggie pie, mushy peas or baked beans, and whether you want apple pie and saying which “sitting” 7:15pm or 8:30pm you want to eat


Tuesday 23 April – the juniors and beginners 6pm sessions confirmed to be using the track at Grammar School at Leeds. Check on the website for where to meet.


Tuesday 30 April – club handicap 5 miles at Eccup Res 6:45pm, preceded by club junior one mile race at Eccup Res 6:15pm.  Followed by food (8:30 only)


Meanwood Trail – Saturday 20 April


We just need 20 more marshals including a few specialist jobs

·         Beer labelling on Friday 19 April for about an hour probably about 7pm – training will be given

·         Setting out the course early Satuday morning (8am)

·         Purchasing Tesco’s Value Water and delivering to Meanwood Park Saturday morning

·         Entries desk – accepting entry forms and taking money

·         Computer entries and results keying – you need to be familiar with Excel (but you won’t be writing formulae or macros!)

·         Recording finishers at the end of the funnel


Dan Murray is currently allocating people to marshalling positions and/or tasks, this will be published at (NB there is a link on the website home page too)


Bradford Millennium Way Relay


I think teams are all arranged for the Calderdale Way Relay so the next relay team event in which we always compete is the Bradford Millennium Way Relay on Sunday 16 June.  This is teams of 5 pairs, total 50 miles, all within Bradford City Council boundary, but nowhere near Bradford, details at .  Route starts and finishes at Bingley Rugby Club, and goes via Marsh (near Oxenhope), Laycock, Silsden and Ilkley.


We won the mixed team prize from 2002 to 2005 and the vets in 2006, it would be good to get back in the prize list again.  And if we could get 3 teams (30 runners) this year it would be a sound base of knowledge for next year, so the first 10 who apply get a guaranteed place.


Please email if you’d like to run.


First of all, the results from the Stokesley Duathlon


Overall    Name         Overall  Cat     Cat   Run 1    Run1  T1       Cycle    Cycle   T2       Run 2    Run2 

   Pos                   Time             Pos   Time     Pos   Time     Time     Pos     Time     Time     Pos

    65  Andy Stoneman    1:53:58  Vet 40   29   0:19:17   63   0:02:24  1:10:40    58    0:01:34  0:20:03   58      

    77  Dan Murray       1:56:27  Senior   31            #N/A                     #N/A                     #N/A      

    92  Simon Vallance   1:58:54  Vet 40   42   0:19:10   61   0:02:03  1:16:02   108    0:01:49  0:19:50   50      

   118  John Batchelor   2:01:41  Vet 40   53   0:18:58   54   0:01:31  1:20:21   146    0:01:03  0:19:48   48      

   153  Alistair Smyth   2:07:29  Vet 50   13   0:21:13  147   0:01:09  1:23:38   176    0:00:43  0:20:31   67      

   204  John Wallace     2:15:29  Vet 40   84   0:21:31  159   0:00:52  1:30:33   225    0:01:03  0:21:30   98      

   250  Richard Clough   2:37:58  Vet 40   99   0:26:38  250   0:01:50  1:38:07   244    0:02:08  0:28:55  246      

        Alan Hutchinson           Vet 50        0:22:06        0:02:24  DNF 2 punctures


Picture on website and more pictures on facebook.


Message from Andy Stoneman


Hi There

We are now doing some mid-week cycling to complement Valley Striders training.

Our first ride-out was last Wednesday (3rd). We had 7 riders - Dan, Greg, Ged, Stuart, Tracey, Liz and me.

We met on Street Lane and we took a steady ride of just under 30 miles around Otley, Leathley and Weeton before returning home up Harewood bank and back through Wike just as it was turning dark. Everyone enjoyed themselves although it did get rather chilly in the last 30 minutes.

For those wanting to join next time we will be meeting Wednesday eve (10th April) at 6pm for a c30 mile ride. We’ll meet on Street Lane by American Golf and we'll be back for 8-8.30ish.

Please wear helmets, gloves etc and lights will still be needed as it gets darkish 7.45/8. It also helps if you’re on road bikes and bring a small tool kit and spare tube.

It won't be too fast  - maybe 15-17mph av - we'll keep the group together.

Let me know if you're interested. Please respond to

You may have seen the Valley Striders kit on display on the Valley Striders website. Since we had the first batch done we’ve had loads of requests for more kit of folk. So, due to demand we’ll be doing a re-order this month. We need to order 13 items or more for the prices attached, so if we don’t make this quantity we may have to delay the order. The kit takes 3 weeks for print/delivery so to make the most of the overdue spring weather lets get this order in soon. I’m setting an order deadline of 16th April.   For enquiries email



Paris results

    3446  Andy Stoneman       3:17:45

   13186  Alex Watson-Usher   3:50:55

   19085  Gemma Midwood       4:05:36

      NB  Andy’s brother ran  2:59:14


Who’s running where?


At Three Peaks we have 23 entries and we are the biggest club behind Calder Valley Wharfedale and Ilkley


Ian Sanderson has emailed – “It's the Makem marathon for me;  I'll be goose-stepping out from the Stadium of Light on the 28th. I'm sort of tapering for the Woldsman on the 13th (eating Easter eggs is a form of carb loading, isn't it?) and will then just see what happens in Sunderland (we're visiting friends in North Shields, so it won't be a completely wasted trip regardless). Hoping I can remember how to run quickly first at the Hartlepool Marina 5 this Sunday”.


Grand Prix and Fell Championship Results


Baildon Boundary Way (Grand Prix)


       9  Paul Kaiser         1:26:52      100

      12  Steve Webb          1:27:57       99  1st M50

      28  Simon Vallance      1:32:52       98

      30  Clive Bandy         1:34:00       97

      48  Joel Giddings       1:37:52       96

      52  Richard Irvine      1:38:35       95

      55  Myra Jones          1:38:41       94

      73  John Batchelor      1:43:11       93

      74  Greg Skerrett       1:43:12       92

      76  Andreas Mayer       1:43:20       91

      93  Ross Bibby          1:45:53       90

      97  Rob Marsh           1:46:14       89

     100  Alistair Smyth      1:46:20       88

     102  Tom Button          1:46:51       87

     119  Andy Settle         1:48:35       86

     133  Keith Brewster      1:50:16       85

     145  Sharon Tansley      1:52:00       84

     161  Mick Tinker         1:55:37       83

     186  Sarah Smith         2:00:12       82

     250  Bob Jackson         2:11:53       81

     329  Sara Dyer           2:35:34       80


Grand Prix table updated on website


Fell Championship


Steve emailed “League updated to include Heptonstall. There seems to have been a good turnout and some good performances: Malcolm was first V70 of course.  By now we should have also had Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round, Edale Skyline and Midgley Moor but nobody went to SB, and Edale and Midgley were both cancelled.”


Heptonstall result


   25  Simon Vallance       2:21:28

   28  John Marsham         2:22:04

   48  Mick Loftus          2:29:53

   50  Eirik Stangnes       2:31:19

   57  Dan Murray           2:32:31

   71  Andreas Mayer        2:35:48

   95  Ian Sanderson        2:42:27

  131  Paul Smith           2:52:36

  163  Amanda Seims         3:03:25

  172  Malcolm Coles        3:07:10  (M70 record)

  211  Graham Ford          3:30:40

  224  Leroy Sutton         4:16:15

  225  Geoff Webster        4:16:16




We have had a number of winners recently, congratulations to

·         Gwil at Hyde Park,

·         Alex Watson-Usher, John Shanks and Simon Midwood (2) at Roundhay


Where have you all been for your Easter holidays?  parkrunning all over England it seems.  Here are the results from 30 March


Carlisle parkrun, event number 11, 30/03/2013.

    7 Gary David Mann 00:19:22

    53 Sarah Howell 00:25:11

    145 finishers.


Cheltenham parkrun, event number 6, 30/03/2013.

    10 Ian Sanderson 00:19:01

    186 finishers.


Cross Flatts parkrun, event number 1, 30/03/2013.

    15 Christopher A Sawyer 00:23:49

    69 finishers.


Eastbourne parkrun, event number 63, 30/03/2013.

    22 Mike Higgins 00:21:52

    96 finishers.


Leeds parkrun, event number 287, 30/03/2013.

    11 Roy Huggins 00:19:08

    43 Ian Rosser 00:21:45

    51 Sue Sunderland 00:22:27

    204 Meryll Cripps 00:31:41

    248 finishers.


Pontefract parkrun, event number 96, 30/03/2013.

    21 John Stewart Wallace 00:21:20

    126 finishers.


Redcar parkrun, event number 47, 30/03/2013.

    5 Paul Smith 00:19:25

    67 finishers.


Roundhay parkrun, event number 100, 30/03/2013.

    1 Simon Midwood 00:17:45

    10 Joel Giddings 00:20:22

    11 Rav Panesar 00:20:30  (new member)

    13 Joe Sherman 00:20:59

    19 Adam Parton 00:21:33

    23 Rob Marsh 00:22:11

    26 Callum Parton 00:22:23

    33 Graham Jones 00:22:47

    35 Alexandra Watson-Usher 00:22:52

    40 William McCaffrey 00:23:22

    48 Nick Barnes 00:24:41

    60 Gemma Midwood 00:25:27

    67 John Hussey 00:26:23

    79 Esther Hollis 00:27:10

    84 Pascale Fotherby 00:27:17

    89 Graham Ford 00:27:33

    128 Anne McCaffrey 00:31:13

    150 Jean Hussey 00:33:48

    167 finishers.


South Manchester parkrun, event number 163, 30/03/2013.

    6 James Tarran 00:18:48

    207 finishers.


Temple Newsam parkrun, event number 9, 30/03/2013.

    8 Joe Hanney 00:20:58

    77 finishers.


Race Reports


South Yorkshire Half Marathon from Gary Mann


A quick race report on the South Yorkshire Half Marathon which took place Sunday 17th March. After the disappointment of the Brass Monkey cancellation, Sarah quickly scoured Yorkshire to find another half marathon, and so we entered the South Yorkshire which took place around Goldthorpe, Barnsley. Only in its 3rd year, 240 odd people lined up for a 2 lap course, hilly in nature, with the most significant incline at miles 3 and 11.


Despite limited support on the course, the field thinning out very quickly and a bit of a chill in the air, we both managed to smash our PBs by several minutes.

Gary Mann 1'25.24 (26th)
Sarah Howell 1'52.23 (144th)

246 ran winner 1'13.32


Yorkshire Vets XC from Steve Webb


Brief report from the Yorkshire Vets XC at the very pleasant venue of Wentworth Castle near Barnsley.  The course was 10k of  undulating parkland over 4 laps; altitude being lost gradually after the start and then regained suddenly in a stiff climb at the end of each lap.  No sign of the deer herd en route round the course but the underfoot conditions were back to normal XC after the horrendous morass of the National.



Thanks to Jerry and Roy who responded in the affirmative to my request for V50 runners so we had a scoring team. V50 results were:



   1. Paul Stevenson  Pudsey & Bramley 37.42

   2. Steve Webb                       37.59

   9. Jerry Watson                     39.48

  41. Roy Huggins                      45.11

  82  ran


Team results:

   1. Penistone           44

   2. City of Hull        47

   3. Sheffield Runners   52

  4. Valley Striders     52      

  12  scoring teams



So a silver medal for me and the team was only denied a bronze on countback.  The V35 to V45 men ran a separate race, but on exactly the same course.  My time would have been good enough for 2nd in V35, only 4th in V40, but first in V45.  Not sure what that proves!


More Results


Lou Gilchrist has just celebrated her 80th birthday.  Training and racing looks to be going well!


Vera Hurst 5k at Littleborough


   102  Lou Gilchrist    30:03

   111  finished


Colin & Brenda Robinson 5k at Littleborough


   130  Lou Gilchrist    28:48

   144  finished


Salford 10k


    92  Kevin McMullan   37:32

   104  James Tarran     37:50

   539  finished


Mermaid 10k Marske-by-the-Sea


    12  Paul Kaiser      35:55

    93  Sharon Tansley   44:54

   231  finished


Guiseley Gallop


    67  Rob Marsh        45:34

   386  finished