Subject:                                     V S Update - Meanwood marshals, Tuesday training, Races coming up, Race results, Scottish report


Sent: 12 April 2013 10:55


Meanwood Trail – Saturday 20 April


We still need 18 more marshals including a few specialist jobs. 

·         Beer labelling on Friday 19 April for about an hour probably about 7pm – training will be given

·         Setting out the course early Saturday morning (8am)

·         Purchasing Tesco’s Value Water and delivering to Meanwood Park Saturday morning

·         Entries desk – accepting entry forms and taking money

·         Computer entries and results keying – you need to be familiar with Excel (but you won’t be writing formulae or macros!)

·         Recording finishers at the end of the funnel

·         Sweeper – running with the last runner in the race to inform marshals when to step down


Please email if you can help as a marshal or would like to do one of the jobs listed above.


Dan Murray is currently allocating people to marshalling positions and/or tasks, this will be published at (NB there is a link on the website home page too)




Please note some changes from the normal training schedules for April.  Please keep a close look on the website for any changes.


Tuesday 16 April

·         juniors 6pm will include recce of Meanwood Valley Trail junior race 1 mile route,

·         beginners/improvers ditto

·         other groups also doing recce runs on the Meanwood Valley Trail senior route, start 6:50pm prompt.  One group will go as far as 7 arches (3 miles), another group as far as the ring road (5 miles), the third group the full route (7 miles)

·         followed by food – pie and peas, book to before 10pm Sunday 14th, choosing meat or veggie pie, mushy peas or baked beans, and whether you want apple pie and saying which “sitting” 7:15pm or 8:30pm you want to eat


Tuesday 23 April – the juniors and beginners/improvers 6pm sessions confirmed to be using the track at Grammar School at Leeds. Check on the website for where to meet.


Tuesday 30 April – club handicap 5 miles at Eccup Res 6:45pm, preceded by club junior one mile race at Eccup Res 6:15pm.  Followed by food (8:30 only) please do NOT book for this yet as it may confuse Mr Food!


Races coming up


To Holly’s group at Edinburgh Rock’n’roll half marathon this Sunday


Good luck!  NB there’s a “spare” number available see V S Facebook


To all London marathoners from Big John (Wallace)


Three years ago when I failed to finish at London I was at least cheered up by meeting up with those who did and enjoying a chat and then a beer or two at a local hostelry. So, if any runners/family/supporters fancy meeting up to reflect on the trials and tribulations of the day then come along to the V (for Valley) meeting point after the finish lone - based on past experience there won’t be many people under that letter!


Hopefully see some of you there and good luck to all running


To those who wanted to run Leeds Half and haven’t entered yet


It’s full!  As you know, number swapping is not permitted in any circumstances.


If you are tempted to “borrow” someone’s number,

·         Don’t borrow from someone of the opposite sex unless their name is Alex, Chris, Mel, Micky, Nicky or another name that applies to either sex because names are printed on the front of the numbers!

·         If you are young and fast don’t borrow from someone who is much older or you may win the M60 or W60 prize.

·         Finally, remember to give the details of your next-of-kin to the next-of-kin of whoever you are borrowing from because if you are carried away in an ambulance it will be they who are contacted.




Blackpool Marathon


177 Mike Higgins  3:38:15

638 finished


Blackpool Half Marathon


91 Eric Green 1:34:00  (3rd M55)

583 John Hussey  1:59:48

1048 finished


Hornsea one-third marathon (from Tim Towler)


If you check out you will see we had a winner on Sunday – Kim T!


    13 Kim Threadgall    55:17  (1st W)

    45 Tim Towler        59:35

  203 Jake Towler       74:06

   209 Carole Towler     74:49


2013 Results


Graham Jones has been collating results for the Performance Awards*


Since 1 December 2012:

If you’ve run anywhere outside Yorkshire, please email me with your result (date, venue, distance, position and time) and I’ll forward to Graham.


Note * and also to calculate club handicaps!


Scottish Reports from George Black


Great to see that Lou Gilchrist is still going strong. Max would be so pleased and proud of her as should we all.


Here are my recent results, including the British Duathlon Champs.




3 March    Aboyne Duathlon.   4.3K run      15.1K cycle      4.3k run 

                                                  19:36              28:04           19:23   (negative split) Total 1:09:14.

1st over 70(Super Vintage) and over 60 event record


My first duathlon since 2010 and it hurt. Rode conventional road bike with standard equipment.


8 March    Dambuster Duathlon incorporating National Championship

                 10K run                 42K cycle              5K run

                  48:14                      1:25:23                 22:42     total including transitions 2:39:56


1st over 70.  Won by 4½ minutes. Rode conventional road bike with tri bars as course was technical and hilly.  The conditions were VERY cold and the cycle route on the infamous Rutland Ripples challenging.


For the number crunchers I kept my heart rate at 86% throughout the runs but the bike was just survival. As the best O/70s were present I decided to run with the one I thought would be the biggest danger. I also noticed that he had "hairy legs" so he probably was more of a runner than cyclist!! The tactic proved correct as I opened up a lead on the bike and as it was an out and back final 5K I could see what the time gaps were. The race was almost cancelled due to freezing fog the previous day and although the visibility improved it was still very cold. At one stage I was forced to drop  down my gear and raise my cadence to 165 rpm to try and get warm. My top speed was 40.8 mph on a decent and the wind chill made this a painful experience.


This race took a lot out of me and I caught my first cold in years causing my withdrawal from the Scottish Championship on 31 March. Although  this cold has proven difficult to shift it has not reached my chest so I have been able to train and race accordingly.


It is interesting that some Striders have now begun to cycle as part of their training. I believe it is very useful, particularly to older runners. They might even find that they are better cyclist than runners as I did in reverse. I had raced bikes until I was 22 then did no sports until I was 42.The cardiovascular system I had developed during my cycling obviously helped even after such a time gap. My only regret  is that there were no Duathlons when I was younger (much).


I have found that cyclists do not normally enjoy running while  runners seem to enjoy the change of sport.


The only drawback with competitive cycling at the higher levels is the cost of the equipment. Unlike running you can buy a time. However for most of the field this is not necessary and a reasonable road bike fitted with tribars will suffice and enable them to enjoy the experience.




16 March     St Andrews Park Run 5k          Time  24:49  Icy underfoot.

                   1st O/70

24 March     Jim Dingwall Memorial  10K      Time   47:09  Cold/windy Fast course.

                    1st O/70

  2 April       Ravenscraig Park Series  2 mile  Time   14:36  (7:24 /7:12 negative split)

                    1st O70

  6 April       St Andrews Park Run 5K          Time    22:47 Conditions good but cold.

                    1st O/70


This is my last year in the 70-74 age group so I am looking forward to next year and a new age group.


Finally for the Striders who think their weather has been rough, as I look out my window I can see that there has been a fresh fall of snow overnight on the local hills. Uch well back to the turbo trainer.


(nb this was emailed to me a couple of weeks ago, hence the reference to the weather)