Subject:                                     V S Weekly Update - Leeds half, Tracks on Tuesday, Marshals wanted 25 June, Races and dates, VS on Twitter, Bramham challenge, Club Handicap results, Fellsman report


Sent: 10 May 2013 10:40

Leeds Half Marathon


Expecting to see lots of Striders on the start line on Sunday.  For those spectating, the usual Striders vantage points are the centre of Meanwood Village and anywhere on the steep hill after Meanwood (runners need plenty of support here) and the top of Stonegate Road on the roundabout before the drop down to the Ring Road.  Dedicated Striders spectators park “inside” the route and can then get across to Kirkstall Road.


There have been some requests for race numbers on Facebook, just remember the 17 rules and since the runner’s name is on the race number, be prepared to respond to your alias!


Track Training Tuesday 14 May


All training sessions at the track next week, the beginners/improvers and juniors groups at Grammar School at Leeds at 6pm and the intermediates and experienced runners at Leeds Met at 7pm.


And it’s the Jack Bloor Races at Ilkley that night too.


Tuesday 21 May


Advanced notice that there will be pie and peas on Tuesday 21 May, two sittings 7:15 and 8:30.  Please book saying whether you want meat or veggie pie, whether you want baked beans or mushy peas and also whether you want apple pie.  NB Parents could you book the number of portions you want – half portions permitted!  Please email by 10pm Sunday 19 May (don’t forget to say whether 7:15 or 8:30).


Marshals Wanted – Tuesday 25 June


This is the evening that we’re hosting the Yorkshire Veterans AA league race.  The race starts at 7:30.  We need about 30 marshals from 7pm to 8:30pm. 


Please email if you can help.  If we have too many marshals, then some Striders will be able to enter the race.  Race details at


That evening there will be a session for the juniors at 6pm, not sure about beginners/improvers, definitely no 7pm groups!


Other Events


We still need 20 or so runners to get 3 teams for the Bradford Millennium Way Relay on Sunday 16 June, email if you want to run or need more info.


See (this is also available via the website Club Members tab) for a calendar of races including Grand Prix and Fell Championship.


Here’s a link to a new 3k track race


If you’re intending to run several races in Leeds this year, why not enter the Leeds Race Series, it’s free to enter. Joel Giddings and Gary Mann were age-group winners in the 2012 series.  There’s also a Junior Race Series.


Valley Striders on Twitter


We have a Twitter account and a new Tweetmaster (or maybe Tweetmistress!) so try


Lots of tweets this week about Leeds Half and the John Carr series at Esholt. 


8 Valley Striders in attendance at the John Carr Race series last night. Highest placed Strider in 13th place: Dan Fisher with 16.17 :-)


Bramham Challenge Run


Please can you promote the “Bramham Challenge Run” for me. As Charity of the Year at the Bramham International Horse Trials for 2013 we have been offered the unique opportunity of organising the “Bramham Challenge Run” at 1pm on Sunday 9th June at Bramham Park, near Wetherby. The run is over the 6km  cross country course, over the jumps, hot on the hoof of the last equine competitor. The run caters for all and participants can run, jog or walk the course. For the serious runners first pass the post wins £200, 2nd place £100 and 3rd place £50. The race can be ran in fancy dress(optional) with an M&S drinks hamper on offer for the best fancy dress. Registration is £10 and individuals are asked to raise an additional £50 for the Fire Fighters Charity. Registration is on line at . If you have any questions please feel free to call me on 07825 182 621 or email me at  It would be brilliant if you could support this fundraiser in any way.


Please help make the “Bramham Challenge Run” a real success and help support your local fire fighters when they find themselves in times of need.


The Fire Fighters Charity - every 30 seconds in the UK, fire fighters are called to an incident, putting their lives on the line, and often sustaining injuries whilst carrying out their duties. The Fire Fighters Charity is the UK’s leading provider of services that enhance the quality of life for serving and retired fire service personnel and their families.  Our three centres in Cumbria, Devon and West Sussex offer rehabilitation programmes to serving and retired members of the fire community, and their dependants, as well as recuperation breaks following illness, injury or bereavement.  Our beneficiary support service offers a free confidential and impartial helpline for the fire and rescue community-providing advice and support on a broad range of issues- as well as having a nationwide network of professional staff and trained volunteers.  It costs £9m every year to keep the charity running, and with no government funding, we are completely reliant upon donations from the fire and rescue community and the general public.


Results - Club Handicap 5 miles


Apologies for the delay publishing the results, but there was a query about the handicap calculations.


After a discussion with the Committee on Tuesday, here are the adjusted results.  Congratulations to John Hallas who wins the trophy and to Simon Midwood for fastest time.


If you want to find out how the handicaps are calculated, see  (this is also available via the website Club Members tab / Grand Prix page).  If anyone is interested I’ll demo the system after the food on Tuesday 4 June (please let me know if you are interested)


  Race                      Race   Hand-       Run       Pts

  Pos                       Time    icap      Time

    1  John Hallas         0:52:49 0:16:00   0:36:49      71

    2  Melanie Murray      0:53:39 0:04:00   0:49:39      42

    3  Nick Barnes         0:53:52 0:20:15   0:33:37      86

    4  Jacqueline Hunt     0:53:59 0:08:15   0:45:44      49

    5  Natalie Ross        0:53:59 0:08:15   0:45:44      49

    6  Rich Clough         0:54:37 0:10:30   0:44:07      53

    7  Joel Giddings       0:54:45 0:23:30   0:31:15      98

    8  Sean Fitzgerald     0:54:58 0:19:00   0:35:58      76

    9  Mike Higgins        0:54:59 0:20:00   0:34:59      80

   10  Kirsty Myers        0:55:07 0:10:00   0:45:07      50

   11  Simon Barker        0:55:17 0:18:00   0:37:17      69

   12  Becky Murray        0:55:22 0:06:30   0:48:52      43

   13  Liz Reddington      0:55:28 0:14:45   0:40:43      64

   14  John Wallace        0:55:38 0:20:45   0:34:53      81

   15  Liz Holmes          0:55:42 0:13:30   0:42:12      55

   16  Liz Guthrie         0:55:45 0:12:15   0:43:30      54

   17  Gemma Midwood       0:55:47 0:14:45   0:41:02      61

   18  Julie McGurk        0:55:55 0:14:00   0:41:55      57

   19  Chloe Hudson        0:55:59 0:14:30   0:41:29      59

   20  Simon Midwood       0:56:00 0:27:45   0:28:15     100

   21  Alex Watson-Usher   0:56:01 0:17:00   0:39:01      67

   22  Rav Panesar         0:56:02 0:23:15   0:32:47      92

   23  John Batchelor      0:56:03 0:23:30   0:32:33      93

   24  Paul Fotherby       0:56:05 0:25:30   0:30:35      99

   25  Myra Jones          0:56:18 0:22:45   0:33:33      88

   26  Gareth Chambers     0:56:24 0:11:45   0:44:39      51

   27  Sarah Clark         0:56:27 0:12:00   0:44:27      52

   28  Pascale Fotherby    0:56:28 0:15:15   0:41:13      60

   29  Tomas Mildorf       0:56:40 0:20:15   0:36:25      74

   30  Sue Sunderland      0:56:42 0:19:00   0:37:42      68

   31  Tony Mills          0:56:46 0:24:45   0:32:01      96

   32  Roy Huggins         0:56:47 0:24:15   0:32:32      94

   33  John Shanks         0:56:48 0:25:15   0:31:33      97

   34  Andy Thorpe         0:56:49 0:24:30   0:32:19      95

   35  Andy Stoneman       0:57:05 0:24:15   0:32:50      91

   36  Keith Brewster      0:57:18 0:20:15   0:37:03      70

   37  Sarah Graham        0:57:23 0:24:00   0:33:23      89

   38  Ronan Loftus        0:57:27 0:23:15   0:34:12      83

   39  Paul White          0:57:28 0:18:15   0:39:13      66

   40  Paul Smith          0:57:30 0:23:00   0:34:30      82

   41  Sue Carr            0:57:35 0:09:15   0:48:20      44

   42  Bob Jackson         0:57:36 0:18:00   0:39:36      65

   43  Adam Parton         0:57:41 0:21:30   0:36:11      75

   44  Graham Ford         0:57:48 0:15:45   0:42:03      56

   45  Paul Sanderson      0:57:53 0:22:45   0:35:08      79

   46  Aileen Loftus       0:57:57 0:17:00   0:40:57      62

   47  Mike Nelson         0:58:05 0:24:30   0:33:35      87

   48  Richard Irvine      0:58:15 0:24:30   0:33:45      85

   49  Brian Kenny         0:58:24 0:16:45   0:41:39      58

   50  Sarah Harper        0:58:32 0:17:45   0:40:47      63

   51  Andy Settle         0:58:33 0:22:00   0:36:33      72

   52  Dan Murray          0:58:40 0:24:30   0:34:10      84

   53  Alan Hutchinson     0:58:44 0:22:15   0:36:29      73

   54  Grace Thomas        0:59:37 0:13:15   0:46:22      47

   55  Mick Loftus         1:00:23 0:25:15   0:35:08      79

   56  Holly Williams      1:00:23 0:27:30   0:32:53      90

   57  Rob Hamilton        1:01:47 0:26:00   0:35:47      77

   58  Claire Senior       1:02:25 0:14:30   0:47:55      46

   59  Jill Senior         1:02:25 0:14:30   0:47:55      46


Race Report – Fellsman – from Simon Redshaw


27th April 2013 - 51st Fellsman - 61 miles and over 11,000ft of ascent

It was 4:30am when the alarm went off for an early start to drive to the Finish at Threshfield.  We (co runner, Kippax Harrier, Martyn Hewitt a Fellsman veteran 7 attempts) checked in some kit and got straight on the 6am bus transfer to Ingleton.  After registration we were subjected to a rigorous kit check and rightly so.  (The event had to be stopped due to the weather in 2012 as many were on the verge of hypothermia).  We sat checking our kit, again! Drinking cups of tea until the start at 9am.

It was quite cool outside but things soon warmed up as we started to climb Ingleborough.  Martyn, a better climber than me had gone off much faster, we planned to run together knowing I would make up the time on the downhill and as our pace slowed later on, we would continue on together pretty much.  Ingleborough had a good sprinkling of fine powder snow on the top which made it a little slippy underfoot.

I caught up with Martyn after the Hill Inn checkpoint we chatted and he left me going uphill on the way up Whernside, just as the Hail Stones started.  As I reached the top of the steep climb up Whernside I caught sight of Nicky Spinks near the front doing well, a truly inspirational fell runner.  Martyn was not far behind her at this point and I continued to chase him down to Kingsdale.

The checkpoints are organised on this event such that food and drink are available in the valley bottoms and manned check points at the tops with a tent.  There is even a menu published in the handbook that comes with your entry, so I enjoyed a flapjack at Kingsdale and was looking forward to sausage rolls at Dent.

Gragareth took a lot out of me and I started to cramp on the way up, but it wasn't until we were running across the bogs along to Great Coum that I had two shooting instances of cramp as I twisted my leg in some deep bogs.  Cramp always seemed to linger at the back of my legs from then on, I had to keep that monkey in a cage though as there was plenty more mileage to do.

It was a beautiful day in Dent and the sausage rolls went down well but I just couldn't stomach the baked beans!  Eating is vital on this kind of event in order to sustain the calories you are burning continually.  There is a gruelling long climb out of Dent up to Blea Moor which I had done in training; it just seems to go on forever!

The route continues back down to Stonehouse, up Great Knoutberry then along to the only reason I decided to do this run, the checkpoint that was my namesake 'Redshaw'.  Okay not entirely true :-)  The bean casserole here was superb and really set me up for the traverse on to Dodd fell and Fleet Moss.  The rules state that Grouping begins at particular times throughout the night when It gets dark depending on which check point you are at.  It was our aim to get through Fleet Moss before being grouped. (Being grouped means you have to stay in a group of not less than 4 people and at each checkpoint it is verified that you are all together, one person was apparently disqualified overnight for not remaining with his group).

The fells after Fleet Moss are very hard work; ankle deep in peat bogs with very rough ground, the terrain really takes a lot out of you for sure.  We made it all the way to Cray before being grouped with four other people and with approx 15 miles to go it was now all in the dark.  Two big climbs left, Buckden Pike and Great Whernside.  It got very cold as we left Park Rash, not even the rice pudding was attractive now!  The ground started to Freeze beneath us and even with Gloves and a hat, my fingers were still tingling from the cold.  It was a relief to be running down out of the wind from Great Whernside, all be it quite painful on your quads and calves.  My left ankle was definitely sprained at this point as well from the rough ground, but that was another monkey I had to lock away!

We had a great group of sociable people all of similar ability, making friends and having a chat helped the time to pass quicker.  You can only travel as fast as the slowest person in your group.  In our case there wasn't very much in it as we all seemed to be of similar ability.  We were un-grouped at the last checkpoint before the final two miles downhill, all on punishing tarmac (legs are really suffering at this point).  As a show of good companionship we all remained together and finished together.  Waiting times for grouping are subtracted from your finish time, so depending on how long you waited to be put into a group, this time would ultimately determine your finish time.

Martyn and I finished in a time of 17 hours and 44 minutes 100th/101st out of 402 starters and 303 finishers.  
The winner was Adam Perry in 10hrs 34mins.
Last place was Brian Finlay in 27hrs 22mins

I was quite pleased with that as I was hoping for around 18hours.  It's not really safe to drive after such an event so we collected our sleeping bags and sleeping mats and crashed in the school hall along with everyone else.  Full cooked breakfast at 6:30am and much discussion and camaraderie at the end made this a truly fantastic and well organised event.  I believe some of the most stunning scenery in the country (if not the world).

2 marathons and a bit in one day over some serious terrain!  It does require a lot of physical and mental preparation.  Although steps are a minor problem (written the day after) already the pains are easing and like childbirth (apparently) you quickly forget...  again...Who knows...