Subject:                          V S Update - Kathy Thurs correction, Yorks Vets Race, Race Results including wins for Franco, Gwil and Jeremy


Sent: 19 June 2013 17:09

Kathy’s Session this Thursday


Sorry, the location on the Valley Striders website was incorrect, the correct location is on


Chris Leggatt Memorial 5k on Sunday


Final reminder about this race in memory of former Strider Chris Leggatt.  Race is 3pm Sunday from Pool Village Hall.  Details in last week’s V S Update


Yorkshire Vets Race at Leos Tuesday 25 June


Firstly confirmation that Richard’s juniors group and Kathy’s beginners group are both ON.  They will start promptly at 6pm as they need to finish early at 6:45pm.  Please park tidily, and also note that it may be a slow exit as cars come in with runners for the Vets race.


Secondly confirmation that Holly’s group and the Striders hills group are both off.


We now have enough marshals but if we get more then it means that many Valley Striders can run the race.


First priority for running will be given to those who come early to set up the course (5pm) or help with car parking (5:45pm).  Just need a couple more at both times.


For a list of marshals see


For a route map including marshalling positions see


Many thanks to everyone who has volunteered!!!!


Please email if you can help, also use the same email if you want to run.




Other dates in June / July


There was a long list in the previous V S Update see


Note that there will be lasagne on 2 July, details on the website home page




Otley Chevin Fell Race (from Steve Webb)


Found results for the Otley Chevin race in the Ilkley Gazette.  League updated to include them.  Mick Loftus has stolen a march on Simon Vallance; he and Ross Bibby are the first to secure 5 qualifying races. Dan needs to run a medium or he'll be marooned forever on 4 scoring races like some tragic character from Ancient Greece.  Holly is now on the move with her 100 points from the Chevin.


   14 Steve Webb         0:20:26

   17 Franco Pardini     0:20:41

   22 Mick Loftus        0:21:01

   28 Holly Williams     0:21:26

   29 Ross Bibby         0:21:37

   30 Eirik Stangnes     0:21:38

   37 Dan Murray         0:22:06

   43 Gary Mann          0:22:44

   44 Ronan Loftus       0:22:47

   47 Greg Skerrett      0:22:56

   56 Tom Button         0:23:42

   75 Alistair Smyth     0:25:18


Roundhay Schools 5k


Erica Hiorns emailed “Just to let you know of another Roundhay Schools 5k connection to Valley Striders... In third place was Eddie Hunter, son of Erica Hiorns and Mark Hunter.”  I thought he might be a potential recruit but Erica said Eddie runs with Leeds City.  Never mind!


Otley 10


       3  Andy May           00:58:07      100

      46  Simon Vallance     01:06:53       99

      47  Kevin Mcmullan     01:07:03       98

      51  Gary Mann          01:07:15       97

      54  Dan Murray         01:08:04       96

      57  Myra Jones         01:08:31       95  2nd W

      62  Andy Stoneman      01:08:48       94

      74  John Shanks        01:09:38       93

      84  John Batchelor     01:10:23       92

     105  Rob Hamilton       01:12:02       91

     113  Roy Huggins        01:12:48       90

     119  Keith Sexton       01:12:59       89

     121  Joe Hanney         01:13:03       88

     147  Rob Marsh          01:15:45       87

     149  Alistair Smyth     01:15:49       86

     155  Ged Coll           01:16:23       85

     171  John Hallas        01:17:52       84

     174  Tomas Mildorf      01:18:07       83

     184  Mike Higgins       01:18:59       82

     190  Sue Sunderland     01:19:35       81

     196  Simon Barker       01:20:14       80

     314  Sarah Howell       01:33:57       79


Bradford Millennium Way Relay


8  Valley Striders A     VET    

      Tahir Akhtar        01:33:04     19    

      Joe Hanney             01:33:04     19    

      Tony Mills          01:18:29     10     

      Steve Webb             02:51:33     10    

      John Hallas         01:14:40     24    

      Andy Settle            04:06:13     15    

      Paul Fotherby       01:14:59      7    

      Simon Vallance         05:21:12      9    

      Tom Button          01:26:51     14

      Mark Woodhead          06:48:03      8


21 Valley Striders B     MIXED    

      Myra Jones          01:27:20      9    

      Andy Stoneman          01:27:20      9    

      Bob Jackson         01:50:25     38    

      Pam Lomoro             03:17:45     30    

      Sean Fitzgerald     01:13:53     21    

      Chloe Hudson           04:31:38     31    

      Sue Sunderland      01:29:28     24    

      John Wallace           06:01:06     28    

      Gary Mann           01:24:36     11

      Holly Williams         07:25:42     21


First figure in final column is position on leg, second figure is cumulative position, e.g. Gary & Holly were the 11th fastest pair on their leg and brought the team from 28th to 21st .


Andy & Myra’s time places them 4th in the all-time rankings for a mixed pair on leg 1; Gary & Holly are now 7th all-time on leg 5.  We still hold 2 records – Steve and Lisa fastest mixed on leg 1 and Brian & Sam fastest mixed on leg 2.


Staveley Stampede 2013 – race winner Franco Pardini!


From the “Staveley Times”


The Staveley Stampede 10K was held on Sunday 16th June starting and finishing at Staveley Village hall. The rain stayed away as the 138 runners made their way through the nature reserve and the lovely North Yorkshire countryside to a welcome downhill finish over the last mile from Copgrove back to Staveley.


The winner was James Franco of Valley Striders in a time of 36:24. The first women runners home was Hannah Oldroyd of Saltaire striders in 38:59. Dan Simmonds was the first local runner home in 46:11.                                                                                                              


From the results, also 33 Eric Green 44:58 and 68 Ruth Warren 51:11




15 June – Jeremy Ladyman won at Roundhay (17:49) and another 20+ Striders there.  Gwil Thomas was 2nd at Hyde Park.  Alex and Gemma were at Hackney Marshes (they’d told me they were away on a hen do).


8 June – 1-2 at York, Gwil 1st in 16:44 and Jeremy 2nd in 17:04