Subject:                                     V S Weekly Update - Headline dates (BBQ & LCW), VS kit, John Marsham completes BGR, Many race results, Amanda attempts Lakeland 50


Sent: 19 July 2013 08:42

Headline Dates


Please read, there are some changes from last week!


Sun 21 July - Pudsey 10k [VSGP] [VSJGP] also in Leeds Race Series and Leeds Junior Race Series



·         Junior 1 mile race arrive 6:15pm for 6:25pm start (adults may run 1 mile if they want)

·         Club Handicap 5.2 Miles Trail (good paths) arrive 6:45pm for 7pm prompt start Route map

·         Start for both is by Reservoir at bottom of hill from Alwoodley Lane Click for map where to meet

·         Please email me if you are available to marshal – and let me know if you have an offroad bike

·         followed by BARBECUE at 8:30pm - book at, menu is 1 piece of steak, 2 sausages, 1 piece of chicken, 1 burger, salad, coleslaw, new potatoes or wedges, veggie option also available, cost is £7.  Please book by Sunday 21st 10pm.  Late bookings will be taken up to Monday 12 noon, but must be accompanied by a teacher’s note to explain why you were late.  Please note there will be no extra portions, you must book by Sunday/Monday!

Please could everyone (who has one) wear a club vest – we’ll be taking some photos before the start of each race to put on the website, see


Sat 3 August – Striders will be organising the parkrun on Woodhouse Moor.  Volunteers required for course set-up and dismantling (will be able to run), and for marshalling and race admin.  If you’d like to help, please email


Sun 1 September – Leeds Country Way, 64 miles, teams of 12, run in pairs, so each pair runs approx. 11 miles.  For the last 3 years we’ve had 5 teams (the only club ever to have had 5 teams) and would like 5 teams again this year,  Please email if you’d like to run.  We already have about 45 names so now need 15 more plus reserves.  The 4th and 5th teams are less competitive and we still have just a few first come first served places available, so if you can run 10 miles, whatever the pace, please please sign up!  Names required by Tuesday 23rd.


Next Fell Championship races - 20 July Ingleborough, 3 August Borrowdale, 4 August Round Hill (near Otley)


Kit – message from “Mr Kit”


Hooded Tops


Message from Mr Kit – Would anybody like to order a new VS branded hooded top so that you have it ready for the chillier evenings? The costs are:


Black Hoody (no zip) - £21

Grey Hoody (full zip) – £22.50


Each hoody will have ‘Valley Striders Leeds’ on the back (heat applied) and the same on the chest only smaller and embroidered.


For an extra £2.40 you can also have your name embroidered on the front chest so when they all get left in a pile before a race, you know which is yours at the end!


Sizes are Small, Medium, Large and XL. Please ask to try a fellow striders top if you’re unsure about size.


Let me know if anyone would be interested in kids sizes too and I’ll find out about costs etc.


Can I please request orders by no later than Tuesday 6th August 2013 to


Running Vests and T-shirts


We don’t carry stock for Valley Striders club vests as there is such a variety – fabrics, sleeve style (none/short/long), fitting (men/women), and size.


We have two suppliers for, both in Ilkley.

·         Complete Runner (Fastrax), on the left hand side of the Leeds road about half a mile before the town centre (they have a selection of styles)

·         Dobson and Robinson (Intersport) at 46 The Grove (near Betty's Cafe) (some of the women prefer their style).


For both of these, printing is done individually (the Fastrax is a flock print which is ironed on). 


You will need to go in and try for size, then probably best to have it mailed on to you (they may make a small charge for this). 


Or if you can try on another Strider’s vest and if it fits, just phone through and order!  For Dobson & Robinson it is better to phone than order online as the postage is cheaper that way.


Future events


Planning for 2014?  I’ve just seen Run for All season ticket 2014 advertised at £100.  This guarantees entry to the York marathon and the four 10k races.


Congratulations to John Marsham


Kim Threadgall emailed last Sunday - John Marsham completed the Bob Graham Round last night after 23 hours and 8 minutes, 42 fells, 66 miles and 27000 feet of climbing. Awesome effort and he is now eligible to join the BGR club as he completed it in less than 24 hours


John emailed his support team “Thanks for all the advice and encouragement on this – it obviously worked – 23.08. Cold pizza, cold potatoes and running poles are definitely the way to go!”


For more information see


At the end of 2012 there were 1783 members, including Valley Strider Martyn Hopson at 449 (in 1987) and second claim Strider Mike Nelson at 1298 (in 2006)


Race Results


John Lunn 5k (Woodhouse Moor)


     1 Gwilym Thomas      16.52          

     2 Jeremy Ladyman     17.15          

     7 John Shanks        18.23          

     8 Kevin  McMullan    18.41          

    11 Gary Mann          19.06          

    16 Nick Barnes        20.40          

    23 Sarah Harper       22.46          

    26 Sarah Howell       25.02          

    30 Maureen Coffey     27.59          

    33 finished


Eccup 10


Yorks vets podium places went to

·         Gwil Thomas 2nd M35

·         Sue Sunderland 3rd F50

·         Bob Wilkes 2nd M70


Tosh Akhtar was 2nd M55 in the race, but running for his Birmingham club Sparkhill Harriers, so excluded from the YVAA rankings


Steve Webb was 3rd M50 in the race, but entered on the day so was not eligible for YVAA.


Eccup Junior 1 mile (school years 4-6)


    11 Imogen Idle

    19 Sarah Brady

    23 Eleanor Partington

    25 finished

     No timings available


Eccup Junior 2 mile (school years 7-12)


     6 Max Partington   12:22

     7 Callum Parton    12:24

    14 Alex Irvine      13:18

    18 Nathan Brady     13:55

    21 Eleanor Ford     16:40

    22 Ben Dyal         17:47

    23 started, 22 finished


Hyde Park Mile


     5 Gwilym Thomas     4:53.6    Wave 10

    16 Jeremy Ladyman    5:06.6    Wave 9

    31 John Shanks       5:19.5    Wave 8

    32 Kevin McMullan    5:20.1    Wave 8

    42 Ross Bibby        5:35.6    Wave 6

    54 Rob Marsh         5:47.3    Wave 6

    64 Sean Fitzgerald   5:54.6    Wave 5

    74 Sharon Kaiser     6:05.9    Wave 5

    96 Stephen Diamond   6:38.5    Wave 2

    98 Sarah Harper      6:46.4    Wave 3

   107 Gemma Midwood     7:06.6    Wave 4

   130 Meryll Cripps     8:25.5    Wave 1


Roundhay parkrun 13 July


Results included

    1 John SHANKS      00:18:53

    2 Kevin MCMULLAN   00:19:09

    3 Gary David MANN  00:19:16

    4 Rav PANESAR      00:19:20


Leeds Run for All 10k


    9 Andy May          34:17  34:14

   18 Gwil Thomas       35:07  35:03

   21 Simon Midwood     35:26  35:20

   28 Jeremy Ladyman    36:01  35:56

   37 Franco Pardini    36:50  36:46

   64 Dave Penman       38:11  38:05

   67 Jonathan Smyth    38:18  38:12

  122 Terry Bean        40:35  40:31

  442 Keith Brewster    45:38  45:11

  491 Sean Fitzgerald   46:01  44:49

  536 Andy Webster      46:37  44:15

  647 Chloe Hudson      47:42  47:34

  772 Alex Watson-Usher 48:51  47:18

  789 Lucy Robins       49:02  48:20

1035 Gemma Midwood     50:50  50:11

2582 Stephen Diamond   60:15  57:47

3066 Kirsty Myers      63:11  57:34

3794 Helen Gill        67:14  62:03

5509 Kate Brady        79:10  65:10

 7045 finished


Golden Acre Relay


  3  Kaiser Bills      47:51

     Paul Kaiser       15:54

     Jeremy Ladyman    16:05

     Gwil Thomas       15:51


  16 Hell Yeah!        51:54

     Tom Button        17:43 

     Holly Williams    17:41

     Gary Mann         16:30


 27 VSCC A Team       55:09

     Dan Murray        16:57

     Greg Skerrett     18:43

     Julia Leventon    19:49


  32 Valley Riders     56:14

     Sarah Harper      21:24

     Andy Stoneman     17:19

     John Shanks       17:31


  66 Collingham Clodders 63:48

     Jonathan Smyth    17:02

     Esther Smyth      27:29

     Alistair Smyth    19:17


  68 Valley Surprise   64:03

     Richard Irvine    17:28

     Chloe Hudson      20:50

     Stella Cross(Abb) 25:45


  71 Valley Tingle     64:38

     Jake Towler       21:57

     Pat Ingle         22:44

     Tim Towler        19:57


  74 The Mixed Bag     65:28

     Alex Irvine       18:51

     Dave Jones        25:48

     Malcolm Coles     20:49


102 Holly’s Honeys    73:18

     Becky Murray      28:03

     Julie McGurk      22:24

     Sarah Howell      22:51

Please support Amanda Seims, running the Lakeland 50 next weekend

Mountain Rescue teams provide valuable assistance in many emergencies, not just in the mountains and countryside but in public emergencies such as flooding.  It is also staffed by volunteers who give up a lot of their time and money to properly train for their role.

I ran the Mont Blanc marathon in 2011 to raise money for my local MRT and this year I'm stepping up the bar to run 50 miles to raise money for the national organisation, since I enjoy spending time in various national parks around the UK.

Give that so far the longest run I've completed was 27 miles then this will be a tough challenge for me. The route is along mountain trails and includes 3000m of ascent just for the added challenge!  More details here: