Subject:                          V S Update - V S Autumn Handicap / Barbecue, Wetherby races, Race reports from Sedbergh and Ottawa, parkrun results


Sent: 26 August 2013 11:24



This Tuesday (27th), sessions as usual, EXCEPT - Holly & Grace's intermediates meet at the  lodge by Eccup Res, the one on the track from Harrogate Road, not the one on the track from Alwoodley Lane 7:00pm for hill reps.


Sunday 1 September, LCW, one or two more reserves would be appreciated


Tuesday 3 September, VS autumn junior mile (6:20) and VS autumn handicap 5 miles (6:45), both start by Eccup Res.  You enjoyed the barbecue in July so much we’ve arranged another one, food will be served at Leos from 8:20pm, book by 10pm Sunday 1st September saying whether you want the carnivore or veggie menu (both £7), book at  (check you get an acknowledgement)


Saturday 7 September – Leeds Golden Mile


Sunday 8 September, Wetherby junior race 1.8 miles (12:45pm) and Wetherby 10k (2pm),, The junior race is the first race in the V S Junior Grand Prix 2013/4 and also in the Leeds Junior Race Series 2013/4.  The 10k is in the V S Grand Prix and the Leeds Race Series.  See  Note that the 10k is pre-entry (closes 31 Aug?) and the junior run is pre-entry with “limited entry on the day”. 


I have had a batch of Harewood entry forms printed, is anyone able to hand them out at the end of the 10k and then I can do the race, please?


Sunday 27 October, Harewood Trail Races - 2 mile junior (school years 1-12), 2 mile adult fun run, 5 mile junior (school years 11-12), 5 mile adult, 10 mile (min age 17).  We now have online entries and online charity donations.  See .  If you can help, email  If you can help, but would like to run (if we have sufficient marshals) please put “WLTR” when you email “teams”.


There are a number of races in September – Rombalds Romp (Sat 14th), Kirkstall 7 mile (Sun 22nd) and Horsforth 10k (Sun 29th).  I’m going to hand out forms at Kirkstall, can I have a volunteer for each of the other two races please?  Also for Bramham 5k/10k on 6 October?


Sedbergh Hills Race Report AL Sunday 18 August 2013 – from Steve Dixon


Sedbergh Hills Race starts not surprisingly from Sedbergh, from the People’s Hall at the foot of the Howgill Fells on the edge of the town. These fells are situated at the western edge of the Yorkshire Dales and now lie within the county of Cumbria.


The race is 14 miles in length and involves 6,000 ft of ascent.  There are many lung bursting climbs up the grassy hows (a norse word for hill) and the corresponding slipping and sliding descents, linked by long stretches of contouring paths snaking through the gills (a norse word for a narrow valley).


For those with energy still left in their legs there is a ‘fast’ high level ridge run between the final 2 checkpoints on the tops of Calf and Winder before hurtling down the hillside back to the Peoples Hall for tea and cake.


The weather was kind with sunny cool conditions giving almost perfect conditions for being out running on the fells. The only criticism was the strength of the wind on the tops. The views were amazing though and very extensive. 3 Striders were able to take advantage.  Don’t take my word for it see it here:


   1st               Rob Jebb            Bingley H   2.11.14

   12th (1st lady)   Victoria Wilkinson  Bingley H   2.28.31

  102nd (3rd MV60)  Steve Dixon         Valley S    3.09.55

   115th             Rob Bumstead        Valley S    3.14.36

   148th (2nd MV70)  Malcolm Coles       Valley S    3.36.43


   191 starters and of those 5 retired


World Age Group Duathlon Championships – from Howard Jeffrey


I travelled 15 hours on Thursday to get to Ottawa Canada for the World Age Group Duathlon Championships on Saturday morning. Not the best race preparation. Managed to stay reasonably supple till I got into bed at 1.00am on Friday morning. Arghh Back pain! Sorted by one of the team physios on Friday morning thankfully so good to go. I was not affected by jet lag as I have a weird routine of sleep at the best of times. Had 3 hours sleep on Friday and spent the day being briefed, registering putting bike in transition etc. Bumped into guys I knew one wearing an Eccup 10 T shirt and another from York Knavesmire. Ottawa is a beautiful city with some historic buildings, well geared for cycling with many cycle lanes. They close off many major roads on Sunday for bikes and skate boards, very civilised.


After 5 hours sleep on Saturday I got up and went to watch the standard distance ( I did the sprint at 1.00pm) events from 6.30 am. Competitors from 22 nations, the most being USA, followed by Canada, then probably GB. Cheered along people from Japan (they seemed to be the most appreciative), Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, New Zealand and Australia as well as the usual European nations and it was also the world junior and u23 champs. The route went out and back along a closed dual carriageway next to the Ottawa river and lakes.


It became very hot 30 degrees and there was a stiff breeze by 1.00pm (which was in your face both out and back which I can’t fathom! As fellow runners you will know!). The route was quite undulating and our distance was 5.0K run  20K bike 2.5K run. I set off fairly steady (always conscious of the hard bike leg to come) and picked off a few people and managed 21.35 for the 5K (the heat, the hills and the wind were worth a good couple of minutes I reckon). Legs a bit jaded for the bike and was passed by some of the people I had been in front of on the run. I took 39 or so minutes but leapt off to have a storming last 2.5 K run in 11.10. Total time 1.14.04. The winner in my age group was American and he did 1.04.00. Silver went to another American and a GB guy took the Bronze. I have to find 10 minutes to contest medals, the bulk of which I ought to get out of the bike (which is currently my weak discipline, although not had much practice yet) and a couple off the runs, so that is the future challenge. There were only Americans, Canadians and Brits in my race and I managed to beat one of each of them (16/19) and again managed to perform as well as I could on the day which is all you can ever hope to do! I managed also to catch an American who was about 500 metres ahead at the second run turn point and thanks to the cheering crowds stormed across the finish (a la Ohurogu) just in front. He was in the next age category so they are already in my sights for next year. It doesn’t get any easier though as I still have to find the 10 minutes to get to the front of the pack even in that group! Of the total in the sprint in all ages and both sexes I came 198 out of 299 so no disgrace. Next major European Standard Triathlon next year (next age group!) in Kitzbuhel Austria in June. Pancake flat Not!! All results available from Sportsstats and as usual a good medal haul for the UK.


parkrun results


Results for Burgess parkrun, event number 48, 24/08/2013.

3 Rav PANESAR 00:18:26

73 participants completed the run


Results for Cannon Hill parkrun, event number 155, 24/08/2013.

292 Paul HOLLOWAY 00:30:56

373 participants completed the run


Results for Edinburgh parkrun, event number 198, 24/08/2013.

219 Josie ROTHERA 00:24:58

412 participants completed the run


Results for Leeds parkrun, event number 308, 24/08/2013.

5 Gary David MANN 00:18:26

7 James TARRAN 00:18:54

10 Roy HUGGINS 00:19:12

29 Tom CURRAN 00:20:29

31 Ian ROSSER 00:20:32

50 Sue SUNDERLAND 00:22:07

87 Sarah HOWELL 00:24:26

132 Tally Nicole DIAMOND 00:26:19

239 Sarah ORD 00:34:45

243 Anika MCKAY 00:36:59

249 Jordan DIAMOND 00:37:45

257 participants completed the run


Results for Roundhay parkrun, event number 121, 24/08/2013.

The first male to finish was Jeremy LADYMAN (M) (Valley Striders AC) in a time of 00:17:53.

The first lady completing the course was Laura Emily DRANSFIELD (F) (Roundhay Runners) in a time of 00:20:09.

1 Jeremy LADYMAN 00:17:53

3 Mick LOFTUS 00:19:04

5 Ian SANDERSON 00:19:17

13 Joel GIDDINGS 00:20:30

14 Myra JONES 00:20:30

17 Ronan LOFTUS 00:20:51

22 Adam PARTON 00:21:16

32 William MCCAFFREY 00:21:48

42 Callum PARTON 00:22:52

66 Alun DAVIES 00:24:40

67 Pascale FOTHERBY 00:24:52

68 Aileen LOFTUS 00:24:56

78 Nick BARNES 00:25:58

79 Caroline TOLAN 00:26:21

84 Iain CURRIE 00:26:39

86 Gerard COLL 00:26:40

90 Esther HOLLIS 00:26:47

95 James FORBES 00:26:55

117 Stephanie GLEDHILL 00:28:32

119 Louise CAZAN 00:28:34

122 Anne MCCAFFREY 00:28:39

167 participants completed the run


If you ran on Saturday and aren’t on the list, then maybe you haven’t changed your personal details to be in Valley Striders club.  Or maybe you just forgot your barcode!


And finally


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