Subject:                          V S Update - Xmas bookings, London marathon, Fell email list, Marshals, junior parkrun results, Peco XC results


Sent: 29 November 2013 00:46

Lasagne next Tuesday


Book at before 10pm Sunday 1 December, choosing meat or veggie lasagne, and whether you want apple pie also choosing 7:15pm or 8:30pm


Christmas is Coming


Junior Xmas Party on Tuesday 10 December £6 email by Friday 6 December 10pm
Striders Xmas Party on Friday 13 December £14 email by Sunday 8 December 10pm
Check bookings


London Marathon places


If you received a rejection slip from London and would like to be in the ballot for one of four places allocated to Valley Striders, please email me before Sunday 8 December.  NB please let me know whether you have previously received a club place.  Please check at


West Yorkshire Cross Country


This Sunday is the final WYXC at Nunroyd Park, Guiseley.  Striders men are in equal 1st place in the league, so come along at 2:15 to cheer them on.  In fact, come along at 11:45 and also cheer on our juniors in the U11, U13 and U15 races.


New Fell Running Email List – from John Marsham


There is a new email list for those in VS interseted in fell & off-road running and racing,


Emails to the group address - from members only - get distributed to everyone on the list. Messages can also be viewed and contributed to via the the web at, although you'll need a Google account to do this.  Note: a Google account is not necessary to participate via email.


To request membership of the group please send an email to . Requests to join are approved by one of the group managers.  You can unsubscribe at any time by sending an email to


This google-group will take over from the old valley fell running email list.


I hope people will sign up to this quite quickly and we can have a rapid swap from the old list to this.


John Wallace sends the following re Harewood Trail


A big thank-you to all those who helped out at the recent Harewood Trail, particularly those that were under my ‘supervision’ on the 2 mile route and first section of the main races. Despite a few hiccups I think we managed it pretty well, including dealing with locked gates and late changes of route, and the 99% of people who would recommend the race testifies to the fact that we did a good job. However my apologies that I didn’t manage to thank you personally on the day.....


... which is part of the driver for this email. For the first time in a few years we were actually a bit short of marshals which meant it got a bit manic at times, particularly for the more experienced (read older!) marshals, with consequent knock on effects for briefing all you other wonderful marshals and helpers.


So ... very advance warning to ask as many members of VS as possible to put our next organised race, the Meanwood Trail, in your diaries for next year. We anticipate it being Saturday 19th April (day before the London Marathon) or near that time and would love to have lots of marshals.


Most of you will have taken part in other races, pretty well all organised and marshalled by volunteers like ours, so it’s a chance to help ensure that tradition continues ... and besides which cheering people on and shooing them around a course is great fun and makes you feel very superior.





Photos from “Gary & Sarah’s” Roundhay parkrun




parkrun Results


At the Krakow parkrun, Jon Pownall was 5th in 18:01


At the first Roundhay junior parkrun, here are the VS results


   2 Alex IRVINE        08:39

   4 Joseph IRVINE      09:41

   8 Josephine PAWLEY   10:25

   9 Theo GIDDINGS      10:26

  29 Billy SAWYER       13:03

  33 Daniel FOTHERBY    13:30

  38 Emily STONEMAN     14:10

  63 Michael FOTHERBY   20:07

  66 finished


Peco Race 1


Junior 1 mile – years 4-6

   2 Joe Sherman        7:43

  18 Sam Hollis         8:51

  23 Tally Diamond      9:12 5th girl

  40 Imogen Idle       10:06

  44 Ben Easton        10:34

  52 Henry Firth       11:35

  61 finished


Junior 2 mile – years 7-12

   1 Alex Pagdin       11:25

   8 Callum Parton     12:53

  18 Alex Irvine       13:55

  21 Aileen Loftus     14:04

  29 Stephen Diamond   14:58

  35 Joe Irvine        15:53

  43 Jordan Diamond    19:38

  43 finished



    6 Andy May         

   24 Paul Fotherby    

   27 Paul Kaiser      

   32 Gwil Thomas      

   33 Franco Pardini   

   42 Rav Panesar      

   44 Steve Wilkins    

   47 John Shanks      

   61 Gary Mann

   62 Mick Loftus        

   71 Joel Giddings    

   72 Ian Sanderson    

   88 Roy Huggins      

   89 Paul Smith       

   91 Simon Vallance   

   99 Dan Murray       

  101 James Tarran     

   W8 Hannah Corne     

  122 Adam Parton      

  132 Richard Irvine   

  145 Mike Furby       

  162 Graham Pawley    

  182 Andy Pagdin      

  203 Sean Fitzgerald  

  206 Alistair Smyth   

  210 Leroy Sutton      

  W26 Sue Sunderland   

  250 Malcolm Coles    

  W47 Sharon Kaiser    

  W60 Louise Cazan     

  294 Bob Jackson      

  303 Graham Ford      

 W107 Pascale Fotherby 

 W111 Gillian Felton   

 W113 Josie Rothera    

 W124 Dawn Parton      

  364 Paul Felton      

 W213 Louise Jennings  

 W245 Maureen Coffey   


Men finished 1st, women finished 7th


Grand Prix is now updated on website


Race 2 is on 15 December, if you want to run and haven’t registered already, email as soon as possible.