Subject:                                     V S Update - pie'n'peas, George Black, VSGP, VSFC, Help, Thanks, CWR, Membership, Emergency, Monkey


Sent: 24 January 2014 00:05

Extra pie and peas night – Tuesday 28 January


Julia and Tomas are moving to Germany at the end of the month.


Julia says “We have loved running with the Striders and would like a chance to say goodbye. Please join us for extra pie and peas on the 28th.  NB everyone welcome, even if they've no idea who Tomas and Julia are!”


We’ll also have an early pie and peas sitting, so

·         For the 7:15pm sitting, book to

·         For the 8:30pm sitting, book to

·         choosing meat or veggie pie, whether you want mushy peas or baked beans, and whether you want apple pie

·         Book by 10pm Sunday 26 January


George Black


I’ve received a message from George’s friend, Mike Evans.


George had a heart attack on Monday.  To quote George, there is "extensive damage but doctors very hopeful of full recovery".


If you’d like George’s postal address, please email me (Bob)


V S Grand Prix 2014 and V S Fell Championship 2014


The meetings have been held and the events have been decided, see


Here are the events till the middle of March

·         Sat 1 Feb [GP-L]  Rombalds Stride (full)

·         Sun 2 Feb [GP-S]  Dewsbury 10k  

·         Sat 1 Mar [GP-L]  Trollers Trot 

·         Sun 2 Mar [FC-AS] Ilkley Moor Fell Race (no entries on day)

·         Sun 2 Mar [GP-XC][JGP] Peco XC race 5 at Northcliffe Park Shipley 

·         Sun 9 Mar [GP-L]  Spen 20  

·         Sun 9 Mar [GP-L]  East Hull 20 


Note that Peco Race 4 at West Park is only in the Junior GP, not in the VSGP, as we will be asking some Striders (who would normally run) to marshal.


Note also that this year, all fell races are in VSFC, but you score extra points for the 15 nominated races.  Details on the website, click on the “for Club Members” tab, then go for the “Grand Prix & Fell Champ” section and you’ll see “Fell Championship 2014 Rules”


For road runners, may I recommend to you the Dewsbury 10k as a fast course and it is chip timed.  It is similar to the Abbey Dash in that it is out-and-back and if the wind is in its usual direction it is behind on the way back.  Its advantage over the Abbey Dash is that it is slightly more uphill on the way out and therefore slightly more downhill on the way back.  NB the website says entries close 25 January 10pm, but if you are considering it after this date, check the website because in previous years the race has been kept open for a few more days.


Help! And Thanks!


We’re still looking for help for Peco race (16 February), in particular for people who are willing to marshal the senior race from 11:00 to 12:30 (you’ll need to arrive by 10:30 at the latest) – please email  The venue is likely to be West Park, will confirm next week.


We probably have enough for admin (taking entries) and course set-up, but the more the merrier for these tasks, so if you want to race but can help beforehand, also please email


See for list of marshals to date.  If it seems that there are a lot of names already there, note that we would like a few to jog round the route after we’ve marked it out (but before the race starts) to check that it is clearly marked.


Thank you to so many of you who have replied in the last 36 hours to our request for marshals for the Meanwood Trail Race (12 April).


We were concerned that because of the race being in the middle of school holidays and also being London marathon weekend, we would have insufficient marshals to support the race.  Taking into account that some of the “probables” won’t be available, we now have 75% of the numbers needed, please can more of you reply before Monday to whether you are definitely available, probably available or definitely not available. 


See for list of marshals to date.


Calderdale Way Relay – message from Kim Threadgall


If you would like to be part of the UK'S BIGGEST CLUB RUN OFF ROAD RACE then put the above date in your diary now and send me an e-mail to by next Wednesday (29th) confirming that you would like to take part in the Calderdale Way Relay.

The Calderdale Way is a 50-mile (80 km) circular long-distance footpath in West Yorkshire which includes exposed moorland as well as woodland paths, a short section of canal towpath and some road sections...therefore something for everyone whether you prefer to run in the fells or on the roads!

Halifax Harriers currently organise this race and it is made up of 6 legs, each leg to be completed by a pair....therefore each team needs to consist of 12 runners.  The legs range from between 4.8 miles to 10.55 miles so if you have a preference please let me know.  You can find out more information on the race here   Calderdale Way


Please note that it is on the same day as the Leeds Half Marathon but maybe it's time for a change!




For our club year that started 1 September 2013, we now have 351 paid-up members but we still have 82 members from 2012/3 who have not paid.


Please could you all check and if it says “Due” you are one of the 82.  Details of how much to pay and how to pay are on the website.  Any queries to


Note that we will soon be making payment to England Athletics for affiliation fees.  Anyone who has not paid V S membership will not be affiliated and will not be entitled to claim £2 off race entry fees.


Emergency Contact Details


On Tuesday evening, one of our runners, John Hussey, hit his head on a road sign that was suspended in the air, only 5 feet from the ground, black and unlit.  He needed to go to hospital.  Fortunately he was conscious and could tell the leader that he had a tag (see below) with his wife’s phone number and fortunately the leader had mobile to call 999 and call his wife.  (He had 16 stitches and was home by 2:30am and is OK).


We do keep a list of emergency contacts; some of our leaders carry a paper list with them with others have them on computer.  Could you all please check - if there is a “N” in the emergency contact details, please let us know emergency contact details for you.


Also we highly recommend that whenever you are running, even in a group, you carry some sort of id and emergency contact details. Our injured runner had a permanent parkrun bar-code which also carries emergency contact details.  See for more details – under £4 including delivery for 3 plastic tags printed with parkrun barcode and emergency contact number.


Brass Monkey results


Place  Time       Name             Category  Chip    Grading

    11  01:13:12   Andy May         MOpen   01:13:11   83.0%

    58  01:20:13   Rav Panesar      MOpen   01:20:10   74.4%

    61  01:20:36   James Tarran     M45     01:20:27   79.9%

   110  01:23:45   Joel Giddings    M40     01:23:32   74.1%

   139  01:25:34   Kevin McMullan   M45     01:25:29   74.1%

   143  01:25:36   Myra Jones       FOpen   01:25:22   76.9%

   260  01:30:24   Dan Murray       MOpen   01:28:42   66.3%

   275  01:31:00   Rob Marsh        M40     01:30:41   67.2%

   292  01:31:54   Graham Pawley    M45     01:31:28   69.5%

   309  01:32:34   John Shanks      MOpen   01:32:21   64.4%

   445  01:37:07   Joe Hanney       M40     01:36:31   63.0%

   450  01:37:20   Sue Sunderland   F50     01:36:56   78.5%

   530  01:39:30   Paul White       M65     01:39:21   76.7%

   620  01:42:35   Ged Coll         M45     01:40:30   63.3%

   663  01:44:05   Michael Hall     MOpen   01:42:47   57.3%

   803  01:48:24   Chloe Hudson     FOpen   01:48:04   60.7%

   810  01:48:42   Bob Jackson      M60     01:48:02   67.4%

   822  01:49:01   Sarah Harper     FOpen   01:48:24   60.3%

  1023  01:55:52   Ruth Warren      F55     01:54:18   70.0%

  1108  01:59:15   Sarah Howell     FOpen   01:57:41   55.2%

  1305  02:12:09   Sarah Clark      F40     02:09:47   53.3%

  1402  02:25:21   Deborah Fraites  F50     02:22:59   51.1%