Subject:                          V S Update - Peco Race 5 info, Lasagne, Peco Relays, Leeds Race Series, Peco Race 4 thanks and results, Results from National XC and Snake Lane, Reports from Wadsworth and Osmotherley


Sent: 24 February 2014 00:07

Sunday 2 March – Peco XC


Peco Race 5 at Northcliffe Park Shipley on Sunday 2 March


Usual arrangements see 


The men are in with a chance of retaining the League Championship but need to beat Abbey in the final race and also finish no more than one position behind Saltaire Striders.


The women should finish comfortably mid-table but which team will turn out next Sunday, the ones who have finished 3rd and 4th or the ones who have finished 7th and 8th.


Striders are also in joint 1st position in the men’s second team championship i.e. race positions 9 to 16, so let’s pack the places and see if we can win this one (too).


Also please come along early and cheer the Junior Striders.  Joe Sherman will be running in the 1 mile race at 10:00 and will finish in the first three but could be in any of the podium positions depending on his result in the final race.  Alex Pagdin is already guaranteed to win the Boys School Year 10-12 title, and Callum Parton could finish in the top three.  And come to support all the other Junior Striders – there are several – Tally Diamond, Imogen Idle, Henry Firth, Alex Irvine, Jordan Diamond and Stephen Diamond who have run every race.


Tuesday 4 March –Lasagne!


LASAGNE at 7:15pm - book at before 10pm Sunday 2 Mar, choosing meat or veggie lasagne, and whether you want apple pie

LASAGNE at 8:30pm - book at before 10pm Sunday 2 Mar, choosing meat or veggie lasagne, and whether you want apple pie


Sunday 23 March – Peco Relays at Barnbow Woods (Crossgates)


Information from the Peco website


The Club Team race will be between a single team selected by each club. This team must contain at least 1 Lady and at least 1 Vet (40+) and no more than 1 Male under 40. This race is open to all PECO and WYWL clubs.                                                                           


In addition, there will be prizes for the first ‘other’ teams in each of the following categories: M Open, M Vets (40+), M SuperVets (50+), F Open, F Vets (40+), F SuperVets (50+) and ‘Mixed’ (at least 1 F per team)                                                                           


There will also be a 3 x 1.5 mile-ish relay for Juniors (aged 8 – 16). Teams must contain at least 1 U11 and at least 1 U13. Prizes for the first Boys, Girls and ‘Mixed’ teams.                                                                                                                  


After the presentation of prizes for this race, we will hold the PECO XC League Presentations at Barnbow Social Club. These will start at 1.30pm with the Juniors, and continue with the Seniors at 2.00pm. This should allow for those who are racing elsewhere on this date to get there in time.


Message to Striders and Junior Striders


Please email by Sunday 9 March if you want to run in these relays.  We will then organise teams to fit into the categories above.


Leeds Race Series


Details of the 2014 Leeds Race Series have just been announced, the first “event” is any Roundhay parkrun in March, best time to count.


Final results of the 2013 Leeds Race Series are also available, congratulations to John Shanks (3rd man overall) and Sarah Harper (3rd woman overall).


The Leeds Junior Race Series 2013/4 also restarts in March.  For school years 1 to 10, the next “event” is any Roundhay junior parkrun in March, for school years 11 and 12, it is any Roundhay parkrun in March.


For further details including free online entry, see


Peco Race 4


Many thanks to the 45 Striders who assisted on the day - Adam Parton, Alex Watson-Usher, Alistair Smyth, Amy Parton, Becky Bibby, Bob Jackson, Callum Parton, Dave Penman, Dawn Parton, Daz Hibberd, Eileen Crosfill, Gary Mann, Graham Ford, Ian Sampson, Ian Sanderson, Jason Watson-Usher, Jean Hussey, Joe Hanney, Joel Giddings, John Hussey, John Shanks, John Umpleby, John Wallace, Louise Cazan, Lucy Taylor, Mick Tinker, Mike Crosfill, Pat Umpleby, Paul Smith, Rachel Foy, Richard Irvine, Rick Sunderland, Rob Hamilton, Ross Bibby, Sarah Harper, Sarah Ord, Sarah Smith, Sean Fitzgerald, Simon Midwood, Steph Gledhill, Stephen Diamond, Steve Wilkins, Sue Sunderland, Tom Button, Tony Mills. 




Junior 1 mile

      3   Joe Sherman          7:12

      25   Tally Diamond        8:39

      33   Imogen Idle          9:00

      42   Sarah Brady         10:10

      44   Henry Firth         10:20

      46   Sammy Mills         11:18


      45   Lauren Ford         10:25 (Sammy’s cousin)


Junior 2 mile

       1   Alex Pagdin         11:51

      17   Callum Parton       14:13

      21   Alex Irvine         14:42

      32   Stephen Diamond     16:56

      38   Jordan Diamond      21:23

      40   Adam Mills          21:56


Senior race

     Pos                               M/W Pos

       9   Gwil Thomas         34:59     9    

      35   Steve Wilkins       37:13    34    

      59   Joel Giddings       38:53    57    

      66   Rav Panesar         39:15    63    

      81   Tony Mills          39:58    78    

     102   Dave Penman         40:53    97    

     103   Paul Smith          40:58    98    

     132   Mike Furby          42:26   124    

     157   Graham Pawley       43:53   143    

     165   Joe Hanney          44:10   148    

     167   Roy Huggins         44:13   150    

     233   Sue Sunderland      47:21    35    

     239   Leroy Sutton        47:36   203    

     253   Alistair Smyth      48:12   216    

     256   Louise Cazan        48:19    39    

     261   Sean Fitzgerald     48:34   221    

     273   Alex Watson-Usher   49:30    45    

     281   Malcolm Coles       49:56   232    

     295   Steph Gledhill      50:46    52    

     302   Dawn Parton         51:11    58    

     329   John Wallace        52:49   254    

     338   Julie Townsend      53:36    80    

     401   Louise Jennings     58:27   124    

also Tony Mills' sister from Burton-on-Trent  

     308   Ruth Ford           51:34    63    


English National Cross Country



   404  Sharon Kaiser   39:12

   652  Sara Dyer       48:04

  708  finished



   455  Paul Fotherby   44:41

   503  Gwil Thomas     45:12

   540  Paul Kaiser     45:43

   726  Alex Nancolas   47:37

   855  Steve Webb      49:12

  1657  finished

Unfortunately Dan and Simon were injured so we didn’t (quite) have a team to count


Snake Lane 10


                                    Cat     Finish     Chip    

  Pos  Name                 Cat     Pos     Time       Time

    4  Andy May             MVet35  2/75    00:55:50   00:55:49

   18  David Penman         MSNR    9/68    01:00:26   01:00:21

   40  James Tarran         MVet45  2/90    01:02:30   01:02:30

   66  Kevin Mcmullan       MVet45  7/90    01:04:26   01:04:18

   94  Gary Mann            MSNR    25/68   01:06:00   01:05:52

  104  Ian Sanderson        MVet40  22/89   01:06:36   01:06:24

  119  Tom Button           MVet40  28/89   01:07:03   01:06:55

  153  Paul Smith           MVet40  34/89   01:08:40   01:08:30

  195  Graham Pawley        MVet45  25/90   01:10:50   01:10:34

  225  Sean Fitzgerald      MSNR    43/68   01:12:23   01:12:05

  250  John Batchelor       MVet40  55/89   01:13:40   01:13:29

  253  Graham Jones         MVet45  36/90   01:13:47   01:13:30

  378  Michael Hall         MSNR    54/68   01:18:57   01:18:31

  446  Sarah Harper         FSNR    24/65   01:22:19   01:22:02

  448  John Shanks          MSNR    58/68   01:22:21   01:22:03

  453  Stephanie Gledhill   FVet35  21/63   01:22:25   01:22:01

  494  Eleanor Currie       FSNR    31/65   01:24:35   01:24:10

  495  Iain Currie          MVet45  69/90   01:24:35   01:24:10

  557  Gemma Midwood        FSNR    36/65   01:28:26   01:28:04

  580  Sarah Howell         FSNR    41/65   01:29:49   01:29:24


Race report - Wadsworth Trog – from Steve Dixon


Saturday 8 February from Old Town Cricket Club, Hebden Bridge.  35 kilometres and 1200 metre of climbing.  BL classification.


This race sells out surprisingly fast and caught at least one Strider out!


It was always going to be a brutal shock to the system running over some of the roughest terrain in the south Pennines during early February but was particularly brutal for me having returned from a holiday in southern India just two days previously!  The drop in the daytime temperature was 30 degrees Centigrade!


I was very tempted to drop out after the initial 2 kilometre loop below the Old Town of Hebden Bridge as I realised it was not just the cold that would batter the senses. The route planner must have had a reason to send us on a 100 metre descent down a narrow waterlogged riverside path and then bring us back to the race HQ at the cricket club to start the race proper.  It does however give you an idea of what was to come.


High winds and bogs!!!  Wind chill and frozen feet beckoned………


How is it possible to resist???


And so I continued with the first climb up onto High Brown Knoll and the first of 14 checkpoints?


Interspersed amongst the CP’s were a further 6 testing climbs over consistently waterlogged ground or out and out bog!  The wind was strengthening throughout the race but fortunately on the exposed stretches the wind was at our backs or sides. 


Our good fortune though did not last! 


26 Kilometres into the race, and already feeling well exercised, you find yourself back at the Cock Hill checkpoint on the road between Hebden Bridge and Haworth.  This is the final cut off for the slower runners.  It is also the start of 5 kilometres of rough moorland all over 400 metres high and fully exposed to the head-on southerly gale. It was a mighty relief to get to Sheep Stones trig point and the start of the descent back to the Old Town cricket club. 


I knew that the descent overshoots the finish and was psychologically prepared for that final 100 metres of climbing to get to the finish but was rather pleased when a marshal directed us off the race route along the road to avoid some wild horses in a paddock below.  I really believed all we needed to do now was to run along the level tarmac road to the finish.  That joy was short-lived as further marshals ensured we got full value by sending us away from the cricket club and back onto the race route, allowing us to visit the final CP in the valley bottom to give us that final 100 metre climb before the celebratory jog/stagger round the cricket field to the finish.


The race was tough but I strongly suspect that most runners were happy to be running but appreciated the fact that it was only possible due to a dedicated bunch of marshals throughout the course spending many hours (5 hours plus!) in very cold exposed conditions.


     1  Simon Harding      Macclesfield      M     3:00:22

    14  Helen Fines        CVFR              LV40  3:34:57  (lady 1)

    33  Mick Loftus        Valley Striders   V40   3:48:26

    36  Simon Vallance     Valley Striders   V40   3:50:30

    65  Oliver Cheyne      Valley Striders   M     4:07:13

    75  Paul Smith         Valley Striders   V40   4:15:45

   101  Steve Dixon        Valley Strider    V60   4:35:56  (First V60)

   131  Malcolm Coles      Valley Striders   V70   4:58:09  (First V70)

   142  Sarah Smith        Valley Striders   LV40  5:16:13  (lady 27)


173 (38 ladies) started and 158 (36 ladies) finished.


Mick, Simon and Oliver were counters in the team event and were 6th amongst some strong local Pennine clubs.  Calder Valley provided both the winning men’s and ladies teams.


Race Report -  Osmotherley 26.2 – from Richard Adcock


It was actually 27.4 miles but what's a mile or so between friends? Hmm, quite a lot when you’re tired!


A 7:30am start made for a very early rise but it also meant I was finished for lunchtime and after the foul weather we had in the run up to the race I was prepared for the worst but on the day it turned out nice, cold but dry and midway the sun even came out for a bit.


The route was a nice mix of trails, exposed ground, ice, mud and hills, with the first 13 miles taking just over 2 hours I was feeling good until we hit the hills of Drake Howe[?], Clay Bank and a bit of rock climbing over Wainstones (for those that did the Lyke Wake these were the three hills that we ran around rather than over) these combined with the steps and miles of flag stones took their toll on my energy but back down, a bit of food and then it was just 11 miles or so following the Cleveland Way all the back to Osmotherley (a reverse of the Lyke Wake route).


A good day, well organised with a massive spread of food at the finish :)


I finished 35/146 in 5:05:59 (1st was 4:03:15)


Links for Race Information / Route / Results


New Strider


Congratulations to Natalie Crossland who gave birth to daughter Florence (Florrie) last Wednesday, a sister for Barney and Ted. 


Dad Tim was allowed out for a run on Saturday, he went to Hyde Park parkrun and won the race in 17:06, he must have been rushing to get back home to look after the family!


Grandad Paul (White) went to Roundhay parkrun and set a parkrun PB of 22:46 to celebrate a first granddaughter after 4 grandsons.


Pic of the week


We’ve all seen runners pushing buggies at parkrun, but here’s Andy Bell pushing a double buggy at yesterday’s Roundhay parkrun.


Andy ran 23:12, just beaten by his two children.  Meanwhile, unencumbered by buggy or children, Hannah was 1st woman finisher in 19:44.


Stop Press


Kim Threadgall 2nd W in the Grizedale Half Marathon today.  Hopefully a report in the next edition of V S Update!