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Tuesday 11 March Training


Itís the second Tuesday in the month so the 7pm sessions are on the track at Leeds Met.  Instructions and information are on the homepage of


The 6pm sessions will be as normal at Leos but advanced notice that we are hoping to book Grammar School at Leeds for the second Tuesday in the month for 6pm sessions from Tuesday 8 April.  7pm sessions will remain at Leeds Met.


Tuesday 18 March Training and Food


All sessions at Leos followed by curry


Curry at 7:15pm - book at before 10pm Sunday 16 Mar, choosing meat or veggie curry, and whether you want apple pie


Curry at 8:30pm - book at before 10pm Sunday 16 Mar, choosing meat or veggie curry, and whether you want apple pie


Marathon Season


The spring marathon season must be coming soon as it is the East Hull 20 and Spen 20 this weekend (both are in the V S Grand Prix)


Anyone running a marathon for charity is welcome to advertise in VS Update, hereís the first.


Sarah Smith is Running in the Brighton Marathon on 6 April 2014 to raise money for The Bhopal Medical Appeal


Trollers Trot


    6  Paul Smith         03:34:34      100  2nd M40

    7  Simon Vallance     03:35:46       97  1st M45

   31  Ian Sanderson      03:53:53       93

   37  Joel Giddings      03:57:08       90

   82  Simon Redshaw      04:21:52       87

   99  Malcolm Coles      04:47:06       83  1st M70

  132  Meg Galsworthy     05:46:26       80


Peco Race 5 and Series Results


Junior 1 mile Race 5

   20 Tally Diamond     7:38

   30 Imogen Idle       8:19

   36 Cameron Bradbury  8:59

   37 Sarah Brady       9:20


Junior 1 mile Series Results (4 races to count)

         Joe Sherman 2nd BSY4-6

         Tally Diamond 5th GSY4-6

         Tally Diamond and Imogen Idle ran all 5 races, Joe Sherman and Henry Firth ran 4 races.  A further 7 junior Striders took part in at least one race.


Junior 2 mile Race 5

    2 Alex Pagdin      10:59

   15 Callum Partom    13:22

   17 Stephen Diamond  13:43

   20 Aileen Loftus    14:12

   25 Jasmine Webster  17:13

   29 Adam Mills       19:39


Junior 2 mile Series Results (4 races to count)

         Aileen Loftus =2nd GSY10-12

         Alex Pagdin 1st BSY10-12

         Callum Parton 3rd BSY10-12

         Alex Pagdin and Stephen Diamond ran all 5 races, Alex Irvine, Aileen Loftus, Callum Parton and Jordan Diamond ran 4.  A further 5 junior Striders took part in at least one race.


Senior Race 5

                                           GP Pts

   12  Gwil Thomas       31:53     M  12    100

   14  Paul Fotherby     32:03     M  14     99

   16  Franco Pardini    32:07     M  16     98

   25  Paul Kaiser       32:40     M  24     97

   36  Jeremy Ladyman    33:04     M  35     96

   39  Simon Midwood     33:20     M  38     95

   45  Steve Webb        33:49     M  44     94

   48  Steve Wilkins     33:58     M  47     93

   54  Mick Loftus       34:19     M  53     92

   69  Jon Pownall       35:26     M  68     91

   72  Gary Mann         35:33     M  71     90

   87  Tony Mills        36:59     M  85     89

   94  Jonathan Smyth    37:20     M  92     88

   99  Mike Furby        37:44     M  97     87

  120  Andy Pagdin       38:35     M 117     86

  123  Myra Jones        38:50     F   5     85

  134  Roy Huggins       39:18     M 124     84

  135  Simon Webster     39:20     M 125     83

  139  Joe Hanney        39:37     M 129     82

  172  Adam Parton       41:46     M 157     81

  193  Hannah Corne      42:44     F  20     80

  195  Sue Sunderland    42:45     F  21     79

  212  John Hussey       44:06     M 186     78

  232  Alistair Smyth    45:39     M 198     77

  256  Pascale Fotherby  46:42     F  47     76

  257  Chloe Hudson      46:45     F  48     75

  261  Malcolm Coles     47:05     M 211     74

  270  Bob Jackson       47:51     M 216     73

  274  Dawn Parton       48:08     F  58     72

  337  Dave Jones        52:25     M 237     71

  353  Louise Jennings   54:10     F 111     70

  Teams: Men 1st, Women 3rd


Senior Series Results

         Menís team 1st, Womenís team 5th, Menís vets 4th, Womenís vets 9th, Mens second team 2nd

         NB individuals based on best 4 races

         Malcolm Coles 1st M70, Mick Loftus 5th M45, Alistair Smyth 5th M55, Gwil Thomas 14th overall, Paul Fotherby 15th overall

         Hannah Corne 4th W and 3rd under-35 W, Sue Sunderland 2nd W50,

         Gwil Thomas, Steve Wilkins, Alistair Smyth, Malcolm Coles, Dawn Parton ran all 5 races


Grand Prix


Tables including Trollers Trot and Peco Race 5 are now on the website


Ilkley Fell Race


From John Marsham - Trollers Trot the day before and Peco on the day reduced numbers on the day I think, but still 231 finishers on with 10 Striders. A rather grey day and a bit of a headwind, but still pretty good running conditions. Even the bogs werenít that boggy!


1 Tom Adams Ilkley 36.41

12 Andrew Robertson Otley AC  43.05 V40

31 John Marsham VS 47.15

33 Caitlin Rice Glossopdale Harriers 47.18 F

36 Ross Bibby VS 47.36

75 Clive Bandy VS 51.45

82 Rob Bumstead VS 52.18

104 Graham Pawley VS 54.23

126 Justin Vogler VS 57.15

130 Robert Marsh VS 57.56

138 Ann-Kristin Koehler VS 58.07

197 Alun Davies VS 68.48

228 Becky Bibby VS 82.26

231 finished


Grizedale Trail Races Ė report from Kim Threadgall

Last weekend, Ross, Becky, Ian and I took part in the Grizedale trail races in the Lake District. A year and a half ago Paul Smith and I ran the Grizedale marathon which was the only distance available but this year they decided to introduce the half marathon and 10km.

Not wanting to run a full marathon, Ross and I entered the half while Becky and Ian entered the 10km.  We were all glad not to be running the full marathon as we woke up to heavy rain and wind!!  I can only speak for myself but I enjoyed the race and didn't really notice the weather too much....although if you look at the pictures on the website it tells a different story!  The actual distance of the half was closer to 14 miles and with 500 metres of climbing it is certainly challenging.  Ross was first Valley Strider in the half marathon in a time of 1 hour 42, finishing 8th overall and 3rd in his category.  I finished 5 minutes later in 1 hour 47, 15th overall and 2nd in my category.

Ian completed the hilly 10km in a time of 50 minutes finishing 19th overall and 6th in his category followed by Becky in 63 minutes, 75th overall and 14th in her category.

Great event, very relaxed vibe and with a range of distances  there is something for everyone.  They have a few events throughout the year in different locations so if you fancy doing one check out great for road runners and trail runners. 

Haweswater Half Marathon Ė report from John Shanks

It takes some good tough Shap Granite to take on this beast! Sarah and I had been looking through the calendar to plan a half marathon around a month before Manchester to use as a time trial, this one came up and since it was close to where Sarahís parents live, we went for it.


We knew it would be scenic, and we knew it would rain, but we didnít know how hilly or how wet it would be. Turned out very, but rather than take away the enjoyment of the race, it actually made it.


Sarah had come into the race on good form, steadily increasing her mileage and her pace at a sensible rate and remaining relatively injury free. I was touch & go with a haunting hamstring problem, I conceded running at all the day before and decided to cycle the 100 miles up to Lazonby where we spent the weekend. Iím not sure if it was Mrs Harperís home cooking, the previous dayís cycle going really well or the country air, but I felt good on the morning of the race so I took a late entry.


Approaching the start line we realised it was a shambles, people were all crammed in like cattle (similar to Esholt 5k) and there were cars moving about everywhere. Amongst the carnage we bumped into a fellow Strider, Eric Green! I didnít catch him at the end but checked the results and he ran well.


The race started with what sounded like an air raid siren on low battery, and as expected it was a bit of a free for all. It settled by the second mile, just in time for the first climb, as all the people that positioned themselves at the front and set off too fast were instantly dropped. It followed a steady up and down before hitting the peak at around 5 miles, we were right up in the clouds but distracted by the impressive backdrop of Haweswater Lake. Iíd really love to run this on a clear day. After the turn around, a nice tail wind took us back up the peak, then after 10 miles it was a descent down to the finish. I think the rain held off for approximately 5mins of the run, which was nice.


At the end all was made good with a mug, some freshly brewed tea to fill it and a flapjack.  Eden Runners obviously done their homework. Then it was back to Lazonby for some more of Mrs Harperís home cooking.


A tough but very good race which Iíd recommend if anyone finds themselves up there this time next year.


88 (82nd M)        John Shanks     1:33:01

157 (8th M55)     Eric Green         1:41:31

256 (53rd F)        Sarah Harper     1:52:30

449 ran


ASICS Leeds Store Offer


Carly Dickman,store manager at the ASICS store at Trinity Leeds Albion Street has emailed


"The new ASICS store in Albion Street are offering all club members 10% off in store (excluding all non ASICS products), they are also offering Free FOOT ID using state of the art software with a 3D foot scan and dynamic gait analysis worth £20 - hope to see you all in store soon"


Ideally take your England Athletics membership card as proof of membership of Valley Striders, but they also have access to our list of members so can check whether you are eligible.