Subject:                          V S Update - Tue 1 April training and food, Diary incl parkruns and MVT, Marathon des Sables, Results including duathlon, Report from Haworth Hobble, and more


Sent: 27 March 2014 23:56

Tuesday 1 April – Training


Our junior session will include a recce of the route of the Meanwood Junior 1 mile race.   Note that the Meanwood Junior 2 mile race is just 2 laps of the one mile, so that’s covered too.  Normal start time 6pm.


The experienced runners will be at the summer venue on the “towpath” by Eccup Reservoir for their 3 by 10 minute session (not at High Ashes as in previous email).  Despite the clocks having gone forward, it is likely to be quite dark by the end of the session, so please arrive on time, the group will set off from Leos at 7pm prompt.  Please wear reflective bibs, you will need them on the way back.


Regarding the monthly fell runners session, Simon Vallance has emailed - As it is the first summer run, I suggest heading out towards the reservoir and Emmerdale via the woods.  Will be a circular loop of around 9 miles with some added hilly bits.  Meet Leos at 6:45pm . Please note the slightly earlier start time to make best use of available daylight.  Bring a head torch as it will be getting dark by the time we finish.

After the sessions, we’ll have pie and peas

·         for the 7:15pm sitting, book to

·         for the 8:30pm sitting, book to

·         choosing meat or veggie pie, whether you want mushy peas or baked beans, and whether you want apple pie

·         book by 10pm Sunday 30 March

·         if you book but need to cancel, please cancel by 10pm Sunday 30 March


Diary for end March to mid April


Saturday 29 March – Roundhay parkrun


The first race in the Leeds Race Series 2014 is your fastest time for any Roundhay parkrun in March so this is your final chance to earn points at this event.  Details at .  John Shanks and Sarah Harper both finished 3rd in the 2013 Series.


Saturday 29 March – Cross Flatts parkrun first birthday – message from Phil Hodgson


Hawks celebrate Cross Flatts Parkrun's 1st Birthday


Saturday 29th March sees the first anniversary of the Cross Flatt Parkrun in Beeston.  To help celebrate Harry the Hawk will be in attendance handing out 2 for 1 tickets for our match against London Skolars to all runners.


The Hawks have supported the event throughout the year providing volunteers to set up the course and record results. 


The run has gone from strength to strength with over 90 runners of all ability attending most weeks.


The magic "100" has still to be reached so there is no better time than this weekend to don those trainers and put South Leeds on the running map !!!


Sunday 30 March – Roundhay junior parkrun


The Leeds Junior Race Series 2013/14 includes your fastest time for any Roundhay junior parkrun in March so this is your final chance to earn points at this event.  Details at


Sunday 6 April – Baildon Boundary Way


Number swaps are available – see - no restrictions.  Please do not “borrow” another runner’s number without informing the race organisers.


Mick Tinker has a number available, contact


Anyone else with numbers available or wanted, please use Facebook.


Tuesday 8 April – Track Training for all


The 6pm sessions for juniors and adult beginners & improvers will be at Grammar School at Leeds click for map showing where to park and where to meet


The 7pm sessions for intermediates and experienced runners will be at Leeds Met Track  map for Carnegie Athletics Track / map for parking


These details are also on the V S website


Saturday 12 April – Meanwood Valley Trail


I’m thinking we now have enough marshals for MVT, but if you’d still like to help, email .  Please check


If we actually have more than needed, this will allow some Striders to run (it’s not often we are in this position and it gives the marshals extra interest).  If you’d like to run, email with the message “would like to run” or simply “WLTR”.  NB we may ask you to help with course set-up.


Race details at


It would be great to have lots of V S Juniors running, and they will earn V S Junior G P points and Leeds Junior Race Series points.  Enter online at, or just bring your entry form and money along to the junior session on 1st or 8th April.


Also please could all Striders publicise the race at work, schools etc.


The Marathon des Sables Preview


Richard Adcock - Competitor 479

The Marathon des Sables is a 250km multi-stage Ultramarathon through the Sahara Desert where competitors must be self sufficient and carry everything (apart from water) required for a week (this includes all food, sleeping, clothing and medical equipment) of running through desert trails, jebels and sand dunes in temperatures around 50ºC (125ºF) during the day and just above 0ºC at night. Stages vary from 25km to over 80km (50 miles) per day.

It is less than 2 weeks to go and my big training weekend before taking it easy.

·         Friday - 14 miles (3hrs 25mins) running up and down the dunes at Southport in a howling gale - fun but exhausting.

·         Saturday - The 3 Peaks route 25 miles (6hrs 30mins) - the weather and conditions were atrocious making it hard work but an enjoyable day out.

·         Sunday - Edale Skyline 21 miles (5hrs 18mins) - I started this tired but in good spirits and right from the off it was a hard climb, followed by 20 miles of hills, bogs, rocks, stream crossings, wind and snow. A lack of energy midway meant I struggled to keep a good pace, but a quick stop for a bit of food and I felt a lot better (and thanks to Alun for giving me a tow round and then letting me beat you on the final descent :) ) (288/301 finishers)

These were all done with my 8kg MDS race kit which slowed my pace, and even though my shoulder is sore I’m sure will benefit me for the main event.  Total 60 miles, 15hrs13mins

The plan now is for some ‘hot room’ sessions on the treadmill in 47°C with full pack - this is like running in a sauna, is absolutely exhausting and above 40ºC my performance suffers a huge drop - I have to push hard to achieve 6km/hr for an hour and during the sessions I will lose at least 1kg/hr in sweat! (the temperatures in the desert are likely to be mid 40°C most days but last year it peaked at 56°C (132ºF) !!!) - by the way there is a second treadmill if anyone fancies a session!

Details of the race, live updates and the facility to send messages to the competitors during the race are available at 

The trip dates are 4th-14th April, with the actual race 6th-12th April.

Bring it on :}





Lytham St Annes 10


    98 Eric Green      1:15:04

   158 Chloe Hudson    1:23:07


Liverpool Half

                       Gun time  Chip time

   125 Gary Mann       1:26:23   1:26:14

  2459 Julie McGurk    1:57:01   1:54:29

  2582 Liz Reddington  1:57:59   1:55:27

  3398 Sarah Howell    2:04:06   1:15:18

  6784 finished


Thirsk 10

                       Gun time  Chip time

    19 Paul Kaiser      0:58:02  0:58:04

    66 James Tarran     1:00:56  1:00:59

   128 Kevin Ainley     1:05:48  1:06:00

   210 Robert Marsh     1:09:10  1:09:28

   278 Eric Green       1:13:31  1:13:48

   292 Iain Currie      1:14:20  1:14:39

   312 Michael Robins   1:14:58  1:15:34

   374 Eleanor Currie   1:18:32  1:18:51

   391 Claire Senior    1:19:01  1:19:44

   412 Ruth Warren      1:20:02  1:20:18

   801 finished


Peco Relay



·         2nd  Tally Diamond 11:07 Joe Sherman 9:37 Alex Irvine 10:13 total 30:57

·         10th  Jude Howes 14:56 Jordan Diamond 13:31 Joe Irvine 11:44 total 40:11

Joe ran the second fastest time of the day



·         14th  Richard Irvine 26:29 Andy Pagdin 26:45 Joel Giddings 25:05 total 1:18:19

·         15th  Stephen Diamond 29:35 Callum Parton 26:55 Alex Pagdin 22:40 total 1:19:10

·         29th  Wetherby Runners 36:15 & 36:33 Bob Jackson 32:41 total 1:45:29

Stephen is 16 years old, Callum and Alex are 15!  Alex’s time was only 1:15 slower than the fastest of the day


Stokesley Duathlon

   Pos   Name                  Run 1      T1       Cycle      T2       Run 2  Total Time

     31  Howard King         0:18:12   0:00:38   0:58:59   0:00:46   0:19:23  1:37:56

     56  Andy Stoneman       0:19:16   0:01:45   0:56:31   0:01:19   0:22:04  1:40:53

     91  Jon Pownall         0:17:18   0:01:07   1:08:21   0:00:58   0:18:13  1:45:53

    101  Dan Murray          0:19:46   0:01:56   1:05:19   0:01:06   0:18:59  1:47:03

    141  John Batchelor      0:19:19   0:01:25   1:09:36   0:01:14   0:20:40  1:52:11

    150  Simon Vallance      0:19:15   0:01:53   1:10:45   0:02:00   0:19:52  1:53:42

    213  Alistair Smyth      0:20:16   0:02:43   1:15:40   0:02:59   0:20:11  2:01:46

    228  Michael Mansfield   0:22:26   0:02:09   1:16:00   0:01:46   0:22:09  2:04:26

    246  John Bucktrout      0:24:06   0:01:32   1:15:42   0:02:07   0:24:51  2:08:16

    267  Sarah Smith         0:22:26   0:02:25   1:24:52   0:02:13   0:23:04  2:14:57

    281  Chloe Hudson        0:22:18   0:02:27   1:31:35   0:01:17   0:22:57  2:20:32

    289  Graham Fisher       0:27:46   0:02:16   1:20:39   0:01:51   0:31:02  2:23:30


Haworth Hobble Report from Mick Loftus


It may have two comedy names but the Haworth Hobble/Wuthering Hike is a serious day out.  It is listed as 32 miles 4,400 ft of ascent.  This year we lined up on Haworth High Street on a dry but chilly morning. 

The race starts with a visit to Top Withens (supposed site of Wuthering Heights).  While on the way there, pondering on Catherine and Heathcliff's tragic relationship, without warning I found myself sprawled in the mud with a bruised and bleeding knee.  I wasn't even sure how I had tripped but I bounced back up trying to retain some dignity.  From here I managed to get over the ridge and down to the reservoirs without incident.  Along with a few others I chose to stay to the left of the second reservoir and was pleased to gain 100m or so (every little helps!) on those who had taken the right-hand side.

The wind throughout the early part of the race was strong and straight in the face.  I just hoped that it stayed in this direction for the return home later in the day.  Now we settled into miles of undulating tracks until eventually reaching the road by a wind farm when we turned to have the wind on our backs.  This was about two hours in.  I was feeling OK and kept eating and drinking regularly.  

The course now took on a contouring sequence of track and trails along Calderdale towards Studley Pike which eventually came into view in the distance.  After dropping down to cross the valley bottom and over the A646, we climb, firstly over to Mankinholes Youth Hostel and then the up to Studley Pike.

At this point everyone discovered if their preparation and pace had been right.  Most runners become walkers here.  I did.  It was a big relief to get Studley Pike out of the way and start the descent to Hebden Bridge.  It was also a relief to get the punishingly steep road section of the descent out of the way.

Then there was the small matter of the climb to Heptonstall and the slightly dispiriting descent straight back down to Hardcastle Crags car park.  On previous outings I have always fallen to pieces here but this year conservative pacing had kept disintegration at bay.  The long climb to Top 'o Stairs passed slowly but with a steady trot most of the way I was pleased not to be reduced to walking.  

Then the final miles down to the finish passed in a blur.  I knew now that I was on for a possible sub 5 hours and pb.  As I passed back over Penistone Hill it looked like I was going to miss 5 hours.  This spurred me on down through Haworth, bounding down steps to chase into the finish and press the button on my watch 4:59:36; brilliant.


Several other Striders came out for a Hobble: Paul Smith, Simon Redshaw, Steve Dixon & Sarah Smith (team), Ian Sanderson and Malcolm Coles.


Short Report on Two Long Races from Steve Dixon


These races were the first two in the 2014 Runfurther Series, with short, medium and long races throughout Britain:


Haworth Hobble, 15 March


32 miles traversing gritstone moors around Haworth, Todmorden and Hebden Bridge – 4,400 ft of ascent/descent


   1  04:04:31 Kim Collison M  Borrowdale 

   36  04:59:45 Mick Loftus  

   51  05:10:35 Andy Gibbons/Carol Morgan Bingley First Lady 

   78  05:30:18 Andy Smith  

   95  05:39:34 Paul Smith

  105  05:44:10 Simon Redshaw

  235  06:42:15 Stephen Dixon/Sarah Smith

  236  06:42:21 Ian Sanderson  

  273  07:08:25 Malcolm Coles 1st M70

  355  solos and pairs completed the course and 9 retired.


It was very impressive time by Mick Loftus to go under 5 hours.  Smith brotherly rivalry continued with Andy taking the honours in this contest.  Malcolm was yet again the M70 winner.


Hardmoors 55, 22 March


55 miles following the beautiful Cleveland Way from Guisborough to Helmsley - 8,850 ft of ascent/descent


   1  8:09:27 Bert Goos

   7  8:59:26 Charmaine Horsfall    1st lady

  70 11:17:30 Stephen Dixon         1st M60

170 completed the course and 29 retired.


I was quite hopeful of finishing in less than 11 hours having gone through the 50 mile mark in a PB time of 10 hours 5 mins but faded badly during the last few miles in the dark.  Bert and Charmaine broke the male and female records for this race.


Paced to Perfection


Brian Hanley, former member of Valley Striders, has had an interesting article published in Athletics Weekly.


Click on




Banff Mountain Film Festival

I think Amanda has recommended these when they have been in Leeds or Sheffield.  I’ve just received information about Harrogate.

This is just a quick email to invite you and/or some of your group to the Banff Mountain Film Festival, coming to Harrogate Theatre on Thursday 24 April. It promises to be a great social night out for your members!

The night will feature a collection of exhilarating adventure, exploration, and mountain films from the world’s most prestigious mountain film festival. We’re showing a selection of films, featuring a variety of mountain sports and extraordinary adventures. The evening will be a fun and inspiring night - a true celebration of the great outdoors!

We are also running a competition to give away £1000 worth of kit and Cotswold Outdoor vouchers. Please go to the following link for more information:

You can check out the details, trailer and more info about the films on our website:

It would be really appreciated if you could let your members know about the event (and any other clubs you think might be interested!). The screening starts at 7:30pm, with doors opening at 6:30. The bar will also open at 6:30pm, as well as during the interval, ensuring an all round social event! We also have lots of giveaways and prizes on the night!

Nell Teasdale  07880850931