Subject:                          V S Update - MVT marshalling; Curry; Results from Baildon, Wakefield, Manchester, Brighton, Sheffield; Junior 100m; Calderdale cycling, Marathon des Sables progress


Sent: 09 April 2014 00:48

Meanwood Trail Race – I’ve no idea whether we have enough marshals!


We’ve just finished off the list of who is marshalling, what they need to bring with them, where they’re meeting, when they’re meeting, where they’re marshalling and what they need to do.  This will be emailed by Wednesday lunchtime.


However only half of those who volunteered back in January/February have confirmed their availability, we are just hoping that everyone who said they would marshal will turn up.  Only if this is the case will we have enough.  If you have not already done so, please confirm (or otherwise) to


A full list of marshals is at   This website will be updated with full marshalling information by mid-day tomorrow


If you haven’t volunteered and are available, your support will be welcomed, please email “help” or, if at the very last minute, just turn up at one of the meeting points and see what needs doing.


Two important jobs still to do


If you can help with these jobs, email or text me on 07775 898 558


Beer labelling – no experience required


We need 6 people to label beer bottles on Friday 7pm at Leos.  It will take just an hour. On-the-job training will be given!


Water purchase and delivery - need a man with a van  (NB See Sheffield marathon report below!)


We need someone to buy 80 2-litre bottles of water and deliver, with a small table, to the half-way point in Meanwood 10am.


Curry – Tuesday 15 April


All sessions at Leos (details on the website) followed by curry


Curry at 7:15pm - book at before 10pm Sunday 13 Apr, choosing meat or veggie curry (£3), and whether you want apple pie (£1.50)


Curry at 8:30pm - book at before 10pm Sunday 13 Apr, choosing meat or veggie curry (£3), and whether you want apple pie (£1.50)




Baildon Boundary Way (VSGP)


   17  Steve Webb         1:35:13  M50  3/65

   18  Gary Mann          1:35:39   M  10/77

   24  Ross Bibby         1:38:05   M  12/77

   30  Simon Vallance     1:39:49  M40  9/71

   31  Myra Jones         1:40:03   F   2/33

   39  Mike Furby         1:41:49  M40 12/71

   48  Andreas Mayer      1:43:16   M  21/77

   65  Robert Marsh       1:47:41  M40 17/71

   69  Roy Huggins        1:48:17  M50 12/65

   71  Graham Pawley      1:48:19  M40 18/71

   82  Joe Hanney         1:50:17  M40 20/71

   97  Richard Irvine     1:53:08  M40 24/71

  100  Keith Brewster     1:53:37  M50 19/65

  176  Jeremy Richardson  2:06:28  M50 38/65

  198  Alex Watson-Usher  2:10:00   F  11/33

  215  Bob Jackson        2:13:21  M60 14/23

  290  Sarah Howell       2:26:06   F  21/33

  316  Sara Dyer          2:31:57  F55  9/13

  320  Alun Davies        2:34:27  M50 60/65


Wakefield 10k

                      Gun   Chip

   6 Dave Penman     36:01   35:59

  17 Simon Midwood   37:39   37:33

  18 Andy May        37:43   37:43

  92 Andy Pagdin     42:54   42:49

  144 Nick Wallhead   45:05   44:37

  323 Dawn Parton     49:48   49:39

  324 Adam Parton     49:48   49:38


Manchester Marathon


  325 Rav Panesar    3:07:21  3:07:11

  608 Andy Bell      3:17:27  3:15:57    

 1852 John Shanks    3:46:01  3:43:24

2988 Sarah Harper   4:07:29  4:04:51


Brighton Marathon


      Sarah Smith    3:43:27  3:39:47


Sheffield Half Marathon - cancelled


Unless you’ve been on the moon for the last 3 days, you can’t have missed that the Sheffield Half start was delayed for half an hour and then cancelled because no water had been delivered to the refreshment stations.


And you’ll also know that the runners at the front set off on the route set off and everyone else followed!


And the timing systems people did the timing, so now we have the official unofficial (!) times:


      Louise Cazan   1:43:37  (PB by 9 mins)

      Steph Gledhill 1:47:46  (PB by 5 mins)


Juniors Training Session at GSAL


For our first junior track session of the season we were fortunate to have bright sun, although there was a cold wind.  There were 42 juniors and about 20 adults.


We split the juniors into 3 groups by age.


Richard looked after the long jump, Mary (supported by Sarah Ord) the 400m laps, and I (with Alex Firth, Vicky Charlton and Kiri Howes) the sprints.


For the sprints, we did 3 by 30 metre sprint, concentrating on good form and keeping in lane, then 50m and finally a timed 100m.


Now the timing was certainly not to World Athletics standards, and we didn’t disqualify for false starts nor for crossing lanes (otherwise we’d have only had half the finishers), the distance was probably plus or minus 2 metres, and the runners were definitely wind assisted, having said that, here are the times to beat for next month’s session:


                   Age    Time

  Alex Irvine       13    16.2

  Alvin Udenze      10    16.3

  Esme Walton       10    16.6

  Marvin Udenze     10    16.6

  Eleanor Ford      14    16.7

  Finlay Chambers    9    17.1

  Stephen Diamond   16    17.3

  Tally Diamond      9    17.3

  Cleo Vine          9    17.3

  Rebecca White     14    17.3

  Emilia Bradbury    ?    17.6

  Isabelle Carter   12    18.1

  Jude Howes         9    18.2

  Joe Irvine        11    18.4

  Sam Hollis        10    18.7

  Callum Blythe     13    19.1

  Laurie O'Brien    11    19.2

  Alvie O'Brien      9    19.5

  Jasmine Webster   13    19.5

  Callum Chambers   12    20.3

  Cameron Bradbury  11    20.4

  Imogen Idle        8    20.5

  Ella Blythe       10    20.6

  Oliver Charlton    8    20.7

  Isabelle Webster  11    20.7

  Henry Firth        9    21.0

  Ben Hollis        11    21.1

  Ewan Howes         ?    21.3

  Nick Tynan         9    21.7

  Isla Wynne         7    22.0

  Eve Mason          7    22.6

  Yasmin Ellis      10    23.8

  Billy Sawyer       9    25.0

  Fahd Hans          8    25.4

  Arthur Firth       6    26.9

  Nathan Ellis       7    28.2

  Daniel Fotherby    6    30.0

  Tom Webster        ?    31.7

  Anna Mclellan      9    34.9

  Louise Thomson     ?    34.9

  Katie Irvine       ?    36.9

  Michael Fotherby   4    37.3


Ronde Van Calderdale - report from Jon Pownall


I spent most of my Saturday evening sat crossed legged on the floor deciding if changing my tyres and pedals the day before the ‘UK’s hardest sportif’ was the best idea…from my experiences of running, familiarity is your best friend when it comes to any event, little did I know this ride took the event rule book and threw it off the 21% gradient cobbled hill. 


Saturday morning and my two fellow VSCC buddies rolled up in the form of Dan Murray and Andy Stoneman we were all in high spirits at the prospect of spending the day riding the soon to be Classic Yorkshire event.


It was clear when we arrived that the even was going be a top notch no waiting around just sign next to your name pick up your awesome RVC cap and wait for your start time.


The first 10/15 miles seemed to fly by fairly quickly with plenty of chitchat between us and the other local cycling club Alba Rosa. We had been teased by a couple of the cobbled climbs but nothing too scary so far dry and not overly steep. Then just as we approached the first real challenge of the day I decided it would be a good idea to lock out my back wheel on a man hole and hit the deck at about 20mph. So with bloody knee and knocked pride I got back on my bike and started what would be the hardest event I’ve ever done.


The climbs got harder and steeper as the day went on the hardest of which was mossy and wet, this was where I decided it was time for a walk after all I had spent the weekend prior in the Lakes would seem a shame to waste all that “training”. There were 10 miles on the tops around Halifax this is where we all really had to dig deep with the elements battling against us for 45 minutes, I’d say at this point if I hadn’t had been for my fellow VSCC teammates for company I would have seriously considered throwing in the towel.


After another top-notch feed station I found my second wind and the next 10 miles flew by I was taking in the cobbled climbs and actually enjoying them. Then there it was Trooper Lane the climb we had all heard and read about online, it’s not so much that it’s steep which it is climbing around 500 feet in 450 metres it’s that at this point in the day even a small climb begins to burn. I will hold up my hand and say that I only made it half way up this climb before I decided to call it a day but my RVC cap is off to Dan Murray who did not walk once all day.


We rolled home after nearly 6 hours in the saddle whooping and cheering all the way and we were greeted by milkshake, beer and chocolate all included in the very modest entry fee.


Coming from running I was worried that Cyclists and Sportifs wouldn’t be as friendly as I had come to know but the RVC has totally changed my mind I loved every Yorkshire friendly minute of it and would highly recommend it. All being said this is definitely not a beginner friendly event so if you’re new to cycling maybe try something a little less gruelling first.




P.S. I will have you next year Trooper Lane that is a promise.


Marathon des Sables – first 3 days from Richard Adcock


Days 1 & 2


Hi everybody,


Message from the desert - It's hot, sandy and hard work. I should be easy to spot as I am carrying a 5' union jack.


Day 1 - 34 km, 6 hrs 14. It started with 3 km across the plain straight into the dunes, they were torture for 12 km with a good breeze keeping the temperature down to around 40 and in the dips where there was no breeze apparently it hit 47. I went off too hard for the first day and the temp and although I finished in the top third I was dehydrated and suffered a bit of cramp and was absolutely exhausted. The way I felt at the end of the stage I certainly didn't want to do it again the next day. Food, painkillers, rest and I felt a lot better in the morning.


Day 2 - 41 km, 7 hrs 15. Was supposed to be easier but the lack of breeze meant it was relentless heat all day and due to a bad sock choice I ended up walking most of the second half.


Overall I think I am 402nd at end of day 2.


Day 3


Day 3 - 37 km, 6 hrs 17.  So here we are at the halfway point and I made a better decision with socks today and felt a lot better.  It was incredibly hot and airless in the dunes again and they stuck a massive jebel (mountain) in the middle just for a laugh - that was exhausting, then miles more dunes and dry dusty trails back in. Back at camp it felt relatively cool - it was still 46 degrees!  Being cooked for 6 hours is hard work but managed to keep it going and finished 308th - now 361 overall - still gutted about losing over 80 places due to yesterday’s sock problem.


Tomorrow is the long stage of 82 km - the game plan at the moment is to complete it in one stint and get in by 1 am  (16 hours) but anything could happen.  Look out for the webcam at the finish line.


Cheers Richard