Subject:                          V S Update - MVT final call, Curry, Mcr results, MDS day 4


Sent: 11 April 2014 01:17

The shortest ever V S Update:


Meanwood Valley Trail


A few changes have been updated on the website or   Note change of phone number for Mick Loftus.


Anyone on the list and not confirmed, please do so to


Anyone not on the list but able to help, please come to Leos or Meanwood Park and support the race!


Curry next Tuesday


Details on website, order by Sunday 10pm


Manchester Marathon additional results


144 James Tarran  2:56:49 2:56:32

1466 Steve Dixon 3:39:32   3:38:55


Marathon Des Sables progress


Richard has emailed a report for day 4 (Wednesday), but actually this stage has a time limit of 36 hours, so when he arrived just after midnight (Thursday morning) he had a “rest” day.  As he says, Friday is “just” a marathon.


Hi everybody,

Day 4 81 km, 16 hrs 55

That was the hardest day I have had in my life, it was 35c by 8:30 am, by mid morning was baking hot and stayed like that until about 4 pm The stage was a majority of sand- imagine walking on soft sand on the beach on holiday for 40 miles!! It was relentless, oh and throw in a couple of mountains that were a hands and feet rock climb and roped because it was a long way back down. I ran out of water for 2.5km early afternoon and the checkpoint was a welcome sight I can tell you. I suffered for that and had to have almost an hour in the bivouac to recover enough to carry on for the next 40km. Blisters were painful especially but after 30 mins, you get used to the pain and concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other. Once the heat died down I picked up the pace a bit and it was quite surreal run/walking for 7 hours in the desert in the dark. The finish camp was visible from about 6km away and that was a tough section.

Just a marathon to go!!


Please note that reports are also on Valley Striders A C Facebook  (original post by John Hallas)


Finally, good luck to everyone running London!