Subject:                          V S Update - Junior mile and Club Handicap; MVT thanks; Diary incl 2 parkruns, LHM and BMW; Results and reports incl MVT, VLM, HCR, GG, MDS, and EU Duathlon; Win for Kim at Santa Cruz trail marathon


Sent: 24 April 2014 13:22

Tuesday 29 April - VS Junior Mile and Club Handicap (no training sessions)


There are no “normal” training sessions next Tuesday, these are replaced by The Junior Mile and the Club Handicap 5 miles, both starting on the footpath by Eccup Reservoir.


Meet here


Juniors please meet 6:15pm.  The race will start at 6:25pm prompt, and is half a mile on the footpath, a U-turn and half a mile back.  Parents and members of Kathy’s beginners group may also run (and will be timed).


Seniors please meet at 6:45pm.  There will be a set of handicap start marks pinned to the fence, if you have not run as a Valley Strider before you will need to let us know (on the night) your best recent 5k or 10k time (or guess!), and we will calculate a start mark for you (*).  The first runner will start at 6:55pm prompt for a measured 2.5 mile run on the footpath, across the dam, almost to Eccup, a U-turn and 2.5 miles back.  Runners will set off slowest first and the handicap cup is presented to the first runner across the line.  * Note that the cup can only be won by someone with a pre-calculated start mark.  Grand Prix points are awarded on run time.


There will be lasagne at Leos, just one sitting at 8:30pm.  Book at  before 10pm Sunday 27 Apr, choosing meat or veggie lasagne, and whether you want apple pie.


The above details are also on the home page of the website.


Meanwood Valley Trail


Many thanks to the 80 Striders who helped on the day and/or with the beer labelling the night before.  Particular thanks to Jason Praill who provided all the facilities for the water station (see pics on V S website).


3 of our marshals had to give back word due to personal reasons; fortunately we’d recruited a “floating” marshal for each section, so we weren’t short and 5 Striders adults were able to run.


The whole event went without a problem and many of the runners at the finished mentioned the good support they’d received from the marshals on the route.


There is a bottle of Meanwood Meander Ale for every marshal, please collect from Leos.


There were 36 Striders juniors and 5 Striders seniors running, results further down this email.


There’s a picture of some of the juniors with their certificates on the V S website home page.




Valley Striders organising Roundhay parkrun on Saturday 3 May


Thanks to everyone who has volunteered to support the race.  Alex will be emailing back soon.  If you still want to volunteer, please email Alex at


Training - Tuesday 6 May


There will be two sittings for curry after the session, but please don’t book until after 29 April!


Leeds Half Marathon – Sunday 11 May


Everyone should have their race numbers now, just to remind you that Valley Striders’ policy is not to approve of number swaps, see for some reasons why you shouldn’t swap.  By the way, the maximum sanction, if caught, is a ban on entering races for both the donor and receiver.


Roundhay Parkrun Mobrun on Saturday 17 May


An early reminder that 17 May is mobrun day, we will be trying to be the club with the most runners.  Please book this date to run at Roundhay (not at Hyde Park, Templenewsam or anywhere else!!!)


Ilkley Trail Race – Monday 26 May


Lawrence Basham of Ilkley Harriers has emailed


We thought some of your runners might be interested in the 7th Ilkley Trail race on 26th May, which takes place over some of Yorkshire’s most stunning countryside. An entry form is attached for your information; more details can be found at the Ilkley Harriers website


Bob says “this is a nice trail race on the gentler hills on the north side of Ilkley – good footpaths and very little tarmac”


Bradford Millennium Way Relay – Sunday 29 June


Myra has emailed


We are now looking for teams for the Bradford Millennium Way Relay on Sunday 29 June.  This is teams of 5 pairs, total 50 miles, all within Bradford City Council boundary, but nowhere near Bradford, details at  Route starts and finishes at Bingley Rugby Club, and goes via Marsh (near Oxenhope), Laycock, Silsden and Ilkley.


We entered 2 teams last year and it would be great if we could do the same this year.  The first 10 who apply get a guaranteed place.


We won the mixed team prize from 2002 to 2005 and the vets in 2006 so maybe this can be the year we get back on the prize list again...


Please email if you’d like to run.


She then says “I'm happy to sort out a team but I'm at a wedding that weekend so will arrange for someone else to deal with any last minute changes.”




Meanwood Valley Trail – Striders Results




  Race   FirstName   LastName         Time  Group     Pos    Prev

  Pos                                                in Grp  Races


    8    Alvie       O'Brien          6.55  BSY3-4      3     0

    9    Ben         Redshaw          6.58  BSY3-4      4     0

   12    Laurie      O'Brien          7.03  BSY5-6      7     0

   14    Sam         Hollis           7.08  BSY5-6      8     1

   18    Oliver      Charlton         7.17  BSY3-4      7     0

   21    Tally       Diamond          7.27  GSY3-4      2     0

   27    Cleo        Vine             7.45  GSY5-6      2     0

   29    Imogen      Idle             7.49  GSY3-4      4     0

   34    Josephine   Pawley           8.00  GSY3-4      5     0

   36    Ella        Hollis           8.06  GSY3-4      7     1

   38    Marvin      Udenze           8.08  BSY5-6     14     0

   40    Alvin       Udenze           8.21  BSY5-6     16     0

   41    Jude        Howes            8.39  BSY3-4     14     0

   43    Ben         Easton           8.43  BSY3-4     16     0

   44    Ewan        Howes            8.51  BSY3-4     17     0

   45    Sarah       Brady            8.51  GSY5-6      5     2

   51    Henry       Firth            9.24  BSY3-4     19     0

   54    Sam         Chambers         9.44  BSY3-4     20     1

   55    Billy       Sawyer           9.53  BSY3-4     21     0

   56    Ella        Blythe          10.29  GSY5-6      8     0

   58    Nathan      Ellis           10.57  BSY3-4     22     0

   59    Yasmin      Ellis           10.58  GSY5-6     10     0

   60    Asmi        Shembekar       11.10  GSY5-6     11     0

   61    Fahd        Hans            11.15  BSY3-4     23     0




    1    Alex        Pagdin          10.12  BSY9-10      1     1  (2nd claim VS)

    5    Callum      Parton          11.19  BSY9-10      4     4

   10    Alex        Irvine          12.00  BSY9-10      6     1

   16    Aileen      Loftus          12.57  GSY9-10      3     2

   17    Stephen     Diamond         13.17 BSY11-12      1     0

   18    Max         Vine            13.42  BSY7-8       7     0

   19    Callum      Chambers        13.44  BSY7-8       8     1

   21    Joe         Irvine          14.41  BSY7-8      10     0

   27    Ben         Hollis          16.04  BSY7-8      11     1

   28    Jordan      Diamond         16.04  BSY9-10      8     0

   34    Amy         Parton          18.22  GSY7-8       7     2

   35    Adam        Mills           19.56  BSY7-8      14     0




   Race  FirstName LastName          Time  Group  Pos    Prev.
    Pos                                          in Grp   Races
    21   Simon     Vallance          51.22  M40     4      1
    33   Myra      Jones             52.46   F      4      0
    47   Andy      Pagdin            54.47  M50     8      1
   140   Joanna    Chambers          65.21  F35     12     0
   141   Esther    Hollis            65.26  F35     13     1


Baildon Boundary Way


Missed from the last V S Update – the V S Men – Steve Webb, Gary Mann, Ross Bibby - won the team prize, aided by an administrative error by the winning Bingley runner, he omitted his club name otherwise Bingley would have won the team prize!!


Santa Cruz Trail Marathon


Congratulations to Kim Threadgall – first woman in the marathon in 6:31:19  (picture of prize presentation on V S website)   Ian Spence ran the half marathon in 3:23.  More information about the race on


Roundhay junior parkrun 13 April


Sarah Ord emailed with the results of the first junior parkrun over the summer route


A few Valley striders Juniors attended the new summer route at the junior Roundhay parkrun with most obtaining a PB. 


1st Position   Alex Irvine Time today : 08:15 (New PB) Previous PB 08:35

4th Position (1st Girl) Tally Diamond 09:03 (New PB) Previous PB 09:34

14th Position (13th Boy) Jordan Diamond 10:11 (New PB) Previous PB 11:13

17th Position (2nd Girl) Josephine Pawley 10:31 (not a PB but great effort) PB stays at 09.39

28th Position (22nd Boy) Daniel Fotherby 12:13 (New PB) Previous PB 12:53


DNF Joe Irvine (He had an altercation with a cyclist but he's fine now)

Thought they all deserved a mention. 


Great start would be good if few other Juniors could pop along. 



London Marathon


    672  Dave Penman      2:51:50   100    

   2066  Kevin McMullan   3:07:53   98

   3401  Alistair Smyth   3:19:08   95

   3850  Ian Sanderson    3:22:38   93 

   4943  Kate Hargreaves  3:29:26   90

   5632  Andy May         3:33:21   88     

   6762  Sean Fitzgerald  3:39:51   85

  12926  Andrew Webster   4:05:07   83

  32775  Hayley Foy       5:54:49   80   


   1178  Jerry Watson     2:58:26   98  (Thames Hare & Hounds)


Looking at the results, Dave was the fastest runner from a Leeds club!  Pic on the website homepage, a few more pics if you click on the “Photos” link on the top bar of the V S website.


Hot Cross Run


      1  00:47:02  Pete Wilkie  Roundhay Runners 1st M

   3-4  00:49:23  Gary Mann & Joel Giddings

      5  00:49:46  Rachel Mackie  Abbey Runners 1st W

   9-10  00:53:27  Graham Jones with Martin Gebbett (Fellandale)

     18  00:57:02  Ian Sanderson

  33-34  01:07:34  Esther Smyth & Alistair Smyth

  35-38  01:08:16  Gillian & Paul Felton  (also with Penny & Philip Hill (Roundhay))

  46-48  01:13:01  Liz Reddington, Julie McGurk & Sarah Howell

  74-75  01:30:53  Anne Jones & Kim Knowles


The next Country Trail Race will be The Maypole Meander, Weds 28th May 2014, from 6.30pm from the Gascoigne Arms, Barwick-In-Elmet, LS15 4JQ - Part of the Yorkshire Evening Trail Series


Guiseley Gallop


    36  Jonathan Smyth   0:41:55  M    (019/070)    

    54  Simon Vallance   0:43:34  M45  (009/039)    

    59  Myra Jones       0:44:08  F    (003/047)    

    71  Roy Huggins      0:44:47  M50  (007/045)    

    77  Alistair Smyth   0:44:59  M55  (003/031)    

    86  Andy Pagdin      0:45:46  M50  (009/045)    

   115  Leroy Sutton     0:48:04  M55  (005/031)    

   116  Graham Pawley    0:48:07  M45  (015/039)    

   179  Simon Barker     0:51:43  M40  (020/033)    

   218  Michael Robins   0:53:43  M55  (013/031)    

   225  Bob Jackson      0:54:20  M60  (008/021)    

   285  Lucy Robins      0:57:54  F45  (010/025)    

   292  Chris Sawyer     0:58:15  M55  (020/031)    

   423  Deborah Fraites  1:09:13  F50  (015/019)     


Airedale Triple Trail


Certificates are awarded to all runners who complete the Baildon Boundary Way, the Meanwood Valley Trail and the Guiseley Gallop.


Congratulations to Simon Vallance who won the trophy for 1st M40 (3:14:45). Myra was 2nd W (3:16:57).


Race Report - Marathon Des Sables


Richard successfully completed the event, here are his final 2 reports


Day 4 81 km, 16 hrs 55

That was the hardest day I have had in my life, it was 35c by 8:30 am, by mid morning was baking hot and stayed like that until about 4 pm The stage was a majority of sand- imagine walking on soft sand on the beach on holiday for 40 miles!! It was relentless, oh and throw in a couple of mountains that were a hands and feet rock climb and roped because it was a long way back down. I ran out of water for 2.5km early afternoon and the checkpoint was a welcome sight I can tell you. I suffered for that and had to have almost an hour in the bivouac to recover enough to carry on for the next 40km. Blisters were painful especially but after 30 mins, you get used to the pain and concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other. Once the heat died down I picked up the pace a bit and it was quite surreal run/walking for 7 hours in the desert in the dark. The finish camp was visible from about 6km away and that was a tough section.

Just a marathon to go!!


Day 6, 42.2km 5hrs59

Hi everybody,

Marathon day- the last race day today.

After a sleepless night due to my shoulder hurting I wasn't looking forward to carrying my pack today, but a 7am start and with the temperature a nice cool 35c the heat was a lot more bearable than previous days.

The route was much the same as previous days, sharp rocks (which have destroyed my shoes), hard trails, energy sapping soft sand and dunes

At the halfway checkpoint I had to stop in the medical tent to get some pain relief for my shoulder, and then back out for the last 21km of sharp rocks, hard trails, soft energy sapping sand, and for the last few kms' to the finish a few dunes just in case you were missing them!

I'm not sure of final results but today I finished 365th, and at the moment (not everybody is in yet) I am 367th overall.

I enjoyed the race but I am glad it's over as it was hard work in this heat and I am really looking forward to having some proper food and a nice bed



Note that there was no day 5, this was reserved to allow runners to take up to 36 hours to complete stage 4


Some interesting listening


In April 1967, Kathrine Switzer became the first woman to run the historic Boston Marathon. At the time, athletics officials tried to stop her, believing women were incapable of running more than a mile and a half. Switzer managed to cross the finishing line, but was later disqualified. It was an experience that turned her into a lifelong campaigner for women's sport.


There was an interview on the radio last week, just 15 minutes


Race Report - EU Sprint Duathlon Championships – from Howard Jeffrey


I competed in the EU Sprint Duathlon Championships on Sunday morning in Horst Holland. So many Brits it was like a domestic competition.


I was pleased with my performance considering the lack of training before and after Christmas. The weather was almost perfect in that it was sunny but cool with a bit of wind in the exposed bike course.


First 5K I dipped under 20 minutes at 19.54 for the first time in a couple of years I think. The 20K bike ride saw me unleash my secret weapon (Scott Plasma Team: Google it if you’re interested) and I reckon it was worth about 3  to 4 minutes judging by where my known rivals were. I ran at the same pace in the last 2.8 K and finished 9/14 in my new age category (it is getting harder) and 225/332 overall. OK bearing in mind they were all qualified age groupers.


Next champs are the World Sprint Duathlon in Pontevedra Spain end of May and the EU Sprint Triathlon in Kitzbuhel mid June.