Subject:                          V S Update - Tuesday curry, Y Vets race help needed, Junior races, Adult races, Membership questions, Hooded tops, Sponsorship for YAA, Results, Junior 100m, parkrun wins, Neil Hall on the moon, Etape de Yorkshire report


Sent: 14 June 2014 15:17

Tuesday Training (or not)


Tuesday 17 June - Normal sessions at Leos


Could everyone please note no-one should go on the main pitch in front of the clubhouse as it has just been re-seeded.


We have 2 sittings for curry, please book before 10pm Sunday 15 June, choosing meat or veggie curry, and whether you want apple pie.


For the 7:15pm sitting, book to  For the 8:30pm sitting, book to


Also, starting at 8:30pm, will be a meeting to discuss the Harewood Trail Races.  We will be needing about 80 people to help on the day, but if you’d also like to be involved in some of the preparation and planning, please come along to this meeting.  We do have about 10 people involved so far, but the more that help, the less there is for each person to do!


Tuesday 24 June – Yorkshire Vets race at Leos, NO TRAINING SESSIONS


We need 32 people to help (marshal and finish admin) while the race is in progress and about 8 to help set up the course prior to the race.  Marshals need to be at Leos 6:50pm at the latest.


As is usual for races organised by Striders, club members will not be allowed to run unless they provide a substitute marshal, or unless we have sufficient volunteers.  Those who help with race setup will get first option to be able to run.


Please email if you’re able to help.  If you’re able to help with race setup, please say what time you can arrive,  If you’d like to run, please indicate this.





PS note that if you are “just” marshalling, you’ll be needed from 6:50pm.  Which is just the time that England v Costa Rica should finish.  And Leos will be open from 4:30 and have the match on a big screen.


Races for Juniors


All the following races are in the Valley Striders Junior Grand Prix and in Leeds Junior Race Series see


Sunday 22 June – Pudsey junior races 

Eamon O’Brien has passed on this information to me

(1) Kids aged 8 and under - 400 metre fun run inside Pudsey Park (£1.00)
(2) 9-15 year olds - 2mile fun run on marshalled, public roads/ footpaths (£2.00)
Both of these races can be entered on the day from 8.30am at Pudsey Leisure Centre.

Wednesday 9 July – Hyde Park Half Mile Race (for Juniors) – details at  no entries on the day


Sunday 13 July – Eccup junior races – details at 


The following races are not in VSJGP but are in Leeds Junior Race Series


Saturday 21/28 June – Leeds (Hyde Park)


Tuesday 1 July – Jane Tomlinson Junior Canal Race at Methley - details at


Races for Adults


Wednesday 18 June – Bramhope Ramble, the second in the summer series of Country Trail Races  and


Saturday 21 June – Yorkshire Vets Relays these are next Saturday (21st) at Saltaire.  We have a M60 team entered.  We also have half a M40 team on standby so if you are 40 or above and don’t want Vernon Long and Graham Needham to be disappointed, please contact me before or on Tuesday evening.


Saturday 21/28 June – Leeds (Hyde Park) parkrun – earn points in Leeds Race Series – all Leeds (Hyde Park) parkruns in June count towards Series, best time to count (see )


Sunday 22 June – Pudsey 10k – in VS Grand Prix and Leeds Race Series - see   


Saturday 28 June – Leeds 5k Track Races at Leeds Met - see and and minimum age 15


Sunday 29 June – Settle Hills Race VS Fell Championship


Sunday 29 June – Bradford Millennium Way Relay – we have 2 teams entered, a team of men and a team of women.  We have no reserves for the women’s team, so if you’re able to be on standby (and you’re a woman), please email me!


Tuesday 1 July – Danefield Relay on Otley Chevin, see  for details


Tuesday 1 July – Jane Tomlinson 5k Canal Race at Methley –LRS - details at,


Wednesday 9 July – Hyde Park Mile Races – VSGP & LRS -  no entries on the day


Friday 11 July – Post Hill race – LRS -


Sunday 13 July – Eccup 10 – VSGP and LRS - 


Sunday 7 September – Vale of York half marathon from Sherburn-in-Elmet.  This is a new race, looks to be a flat course. 17 Striders already entered and I suggest we add it as a Grand Prix race as we are one short for the “medium road” category.  Details at .  The race has a limit of 1000, has only been open for 6 weeks and is already half full so suggest you enter soon.


Leeds Country Way Relay - Sunday 31 August


Please keep this date free, more details in the next V S Update


Questions about your Valley Striders membership?


I’ve had a few people asking questions such as “am I due to pay?”, “what’s my registration number?”, “where do I get a VS vest from?”


The majority of these questions should be answered by .  If you can’t find the answer there, please email me.  Not only will I hopefully give you the answer, but also I’ll update the “justjoined” page on the website.


Hooded Tops


Hooded top orders now being taken for adults and kids.


The options / costs are:

·         Adult Black Hoody (no zip) - £20

·         Adult Black or Grey Hoody (full zip) – £24.50

·         Kids Black Hoody (no zip) – £15

·         Kids Black or Grey Hoody (full zip) - £19


Each hoody comes as either male or female and will have ‘Valley Striders Leeds’ on the back (heat applied) and the same on the chest only smaller and embroidered. The price also includes for your name or initials to be embroidered on the chest so you don’t get it mixed up with other Striders. If someone doesn’t want their name adding, a slight saving to the prices above can be offered.


Sizing info can be found using the links below:

·         Full zip hoody: (black or grey):

·         Pullover hoody: (black):


You could always try on a fellow Striders top too but make sure they have an SG hoody not one of the old versions.


Can I please request orders by no later than Sunday 22nd June 2014 to


Coast to Coast supporting Yorkshire Air Ambulance


It is just two weeks until 20+ Valley Striders attempt to ride Coast to Coast - the tough way in just a day. We are doing this to raise money for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance Service (a Valley Striders supported charity) who need every penny to keep their two helicopters in the air. This is our final push to, hopefully, raise a four figure sum. Many thanks.




Calderdale Way Relay


39    Valley Striders  

    1  Hannan Corne     1:47:17  (61)   

       Holly Williams      1:47:17  (61)   

    2  Martin Oddy      1:16:23  (31)

       Mark Woodhead       3:03:40  (46)

    3  Sarah Smith      1:07:34  (80)

       Geoff Webster       4:11:14  (58)

    4  Tony Mills       1:22:07  (26)

       Simon Vallance      5:33:21  (49)

    5  Andrew Bell      1:08:29  (26) 

       Jason Praill        6:41:50  (44)

    6  Steve Wilkins    1:14:05  (10)

       Paul Smith          7:55:55  (39)


Wharfedale Half Marathon (VSGP)


      33  Ian Sampson            01:47:03      100

      36  Ian Sanderson          01:47:15       98

      66  Mike Furby             01:52:21       97

      82  Mark Woodhead          01:55:26       95

      89  Alistair Smyth         01:57:44       93

     103  Robert Marsh           01:59:59       92

     111  Graham Jones           02:00:49       90

     142  Graham Pawley          02:06:09       88

     147  Michael Robins         02:06:41       87

    169  Richard Irvine         02:09:05       85

     188  Jeremy Richardson      02:12:47       83

     289  Graham Ford            02:30:44       82

     356  Richard Adcock          3:06:32       80


      15  Chris Easton            1:41:23      100


Otley 10 (VSGP)


       7  Andy May               00:59:13      100

      30  Steve Wilkins          01:05:02       99

      35  Clive Bandy            01:05:34       98

      42  James Tarran           01:06:10       97

      44  Steve Webb             01:06:22       96

      47  Daryl Hibberd          01:06:37       95

      48  Gary Mann              01:06:38       94

      63  John Shanks            01:08:12       93

      69  Paul Smith             01:08:45       92

      73  Myra Jones             01:08:53       91  (5th W)

      77  John Batchelor         01:09:28       90

      78  Hannah Corne           01:09:29       89  (7th W)

      84  Ian Sanderson          01:09:55       88

      85  Rob Marsh              01:09:57       87

      97  David Merritt          01:12:02       86

     101  Alistair Smyth         01:12:21       85

     105  Andy Pagdin            01:12:35       84

     118  Sean Fitzgerald        01:13:53       83

     130  Graham Pawley          01:15:08       82

     148  Michael Hall           01:16:41       81

     158  Adam Parton            01:17:15       80

     169  Leroy Sutton           01:18:01       79

     190  Ged Coll               01:20:32       78

     204  Iain Currie            01:21:27       77

     215  Alexandra Watson-Usher 01:22:45       76

     239  Chloe Hudson           01:25:15       75

     251  Liz Reddington         01:25:51       74

     252  Julie McGurk           01:25:51       74

     258  Gemma Midwood          01:26:37       72

     326  Sarah Howell           01:34:51       71

     373  Maureen Coffey         01:44:53       70

     382  Neil Hall              01:48:25       69                                                


Junior 100metres


    Pos Name                Time    Race Pos  Age

     1  Rebecca Frankland    13.6    6    1   16 

     2  Rebecca White        13.8    8    1   14 

     3  Stephen Diamond      14.2    6    2   16 

     4  Alex Irvine          14.5    8    2   13 

     5  Max Vine             16.1    9    1   12 

     5  Eleanor Ford         16.1    8    3   14 

     7  Finlay Chambers      16.4    5    1   10 

     8  Joe Irvine           16.6    7    1   11 

     9  Sam Hollis           16.8    4    1   10 

    10  Callum Blythe        16.9    9    2   13 

    11  Jude Howes           17.0    5    2    9 

    12  Laurie O'Brien       17.4    7    2   11 

    12  Cleo Vine            17.4    4    2    9 

    12  Nick Tynan           17.4    6    3    9 

    15  Ella Hollis          17.8    3    1    8 

    16  Ella Blythe          17.9    6    4   10 

    16  Ceara Sexton         17.9    7    3    9 

    16  Sam Chambers         17.9    1    1    7 

    19  Noah Philpott        18.0    9    3   12 

    20  Ewan Howes           18.3    1    2    7 

    20  Sarah Ord            18.3    7    4 over-18 

    22  Alvie O'Brien        18.7    4    3    9 

    22  Tally Diamond        18.7    9    4    9 

    24  Carina Font          19.4    8    4   14 

    24  Daniel Fotherby      19.4    1    3    6 

    26  Isabella Young       19.9    1    4    8 

    27  Fahd Hans            20.0    2    1    8 

    28  Isaac Durrant        20.1    2    2    7 

    28  Lucas Walsh          20.1    5    3    ?

    30  Rebecca Noad         20.5    5    4   10 

    31  Chloe Schofield      20.9    5    5    9 

    32  Imogen Idle          21.2    8    5    9 

    33  Charlotte Clark      21.4    2    3    8 

    34  Asmi Shembekar       21.7    4    4    9 

    35  Husna Tahir          22.0    9    5   13 

    36  Sami Tahir           22.2    9    6   11 

    37  Sia Pandit           22.9    3    2    5 

    38  Matthew Parlett      23.0    4    5    8 

    39  Archie Mclellan      23.3    2    4    6 

    40  Sophie Clark         23.5    3    3    6 

    41  Alexander Boyes      24.0    1    5    6 

    42  Seb Furniss-Graham   24.7    3    4    6 

    43  Marco Teoli          25.4    2    5    ?

    44  Lennart Rost         25.7    3    5    5 

    45  Anna Mclellan        29.5    6    5    9 


Thanks to Janet, Gillian and Kiri for officiating.  Usual disclaimers about starting and timekeeping systems not quite to World Athletics standards.


Very disappointing that Sarah was the only parent who took up my challenge to race the 100m!




Congratulations to Daz Hibberd – first across the line at last week’s Templenewsam parkrun.


Just thought I’d see how many Striders have won a parkrun, there are 27 and here’s the list – with a few disclaimers at the end

·         24 Myra Jones (includes wins at all 4 Leeds events)

·         22 Gwil Thomas

·         12 Jeremy Ladyman

·         7 Holly Williams

·         6 Sue Sunderland

·         5 Andy May, Daniel Fitzhugh*, Hannah Corne, John Hobbs

·         4 Simon Midwood

·         3 Chloe Hudson, Elika Tasker*, Richard Balshaw

·         2 Alex Watson-Usher, John Shanks, Paul Fotherby, Roy Huggins

·         1 Daz Hibberd, Emily Pawley, Franco Pardini*, James Tarran, Kate Hargreaves, Kim Threadgall, Lisa Wilyman, Paul Kaiser, Sarah Pagdin**, Vicky Whitehead


·         Only includes the 4 parkruns in Leeds (Hyde Park, Roundhay, Templenewsam & Crossflatts)

·         Only includes 1st claim VS

·         * Daniel, Elika and Franco have since left VS

·         ** Sarah’s win before she joined


Neil Hall the thirteenth man on the moon


From Leeds parkrun website 31/5/2014


This week, when our 222nd runner crossed the line, he took the total distance run by Leeds parkrunners to 384,400km, that's 76,880 parkruns, which happens to be the distance to the Moon. To celebrate the landing of our own Eagle, our runner, Neil Hall, was presented with an owner's manual for the lunar module.


Neil confessed it was his first ever running award, and with 107 parkruns now under his belt, he'll be getting his 100 Club teeshirt next week. And although he has his first name in common with the first man on the Moon, Neil Armstrong, it all happened 13 years before he was born!


So when do we get back from the Moon? Sam Dooley, reckons it'll be on Saturday 30 December 2017. ....and it will be the runner in 56th place. We shall see!


Etape de Yorkshire 2014 report from VSCC


Sunday 8th June saw 36 VSCC riders line up in a field of 1300 riders for the Etape de Yorkshire, on what was a glorious sunny morning. For many, the 122 mile ride that traces the first stage of the 2014 Tour de France was the first time doing 100 miles and for others it was a chance to climb the monster passes of Col de Cray, Buttertubs and Grinton Moor before their cycling heroes fly over them again in 4 weeks’ time.


We had 3 sub-groups for the ride, each aiming to set a different pace and work together as a team to get each other to the end with co-operation and fun.


The A group averaged 19mph for the 122 miles, with B averaging 17mph and the C group not far behind at 15mph.


Here are some reports from some of our members and ‘guest riders’ that joined the groups on the day.


From Richard Drake


What a first! Sunday was a first for me. It was the first time I’d cycled 100 miles. It was also the first time I’d cycled 123.8 miles! It was the first Sportive I’d ever done. It was the first organised event I’d joined in with the Valley Striders CC and it was the first time I can say I’d cycled (near as dammit) a Tour de France stage. The Etape de Yorkshire was a fantastic success (I’m ignoring the horizontal rain with 4 miles to go from the finish).  The Valley Striders CC team were all really supportive getting ready for the event, from the organising of groups who could ride at similar speeds, to the evening beers.


I cycled with the B Group, I’m at their level and I fit into the speed they would be cycling at.  That was based on the weekly rides and it worked out really well for the event.  Considering the fact that adrenaline, excitement, everybody else cycling and support from the organisers would kick in, the speed we cycled at was still slightly above what I expected.  We just got going and kept the speed up for the vast majority of the day. About 2mph above what I thought I could achieve.


Looking back a day later, there were some key moments. Joel Stead and I ended up on the front of our group for a while; we were about 30 miles into the ride and just chatting.  We both looked back to see the VSCC B group, plus a huge group behind them that we were leading out. It was pretty flat at this point, but no-one complained, not too fast or too slow and no-one came past us…What a great feeling.   Another moment was when we got to the top of the second climb, Buttertubs. The B group re-grouped at one of the top crests, a tough climb! We had an energy bar each and applied a bit of physio for cramp where needed.  It was here that we captured some cool photos of the team in the Dales too.  The decent was a little tricky (steep & hairpins) and we made sure everyone was down before getting going again. We also had some fun on the next flat section with a few of us doing a little drafting, taking turns into wind but keeping up a 20-21mph average for some time.  I’ve really learnt about riding in a group, it’s tons of fun and it can push your performance along to do more than you can do on your own.


A couple of people (Greg and Alexandra) joined in along the way and stuck with our B group.  They were cycling at about the same speed up hill and down dale, and we made sure they stayed with us to the finishing tent. We stopped for a tyre/tube change with them at one point as 30psi just wouldn’t get Greg to the finish.  They were just as friendly as the rest of the VSCC team and if they didn’t live in north of Bradford, would have joined our club there and then. This is a testament to the way VSCC encourage new people in.


I was definitely tired by the end, legs were struggling 20 miles from the finish until I grabbed an energy gel. That was Oli who helped me with that one, as I was short of some carbs to get me to the end and he volunteered a gel at a moment’s notice. That was kind. I managed to be revived for the finishing stretch and it was great that the B group and C group timed the regrouping and finished together.


I really enjoyed the whole day with an average of 16 mph, I’m looking forward to getting out on Wednesday, plus working out which event to sign up for next.


From Joel Stead


‘I have to say that the B and C group rolling in together with everyone cheering us, was such a magical, inspirational moment. What pride to complete the TDF1 route with such a wonderful club!’


From Guest riders Alex and Greg from Bradford (foreword by Ged)


Just wanted to pass this feedback on to all who rode with the B group on Sunday. Although it is directed towards the B riders, it highlights the ethos of the club really well. Greg and Alex were the riders from Bradford (Alex was the girl on the vintage yellow Paul Milnes bike and Greg was the chap with Hoy sized quads). It was a pleasure to have them both ride with us, as it was for all guests who rode with the A and C groups.


Hi to All B Group Riders in the Etape Yorkshire last Sunday,


Myself and Alex just wanted to say a massive thanks for letting us join your group for the ride. The occasion was tremendous in itself but made even more enjoyable by how friendly everyone was and the team spirit you welcomed us with. A fantastic group of fellows and an absolute pleasure to ride the route with you.


We stayed around at the finish but couldn’t see you to get you all a beer so we owe you one.


Look forward to seeing you out on the road and thanks again. A tribute to the club.