Subject:                          V S Update - YV thanks; Deadlines for PNP, TDFBBQ and LCW; Calendar, VSCC Time Trial report; Junior parkrun winners


Sent: 29 June 2014 00:31

Yorkshire Vets Race


Firstly, many thanks to the 40+ Valley Striders members who supported the Yorkshire Vets race last Tuesday.  We had many compliments about the marshalling. YVAA pay the bills for food and first aid and pass on £1 per entry to the host club, so Valley Striders have income of £258 and the only expenses were £15 for 2 reels of red and white tape! 


The next 3 items are repeats from last week, so if you’ve already booked food, physio, TDF BBQ and an LCW place, then skip these 3 items, otherwise read on as the deadlines are near!!


Tuesday 1 July – Training, pie and peas and physio visit – deadline Sunday 29 June 10pm


Pie and peas, two sittings, 7:15pm and 8:30pm.  Choose meat or veggie pie (£3.50, the price has gone up 50p), mushy peas or baked beans, and whether you want apple pie (£1.50).


Book to or as appropriate. You can cancel before 10pm Sunday 29th without penalty.


Holly has invited physio Jaime Sawiuk to come to Leos that evening, she’ll be there from 6pm, and will do pre-session physio for the 7pm groups, post-session physio for the 6pm groups and then post session physio for the 7pm groups. 


She says

·         Anyone that is thinking of seeing me , it would be helpful if they think about what makes them worse, what makes them better and whether they have a 24 hour pattern to their pain.

·         I’m going to keep it individualised and relaxed and I'm hoping people will be comfortable to ask anything they need to

·         I was going to keep it informal, could people get in touch with Holly or myself and then we can get an idea of how much interest there is (and maybe book slots if a lot of interest).


More info about Jaime at


Friday 11 July – Valley Striders Summer TDF Party and BBQ – hosted by the Cycling Section – deadline Saturday 5 July


We are holding a summer party at Leos on Friday 11th July 2014 open to all members of Valley Striders with partners and kids. It will be a Tour De France themed evening and Tony is preparing a special ‘Le Tour BBQ’ which we can enjoy whilst watching all the action from that day’s Tour De France stage on the big screen. Costs are £10 per adult and £5 per child (half portion). Please confirm your booking by no later than Saturday 5th July confirming orders to and stating carnivore or vegetarian.


Payment to be made in advance of the evening by sending a cheque made payable to Valley Striders to John Shanks at 11 Sunnybank Road, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 4NB. Alternatively, transfer your cash to the VS account Sort Code: 53-70-00 Account Number: 01168509 but please include your name on the transfer reference and include the word ‘BBQ’.


There will be games to play on the night such as rounders, slow bike riding, sack race etc so please bring some sensible footwear. 


Sunday 31 August – Leeds Country Way Relay – deadline Monday 7 July


The Leeds Country Way is a 60 mile set of linked footpaths around Leeds.  The Leeds Country Way Relay is a race for teams of 12, run in pairs, so each pair runs about 10 miles. The race is organised by Kippax Harriers and this year’s race will be on Sunday 31 August.  Details at .  Usually around 40 teams compete, from most of the running clubs in Leeds and some from a little further away. 


For the last 3 years, Valley Striders have had 5 teams running, i.e. 60 runners.  Last year we won all 3 major team prizes – 1st men’s team, 1st women’s team and 1st vets team. We plan to have 5 teams again (and maybe a 6th).  Three teams will be created by selection but the other teams will be on a first come first served basis.


So the first 24 runners who email are guaranteed a place to run – you can run with a VS friend or we will match you with a suitable partner.  Email if you’d like to run!   Please reply ASAP for one of the 24 guaranteed places!


We are planning to select all teams by middle of July.  Why so soon?  Because some people take long summer holidays and if we leave it later it may be impossible to arrange recces.


So all please reply by 7 July to let us know whether or not you are available.


Note that at time of writing we had 23 names, but some of these will be selected for the mens/womens/vets teams, so there are still a good number of guaranteed places left.


Race calendar


·         Tuesday 1 July – Danefield Relay on Otley Chevin, see  for details

·         Tuesday 1 July – Jane Tomlinson Junior Canal Race at Methley – LJRS - details at

·         Tuesday 1 July – Jane Tomlinson 5k Canal Race at Methley – LRS - details at,

·         Tuesday 1 July – Ilkley town centre cycle races

·         Wednesday 2 July – Otley town centre cycle races

·         Wednesday 9 July – Hyde Park Half Mile Race (for Juniors) – VS Junior Grand Prix and LJRS - details at  please note closing date 4 July

·         Wednesday 9 July – Hyde Park Mile Races – VS Grand Prix & LRS -  please note closing date 4 July

·         Friday 11 July – Post Hill race – LRS -

·         Sunday 13 July – Eccup junior races – VSJGP and LJRS - details at 

·         Sunday 13 July – Eccup 10 – VSGP and LRS - 

·         Sunday 7 September – Vale of York half marathon from Sherburn-in-Elmet.  This is a new race, looks to be a flat course. A further 6 Striders entered in the last week, we now have 23 entered and I suggest we add it as a Grand Prix race as we are one short for the “medium road” category.  Details at .  The race has a limit of 1000, has only been open for 6 weeks and is already 60% full so suggest you enter soon.


VSCC Time Trial Report and Results – from Mike Furby


Wednesday 25th July 7:30pm saw the “Grand Depart” of the 2014 VSCC Time Trials. The event was intended to be friendly and yet still competitive with the intention to offer an experience of “the race of truth” which we Brits seem to have some pedigree in.


The course based on a slightly shortened version of the previous year to make it 10 miles exactly was contested by 21 Valley Striders and helped along by two of our regulars (Gavin Taylor and Jon Pownall) marshalling one tricky junction for us.


Prior to the actual race we set off as a group on a structured warm up routine designed to bring us up to our optimum. As we gathered, evidence of “marginal gains” emerged with one pointy helmet sported by Nigel Banks (new member) one new bike (ahhem) and a skin suit (ahhem). Yes, the challenge to beat the best time set on the course so far was underway.


To the race itself, we set off at one minute intervals in true time trialling style, Andy Stoneman off first followed one by one by the rest of the riders with Mike Furby bringing up the rear, our other ride leaders Danny Murray and Ged Coll strategically positioned mid pack to help the event along. Each rider powered around the course, a course of two halves comprising a fast flattish mainly downhill section outbound that encourages some real high speed that tests and a hilly second half that really tests your endurance.


Andy had a point to prove, his “KOM” recently taken by Nigel Banks (on a “recce”) had clearly motivated him to what has now become the new fastest time around the course. Nearly all the riders who have ridden the course before posted new personal records with the top three all beating the previous best time, the remaining riders who were riding the course for the first time all posted excellent times too. All the times set on the night will be hard to beat.


    1    Andy Stoneman       00:26:12   

    2    Nigel Banks         00:27:20   

    3    Mike Furby          00:27:39   

    4    Dan Murray          00:28:40   

    5    Vernon Long         00:29:10   

    6    Richard Styrin      00:29:31   

    6    Henry Dixon         00:29:31   

    8    Ed Banfield         00:29:47   

    9    Dan Price           00:30:06   

   10    James Tarran        00:30:26   

   11    Richard Adcock      00:30:30   

   12    Alec Pearson        00:31:22   

   13    Joel Stead          00:31:30   

   14    Ged Coll            00:31:41   

   15    Gary Mann           00:32:01   

   16    Ross Bibby          00:32:24   

   17    William Beak        00:32:28   

   18    John Hallas         00:32:30   

   19    Hannah Stoneman     00:32:56    1st Lady

   20    Paul Sanderson      00:33:15   

   21    Alun Davies         00:34:29   


Those blimmin’ Stonemans taking all the glory again! Got to do something about that at the next race which is in planning already.




Yorkshire Vets Road Relays




   5 Valley Striders   57:54

     Keith Brewster      18:43  (10th fastest runner)

     Bob Jackson         20:00  (16th fastest runner)

     Paul White          19:11  (12th fastest runner)


Pudsey junior race


Callum Parton finished 3rd boy and Imogen Idle 3rd girl. 


Further to last V S Update info re parkrun


Junior parkrun stats

·         Tally Diamond – 8 wins – and last Sunday set the girls record time of 8:14 and the age graded record 77.17%. 

·         Alex Irvine – 5 wins

·         Joe Sherman – 1 win

·         Josie Pawley – 1 win