Subject:                          V S Update - Training, Mile/handicap/bbq; Race diary; Swimming; Photos; Results incl Myra 2nd and Tally award; VSCC time trial; Outlaw triathlon; Art courses


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Tuesday 12 August – 2nd Tuesday in the month, so the usual track sessions – 6pm at Grammar School at Leeds, 7pm at Leeds Met.  More details and links to maps on the website home page , just below the photos you’ll find the Training information.


Tuesday 19th August – usual sessions from Leos.  No food as Tony is away.


Tuesday 26th August – usual sessions from Leos.


Mile(s) / Handicap / Barbecue – Tuesday 2nd September – save the date!


Tuesday 2nd September – Autumn mile races and club handicap from beside Eccup Reservoir

·         Junior 1 mile, meet 6:15pm for 6:25pm start – parents may run with juniors

o    Followed by junior barbecue (or to be precise, barbecue for juniors and parents) at 7pm, cost is £7 per portion (half portions may be booked), veggie option available, book to

·         Club 5 mile handicap, meet 6:45pm for 6:55pm start

·         *NEW* Adult 1 mile, meet 7:05pm for 7:15pm start.  This will take place while the runners are out on the 5 mile.  This is a new run/race, and all Striders who feel that 5 miles is a little (or a lot) too far are welcome to run. This includes beginners/improvers group members, social members, cycling members (this won’t compromise your cycling-only membership but you may get a mention in the race report), and prospective members

o    Followed by adult barbecue at 8:30pm, cost is £7 per portion, veggie option available, book to


Race Diary


It goes a bit quieter at this time of year, although you can still guarantee your weekly fix at a parkrun near you.  And also it gives space to recce your leg of the Leeds Country Way.


Wednesday 13th August – Jason Praill has emailed “It's the finale of the Yorkshire Evening Trail Series on Wednesday 13 Aug and there's the little matter of who are the best Striders to decide!  Will it be Gary Mann or Paul Smith for the men (indeed they could be on the podium overall), and Julie McGurk or Sarah Mann for the ladies?  I hope to see you at the Windmill Inn, Linton from 6.30. Early starts and not getting lost will help me sort results and prizes :)  “


A number of local races – see including

·         Wednesday 13 August – York Millennium Bridge 5k

·         Sunday 24 August – West Yorkshire 5 – postponed from 10th

·         Sunday 24 August – Escrick 10k

·         Monday 25 August – Spofforth 10k (trail)


Wish I lived in Staffordshire, they have a race coming up called the Dave Clarke 5, wonder whether everyone finishes in bits’n’pieces!


Saturday 20th September – Northern Road Relays – teams of 4 women or 6 men.  We had a women’s team in the Northern 6 stage earlier this year and they finished comfortably half way, so it would be great to send 2 teams of women and 2 teams of men across to Warrington.  And maybe some juniors teams too!  Email if interested.


John Shanks posted “Was chatting to Vernon after the Thursday run about getting together on a Monday or a Friday for some swimming. No pressure or general structure, just head to Scott Hall, swim for an hour and see if it grows. Might suit some triathletes among us or folk like me who'd like to learn, or if you just fancy a swim with a group. Ideal cross training / recovery work out too. Anyone fancy it?” 


He’s away on his honeymoon now, so I suggest anyone interested should email him on and give him an inbox full of emails for when he gets back.


I believe quadrathons are going to be the next big thing, so I suggest everyone buys their canoes now before the prices go up!




I’ve been uploading photos to the VS website recently, some from Facebook, some from Twitter, some from Dave Woodhead’s (“Woodentops”) photos.


These include a few from each of the 3 recent VS weddings – Holly & Tom, Julia & Tomas and Sarah & John.


I’ve also updated the alphabetical list of Striders photos and we now have pictures of over 250 Striders and former Striders. 


Just click on “Photos” on the top tab of the website.


If you have any photos to add, please email me the links (not the photos).




Congratulations to Myra Jones, 2nd lady in the North Wales 1/2 marathon - 20th overall in 94:42


Two weeks ago, Richard Adcock and Ian Sanderson went to the Grim Reaper 40 mile UltraMarathon in Lincolnshire.  Richard said “The first half was great, the second half was hard work with no energy”
107 starters, 85 finishers
10th Ian 7:33:48
14th Richard 7:55:56

Message from Templenewsam parkrun – “the winner of the sweatshop prize for July goes to a very deserving young lady who has consistently got quicker and is obviously a naturally gifted runner, let’s hope a new pair of trainers only makes her go even quicker. Yes this month the trainers go to Tally Diamond of Valley Striders. Well done Tally, great running!”


VSCC Time Trial #2 6th August 2014 – report and results from Mike Furby


Due to roadworks affecting our usual 10mile circuit we took the opportunity to try out another local time trial course based in Thorner. The course itself is a two lap affair with each lap 5.5 miles long over undulating terrain providing a real challenge over a short distance. 15 VSCC members graced the start line and headed out one by one on 1 minute intervals based on reverse time order from TT #1 (i.e. faster riders out last).


The riders consisted both of experienced time trialers and at least one complete novice. Although not the slowest our ride leader for the evening, Joel Stead, started out first followed by a few unknown quantities. in the shape of Xavier Archbold, Roger Turner, Martin Hepworth and Anna Hobbs. Could Joel make it home first, or could the man that has run "bench1 to bench2 waterloo lake" in 7 seconds (cough cough) challenge him? At the sharp end of the field defending champion Andy Stoneman was determined to maintain a 100% record this time with the incentive of trying to catch the riders in front of him as well as chasing a time.


Each lap provided both a technical challenge with some slow corners and short sharp climb coupled with a long descent to test power and speed, and a climb back towards the start/finish that was made tougher by a breeze against.


Lap1 started out with a roll up to the start point where the effort commenced. Quickly to the first left turn, slow, check safety and go. Along the lane toward Thorner making sure to stay to left (Howard ;) to a downhill section before a short up and down into Thorner. Slow left, check safety and go straight up Church Hill. Now the reward, wind behind gradual descent heading towards Bramham on smooth roads. Maintaining speed around the sweeping bends, down past Bramham park up sweeping around to Wothersome Hill attempting to hit it at high speed. Slowing down towards the top and then a slowish section to the final left turn. A very sharp one this with potholes but today also flooded with rain from the morning, take this wide and slow then hit the power for the drag / grovel against the wind, the VSCC C group watching and taking photos on the final peak and then on to the start/finish/lap and lap2 for more of the same.


Joel and Xavier had traded places on lap2 and both sprinted for the line, Joel determined not to let his minute man beat him across the line.  Anna putting in a "Queen of the Mountains" effort to secure a respectable time for 1st ;) lady. Everyone else putting in great efforts with the time gaps closing up with each rider. In the end Andy managed to secure a second win though with a smaller gap than before.


1    Andy Stoneman    00:29:40    22.55mph    PR    100

2    Mike Furby       00:30:09    22.19mph    PR     99 

3    Howard King      00:30:28    21.96mph    PR     97 

4    Nigel Banks      00:30:48    21.72mph    PR     96 

5    Jason Procter    00:30:49    21.71mph    PR     94

6    Richard Styrin   00:31:24    21.31mph    PR     93 

7    Dan Murray       00:31:59    20.92mph    PR     91 

8    Richard Drake    00:33:29    19.98mph    PR     90

9    Xavier Archbold  00:33:58    19.70mph    PR     89 

10   Karl Osborne     00:34:40    19.30mph    PR     87 

11   Martin Hepworth  00:35:08    19.04mph    PR     86 

12   Joel Stead       00:35:10    19.02mph    PR     84  

13   Roger Turner     00:35:34    18.81mph    PR     83 

14   Ross Bibby       00:36:04    18.55mph    PR     81 

15   Anna Hobbs       00:37:22    17.90mph    PR&QOM 80

Outlaw Triathlon – 27th July 2014 – report from Mike Furby.


1 year ago I stood at the start of the Outlaw triathlon attempting to complete an iron triathlon in less than 12 hours with only a limited amount of training behind me. Overweight and still not a member of any clubs since the move oooop north and here only on a whim to meet up with an old uni buddy who was doing the swim. Hottest day of the year and something like a 7 hour walking marathon meant a disappointing time of 14:45. Yes , I’d completed it, I had the t-shirt and medal but I was not happy.


1 year later I readied myself for the start again with unfinished business on my mind and 12 hours the main target. Training had gone well swimming with Leeds Masters, cycling with VSCC and running the VSAC GP helped me get to fitness. I’d also recently bought a new bike, wetsuit and a VSCC skin suit plus now weighing in 7kg / 1 stone lighter and feeling ready.


6:00:32am the hooter goes and we’re off. I worked the first 100m of the swim pretty hard and I’m near the front in the crowd but fast enough to stay ahead of the washing machine. Up to the first buoy in the rowing lake 1.9k done and feeling good, around the 2nd buoy and now on the way back.1:05 for the swim was somewhat slow but achieved without too much exertion. Slowish transition though out onto the bike right on schedule.


The conditions for the bike feel good. It is warm and it feels like there isn’t much wind as we exit the water sports centre and out into the countryside and onto  the first of  three circuits. Loop1 is going well, I begin to move through the field. Loop 2, again feeling good all the way around but the wind is picking up. Starting to feel the legs too and some cramp creeping in. Yes, I sense that I need to back off a bit. Starting loop 3 and about to reach the point last year where the wheels fell off and I started to feel sick from all the gels and bars. Sit up a bit, bring it home and just accept that I’m getting overtaken and that was the way it went for the final 20 miles or so. 5:37 for the bike though was not a disaster at an average of 20mph still and as it happened I was running just before the 7 hour mark. “All” that is needed now is a 5 hour marathon for sub12.


Into the run and it’s now warm. The leaders are still not finished and although a bit tired I feel ok. I execute the run walk strategy, run between aid stations at 1.5 miles apart, walk through, grab a drink, discard cup and run. 90 minutes and 9 miles is how long it lasts before the pain in the legs kicks in. Now I am struggling to get moving again, in pain and now just about making half way in 2.5 hours. I found a medic, took some magic pills (ibuprofen) and 15 mins later found my legs again but time running out. Quick calculation and I figure I needed to reach the 20 mile point with at least an hour remaining. Got there with 1 hour 7 mins to go. Now tired rather than in pain, I just needed a little walk (somehow became 10 minutes) but got going again. I managed to keep going for another 44 minutes with the run walk strategy and the 25 mile marker reached with 11 hours and 45 on the clock. I needed a 15 minute final mile. I run/walked the final piece and reached the main spectator point with time in hand. Officially timed at 11:57:40 and Job Done! Time for food!


317/1004 Mike Furby     (M) 40-44          Valley Striders Ac / Leeds Bradford Tri   11:57:40            1:04:57 8:17      5:37:29 6:34            5:00:23


Art Courses – Advertisement from VS member Wendy Atton


Leeds Art Group have 3 new courses starting in September.  All the courses last for 8 weeks and are designed for complete beginners.


·         Beginners Drawing Course - starting Monday 22nd September 10am – 12pm, £56

·         Beginners Pastel Drawing Course - starting Wednesday 24th September 10am – 12pm, £60

·         Beginners Watercolour Painting Course - starting Wednesday 24th September 6.30pm – 8.30pm, £65


For further information about the courses please visit our website at or contact the course tutor Wendy Atton on tel: 07788 871286 or email: